“[T]hese people…deceive Americans not to resist the process of Islam”

What Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey says is actually perfect and totally Islamic because Islam is Islam. We don’t have such a thing like — “radical Islam extremism” — many things that are said in Islam like beheading, like stoning, like flogging — they are not extremism acts, those are pure Islam.

…The second thing is, this is not “extremism,” this is “fundamentalism.” People who believe in [the] Koran understand it and practice it and take it serious.

About moderate Muslims, we have to…make a distinction between those people who come from Islamic backgrounds, come from [the] Middle East, their names are ‘Mohammed’…they might not believe in [the] Koran at all. They might just be atheists. They just come from that region.

Who are moderate Muslims in reality according to Akbari?

…Moderate Muslims actually are kind of like CAIR [Council on American-Islamic Relations] people — people who are Muslim Brotherhood types…and these people fight for Islam, love it, but they give a peaceful feature, and good-looking [nature] to Islam, to…deceive Americans not to resist the process of Islam.

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“We teach them to be good Australian Muslims”

They will teach them to be Muslims, but they will never be Australians.

Victorian students flock to Islamic schools as Muslim population grows


Tiger Bachar Houli with his daughter Sarah.Tiger Bachar Houli with his daughter Sarah. Photo: Getty Images

Victorian students are flocking to Islamic schools in record numbers, with enrolments increasing by almost 70 per cent in the past eight years.

Ilim, Al-Taqwa and Minaret colleges have recorded some of the largest student increases in the state as Muslim families settle in Melbourne’s growth corridor suburbs.

Independent Schools Victoria chief executive Michelle Green said families sent their children to Islamic schools because they wanted to honour their culture and beliefs.

She said this was more difficult to achieve at state schools.

“There’s a strong wish to educate children and to makes sure they become a  part of Australian society and we can only applaud that.”

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Islamic State jihadis destroy 3,000-year-old artworks in Mosul museum

Eliminating the remains from the jahiliyya, pre-Islamic times, the age of “ignorance”.

ISIS destroys ancient sculptures in ‪#‎Mosul‬ museum, Iraq.
Islam hates ‘multi-culturism.’ Allah’s fighters must destroy all traces of other cultures.
When the Muslim Brotherhood held power in Egypt they wanted to blow up the pyramids as they were “un-islamic.”
‪#‎Barbarians‬ ‪#‎IslamicInsanity‬

'ISIS destroys ancient sculptures in #Mosul museum, Iraq.<br /><br />
Islam hates 'multi-culturism.' Allah's fighters must destroy all traces of other cultures.<br /><br />
When the Muslim Brotherhood held power in Egypt they wanted to blow up the pyramids as they were "un-islamic."<br /><br />
#Barbarians #IslamicInsanity'
Thanks to JW

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Why would Julie Bishop report to Mohammedan scum?

Morons from the ABC seem to think she should:

Islamic State: Muslim Women’s Association sceptical of Julie Bishop’s claim 40 women, including ‘jihadi brides’, supporting terrorist activity in Syria and Iraq

By Lindy Kerin


Maha Abdo from the Muslim Women’s Association was sceptical about the figures quoted by Ms Bishop.

“I have a question mark. I’d like to know who they are and where are they, and if that is a fact, let’s engage and let’s talk about it,” she told The World Today.

“I just feel that if there is an issue of that kind, I would hope that the Minister would actually talk to us Muslim women directly and tell us and engage with us about finding solutions. …

More on the ‘solution’ to islam and all its baggage at ABC News thanks to Mullah, pbuh

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Nothing will ever come of it:

France plans broader dialogue with its large Muslim minority

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the government would consult twice a year with a wide range of Muslim leaders, including not only the official French Muslim Council (CFCM) but also imams and intellectuals not represented in it, on problems facing the community. …

More on the ‘community’ that kills cartoonists and Jews and regularly burns cars during the unholy month of ramadan at World Bulletin thanks to  Mullah

The Germans have been doing this for almost 10 years now. The annual “Islam Konferenz” is a talkfest where Mohammedan headbangers bloviate about their grievances, demand (and get) money (jiziya) while their German counterparts get nothing but contempt.

Who hijacked Islam?


NRK runs defense for Islam: ”Krekar doesn’t speak for all of Islam”, though his views are in fact, in keeping with Islamic norms. And most observing Muslims understand this:

Krekar sparks more outrage

Islamic extremist welfare parasite Mullah Krekar continued to provoke Norwegian authorities and the public in general on Wednesday after he unleashed another string of alarming statements in an interview with Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). Prime Minister Erna Solberg, who’s been threatened by Krekar herself, said that Krekar exhibited “extreme attitudes” that aren’t shared by the majority of Muslims. (continued below the fold)


Gee, it’s as if the Dutch haven’t learned a damn thing about hateful Islamic preachers inciting their co-religionists to acts of murder. (by KGS)

Sheikh ”Ass”im Al-Hakeem gets his mo-jo ready.

Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem

Hate Imams to Speak in Utrecht

The World Wide Relief organization based in Hilversum has organized a charitable event to take place in Utrecht on March 1st.  Radical imams will speak there, including one from Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Asim al-Hakeem.  He is of the opinion that the Taliban represents Islam, and that Jews and Christians should be killed.

FM: BNFTN via Ad.nl

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Elmo in deep shiite:


…halal certification in Australia (Part 6)

The ‘Get Rich’ halal certifiers are now on the back foot. Consumers and Islamic scholars are pushing back against the halal moneymen. Politicians are listening to angry constituents. The issue is a hot topic on the public airwaves, online and in our Federal Parliament.

Can you blame them if they hate Australia?


Andrew Bolt

SURE, Prime Minister Tony Abbott was right to tell our Muslim leaders they must do more to turn young Australians away from terrorism.

But why are we letting so many non-Muslim leaders off the hook? Why not demand the same help from the politicians, teachers, artists and journalists who recklessly make Australia seem hateful to the young — and not just to young Muslims?

Don’t they see the danger of teaching children that Australia is a racist, genocidal, child-thieving and land-raping nation built on stolen land to which they can never fully belong?

No wonder some young Australians figure they’d rather identify with some other country or culture, even with the Islamic State. Anything but this cringeing wreck.
I’ve worried about this ever since I dropped in a decade ago on the then Moreland Secondary College to learn why its results were through the floor and why non-Muslim students were fleeing.

The new principal explained her plans to fix the mess and proudly showed me a video the students had made of themselves, which she thought summed up the school spirit.

“I’m Lebanese,” declared one student in an Australian accent. “I’m Egyptian,” said the next.

“I’m Turkish.”

“I’m Lebanese-Australian.”

Yes, that is the fruit of a state-funded multiculturalism that stupidly teaches children to identify with their parents’ country, often prouder than our own.

I wasn’t surprised when one of the school’s former teachers rang to say a few of those students had even celebrated the September 11 attacks on the US.

Nor was I surprised when the college was soon closed and its last remaining students scattered to other state schools.

Let me guess what many of those children have since been taught about Australia.

Like so many students of their generation, they would probably have been taught that this country has a genocidal past — a false but fashionable smear.

(Read full column here.)

Does Australia Have a Contract With Mohammedans?

‘We tell youth we have a contract with Australia’: Muslim leader

The Australian

I’m puzzled. What kind of ‘contract’ would that be? Under Islamic law, all contracts with infidels are as worthless as the Treaty of Hudaybiyya

Tarek Anzar, president of the Dawa Centre, in Perth. Picture: Colin Murty

Tarek Anzar, president of the Dawa Centre, in Perth. Picture: Colin Murty Source: News Corp Australia

STILL reeling from the news that a 23-year-old student from Perth has joined Islamic State fighters in Iraq, Western Australia’s Islamic community says it is disappointing that Tony Abbott has called for leaders to say more often that Islam is a peaceful religion, “and mean it”.

“We tell our young people that Islam is a middle path, and that we have a contract with Australia,” said Tarek Anzar, president of the Dawa Centre, which attracts youth to play table tennis and receive religious instruction.

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Are we morons?

“Obama, Obama, did you see? Christian blood in the sea …”

In light of the targeting of Christians by the Islamic State–particularly in Libya and Syria–Christian Coptics in the United States assembled before the White House this week to demand the Obama administration address the plight of their brethren in the Middle East.

YouTube via NBC News

In light of the targeting of Christians by the Islamic State–particularly in Libya and Syria–Christian Coptics in the United States assembled before the White House this week to demand the Obama administration address the plight of their brethren in the Middle East. —by JOHN HAYWARD513


Judge Jeanine Pirro: We Need to Kill Them!

Mincing no words, Judge Jeanine Pirro calls for an all-out war against Islamist radicals by the US, our allies, and especially Muslims themselves. From Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro, Jan 10, 2015


Since the 2014 election, Obama has finally revealed himself to the people. He doesn’t like the country as it is and wants to change it and is willing to bring it down economically, militarily and internationally so he can rebuild his dream on its ruin. That includes the Constitution and the Rule of Law, which stand in the way of his drive for dictatorial powers. His political coup against WE THE PEOPLE has been well underway and is picking up steam.

The sad thing about this is for every action against this country and what it believes, the Republicans complain, instead of acting and the people, STILL, do not get it. The government schools did their job, creating generations of citizens ignorant of how their government SHOULD work.


click on image to enlarge
Obama is building his anti-terror strategy on believing the lies of the terrorists

Who believes that? He wants you to believe the lies of the Islamic savages.  Obama bends over backwards to deny the truth about Islamic terrorism

Hell No Obama Does Not Love America

Is Rudy right about Obama not loving America? This exceedingly stupid question sets a ball on a tee for Ezra Levant, who whacks it into the stands:

You don’t set out to “fundamentally transform” something that you love. (Thanks to Moonbattery)


Daniel Greenfield: Does Obama Love America or Islam?

In his first days in office, he signed a number of executive orders. Of his first five orders, three involved Muslim terrorists captured and held in Gitmo. His third executive order was about the “humane” treatment of terrorists. His fourth executive order sought to close Gitmo. Like the man who can’t wait to get away from his wife so he can call his mistress, Obama made his priorities clear from the start.

It took Obama a month to set up the Economic Recovery Advisory Board. It took him two days to set up a Special Interagency Task Force on Detainee Disposition to free Gitmo terrorists.

Obama prioritized helping Muslim terrorists over the economic recovery. Why? Because that was a subject he was passionate about. (Via Vlad Tepes)

No wonder Hussein Obama doesn’t have a strategy for fighting the Islamic State (ISIS)
Obama’s Pentagon is cutting thousands of officers from the military, citing the demands of sequestration (but not a penny was cut from his massive social…BARENAKEDISLAM.COM

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