Netherlands: Community service for destroying Christ statues

* Religion of destruction: Somali jihadists destroying Muslim and Christian shrines

Netherlands: Community service for destroying Christ statues

* Nothing new here: he just did what Muhammedans have been doing since 1400 years: destroying the idols of the idol worshipping infidels. Because only Allah has the right to be worshipped…

A sign of things to come. This is just the beginning….

From Islam in Europe

I’m assuming for now the man is not Christian, mostly because I expect that if he were, this would be specified in the article. 

A 37 year old Amsterdam resident was sentenced yesterday to sixty hours of community service. In April of this year the man destroyed at least two statues of Christ in Nuenen and Deurne. The magistrate in Den Bosch also charged him with destroying five graves in the Lambertus parish in Helmond.

more pictures available here and here
The suspect came to the Netherlands from Turkey 11 years ago and worked in Amsterdam at a research institute. He was arrested in Venray on April 8 when he again went for a statue of Christ. He failed to appear yesterday.
* Wonder what he was researching?
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Hamas Explains Use of Civilians as Human Shields

By Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook

“We desire death as you desire life.”

* A variation of this theme (“Kuffar we love death and you love Pepsi Cola”) can be found in sheik yer’mami’s song “Never do a thing like that”, here…

The UN announcement that 51 civilians have died in the conflict in Gaza must be understood in the context of Hamas’s declared ideology to use civilians as human shields for Hamas fighters. Indeed, Hamas continues to emphasize and promote the religious ideology that death for Allah is an ideal to be actively pursued.

* Israel tries to minimize civilian casualties, Hamas tries to maximize them

* Hamas Women Vow to Become ‘Martyrdom-Seekers’ and Blow Themselves Up Among ‘the Apes and Pigs’

* More than 700,000 Israelis now in range of Hamas missiles

The Palestinian rocket that hit the Israeli town of Beersheba detonated without causing injuries – but the shock waves are still reverberating through the Jewish state.

The goal is to convince Palestinians, including women and children, not to fear death but even to face it at the front to protect Hamas fighters. Hamas’s placement of its military installations and fighters among civilians reflects this ideology, and has led to these 51 deaths.

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Muslim riots, attacks, grievance theater around the world

Pro-Hamas Demonstration – Fort Lauderdale FL

Update: Leftists, Muslim American Society at rally calling for destruction of Israel

* Where the hell did these maggots come from? How did they get to settle behind enemy lines?


Pamela has more, much more

“Death to all (Zionist) juice”: Calling for genocide with plausible deniability?

Need support to counter anti-Israel rally, Friday, January 2, 2009, in Westwood, Los Angeles

A message from Allyson Rowen Taylor of Shariah Finance Watch

Charleroi: Attack on Synagogue

From Islam in Europe:
DHnet speaks of rising tensions between Jews and Muslims.  On the one hand, there is (not yet) no proof these acts were done by Muslims.  On the other, Jews are not attacking mosques.   

The French language blog Philosemeitsm also writes about attacks against Jews in Brussels and Antwerp.

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Belgium: Muslim riots, Jewish neighborhood sealed


Eurabians inspired by the Messiah

“How do you protest violence [allegedly] against a civilian population? Attack a civilian population, of course.”

More jihad and Jew-hatred in Europe. “Antwerp: Arab riots, Jewish neighborhood sealed,” fromIslam In Europe, December 31 (thanks to JW):

How do you protest violence against a civilian population? Attack a civilian population, of course. These riots were expected, given the massive incitement that accompanied the organization of the demonstrations. Continue reading

Jihad against Jews in Denmark: Muslims fire upon Israelis in Denmark mall

JP: Hamas fires 60 rockets into Israel on Wednesday


Proportionate response

A dangerous development: many young Jews sell Dead Sea cosmetics in shopping malls all around the Western world. It is to be feared that copy-cats will attack them to “strike terror in the hearts of the enemy..”

Pamela makes some important points, here:

UPDATE: The jihad loving AP neglects to mention any Jewish/Israel/Palestinian reference in their news article, Gunmen wounds 2 in mall shooting in Denmark - that is how aligned with the enemy they are.

UPDATE: 2 Jews wounded in Denmark shooting. Two Jews were wounded when they were shot by a group of Muslim men in a mall in Odense, Denmark on Wednesday afternoon(more here)


The Israelis were selling Dead Sea cosmetics at a stand in the mall - a job many young Israelis pursue, usually following military service, in order to save money for their future and to continue their travels.

Eurabia Alert. By striking at Jews in Denmark, Islamic jihadists hit two of their prime enemies at once: the wicked and ubiquitous Zionists, and the country that published the dreaded Motoons. “Two Israelis attacked in Denmark mall,” from the Jerusalem Post, December 31 (thanks to Kathy Shaidle and Kevin, via Jihad Watch):

Two Israelis were lightly wounded when they were shot by a group of men in a mall in Copenhagen, Denmark on Wednesday afternoon.

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DEAD Jews aren’t news, but killing terrorists outrages global activists. On Saturday, Israel struck back powerfully against its tormentors. Now Israel’s the villain. Again.

Israel’s airstrikes against confirmed Hamas terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip were overdue, discriminating and skillful. So far, this retaliatory campaign has been a superb example of how to employ postmodern airpower.

Propaganda: Activists around the world, like this woman in Spain, protested Israel’s airstrikes.

Pamela has more video and photos

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IAF bombs Gaza mosque, strike sets off numerous secondary explosions, caused by munitions stockpiled in the mosque

IMRA – Independent Media Review and Analysis

IAF continues its assault on Gaza terrorist targets 

What? Munitions and rockets stockpiled in a place of worship? But, but…  isn’t that what all the churches and  synagogues are doing? I’m sure we are wrongly blaming innocent Muslims just for trying to defend themselves from constant islamophobic attacks. Right?

IAF hits Gaza mosque storing rockets

The IAF continued its assault on Gaza terrorist targets on Wednesday afternoon, bombing a Gaza City mosque and destroying a large number of rockets hidden inside.

Channel 10 reported that the IAF had received high-level orders to hit the mosque after Hamas terror operatives had run there with several rockets and Grad-type missiles.

The army said that the mosque, located in the western part of Gaza City, was used to store weapons and explosives and that terrorists had been using the building as cover when firing rockets at southern Israel.

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Israel: Trying to buy peace by releasing Islamic terrorists?

* Hamas welcomes Israel’s release of Fatah prisoners

* Israel Releases 224 Palestinian Prisoners in Goodwill Gesture (still waiting for Pali ‘goodwill gestures’…)

* Abbas: Israel must free all 11,000 Palestinian prisoners terrorists

“Tiny minority of extremists”- update


“War is not the answer” 


“Stop resisting Islam, now!”



Gordon Brown: “There is no military solution to this situation. We must redouble the international effort to ensure that both Israel and Palestine have the land, rights and security to live in peace.”

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