No Free Speech for Germans

Free Speech Platform Gab May Be Forced Out of Germany

Free speech is guaranteed under the German constitution, the ‘Grundgesetz’. Well, at least it was, kind of. Then came Stasi Merkel and it was gone. Just like that. Just like back in the days of the Fuhrer. It’s gone.

Gab, one of the earliest free speech friendly alternatives to the established social media platforms, may be forced out of Germany due to the government’s insistence that it censors its users, according to CEO and founder Andrew Torba.

In a post on the platform, Torba said the threat of fines and legal pressure from the German government presented them with three choices: comply with the demands and censor the platform’s users, engage in a prolonged, costly, and likely doomed legal fight with the German government, or stop providing services to German users.

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