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“The Swiss People’s Party, not Islam is a threat to Switzerland”

Ignorance, cupidity and stupidity: which race is Islam again?

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H/T Counter Jihad

Georg Kreis, the president of the Federal Commission Against Racism (EKR) explained in an interview with 20 minuten, why the posters inciting hatred against Muslims and anonymous contributors weaken the Swiss democracy the most.

20 minuten: The EKR declared that the minaret posters endanger the Swiss public peace. What’s so bad about the subject?

Georg Kreis: The poster vilified Muslims in the worst way and projects very aggressive imagery. The rocket-minarets are no coincidence, but a pure agitation targeted against an ethnic group. The burqa is mere populism – because in Switzerland there are virtually no burqa-wearing Muslim women. The poster calls for hatred against the Muslims and thus disturbs the peace of Switzerland. We need to protect Switzerland against such a defamatory and inflammatory categorization. At the moment it’s the Swiss People’s Party campaign, not Islam that threatens Switzerland. Read it all

Mr Kreis, take it from the heart: the biggest threat to Switzerland comes from Assholes like yourself…..

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  1. Islam is not a race!
    But what the hell is it?
    Q: Is it a religion?
    A: No! They call it a religion but if you look at the qualifications for a religion it doesn’t really add up.

    Q: Is it a cult?
    A: Well, yes, it has all cult qualifications .
    Q: But people who criticize Islam are called racists. Why is that?
    A: I suppose because it originatied in the Saudi Arabian penninsula so people associate it with the Arabs even though Muslims come in all stripes, even converts living in the west. So as you can see it isn’t just Arabian, but multicultural.

    Q: I have also heard them refer to us as xenophobes?
    A: Well a xenophobe by according to Websters definition is this:
    xen·o·phobe (zÄ›n’É™-fōb’, zÄ“’nÉ™-)
    n. A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreign peoples.
    xen’o·pho’bi·a n., xen’o·pho’bic adj.
    But, by definition, isn’t that a racist?
    Q: Actually the Muslims are the ones who are “xenophobes”.
    Q: Why would you say that?
    Because Islamic peoples refuse to integrate into our western societies for the most part.
    Q: Why? Because it is against their religion and they fear that by integrating into our western values they will lose sight of their God. They call him Allah but he is actually the same God as that of the Jews and Chistians but they refuse to accept the Jewish Christian god as well. And Muslims, for the ost part are also homophobes because they say it is against Allah’s commands and Islam, in Arabic, means “Submit”.

    Q: Should I fear that cult.
    A: No. Because that would make you Islamophobic.
    Q: No! Wouldn’t that just make me“Cultophobic”? Because I’m afraid of the Jehovah Witnesses, the Mormons, the Church of Scientology and any other cult that tries to usurp people who have become weakened by social pressures by using deceptive practises.
    A: That sounds better, but you shouldn’t be afraid of these ideological cults. You should just confront their membership with the truth about their cult.
    Q: But then they’ll call me a xenophobe and a racist when I confront them with the truth, and I read that President Obama, along with the Egyptian representative, just papered new UN Human Rights legislation that makes that a crime.

    A: I give up!
    Q: No don’t give up! I need the truth!
    A: Just watch this movie and maybe that will help.

  2. “The rocket-minarets are no coincidence, but a pure agitation targeted against an ethnic group.”

    I’ve seen black, pakistani, indian, chinese, philipino, malay, white and arab muslims. Are they trying to say that they all encompass a single ethnic group now, simply because all of the men grow a beard and the women dress like less snazzy ninja’s?

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