Child marriage, child abuse and muta'a, (temporary marriage)

INDONESIAN prosecutors have demanded a wealthy Muslim cleric who took a 12-year-old girl as his unofficial wife be convicted of sexually abusing a child and given six years in prison. (Thanks to Islamization Watch)

  • Bonus: Husbands are allowed to beat their wives and children – as long as they don’t leave any physical marks, an Islamic court in the United Arab Emirates has ruled. (Daily Mail)

This is the man’s second wife ~ he ran an Islamic school and picked one of the kids from it for his ‘wife’. But the Indonesian court did not buy his ‘Muhammad did it’ line and put an end to his child molesting days.

Pujiono Cahyo Widiyanto, 45, from the Central Java city of Semarang, sparked nationwide controversy over his decision to marry poor village girl Lutfiana Ulfa. “We recommend six years prison for him. He has been proven legally as being sexually abusive towards women, especially towards this underage person,” prosecutor Suningsih, who goes by one name, said. “As the owner of a religious school he doesn’t set a good example,” she said.

Widiyanto, also known as Sheikh Puji, married Ulfa in August 2008.  Indonesian law has harsh penalties for paedophilia, but unregistered and therefore unofficial marriages between older men and under-age girls are common in rural areas. AFP (In other words: in Aceh its sharia law and nobody does a thing about it)

VIDEO: Sexually Molesting Young Boys in Islam

Atlas Shrugs

Video: Imam caught sexually groping boy in mosque during prayers back in August.

The video is not related to the story below, though it appears to be systemic, Afghanistan’s dancing boys notwithstanding. These accused devout Muslims teach “Islamic lessons” at the centre.
It is a brutal story involving 12 children, and includes allegations that dogs were allegedly set upon victims.
The accused were arrested, charged, and ordered to hand in their passports, and are now out on bail.

Abuse of temporary marriage flourishes in Iraq

Temporary marriage is one way in which sexual immorality is cloaked with respectability in the Islamic world by those who scoff at the West’s alleged immorality. Even the ridiculously anti-free speech, politically correct and thoroughly compromised NPR was able to run this story, so the abuse must be widespread. “Abuse Of Temporary Marriages Flourishes In Iraq.” by Kelly McEvers for NPR, October 19:

The practice of temporary marriage has long been common in Shiite Muslim communities, especially in Iran. The idea is that rather than having an affair, a man who wants to be sexually involved with a woman should marry her — for a few months, or even, hours — so the relationship will be legitimate.

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The Price of Meat

The Pricelist for Muta’a, Temporary Marriage in Islamic Iran

Planet Iran Exclusive: Iranian regime’s sanctioned brothels at Imam Reza’s shrine in Mash’had

H/T Weasel Zippers

The following is a direct translation of the below Persian document:

Bismellah al rahman a rahim

Temporary Marriage (Marriage is among the traditions of the Prophet Mohammad)

In order to elevate the spiritual atmosphere, create proper psychological conditions and tranquility of mind, the Province of the Quds’eh-Razavi of Khorassan has created centers for temporary marriage (just next door to the shrine) for those brothers who are on pilgrimage to the shrine of  our eighth Imam, Imam Reza, and who are far away from their spouses.

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"Temporary Marriage" Fartwas & the Muselmanic Obsession With Sex

Saudi Sheik’s Obsession with Sex Fatwas (from London Progressive Journal)

Its cool to deceive Western women and to lie to them in order to obtain sex & favors


Indian official urges investigation of “love jihad” plan to recruit girls for jihad activities

Around 5,000 girls have gone missing in the Indian state of Kerala, and Pakistan’s nefarious governmental jihad arm, the ISI, appears to be involved. Yet the Kerala police remains silent. “Love jihad cases: Mahila Morcha for NIA probe,” from the Express News Service, via JW:“love jihad”

Women Saudi bloggers reflect the frustration of battling against an extremist male ideology that oppresses women by manipulating and twisting religious rhetoric to facilitate them in every possible way to serve men’s’ pleasures.

They deplore men’s obsession with polygamy and other sex-focussed debates (Mahmood’s Den, 2010). On December 11, 2009, Saudi journalist Nadine Al-Budair, a presenter on the Arabic-language American TV channel Al-Hurra, published a satirical article titled “Me and My Four Husbands” in the independent Egyptian daily Al-Masri Al-Yawm, where she wondered why a Muslim man can marry up to four wives, while a Muslim woman could not do the same. Al-Budair made her point in similar statements during an interview with the Saudi owned liberal website Elaph based in London a year earlier, in which she argued a woman needs four husbands more than a man needs four wives (Free Muslims, 2010) creating an uproar on the cybersphere, where she was condemned by both genders and especially by members of the religious establishment.

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Temporary Marriages are Cool, sez Egypt's Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa

H/T Jawa Report

Sheikh Ali Goma’a (Arabic:علي جمعة ‘AlÄ« Jum‘ah) is the Grand Mufti of Egypt through Dar al-Ifta al-Misriyyahsucceeding Ahmad El-Tayeb. He has been called “one of the most widely respected jurists in the Sunni Muslim world,” and described as “a highly promoted champion of moderate Islam,” gender equality, and an “object of hatred among Islamists.” He specializes in the science of the foundations of Islamic Law, viz. Usul al-fiqh. He follows the Shafi`i school of Islamic jurisprudence.

satan-1htmIn case you don’t remember: the Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa is the guy who would blow up the pyramids because they stem from the pre-Islamic era, the Jahiliya, the pre-Islamic Arabian age of “ignorance”.  This is the Grand Mufti from Azhar university who claimed that even the urine and the excrement of the prophet were pure gold.  Ali Gomaa decreed the killing of Israelis travelling to other countries permissible in Islam,  because Israelis are “Harbi and the Harbi spreads corruption throughout the face of the earth.” His WIKI profile is heavily doctored, if not laughable: Gomaa believes the best antidote to Islamic extremism is “traditional conception of sharia law — along with knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence”

Gomaa stuck to his position despite criticism, claiming that everything which emanated from the Prophet is pure and sacred.

* And now he legitimizes the practice of temporary marriage, which -as some of us know- is only practiced by the Shiite rafidite dogs and apostates, just like the time honored practice of kitman & taqiyya, something a good Sunni Muslim would never do, right? Right?

Unbelievable News From Egypt : Legal Fornication

CAIRO (by Ahmed al-Sayed)

Egypt‘s Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa announced thattravelers marriages, known as nikah mesyar in Arabic, are legitimate unless banned by the state. 

Nikah mesyar is a Sunni Muslim marriagecontract in which the woman gives up many of the rights she would be afforded under a traditional marriage contract. (Folks, somehow this sounds like some arms length transaction in the vice trade). Read it all>>

Back to the urine & saliva fatwas:
  • Many Muslims have written and complained, accused us that we were reporting falsehoods or making it up. Fact is we only report what their clerics are telling us:
The Companions of the Prophet Blessed Themselves with His Urine, Sweat and Saliva 
In his book Religion and Life – Modern Everyday Fatwas, Egyptian Mufti Dr. Ali Gum’a wrote that the companions of the Prophet Muhammad would bless themselves by drinking his urine, and described an incident of urine-drinking from a hadith: “Umm Ayman drank the urine of the Prophet, and the prophet told her: ‘This stomach will not be dragged through the fire of Hell, because it contains something of our Lord the Messenger of Allah…’

“This blessing,” Al-Gum’a added, “[can also] be done with the honorable saliva, sweat, hair, urine or blood of the Prophet. This is because anyone who knows the love of the Messenger of Allah is not repulsed [by these]; just as a mother is not repulsed by the feces of her son, this is even more so [in the case of] our Lord the Messenger of Allah, whom we love more than our fathers, sons, and wives. Anyone who was or is repulsed by the Messenger of Allah must recant his faith.”

Following the ensuing uproar, Gum’a came to the defense of his fatwa, saying: “The entire body of the Prophet, whether exposed or hidden, is pure, and there is nothing in it- including his secretions – that [can] repulse anyone. His sweat smelled better than perfume. Umm Haram would collect this sweat and distribute it to the people of Al-Madina.”

Arab News: Temporary marriages with Indonesian women on rise

 P.K. Abdul Ghafour | Arab News

Nikah al-Mut‘ah 

JEDDAH: A large number of Saudis are engaging in temporary marriages with Indonesian women with the intention of divorcing them. 


“Such marriages are likely to increase if Islamic scholars fail to give a clear ruling prohibiting them,” said Khaled Al-Arrak, director of Saudi affairs at the Saudi Embassy in Jakarta.

He said most Saudis were engaged in such marriages without realizing their consequences. “Some poor Indonesians marry off their girls to Saudis hoping it would put an end to their poverty and miseries. If the Council of Senior Islamic Scholars does not ban this type of marriages, things will go out of control,” Al-Arrak warned.

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  • France: Saudi Cocaine prince escapes 10-year sentence
  • (ANSAmed) – PARIS, DECEMBER 17 – The Court of Appeal in Paris has confirmed a 10 year prison sentence, as well as a 7 million euro fine, for cocaine trafficking for Prince Nayef Bin Fawaz al Chaalan, who is tied to the Saudi dynasty through marriage, thus ending the legal process souring relations between France and Saudi Arabia. The court also confirmed an arrest warrant for the defendant, who was never present in court and through his lawyers denied all guilt. ( More from ANSAmed)

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