Germany:  Token Muslim Minister (Turkish agent) Calls for Blasphemy Laws, Threatens Media To Use “Culturally Sensitive Language”

That’s right after she tried to get crucifixes banned from German classrooms. She’s pushing it; because she can:

Aygul Ozkan, minister of integration in Lower Saxony state, had asked media to sign a charter to abstain from “racist” reporting. (Islam is not a race. But striking terror in the hearts of all Islam-critics is official policy of the OIC and the UN, and this Islamo agit-prop is doing their bidding….)

The draft proposed that signatories ‘use culturally sensitive language,’ educate readers to think ‘interculturally’ and devote news attention to ‘the challenges of integration.’ She suggested leading editors meet in August to publicly sign the charter.

As the outcry grew, Ozkan appealed for calm, saying the text was ‘just a first possible draft as a basis for discussion.’ (Monsters & Critics)

Pakistan: Christians murdered outside courthouse had been acquitted of blasphemy

But enraged Muslims in the area demanded blood for (alleged) pamphlets. “2,000 Muslim militants go on rampage in Faisalabad; acquitted Christians murdered,” from Catholic Culture via JW

“2,000 Islamic militants– urged at local mosques to ‘fight the infidels'”

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When Aygül Özkan was appointed by former Prime Minister Christian Wulff to become the first Muslim minister in Germany, there was doubt whether the contradiction between Islamic teachings and our Basic Law could always be regulated in the secular sense. For the first time in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany this minister would like to shake down the freedom of the press granted in the Basic Law. Media are to commit themselves officially to only report to certain topics in a sense specified first and with arranged language. Guess  which topics this could be….?

Excerpts from the 2009 International Religious Freedom Report on PAKISTAN

“…Freedom of speech is constitutionally, ‘subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by law in the interest of the glory of Islam.’ …”

“…Law enforcement personnel abused religious minorities in custody. Security forces and other government agencies did not adequately prevent or address societal abuse against minorities. Discriminatory legislation and the Government’s failure to take action against societal forces hostile to those who practice a different religious belief fostered religious intolerance, acts of violence, and intimidation against religious minorities… ”

“…religious minorities are legally restricted from public display of certain religious images…”

“…The consequences for contravening the country’s blasphemy laws are death for defiling Islam or its prophets; life imprisonment for defiling, damaging, or desecrating the Qur’an; and 10 years’ imprisonment for insulting another’s religious feelings…”

“…Some individuals bring charges under these laws to settle personal scores or to intimidate vulnerable Muslims, sectarian opponents, and religious minorities… ”

“…The Ministry of Religious Affairs…has on its masthead a Qur’anic verse: ‘Islam is the only religion acceptable to God…’ ”

“…Authorities routinely used blasphemy laws to harass religious minorities and vulnerable Muslims and to settle personal scores or business rivalries… ”

“…Mobs occasionally attacked individuals accused of blasphemy and their families or their religious communities. When blasphemy and other religious cases were brought to court, extremists often packed the courtroom and made public threats against an acquittal. Religious extremists continued to threaten to kill those acquitted of blasphemy charges. High-profile accused persons often went into hiding or emigrated after acquittal…”

“…In September 2008 a former federal minister and host of a popular religious television show declared on air that killing Ahmadis was the ‘Islamic duty of devout Muslims;’ at least two Ahmadis were killed in Sindh within 48 hours of this declaration…At the end of the reporting period, the the government continued to stall investigation into the deaths…”

“…Violence against and harassment of Christians continued during the reporting period…”

“…In April 2009, at a district court in Nankana Sahib, Punjab, police cleared three men accused of raping a 13-year-old Christian girl despite eyewitness accounts and medical evidence… ”

“…A March 2009 attack on a church and the surrounding neighborhood in Sangu-Wali, a village in Gujranwala, Punjab, left a woman dead. The attack was believed to be prompted after a Christian filed a robbery complaint against a local Muslim who, along with his friends, indiscriminately preyed on the community…”

“…Hindus faced societal violence, often directed at temples, during the reporting period…”

Etc., etc.

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  1. ‘She’s pushing it because she can’
    hits the nail on the head .
    If we Westerners didn’t act so stupid , pandering to them , they wouldn’t make these claims .

  2. It’s time Germany had another Hitler to cleanse the country from this ethnic disease, called Islam. Someone needs to stop these decadent mongrels dead in their tracks. Islam is not a religion but the figment of one pedophiles imagination, in other words, a satanic cult.

  3. “Die Welt kann ein dritter Fuehrer erwarten”;
    The world can expect a third leader.
    Poleon (Napoleon), Hisster (Hitler), Mabus (?)

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