Iranian TV: Swine Flu – A Zionist/American Conspiracy


You knew this was coming. Spin and conspiracy theories is what the Islamo camp is made of. The madder, the better. Samples here:

Unfortunately, it is not only the mad mullah’s who are  cooking conspiracy theories and false accusations to whip up hatred to create this permanent  “fanatical frenzy which is more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog”(Churchill)

Aptopix Obama Ex Pastor NAACP                                                              “God damn America…!”

Jeremiah Wright,  Obama’s ‘spiritual advisor’, was preaching similar racist garbage and race-hatred for 20 years in his “Nigga church” in the presence of the Marxist Muslim POTUS, his wife and children. 

Following are excerpts from an Iranian TV report on swine flu, which aired on IRINN, the Iranian news channel, on May 6, 2009:

To view this clip, visit Transcript follows:

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Egypt: Swine Flu Over the Cuckoos Nest

Egypt Uses Swine Flu to Attack Christian Farmers, Kill Their Pigs

Egypt pressed ahead Monday with plans to kill all pigs in the country, amid rising concerns there that the animal considered unclean by Islam may cause a swine-flu epidemic.

                       Living in squalor: the subjugated Copts of Egypt


  • Of course, those who keep swine  are the Copts, the original inhabitants of Egypt, subjected to abject poverty and slave like conditions, otherwise known as dhimmitude. Pigs and garbage are their livelihood, and the sons of Allah are eager to take it away from them…
  • There are no perks in being a dhimmi. Debbie  Schlussel  doesn’t mince words. All things considered, a traitor is a traitor and a kapo is a kapo. Or, as Churchill correctly stated: ‘An appeaser is a guy who feeds a crocodile in the hope it eats him last….’

By Debbie Schlussel

First, I must note that I have little sympathy for Coptic Christians, who are mostly found in Egypt but are also elsewhere in the Arabic world. When it comes to choosing sides, the Copts have been among the most anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, and pro-Hezbollah/Muslim Brotherhood religious sects in the Middle East. In Lebanon, they haven’t been shy about defending Hezbollah against Maronite Christians, whom they see as rivals. In Egypt, they took part in the Islamic purge and of Egypt’s Jews from the country.

Jews as Viruses  (FrontPage Magazine)
The Arab world’s reaction to swine flu says a lot about the prospects for peace.

“You Jew, Convert to Islam So Your Life is Safe!”  (SF Gate)
The majority of Yemen’s Jews have long been chased away or forcibly converted. The clock is ticking on the rest.

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Syrian Swine Flu Conspiracy Nuts Are Spinning Like Iranian Centrifuges

* You knew this was coming, didn’t you?


Syrian Government Daily ‘Teshreen’: Swine Flu May Be Product of American Laboratories Specializing In Developing Viruses


In his May 4, 2009 column in the Syrian government daily Teshreen, Charles Kamleh explains how “‘the swine conspiracy’ may be – according to one of the theories accompanying the spread of the disease – the product of one of the American laboratories specializing in developing viruses.”

Following is an excerpt from his column: 

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Swine Flu Panic in Kruddistan and Egypt

Swine Flu Fizzles, Jihad Continues:

* Out in the night with the whispering breezes, in the place where they keep the imaginary diseases: a line from “Stinkfoot”, by Frank Zappa:

lipstick-on-a-pig1225026721Puff Ho gives Oprah advice on swine flu

MEXICO says its swine flu epidemic has peaked and is now in decline The number of confirmed deaths from the virus was unchanged at 19…

But the Rudd Government will be damned if it lets a good crisis go to waste, without it Doing Something:

AUSTRALIA has so far dodged the swine flu but the deadly virus is likely to come to our shores at some stage, Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon said… The Government will this week launch a radio and TV campaign encouraging people to wash their hands, cover when they sneeze and look after themselves.

Total number of swine flu cases in Australia: zero.

* Where would we be without KRudd?

Egypts politicians decide not to let a good crisis go to waste:

Egyptian riot police have clashed with stone-throwing pig farmers who were trying to prevent their animals being taken away for slaughter as part of a nationwide cull… Egypt began the cull of the nation’s 250,000 pigs on Saturday, despite the World Health Organisation (WHO) saying there was no evidence the animals were transmitting swine flu to humans.

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The swine are coming home to rrroooossst!

* You knew that was coming, didn’t you?

The Swine Flew over the cuckoos nest


Michelle Malkin: Of course: Swine flu is all the evil GOP’s fault!

* Obambi’ spiritual advisor Jeremiah Wright will make a million miles of spin out of that.

snout_msnNo, it was him!

Who Is Rosa Brooks?

Leftist billionaire George Soros has a mole in the Pentagon.

Rosa Brooks has echoed the assertions of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and others that we had it coming on 9/11 and that al-Qaida was an exaggerated threat exploited to invade Iraq. In a September 2006 column titled “Our Torturer-In-Chief,” she wrote: “Today the chickens are coming home to roost.” Sound familiar?

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