The Cost of Islamic Immigration

* For the first time we get some numbers: governments in Europe, Australia & elsewhere with large scale Muhammedan immigration have long been trying to hide the exorbitant cost associated with the establishment of an Islamic proletariat that keeps socialists in power, but saps the lifeblood from the welfare state.


Here it its:

– France has 6,868,000 immigrants, or 11% of the population.

– Immigration reduces by two thirds the growth of the GNP.

– The cost of immigration in France is 71.76 billion euros.

– The revenue from immigration in France is 45.57 billion euros.

– The deficit from immigration shouldered by the taxpayers is 26.19 billion euros.

– When an immigrant does not return home at the expiration of his work contract, it is the State (the taxpayer) who bears the cost of welfare and social benefits.
– Non-European immigrants and their descendants receive 22% of all social benefits.
– The unit-price of requests for asylum is 15,000 euros.
– The majority of immigration expenses do not depend on the Ministry of Immigration headed by Brice Hortefeux.
– Expenses for security linked to immigration amount to 5.2 billion euros.
– The black market involves at least 500,000 immigrants and represents a loss to the State of 3.810 billion euros.
– 65 to 90% of prostitutes are foreign.
– The unemployment rate of immigrants is twice that of non-immigrants.
– Social benefits constitute 14% of the average revenue of immigrant households versus 5% for non-immigrant households.

Lots more from the Brussels Journal

* These costs listed above don’t include the billions in damages for the ongoing French intifadah, when tens of thousands of cars and businesses are burned….


UK: Migration has brought ‘zero’ economic benefit

Ten years of record immigration to Britain has produced virtually no economic benefits for the country, a parliamentary inquiry has found.

* 684  quit Britain every day

A House of Lords committee, which is due to report next Tuesday, will call into question Government claims that foreign workers add £6 billion each year to the wealth of the nation.

It is expected to say this must be balanced against the increase in population and their use of local services such as health and education, resulting in little benefit per head of the population.

“Our overall conclusion is that the economic benefits of net immigration to the resident population are small and close to zero in the long run,” the report will say.

The findings of the Lords economics committee threaten to demolish the key argument made by ministers to justify the highest levels of immigration in the country’s history.

The inquiry by the committee, which includes two former chancellors and several former Cabinet ministers, is the first to try to balance the costs and benefits of large-scale immigration.

The population is increasing by more than 190,000 every year, largely as a result of immigration.




U.S. Must Learn European Immigration Lessons

by James Zumwalt

Thanks to Louis Stouch

Denmark was once a country with an extremely liberal immigration policy. Today it has one of the strictest in Europe. Why? A recipe for social disaster was at play in Denmark. Take a very liberal post-World War II immigration policy, combine it with a very generous welfare program, mix in Muslim immigrants demonstrating a stubborn unwillingness to integrate into Danish society while enjoying welfare status, add a dash of reality that that Muslim population is rapidly outgrowing the native one, and it does not take long to create a bankrupt state nurturing an anti-democratic guest population and seeking to eventually replace the host country’s laws and culture with its own. Susan MacAllen, an American citizen who lived in Denmark, last year wrote a fascinating, but frightening, article for Family Security Matters providing specifics as to how this happened and the steps being taken to reverse course.


Supporting MacAllen’s concerns are statistics from a 2002 article by Daniel Pipes and Lars Hedegaard. They point out that Danish Muslims, while making up only five percent of the population, consume 40% of welfare spending and are responsible for a disproportionately high percentage of the nation’s crime. Recognizing increasing population numbers favor them, Muslim leaders “openly declare their goal of introducing Islamic law once Denmark’s Muslim population grows large enough.”


In appreciation of the Danish landlord opening up his home to an economically-depressed tenant to live rent free, the tenant shows his appreciation by now threatening to take over home ownership. As a result, not only have immigration laws been severely tightened, but there is even a prohibition against building mosques — used as centers to promote anti-Western values — because they were becoming hotbeds of hatred.



Dutch: 57 percent say ‘admitting large groups of Muslims is “the biggest mistake in Dutch history”


The results come from the History Monitor. This survey was carried out among a representative group of 1,069 people by De Volkskrant newspaper, Historisch Nieuwsblad history journal and TV programme Andere Tijden in consultation with history professors James Kennedy, Niek van Sas and Hans Blom.



Omar Bakri loves Fitna: "could be a film by the Mujahideen"

* Absolutely. Islam is what Muslims do. Because the soldiers of Allah do all these things that are so offensive to Muslims, and keep doing them everyday in more than 30 theaters of jihad warfare around the globe: like using Koran verses to justify their atrocities. Why are these Muslims offended by Wilders and not by their fellow Koranists?


The formerly UK-based jihadist hits the nail on the head: for all the rage from Muslims about how Fitna “links Islam with violence,” that link has already been made by the jihadists, who never aroused any significant rage among their peaceful brethren. The jihadists quote Qur’an to justify their actions — it wasn’t Geert Wilders who had to go hunting in the Qur’an for verses that matched those actions.



Qaradawi weasels and lies:


“We need scholarly refutations to claims that Prophet Muhammad incited the killing of men and women,” he stressed. […]

* That will be tough, given the evidence of the early Muslim sources on Asma bint Marwan, Ka’b bin Ashraf, Abu Afak, the Jews of Khaybar, the Banu Qurayzah Jews, etc. etc.

Qaradhawi accuses:

“What the Dutch politician did is tantamount to opening fire on the Qur’an,” Qaradawi said in exclusive statements to


“We ask them to better understand the Islam’s message of peace, mercy and human brotherhood,”

* here’s What the Holiest Book of Islam Really says about Non-Muslims

Qaradawi seeks retaliation:

“Heavyweight Muslim countries should have a manly stance in defense of Islam and its prophet,” he added.“The peoples need to pressure their governments to take such a stand and prove to the world that the Muslim Ummah is still alive.”

* In other words, strongarm the West into dhimmi silence.



Pakistan: Fitna Rage in the making. “Foreigners will be attacked. The situation will change, change, change”


* But maybe its not ‘Fitna’ at all. Its all about ‘blasphemous’ drawings…


“Anti-Quran film sparks protests in Muslim world,” from CNN-IBN:

New Delhi: Muslims in several countries are protesting a film by a Dutch lawmaker’s film, saying it insults the Quran.
Hundreds of Islamists staged angry protests across Pakistan after the release of the film and a militant allegedly linked to al-Qaida’s No 2 leader also warned that the film will spark reprisal attacks.
Small groups of demonstrators, mostly followers of hard-line religious groups, rallied in major cities, demanding Pakistan cut diplomatic relations with the Netherlands. A banner at one demonstration read, “We hate the uncivilized West.”

More here


Dutch Business: “We rather lose our culture than a dollar”

Bernard Wientjes, chairman of the Dutch employers’ organisation VNO-NCW:

“A boycott would hurt Dutch exports. Businesses such as Shell, Philips and Unilever are easily identifiable as Dutch companies,” he was quoted as saying.
Malaysia’s former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad suggested a boycott on Saturday, echoing a similar call by media in Jordan.

Dutch businesses threaten to sue over anti-Islam film,” from Agence France-Presse


Louise Arbour totally derailed:

*  Traincrash or rather ‘staying the course?’

U.N.’s Arbour on Fitna: “They should offer strong protective measures to all forms of freedom of expression, while at the same time enacting appropriate restrictions, as necessary, to protect the rights of others”

* Never mind obout our rights!

Spencer comments:

Questions for Ms. Arbour: Is not being offended a human right? Should “appropriate restrictions” target the clear and present danger of possibly having one’s feelings hurt? In that event, there will need to be a U.N. court on every elementary school playground.

“Louise Arbour condemns the film ‘Fitna’,” from Kuwait News Agency:



Honest Muslim Discovered: “We hate you for your disbelief and defiance”

* A Muslim blogger writes to Geert Wilders:

* Resisting Islam causes wars, for which the infidels are responsible:

But we don’t hate you for your freedoms as we don’t consider those freedoms. We hate you for your disbelief and defiance.

So keep warning, and we too will keep warning. Islaam denounces Democracy, Islaam denounces Christians and Jews, Islaam denounces the corruption of the disbelievers upon the earth, and Islaam is coming to crush the armies of disbelief and smash the false governments and religions of the world to bring humanity from darkness into light.

Although we hate you for the sake of Allah and pray for your destruction, we are happy that you made this film because no matter how negative the disbelievers try to portray Islaam, in the end, it is Islaam that spreads far and wide. The media in America did its best to portray Islaam as an evil religion after the 9/11 attacks, but just look to how many thousands of people accepted Islaam after the invasion. So Islaam will spread all over Europe, and we will win in the end and we will humiliate you in the end.

Congratulations Geert. Your movie has created more Mujaahideen amongst the Muslims.


Denmark: Islamic Mafia Puts Ad's in Papers

Muslim World League puts ads in papers

The following advertisement appeared in Denmark’s largest national newspapers this week (in Danish):

Freedom of expression at any price?

Appeal to the Danish people

* Islam invented freedom of expression. After that, Islam invented the wheel:

Freedom of expression and the right to your own opinion are guaranteed in Islam and is one of Islam’s most important contributions to the world more than 1400 years ago.

Factually it ensures all heavenly revealed religions and denominations and promises humanity the right to think and express oneself freely, as long as those expressions don’t cause insult or discrimination of others or rouse hate based on religion or race. One of the worst forms of religious discrimination is ridiculing the prophets and the messengers.

* You can have any kind of freedom as long as it doesn’t offend the Koranimals. What kind of BS is that?

In connection with our continuing efforts to lessen the consequences of the Danish caricatures we have visited Denmark several times. We have seen the Danes as a peace-loving people, who prize coexistence of different cultures, civilizations and religions, and therefore we are now convinced that the reprinting of the insulting cartoons are not typical of the Danish people.


In Muslim perception all prophets, including Moses, Jesus and Muhammed, peace be with them all, are in a special status, which will keep them from insult or ridicule. They should be respect by all people instead of having false accusations directed at them.

We were very surprised with the connection made between charges against several individual people of wanting to take revenge on one of the cartoonists, and a deliberate insult of Muslim nations deep in their most dearly religious feelings by reprinting the cartoons. We will stress here that Islam condemns all actions which weaken society’s security, in particular murder and arson. Factually Muslims still lack a formal dissociation from the reprinting of the insulting cartoons from relevant authorities. We are convinced that a dissociation will contribute to preventing additional repetitions of such unfortunate measures.

* Islam vs. Free Speech: The Case of Denmark

Finally, we would like to call on all rational and peace-loving people and economic and cultural organization to to make an effort to the extreme for ensure good cultural and economic relations between people from Denmark and the Muslim world.

The Danish Conservative party sees this ad as mafia-like threats against Danish authorities.

They say that the organization is trying to threaten Danish authorities so that they’ll condemn the Muhammad cartoons in order to prevent more unfortunate measures.

Read it all


Westergaard: Pissing on Wilders won’t save your ass…!

* Whatever motivated this fatwa-plagued cartoonist to do this, his indignation doesn’t sound genuine.


Westergaard wants to sue Wilders:

“You can’t just steal other people’s works. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech, it’s all about copyright,” Mr Westergaard said.

“I won’t accept my cartoon being taken out of its original context and used in a completely different one.”

More from ABC

Spiegel Online:

Westergaard: Wilders has a overly generalized perception of Muslims as potential terrorists. But it’s not like that at all — I know a lot of Muslims living here in Denmark who accept democracy completely and who live their religion as a very private matter. I hope that all Muslims will adapt to secular society. There is currently friction between Muslim and Christian culture. But I am quite sure, that our Western democratic culture will prevail over the darker version of Islam. We must have Islam-light.

* Islam light? Sure thing. But you have to invent it first, Kurt…!


ABC hires Islamo Spin-doctor to discredit Wilders 'FITNA'

* Whatever it takes to pull the Islamic wool over naive infidel eyes & ears…


Quran ‘expert’ by ABC News Reveals the Meanings Behind the Quranic Verses in the Film


The leader of Netherlands’ anti-immigration party, Geert Wilders, posted an anti-Islam film Thursday that was expected to raise an uproar among Muslims. So far, the fallout has fallen flat.

Wilders posted his film on the Internet after local distributors declined to release it. His film entitled, “Fitna,” which translates to “Discord” in Arabic, suggests the Quran promotes violence and acts of terrorism. The 10-minute film shows various verses of the Quran followed by a montage of violent photos and video ranging from the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center to photos of the Shiite ritual of self-flagellation.

Wilders concludes the film with a graphic, saying it is up to “Muslims themselves to tear out the hateful verses of the Quran. Muslims want you to make way for Islam, but Islam does not make way for you.” Wilders urges his audience to “stop Islamization, defend our freedom.”

So far, the protests over the film have been largely over legal issues. European news reports say Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard will sue Wilders for using his copyrighted image of the prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban. News reports also say Dutch rapper Salah Edin is seeking legal recourse for his picture appearing in the film mistaking him for the man who murdered Dutch film director Theo van Gogh.

Small protests over the controversial film have sprouted in the Muslim world but have remained nonviolent.

ABC News spoke to a Quran expert to investigate what the verses in Wilders’ film mean. Below are expert Mohammad Al-Hayek’s translations of the meanings of the verses used in “Fitna.”

* Who is this ‘Koran expert?’

Verse from Fitna: (Chapter 8; Verse 6) Prepare for them whatever force and cavalry ye are able of gathering to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your enemies.

Al-Hayek: The purpose of this verse is to urge Muslim governments to be militarily strong in order to intimidate its enemies. Building up power is meant to serve as a deterrent to those wanting to attack Muslims.

This chapter was revealed about the major Battle of Badr that took place between the Muslims and the Quraish tribe of Mecca in the second year of the established Muslim state. The verse immediately after it says, “but if the enemy inclines toward peace, do thou also incline toward peace.” Muslims are commanded to halt war immediately if the enemy shows signs of peace. Even in war, Muslims are instructed in the Quran to adhere to strict rules of engagement.

* Mohammad Al-Hayek is simply trying to tell us infidels that these verses, similar to Bible verses, relate to historical events and have no relevance to today’s idiotically named ‘War on Terror’. That, of course, is false: Muhammad has declared war ‘on all mankind, until all profess there is no God but allah and Muhammad is his prophet’. These verses and all those relating to jihad in the Koran are to be followed to the letter and are the perfect model of conduct for every Muslim. Unfortunately, the Peacenix from the ABC prefer to be deceived instead of asking for a second opinion…

Read the whole thing


Mahathir Delusions: "Muslims should boycott Dutch products over Fitna"


* All of the worlds 1.5 gazillion Muslims! That will show ’em! Because as Mahathir “The Jews Run The World By Proxy” Mohamad well knows, this film is not a production of the Dutch nation, but by a Dutch politician representing 9 seats in the Dutch parliament. Boycotting Dutch products is simply an attempt to strongarm the Dutch as a whole into dhimmitude. Collective punishment? Anytime! Remember that next time when the shoe is on the other foot…

* The biggest laugh of all:

He said such a boycottt could result in The Netherlands having to “close shop”, as Muslims made up the wealthiest portion of the world’s population and were also the biggest importers.

Source: Bernama via JW

* “We are very annoyed about this video. This is the result of misunderstanding of Islam, and of course there is some political motive behind it,” he said.

Malaysia’s foreign ministry Saturday slammed Geet Wilders for producing the film.
“Portraying Islam as a religion advocating extremism is not only misleading and erroneous but also blatant disregard and utter disrespect for Islam and the sensitiveness of the Muslim world,” it said in a statement.

* Telling the truth is very offensive to Muslims. Infidel beware…!



Muslim Women: what's in it for them?

Did you know that old women don’t get to go to Muhammad’s bordello?

Shem’s New Cartoon:


Hasan radiallaahu ‘anhu said: That a certain old woman came to the Prophet and requested him to pray to Allaah to make her enter paradise. The Prophet said, ‘O mother of so and so! No old woman shall enter into paradise’.The narrator says that on hearing this the old woman went back weeping. The Prophet said to the people around him to go and tell the old woman that she would not enter into paradise as an old woman. (Tirmidhi) Then he recited the verse:

“Verily we! We have created those (maidens) by a creation and have made them virgins, loving, of equal age” Qur’aan 56: 35-37


Germany: Muslims are seething over Salman Rushdies 'Satanic Verses' Play

* There is hardly a Muslim anywhere in the world who has read this unreadable book, but there are a few who killed for it or went on violent demonstrations. But now the adherents of the ‘Religion of Peace’ come out to tell Germans that there are ‘boundaries’ to free speech, because the soldiers of Allah “cannot be expected to put up with everything…”


Actor Roland Kuchenbuch playing the role of Abu Simbel, a character from the book the ‘Satanic Verses’ by British author Salman Rushdie

* Al Reuters: By Carolyn Palmer


A German Muslim group said on Friday protests were likely against the first ever staging of a dramatized version of Salman Rushdie’s controversial book “The Satanic Verses” in Potsdam near Berlin on Sunday.

Nurhan Soykan, spokeswoman for the central council of Muslims in Germany, told Reuters Muslims believed in a free press and freedom of opinion.

* Sure. Free speech for Muslims to vilify Christians & Jews…

“But even this has its boundaries,” she said. “We’re worried that provocations and insults against us have increased recently. I wouldn’t want to ban (the play) but you can bet on protests from Muslim people. They can’t be expected to put up with everything.”

* Sounds soooo reasonable, doesn’t it?
Rushdie’s novel, which was published in the late 1980s, caused outrage among Muslims who deemed it blasphemous.

The late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Iran’s supreme religious leader, pronounced a fatwa, or religious edict, in 1989 that called on Muslims to kill the British author.

This forced the writer to live in hiding for nine years. In June 2007 he was selected for a knighthood by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, again angering some Muslims.

German police said they had been consulting with the Potsdam theatre and a large number of officers would be on patrol for the premiere on Sunday.

“We’ll be monitoring the situation,” police spokesman Rudi Sonntag said. “Although we haven’t had any indications of dangers or disturbances, we can’t rule out the possibility that demonstrations will be going on.”

European countries have witnessed a series of tense episodes in recent years as Muslims have objected to criticism of their religion by artists, politicians and media who say they are simply exercising free speech.

Live Leak Pulls Fitna Because of Death Threats

I don’t know for how long this will be up, but here it is for now.

What ever happened to “Give me liberty, or give me death?”

Or “We pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor”? states:

“Following threats to our staff of a very serious nature, and some ill informed reports from certain corners of the Bridtish that could directly affect the safety of some staff members, Liveleak has been left with no other choice but to remove Fitna from our servers. This is a sad day for freedom of speech on the net, but we have to place the safety and well being of our staff above all else. We would like to thank the thousands of people from all backgrounds and religions, who gave us their support. They realised is a vehicle for many opinions and not just for the support of one. Perhaps there is still hope that this situation may produce a discussion that could benefit and educate all of us as to how we can accept one anothers culture. We stood for what we believe in, the ability to be heard, but in the end the price was too hight.”

“In the end the price was too high” could be the epitaph of the Free West.

Quote of the day:

The ones that are tolerant towards intolerance, become inevitably intolerant towards tolerance.  

R. Spencer comments:
I understand their concern for their employees — sure. The employees didn’t sign up for this. But if Americans and Westerners and all people who are threatened by the global jihad and Islamic supremacism aren’t willing to give their lives for this cause, then all is lost. Because the jihadists certainly are willing to give their lives for their cause. For them, no price is too high. And if any price is too high for us, then ultimately all we will have to pay is jizya.

FITNA PART II ( English Version) 2/2


Did you know?

“Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch is an Islamic Jihadist posing as an anti-jihadist”

* Hilarious!*