Euro Hassers vs Hijab Promo

“Eurosceptic ‘earthquake’ rocks EU elections”

Drecksmedia in Germany smears patriots as “haters”


PVV party leader Geert Wilders is pleased with the final outcome of the European elections in the Netherlands. The final results are different than the exitpoll. His Party for Freedom got 4 seats in the European Parliament and is together with D66 the second party in The Netherlands in terms of numbers of seats. Ignore the Rubbish from the Media!

Farage on a roll:

Hijabbery in Finland

Thanks to the Tundra Tabloids:

Islamic indoctrination 101

Everyone should fear and loathe the freedom sack, it’s a symbol of hate, not love.


…people have asked us:

1. Do you sleep with your hijab on?
2. Do you take showers with your hijab on?
3. Can you smile while wearing hijab?
4. Are you Arab, because of that hijab?
5. Are you covering your bald head with your hijab?
6. Can you hear me when I’m talking?

We wondered, “Why is the place we grew up in so discriminatory against foreigners and especially against Muslim women wearing hijab?” More and more native Finnish people convert to Islam and wear the hijab….

Finland seems to be a fever swamp of low info voters:

Most of Finland’s MEPs for 2014-2019 are positive about the European Union and would not change any key policies. For example, more than three quarters said that Finnish membership in the EU is a good thing.

The Political Side of Hijabs

Most people see the hijab as religious or cultural, but the hijab is a symbol of the Sharia and has a very political meaning.– by Bill Warner

Wannabe caliph Erdogan respects nothing and no one. Yet he commands our respect?

Turkish BS on the double:

In the European parliamentary elections, victory went to the extreme rightists… The racists won the elections.—Well, this is the coast-to-coast will of Europe

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2 thoughts on “Euro Hassers vs Hijab Promo”

  1. EU election results shake up the political establishment.

    Parties wanting to preserve their respective national identity, lobby against mass-immigration from Islamic countries and are critical of the stifling centralist bureaucracy in Brussels have made massive gains.

    While counting continues into the European night, and final results are still some hours away, the following trend is firming up:

    In the Netherlands it looks like Geert Wilders’ PVV may have not made first place as predicted by most pollsters. However, the PVV still looks like coming in joint second place by holding four of the 26 seats Dutch have in Brussels. First analysis points to a low turnout of traditional PVV voters, who thought success was ensured.

    In France Marine Le Pen’s National Front indeed came first with 25% of the votes, leaving the governing socialists far behind on 14%. This result in Europe’s second largest nation is shaking many chairs.

    As counting still continues, the Danish People Party is currently polling between first and second place. The Freedom Party of Austria has made significant gains to now over 20%. Islam/immigration critical Swedish Democrats seem to have doubled their vote and are poised to take their first two seats of the 20 allocated to Sweden.

    The UK Independent Party of Nigel Farrage was extremely successful on a anti-EU / anti-mass immigration platform, but without mentioning Islam. UKIP is polling stronger than both the Conservatives and British Labour.

    These results for anti-immigration and islam-critical parties are sending shockwaves around European capitals. Hold on for more exciting news when the new day rises over Brussels.

    Please keep in mind:

    1. These are elections to the EU parliament, not national elections.

    2. Australians familiar with our two large parties plus a couple of minors need to be aware the political landscape in Europe is already much more fragmented and diverse.

    3. Voting is not compulsory in the EU. The turnout was slightly up, but still just above 40%.

  2. The elites have ignored the people and the people have spoken all across the EU, good people are no longer shocked into silence by the false accusation of racism, that is used by the Left to stop debate, that is contrary to their own viewpoint. Nor will they be shamed into believing that their love of country is a bad thing.

    RE: UKIP/Britain, In the last 72 hours, Labour’s Ed Milliband stated, that Labour will never allow Britain to leave the EU. (Paraphrased)

    SMH. honesty has just handed over more votes to UKIP and forced many loyal Labour voters to leave the party.

    After the treasonous and spendthrift Blair/Brown years, why anyone would vote Labour again is puzzling?

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