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Obama wants to protect our Saudi “friends” — even when they fund our jihadi enemies

Documents link Saudi royalty to terrorists


Jihad Presidency Update:

“Sovereign Immunity or Cover-Up?: Obama wants to protect our Saudi “friends” — even when they fund our jihadi enemies,” by David Yerushalmi in National Review, June 24 via JW:

Full disclosure: I have a pony in this race. I am an American and, as an attorney, I am an officer of the court. I make this disclosure in the light of an amicus curiae brief recently filed with the U.S. Supreme Court by the Obama-Holder Department of Justice. The brief pertains to the mammoth case that came to the Supreme Court via the Second Circuit Court of Appeals (New York) called In re Terrorist Attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. The Supreme Court is currently pondering whether the case merits its review.


In its friend-of-the-court brief, the Justice Department has argued, almost unimaginably, that the Supreme Court should not review the Second Circuit’s ruling that the victims of 9/11 and their families may not sue the Saudi government or, more importantly, the individual Saudi princes who personally (not as government actors) gave money to Muslim charities they knew would be funding al-Qaeda’s jihad against America. […]

The question now crying out to be asked: How far will the Obama administration go to prevent private plaintiffs from exposing the quite personal ties between our Saudi “friends” — who love to host U.S. presidents bearing words of praise — and our jihadi enemies fighting to impose the rule of sharia around the world?

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Will President Obowa Bow Again to the Wahabi King on June 3rd?


Obama to visit Saudi Arabia June 3 to discuss Iran

US President Barack Obama will visit Saudi Arabia on June 3 for talks on Iran’s nuclear program and Washington’s renewed push for a Middle East peace plan, the White House said on Tuesday.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Obama would meet Saudi King Abdullah and would also discuss terrorism. (Reuters)

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* Russia: “Moderate Mufti” shot dead for opposing Wahabi-extremism…

But surely this has nothing to do with Islam?

Akhmed Tagayev was deputy mufti of the Clerical Directorate of Muslims of Dagestan and was considered a leading opponent of “religious extremism” among Muslims, the agency said. More from Reuters

* Jordan huffs & puffs and summons the Israeli ambassador:

Jordan summons Israeli ambassador/JPost

Jordan’s foreign minister summoned Israel’s ambassador Tuesday to protest a proposal National Union MK Arye Eldad made in the Knesset last week that Palestinians be given Jordanian citizenship.

According to the official Petra news agency, Nasser Judeh issued a strong protest to the ambassador “over a debate in the Knesset on a motion on a so-called two states for the two people on the two banks of the Jordan River.”

Judeh said Jordan was “dismayed by the debate and categorically and totally rejected the proposal submitted by a Knesset member, calling on the Israeli government for a clear explanation of what took place in the Knesset.” 

Pakistan, a failed state because of Islam

 The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is founded on Islam and nothing but Islam. Pakistan is, and always was, an economic basket case and highly dependent on tribute in the form of ‘aid’ from Western nations, all of it wasted in a swamp of corruption.  No matter how many billions the Obama administration throws at this nuclear third world nation, nothing will   prevent it from falling deeper and deeper into the abyss. 

 From Wiki:  Pakistan was a part of British India during the British Raj from 1858 to 1947 until the Indian independence movement led by Mahatma Gandhi. When the Pakistan Movement for a state for Muslims, led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the Muslim League resulted in the independence and creation of the state of Pakistan, that comprised the provinces of Sindh,North-West Frontier Province, West Punjab, Balochistan and East Bengal. With the adoption of its constitution in 1956, Pakistan became an Islamic republic. In 1971, a civil war in East Pakistan resulted in intervention from India and the subsequent independence of Bangladesh. Pakistan’s history has been characterized by  military rule and political instability.

Pakistan, like Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Mauritania, Yemen etc, are “failed states” — which all happen to be Muslim states — have to be propped up, and propped up, and propped up, it seems, by money from non-Muslims, to prevent what? To prevent them from harming themselves? To prevent them from waging war (jihad) against us, which is their religious obligation?


Humanitarian crisis in Swat: Once again, where are the Saudis?

Even after the criticism Saudi Arabia and other wealthy Arab states faced for their stinginess in the aftermath of the tsunami of 2004, the Saudis again show their willingness to throw untold amounts of money at jihadist causes while looking the other way from civilians caught in jihadist crossfire in Pakistan.

“Where Is Saudi Support For Taliban Victims?” by Rachel Ehrenfeld for Forbes,

Pakistan: “The threat of the Taliban is a hanging sword above the necks of Christians”

Aside from the Taliban, “the legal system informally discriminates against non-Muslims, and in recent years Christian villages have been ransacked by Muslim mobs incited by dubious reports that a Quran had been desecrated.” No problem; surely the 2 billion dollars the U.S. is giving Pakistan will ameliorate this situation (or not). “Pakistan:Christians pressed as military battles Taliban,” from Compass Direct News, via JW

PESHAWAR, Pakistan  —  Troops secured footholds Wednesday in a Pakistani valley overrun by the Taliban, killing 11 enemy fighters and discovering five headless corpses near the region’s main town, the army said.

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Arab News: Temporary marriages with Indonesian women on rise

 P.K. Abdul Ghafour | Arab News

Nikah al-Mut‘ah 

JEDDAH: A large number of Saudis are engaging in temporary marriages with Indonesian women with the intention of divorcing them. 


“Such marriages are likely to increase if Islamic scholars fail to give a clear ruling prohibiting them,” said Khaled Al-Arrak, director of Saudi affairs at the Saudi Embassy in Jakarta.

He said most Saudis were engaged in such marriages without realizing their consequences. “Some poor Indonesians marry off their girls to Saudis hoping it would put an end to their poverty and miseries. If the Council of Senior Islamic Scholars does not ban this type of marriages, things will go out of control,” Al-Arrak warned.

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  • France: Saudi Cocaine prince escapes 10-year sentence
  • (ANSAmed) – PARIS, DECEMBER 17 – The Court of Appeal in Paris has confirmed a 10 year prison sentence, as well as a 7 million euro fine, for cocaine trafficking for Prince Nayef Bin Fawaz al Chaalan, who is tied to the Saudi dynasty through marriage, thus ending the legal process souring relations between France and Saudi Arabia. The court also confirmed an arrest warrant for the defendant, who was never present in court and through his lawyers denied all guilt. ( More from ANSAmed)

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Our 'Friends', the Sowdi's…


Saudis indict jihadists who wage jihad against the Saudis, world fooled again

Robert Spencer:

AP plumps openly for the mujahedin, and drops all pretense of the idea that jihad is a spiritual struggle: “There is a degree of public sympathy for Saudis who carry out jihad in occupied Muslim countries.” But still there is no indignation, in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere in the Islamic world, over the proposition that jihad warfare against unbelievers, and their subjugation, is justified. These men have been indicted for waging jihad against the wrong people, not because the idea of waging jihad in a violent manner is itself wrong, or because jihad against unbelievers is wrong.

“Saudis indict 991 terrorism suspects,” from Associated Press

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Welcome to the age of cyclops: Saudi cleric favours one-eye veil

 * Saudi charity: ‘Polygamy is the cure for single women’

 Musulmaniac beats wife until she is brain-dead

Acid, the new weapon for disfiguring women

A Muslim cleric in Saudi Arabia has called on women to wear a full veil, or niqab, that reveals only one eye.

From Al Bebeeceera

Saudi woman in full face veil, or niqab

The two-eyed look remains too seductive for Sheikh Habadan

Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan said showing both eyes encouraged women to use eye make-up to look seductive.

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Saudi Scholar identifies the enemy: "Mickey Mouse must die"



“Corrupting” and “satanic” infidel must be slain

Except when he’s working for Hamas, advocating jihad and Jewish genocide. Another “you-can’t-make this stuff-up” moment courtesy of Dar al-Islam.

“Islamic theologian says Mickey Mouse must die,” by George Conger, for Religious Intelligence, September 14 via JW

* Meanwhile, take a look at how serious the Saudi’s are about their Ramadan fast:

* As with everything these pathetic hypocrites say and do, nothing is quite what it seems. They merely starve themselves during the day so they can gorge themselves at night.

Silly? Idiotic? you tell me….

* Take a good look at the Saudis…

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