Name them and shame them!

The Australian Human Rights Commission demands the KRudd Government do more for Yuman Rites. In particular for  humans who are criminals, muslims, illegal immigrants, or extreme leftists.

The most telling action in support of human rights would be to get rid of the HRC. It is a yes minister body that doesn’t help humans and ignores rights. They are the Nazis of political correctness gone gaga. Fiscal blood sucking organisations. All they do is prop up malcontent minorities and force normal hard working people to fund these parasites.

* Update: Undercover KRudd- below Radar…


More rights for them, not you

Andrew Bolt – Wednesday, July 01

Recommendation 36: The Australian Government should resource a significantly enhanced nation-wide human rights education program.

Recommendation 37: The Australian Government should enhance the powers, functions and funding of the Australian Human Rights Commission, particularly if a Human Rights Act is adopted. Any new functions should be accompanied by appropriate funding.

Recommendation 38: The Commission’s existing functions and powers should be enhanced as follows: …

Do the words “gravy train” resonate?