"Polygamy and Other Islamic Values are Good for Australia"

The Torture Never Stops:

kaizertradd_wideweb__430x3001Keysar wants to breed some more…

Australia provides severe penalties for such unions, but once the soldiers of Allah have their feet on the ground, they are religiously obliged to remove all hindrances to shari’a, Islamic law. You know the drill: opposing  Islam causes wars (jihad) for which  the kuffar is responsible

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Keysar really has a boner for polygamy, its not the first time he’s been pushing the boundaries:

“Every Muhammedan is entitled to his 4 women tilts…”

burkalili3Four tilts is all a (Musel-)man needs, on the dole…

“Festival of Dangerous Ideas October 3-4”

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Keysar Trad is a spokesperson for a section of the Australian Muslim community, and no stranger to controversy thanks to his former role as an interpreter for Sheik Taj El-Din Hilaly. He will argue that the values that have served to protect, preserve and strengthen the family in the Islamic Culture could benefit Australians:

As the family is failing and losing significance in the developed world, we could gain much benefit from appreciating the values that have served to protect, preserve and strengthen the family in other cultures.

Today, apart from the fear of losing one’s assets, marriage means little more than a lavish wedding party, to be held quite late in a person’s middle age out of a sense of nostalgia.

With modern trends leading away from marriage, you find Muslims and other religious people asserting the importance of preserving marriage and the family.

Islam teaches that if a man starts to feel a strong attraction to a woman other than his wife, rather than starting an illicit relationship, they will have the option of an openly acknowledged marriage that, unlike an affair, does not carry any stigma or shame.

Yet Australia provides severe penalties for such unions.

Duration: 60 minutes with no interval

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3 thoughts on “"Polygamy and Other Islamic Values are Good for Australia"”

  1. Before she was dumped here in NZ , Helen Clark was about to legalize polygamy. I am sure it is happening unofficially as our welfare system is so lax.
    It is socialist policy , part of their” inclusive society mantra. ” If you want to stop it in Australia , you will have to actively campaign against it.
    Now sounds like a good time.

  2. I agree – we need to speak out openly against this muslim crap. And we need to make sure that the muslim trouble makers are deported. The politicians have to understand this and the public must make them aware of their wishes.

  3. islamic ‘values’ – they haven’t got any values .
    They talk about marriage – a relationship where the man is king is not a marriage for western / civilised people .
    It’s their arrogance that makes my blood boil – lecturing us on our ‘shortcomings’ – and they’re the world’s worst .

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