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US presents fresh Hicks charges
with thanks to Andrew Bolt

THE United States has prepared fresh charges against Australian Guantanamo Bay prisoner David Hicks, five years after he was detained, after the first trial process was ruled illegal by the country’s highest court.

Two charges have been prepared, accusing Mr Hicks, 31, of providing material support for terrorism and attempted murder in violation of the law of war. He faces life in jail if found guilty, his US military lawyer has said.

The Prime Minister has welcomed what he has called the “serious charges” and has sought to claim credit for the US move to lay them.

But Mr Hicks’s father Terry has said the new charges do not make sense and are part of an unfair process designed to convict his son.

Two other Guantanamo Bay inmates have also had fresh charges prepared against them.

The charges are not considered formally filed under US military rules until a Pentagon adviser and another official approve them. That process could take another two weeks and court hearings are not expected until autumn.

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Enemy Propaganda, Humanity & Compassion Kills the Jooozzz

A letter from Ami Iseroff

Coming to terms with Gush Etzion Coming to terms with Gush Etzion
The varieties of compassion and national grief.

We are told by those who know, that we must have compassion for the suffering of others, and indeed we do. The whole world must know by now of the death of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Sheikh Yassin was head of the Hamas, a blameless “militant” spiritual leader, cut down mercilessly by the evil and greedy Zionists, while he was engaged in the worthwhile pursuit of planning to send more evil Jews to meet Allah. Everyone mourns the tragic death of the blameless Rachel Corrie, who came to Gaza to defend Palestinian weapons smuggling tunnels against the heartless IDF. Who can forget little Muhamed Al-Dura, who was certainly killed by someone in front of the artful cameras of French television?

Every Palestinian child, and every politically correct and compassionate advocate, knows the names of all the Zionist massacres that ever took place, and of several that did not, and the numbers of countless victims, real and imaginary. Who does not know of Deir Yassin? What Counterpunch reader will not be able to tell you that in Jenin, the Zionists murdered 500 innocent Palestinians? No matter that actually 56 Palestinian Arabs died in Jenin. No matter that most of them were armed guerillas (or terrorists or “militants” if you like). No matter that these guerillas and their friends were responsible for murdering over a hundred Israelis in the previous month. Mohammed abu Nimr, a Palestinian who professes peace, explained that the Israelis murdered 500 Palestinians in Jenin, while the Palestinians were only engaged in nonviolent actions. Nobody remembers the names of those murdered Israelis except their relatives and friends. Mohamed Abu Nimr is going to bury the fact of their death as well.

You know who Muhamed Al Dura was. Probably you heard of Rachel Corrie. Do you know Amil Almalich? Michael Ben-Sa’adon? Israel Samolia? They were killed by a suicide bomber in Eilat just now. In a month, who will remember their names? Who will remember that they died? It was another “nonviolent action” of the Palestinians. If Israel decides one day, that it must take up arms to stop suicide bombing, won’t the usual people write about another 500 imaginary Palestinian victims, and entirely ignore the real Israeli victims?

In the pages of Los Angeles Times, the 500 imaginary victims of the imaginary Jenin massacre were compared by a warped Jewish writer to the very real Jewish victims of the Nazi SS in the Warsaw Ghetto. It is not permissible for Jews to discuss the Holocaust in the context of the death of Jews, as that is part of the “Holocaust Industry,” but it is perfectly fashionable to expound upon the imaginary Holocaust of the Palestinian Arabs. Without a shred of proof, the hysterical proponents of misguided compassion insist that the evil Zionists are perpetrating genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians. The facts don’t matter to these disciples of Jose Saramago, of Ilan Pappe and other fiction writers. What matters is emotion.

The required emotion is hatred for Israel and Zionists. Compassion for imaginary victims is one byproduct, outrage at the imaginary crimes of the Zionists is another. Never mind that almost all the Palestinian Arabs are still very much alive, except for the ones who blow themselves up in our cities and become “martyrs.” No less a person than Spanish Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago, likewise compared the imaginary victims of Jenin to victims of the Holocaust. It is fitting, since Senor Saramago is a writer of fictional novels.

In past years, the Palestinian Authority, in order to educate its people to accept peace with their Israeli neighbors no doubt, staged a yearly Nakba ceremony, to commemorate the disaster that overcame the Palestinian Arabs in 1948, when their leaders induced them to try to exercise their sovereign right to annihilate the Jewish people. The effort failed, and the perpetrators suffered. While we Israelis mark our days of mourning with a minute of silence, Palestinian commemorations seem to require gunfire and rioting. True pluralists must appreciate the varieties of grief. The Palestinians made the commemoration of this event into an organized expression of constant grief and of hate for the Jews. None of us are not allowed to forget the Nakba in writing, in art exhibits and in demonstrations. A genuine Nakba industry sprang up, with people bused to demonstrations, carrying signs of their native towns, keys of their houses. The Nakba must be remembered. Only the causes of the Nakba, like the cause of the Israeli “massacre” in Jenin, must never be examined too closely.

When did Israelis, expelled from the old city of Jerusalem and from Hebron in 1936 and 1948, ever demonstrate with keys to their houses? When did the hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees expelled from Arab lands demonstrate with keys to their houses?

Palestinian grief is a public affair. It demands compassion. It is politically correct to have compassion for Palestinian Arabs and to describe their suffering in the minutest detail.

Israeli grief must be handled differently however. In the past, Jews were weak. It was not fitting to mourn for Jews, because that was after all, the fate of Jews. No sense getting upset over the deaths of a few more unfortunate Jews in Kishinev or Ukraine or wherever, is there? But now the Jews in Israel are no longer victims. Now it is not fitting to mourn for Jews because we are strong. We are therefore, “the oppressors.” Jews don’t get compassion.

All you folks who know about Rachel Corrie and Mohamed al-Dura, here are pictures of evil Zionist colonialist imperialist racist oppressors killed by “militants” of the Palestinian “resistance.” Can you identify even one of them?

See to find the names of these Zionist victims and many others. They are our honored dead.

Very probably you heard of Deir Yassin. Every Palestinian knows this place, where berserk Jewish underground fighters apparently killed about 100 civilians. Have you heard of the Lamed Heh? Don’t be ashamed. A poll showed that 50% of Israelis never heard of the Lamed Heh either. The Lamed Heh were thirty five young men of the Haganah, sent to bring supplies on foot to Gush Etzion in January of 1948. The story told of them, is that they were seen by an Arab shepherd on the way, and though they knew he might inform on them and call out an ambush, they would not kill him. True or not, this story was repeated to every Israeli child, not as a warning of the cruelty of the enemy, but as an example of the moral values of Israeli fighters.

The facts that are known for certain: they were ambushed at dawn and murdered. They were never given a chance to surrender of course. Their mutilated bodies were photographed by a British soldier, who left his film in a Jerusalem shop to be developed. He never came to pick it up. About 50 years later, the film was discovered by chance. It was decided that the pictures were too gruesome to be shown to the public. It is not politically correct, from the anti-Zionist point of view, to have compassion for Jews. >From the Zionist point of view, It is demoralizing to show casualties.

It is not politically correct either to mention that massacre outside Gush Etzion or the one that took place in May in Gush Etzion, where a large number of soldiers (Jewish of course) who had surrendered were mowed down. It is not politically correct either, to mention the (Jewish of course) civilians were murdered in Hebron or Jerusalem in 1929 or 1936.

This young man below is Danny Mas. He was the leader of the Lamed Heh. He probably died because he would not kill an Arab shepherd.

You never heard of him before, did you? The compassionate people of Counterpunch and the Nation never heard of him either. Naomi Klein, who writes fiction about Jewish Nazis in Jenin, never heard of him. He was a Palestinian martyr, more Palestinian than Izzedin al Qassam who was a Syrian. But Danny Mas was a Jewish Palestinian, so there are no Danny Mas terrorist squads named after him.

That is our fault. The fault of Israelis and Jews. Jews never liked to dwell on unpleasant things. In Jewish history, time was allowed to obliterate catastrophes. We always wanted to believe that the previous expulsion, the previous pogrom was the last one in history. Now we are safe. Those things always happened in the bad old country. Here in this new place, we are safe. This country after all, is not like Czarist Russia or medieval Poland or medieval Spain, is it? Nothing bad can happen to Jews here. This country is modern, moderate, democratic and progressive Weimar Germany.

In Israel, or Palestine, news of Arab atrocities was hushed up. We, the evil “Israel Lobby” don’t want that news to get out. Palestine was, and Israel is, supposed to be a safe haven for the Jews. If we told people that Jews die here, they would say that Zionism is a failure. And indeed, when the fiction writers of Counterpunch and the Nation mention Israeli casualties, they invariably explain that these casualties are “proof” of the failure of Zionism.

So how can we come to terms with Gush Etzion, with the death of the Lamed Heh, with the deaths of over a hundred children in the recent Palestinian “nonviolent actions,” with the deaths of three people in Eilat in the most recent suicide bombing? How are these Jewish deaths different from all those others, in the other countries, that we don’t want to think about?

They are different. Imagine if there had been an IDF in 1942, and Israeli paratroopers could have rescued the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto, killing their Nazi guards. No doubt the Jose Saramagos and Mohammed Abu Nimrs of the world would explain that the Jews committed a massacre in Warsaw, while the Germans had performed only nonviolent actions. No doubt a Naomi Klein would explain that Jews ought to have compassion, and that the Israelis had made her ashamed to be a Jew. But it would still be worth it, no?

Please don’t have compassion for Danny Mas and the Lamed Heh, or for the sisters and wives of these victims or for the parents of those poor dead children. They don’t want your compassion or your pity. These people deserve your respect and love. They made their sacrifice so that we Jews could be a free people in our own land. If you are Jewish, even if you are a writer of anti-Zionist fantasies in the Los Angeles Times, they died so that you could be free too.

That is how we must come to terms with Gush Etzion.

Ami Isseroff

British Government Accused of ‘Striking Fear in the Hearts of the Muslim People’

That’s right. Because, you see: We Muslims follow our religion, and resistance against the will of Allah is useless. Only dirty kuffars who happen to be ignorant of Allah’s religion will stand in the way and prevent the establishment of the caliphate.

These infidels have the hide to stand in the way of the peaceful takeover of their country! Totally unacceptable, that is terrorism! What are they trying to do? Strike terror in the hearts of the Muslims?

Raids seen as con trick to demonise Britain’s Muslims
Andrew Norfolk
February 03, 2007

TO wander the streets of Sparkbrook, a suburb of Britain’s second city, Birmingham, from shabby corner shop to proud, white-domed mosque, is to enter a world where conspiracy theories are the breath of life.
Many ordinary Muslims do not believe that this week’s arrests were an act to foil a terrorist plot aiming to visit unspeakable barbarity on a young British soldier.
Rather, they see the entire operation as a giant con trick. This fits a growing perception of a post-9/11 world in which innocent Muslims are demonised and the terror threat is manufactured to suit the dark designs of the West’s Judeo-Christian elite.

The decision to distribute 5000 multi-lingual leaflets, carefully setting out details of the anti-terror operation and the events leading up to it, may have sought to offer a well-intentioned reassurance “that the police are not targeting communities or faiths, but suspected criminals”.

For many Muslims, that message has fallen on deaf ears. At least in part, they are listening to a very different message from mosques across the city.

Take the Birmingham Central Mosque, where up to 4000 people attend Friday prayers.

Dr. Naseem – Honorary Doctorate received for ‘interfaith dialogue’ from Birmingham University

Its chairman for the past 32 years has been Mohammed Naseem, a past champion of interfaith dialogue who for many years was regarded as a voice of Islamic moderation. A year ago, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Birmingham.

Dr Nasseem, 83, said he was sure the nine arrested men were innocent of any crime and would eventually be released without charge.

Wake me up if you ever find a ‘guilty’ Muslim, will you?

Read it all, it gets better:

Ex-Gitmo Jailbird Mamduh Habib to run in Australian Election

Hmm, just wondering when his trial is coming up: You think he can govern from behind bars?

Ex-Guantanamo inmate to run in Australia election
By Andrew Cleary Thu Feb 1,

SYDNEY (Reuters) – An Australian once detained in Guantanamo Bay on suspicion of helping al Qaeda said on Friday he would stand for election to the New South Wales state parliament.

Mamdouh Habib, released in January 2005, was held in Guantanamo Bay without charge for almost three years after he was arrested crossing from Pakistan into Afghanistan three weeks after the September 11 attacks on the United States.

“We’re here in Australia, this has nothing to do with Afghanistan,” Habib told a news conference in Sydney called to announce he would run as an independent in the March 24 contest.

“This has nothing to do with terrorism — we have no terrorists in Australia. If you want to talk about terror then talk to the U.S.,” he said.

Sure Mamduh, sure. The Americans are the terrorists…

Habib’s candidacy comes as the gulf widens between Australia’s small, mainly Sunni, Muslim community of some 280,000 people and the rest of the country, leaving many Muslims feeling besieged and trapped between two cultures.

Anti-Muslim sentiment has been inflamed by Sheikh Taj El-Din Hilaly, the mufti of Australia’s biggest mosque, who has compared unveiled women to “uncovered meat” and said Muslim Australians had more right to the country than people descended from convicts.

Habib denied his views were extreme. He said he was standing to fight against racist attacks on minority ethnic groups including Muslim Australians, Aborigines and migrants, and to take care of the community in which he lived.

“The aim of the campaign is to reclaim our diminishing human rights, negated every day by the state and federal governments, and to organize people who are prepared to fight for them,” his campaign manager, Raul Bassi, said at the news conference.

Habib will contest the seat of Auburn in southwestern Sydney, an area with a large Muslim community, and said he was confident he would be well received by local voters.

New South Wales state Premier Morris Iemma (the dilemma) dismissed Habib’s chances in the election. “The voters of Auburn, like Australians everywhere, won’t put up with lunacy, no matter who’s putting it forward,” he said in remarks broadcast on local television.

Al Reuters reports: Muslim ‘rebels’ storm Philippine jail; 46 escape

MANILA (Reuters) -Suspected Muslim rebels…

(just take a moment and let it sink in: “suspected Muslim rebels”- ???)

…stormed a jail in the southern Philippines early on Friday with grenades and rockets, blasted a hole in its wall and helped 46 prisoners escape, authorities said.

Some of those who escaped were men arrested for bomb blasts in the volatile Mindanao region of the south, where at least four Islamic separatist groups operate.

At least 25 heavily-armed men attacked the jail in Kidapawan City, 960 km (600 miles) south of Manila, and freed the prisoners in a 15-minute operation, said Federico Dulay, police chief of the North Cotabato province. Forty-six of the 789 prisoners housed there escaped, he said. Two people were wounded, including a jail guard.

“We were caught with our pants down,” said provincial governor Emmanuel Pinot.

“I have ordered police to shoot these very dangerous people if they will resist arrest. They are better dead than a menace to our communities.”

Next time better pull your pants up, Emmanuel!

Philippine security officials said a rogue faction within the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) was behind the attack. The MILF is the largest Muslim separatist group in the Philippines and it is trying to revive stalled peace talks with Manila.

In order to ‘revive peace talks with Manila’ they have to raid a jail to free their Muslim-brothers, makes sense. Excellent reporting, Reuters. Excellent!

Dulay said the militants mounted the raid on the provincial jail to free 14 “high value prisoners” who were involved in bomb attacks in the south in 2003.

“We received reports that the group commandeered a mini-bus hours after the raid and was believed to be headed to the rebels’ hideout in Liguasan marsh,” Dulay said, ordering his troops to set up checkpoints to intercept the escapees. Continued…

Throwing Pearls to Swine

The facilitators of the global jihad, the utterly corrupt and useless United Nations,  want to hand Kosovo over to the Mohammedans. They are not saying it clearly, of course. They are making their best efforts to try to package it nicely in a way that the unsuspecting public in western Europe stays calm and goes back to sleep.

Kosovo ‘should split from Serbia’

Ethnic Albanians overwhelmingly want to break away from Serbia
Kosovo will be allowed to separate from Serbia and use its own national symbols under proposals to end its limbo status drawn up by the UN’s special envoy.
Martti Ahtisaari’s plan does not mention the word “independence”, but that is virtually what is on offer, Western diplomats told the BBC.

Mr Ahtisaari will present his plan in Serbia later on Friday.

The UN has administered Kosovo since a Nato bombing campaign forced Serbian troops to withdraw in 1999.

Talks to determine Kosovo’s final status have been continuing for years without the two sides coming to agreement.

Ethnic Albanians want a Muslim state  (Make that ‘Caliphate’)
To be honest, I am a bit scared of what we are coming to 

Hasan Bytyqi
Kosovo Albanian

Ethnic Albanians, who make up 90% of the province’s two million people, overwhelmingly want to break away from Serbia.

But Serbs regard the province – which is still officially part of Serbia – as the cradle of their culture, and oppose any solution that would lead to its independence.

Mr Ahtisaari’s plan, however, amounts to “independence, subject to international supervision”, said one Western diplomat, who wished to remain unnamed.
 Read it all…

Muslims Furious Because Police STILL doesn’t Consult Imam’s Before Raids

Because a promise is a promise, right?
Infidels must not lie. That’s unfair!

…And war is deception, said the profit Mohammed:

Muslim fury over arrests

BIRMINGHAM, England: Wasim Raja, 25, and Imran Khan, 19, are leaning on the grills of a general store in Alum Rock, Birmingham, watching the police activity on Jackson Road opposite with interest.

“Every time they’re coming into Muslim areas, blasting open their doors … They wouldn’t like it if they dragged their mum and dad out of bed in the middle of the night. They’re scum,” says Khan, spitting on the pavement.

Raja is more conciliatory, although, like many here, he doubts the man arrested in a dawn raid yesterday on suspicion of involvement in a terror plot was guilty of anything.

“I’ve known him since I was little… He’s not that type of person. If they’ve got a proper lead, then OK. But you’ve got to be 100 per cent. Maybe it’s wrong information.”

Police arrested nine mostly Pakistani-origin suspects yesterday, to foil an alleged “Iraq-style” kidnap and beheading plot aimed at bringing a dreaded new form of terror to Britain.

In what officials called a “very, very major operation,” the alleged plotters were said to be planning to post video of the execution on the Internet, as has happened to Western hostages in Iraq.

The alleged victim had already been identified by the plotters as a Muslim soldier in his 20s, who was alerted by detectives recently and given protection.

“It was going to be a beheading and this was going to be posted on the Internet via a homemade video,” a security source said.

Commies Just Love Jihad Monkeys

Picture shows Habib’s arrival in Oz after looking for a ‘good muslim school’ in Pakistan (via Gitmo….)

Andrew Bolt has a great take on Mamduh Habib and his commie ‘human-rights’ supporters:

Mamdouh Habib makes some socialist friends. Of course.
By Andrew Bolt – Thursday, February 01, 07

A Socialist Alliance activist is behind the NSW election campaign of former Guatanamo Bay inmate Mamdouh

Habib. Here’s yet more evidence of the close bond the far Left has formed with the Islamist Right, to the disgust of older, gentler Leftists like Pamela Bone:

The Daily Telegraph online can reveal that the former Guantanamo Bay detainee’s campaign manager ran as a candidate for the Socialist Alliance party in the 2004 federal election – and plans to do so again in the State poll on March 24.

Mr Habib’s campaign manager is Raul Bassi. On the statement released this morning announcing Mr Habib’s candidacy, Mr Bassi billed himself as representing the “Auburn Human Rights Group”. There was no mention of his links to Socialist Alliance.

And he was a member of the Socialist Workers Party in Argentina, where he lived before migrating to Australia in 1983.

Read it all…

Hicks, aka Mohammed Dawoud, Gitmo Poster Boy of the Left


Mohammed Dawoud want’s to get laid. Desperately. When will we see Melbourne lawyers and LLL judges demonstrate for his ‘human rights’ again?


The Muslim ‘revert’- formerly known as David Hicks, in a letter to his former flatmate Louise Fletcher, as revealed in The Bulletin on September 19, 2006:

LISTEN, have you got any friends I can f— when I get home? They have to be good-looking and I prefer big tits as well. Well, send their photos with the letters so I can check them out …

(On his activities at Gitmo:) I don’t do much. Just sitting in me cell doing f— all. The usual. I can’t tell you about my adventures but I will when I get back.

(Responding to Fletcher’s suggestion that she might write a book about him:) Don’t try to write about my adventures because you don’t know that information. Nobody does, so it would be inaccurate. I would prefer if you wrote nothing about anybody, for that matter. Shit, I would have no chance to make any money when I got home, otherwise…


Well Mohammed, enjoy the days in Gitmo.

Nobody understands, even those who pretend to be on your side. Nobody understands, that’s right, but thank the Lord that you still got hands….