Looks like we have another case of Pope Rage coming on!

Pamela Geller:

Turkey enraged at Vatican for Pope’s remarks on Armenian Genocide

Uh, Armenians are upset about the jihad slaughter of millions of Armenians. This Islamic denial of their historic bloodlust and their subsequent bullying is pure supremacism. Savage.

Do Muslims expect the sanction of their victims?

The Armenian genocide took place under Turkey’s Islamic Ottoman Empire, during and after WWI. “Out of an approximate population of two million, some 1.5 million Armenians died. If early 20th century Turkey had the apparatuses and technology to execute in mass—such as 1940s Germany’s gas chambers—the entire Armenian population may well have been annihilated. Most objective American historians who have studied the question unequivocally agree that it was a deliberate, calculated genocide.” (more here)

Ankara upset at Vatican for pope’s remarks on mass killings of Armenians  Hurriyet Daily News,Геноцид_армян_-_1915_&#1

Turkey has reacted angrily to the Vatican following a statement from Pope Francis describing the mass killings of Armenians during World War I as “the first genocide of the twentieth century” during a meeting with a delegation led by Patriarch of Cilicia of Armenian Catholics on June 3.

“The Turkish Foreign Ministry delivered Turkey’s views on the issue and expressed disappointment to the embassy in Ankara and Vatican in Rome,” a Turkish diplomat told the Hürriyet Daily News on June 7.

Pope Francis described the mass killings of Armenians during World War I as “the first genocide of the 20th century” during a meeting with a delegation led by Patriarch of Cilicia of Armenian Catholics on June 3.

French Senate Passes Genocide Law, Radical Muslim Group Disbanded

Good on ya, France. Little by little……

French Senate passes genocide law

The French Senate approves a controversial bill that makes it a criminal offence to deny that Turks committed genocide against Armenians during World War I.

France: Radical group Forsane Alizza disbanded

Never heard of this mob, but the multitude of names are just smoke and mirrors and should be irrelevant to us. Its all the same dreck from the Koran:

An extremist Islamist group known as “Knights of Pride(Forsane Alizza)” has been disbanded by order of the Interior Ministry for inciting racial hatred, security sources confirmed Monday.  The Muslim group, which has bases in Paris and in the central French city of Limoges, and other cities, denies the accusations.     (source Islam in Europe)

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FRANCE: Pigs Heads Against Mosques

BNI:  more pigs ‘magically’ appear on the site of another proposed mosque

Al Qaeda, al Schmaeda:

EU: Al Qaida planned to take hostages, marginalize Muslim communities

Backlash for Fethullah Gulen's Jihad: U.S. Court Upholds Reality Of Armenian Genocide

Family Security Matters/Dr Paul Williams

Fethullah Gulen, who seeks to establish a universal caliphate, is weeping again.

The radical Turkish imam, who seeks to revive the Ottoman Empire and to establish a universal caliphate, has spent millions to convince U.S. legislators and public school administrators that the Armenian holocaust of 1915 never occurred since it was a myth perpetrated by Western historians.

But Gulen’s attempt to whitewash history has been rejected by a US appeals court, which upheld a ruling that blocks schools in the state of Massachusetts from teaching literature that denies the mass killing of Armenian Christians by Ottoman Turks in 1915 as genocide.

The ruling came in response to a 2005 lawsuit filed by the Assembly of Turkish American Associations, a US lobbying under the control of Gulen and his movement of militant Islamists. A lower court dismissed the suit in June, and the appeals court upheld that decision on Wednesday.

State curriculum in Massachusetts requires schools to teach a unit about the Armenian genocide, the Holocaust, and other “recognized human rights violations and genocides.

The appeals court ruled that “law would not allow the genocide denial actions that the plaintiffs sought.”

Historians have concluded that more than one million Armenians were killed in 1915, and contemporaneous reports from newspapers and foreign embassies often called the killings “systematic.”

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Turks Discover Armenian Genocide


Turks find “evidence” of genocide committed by… Armenians

That’s why its called ‘turking’ it:

(Ankara) In the strange logic that passes for transparency in the Islamic world, Turkey today revealed how scientists have exhumed pieces of human bones allegedly showing massacre of Muslim Turks by Armenians in the eastern province of Erzurum. They then go on to bang their drum about how 9,553 people were massacred by Armenian gangs and how around 50,000 people in the surrounding provinces were butchered by Armenian gangs.

Anybody else find it strange how while the Turks will literally kill you if you mention the Armenian genocide, they have no problem inventing genocides in which to play the Islamic game of “I am a victim”? Which kind of explains why they have no problem promoting the deaths of 9 jihadists who wanted to die, as a genocide, yet remain very silent on how 94 Muslims were murdered while at the mosque a couple of days before the Allah boat hit a few rocks.

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The Usurper backpedals on Armenia

Obama: “Devastating chapter,” but not genocide

There was no way that the Muslim in the White House would  upset the Turks over the Armenian Genocide…

“As president I will recognize the Armenian Genocide,” he said in a statement on Jan. 19, 2008, that used the word 10 more time.

….When he was running for president and seeking votes from some of the 1.5 million Armenian Americans, the lying Muslim POTUS had no qualms about using the term genocide and criticized the Bush administration for firing an ambassador who dared to say the word. As a senator, he supported legislation calling the killings genocide.. He said that “the Armenian Genocide is not an allegation, a personal opinion, or a point of view, but rather a widely documented fact.” He added, “An official policy that calls on diplomats to distort the historical facts is an untenable policy.”  NYT

By JOHN HUGHES/Armenia now

In a statement issued during a weekend retreat in North Carolina, US President Barack Obama on Saturday (April 24) re-affirmed his “own view of what occurred in 1915,” but, as expected, did not use the word “genocide” on this day marked worldwide by Armenians as the startup of a genocidal campaign 95 years ago by Ottoman Turks that killed 1.5 million.

It is “a devastating chapter in the history of the Armenian people, and we must keep its memory alive in honor of those who were murdered and so that we do not repeat the grave mistakes of the past,” Obama said in his statement.

Activists outside the White House, led by Armenian National Committee of America’s executive director Aram Hamparian held a protest encouraging Obama to “keep your promise”.

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Sweden acknowledges Armenian genocide; Turkey recalls ambassador..

The Turks still deny  the genocide of the Armenian people. Successive Turkish governments were responsible for the state murder of over 2 million Armenians and 300 000 Greeks.

“This group of human wreckage represents tens of thousands…”

It might surprise you that Erdogan is right. A Muslim can do no wrong when he kills unbelievers.

Erdogan with hijabbed tilt…

Qur’an 8:17, “It is not you who slew them; it was Allah who killed them. …
If a Muslim kills unbelievers, he doesn’t have to feel guilty, because its allah who kills for him. Therefore, genocide never happened.     “It’s not possible for a Muslim to commit genocide”

“Sweden labels mass killing of Armenians genocide,” by Karl Ritter for the Associated Press, March 11 (thanks to JW & PI):

STOCKHOLM – Sweden’s parliament narrowly approved a resolution Thursday recognizing the 1915 mass killing of Armenians in Turkey as genocide, prompting the Turkish government to recall its ambassador in protest.

The measure passed with a one-vote margin in a surprise decision that came a week after a U.S. congressional committee approved a similar resolution.

Sweden’s governing center-right coalition opposed the measure but it passed in a 131-130 vote because a handful of center-right lawmakers broke party lines. Eighty-eight lawmakers were absent in the 349-seat assembly.

“After 95 years it is time for people who have suffered so long to obtain redress,” said Gulan Avci, a Liberal Party lawmaker who broke her party’s line and backed the measure, which had been proposed by the left-leaning opposition. Avci is a Kurdish immigrant from Turkey.

Historians estimate that up to 1.5 million Armenians were killed by Ottoman Turks around the time of World War I. Turkey denies that the deaths constituted genocide, saying the toll has been inflated and those killed were victims of civil war and unrest.

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Dreck From Turkey

(Times Online) One of the worst massacres of 20th-century history came back to haunt international politics today when a powe[r]ful Washington panel voted to call the murder of about 1.5 million Armenians in Turkey“genocide”.

Eye on the world has more:

Turkey recalls Ambassador after US vote on Armenia ‘genocide’

Here’s Atlas:

Muslim Ally(s)? Turkey tells Obama to Block Armenian Genocide bill or else

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A few updates from Turkey & Australia, plus Obambi Watch

Congressional resolution on Armenian genocide passes despite Obambi’s objections

Obama vs. Obama: “During his election campaign Mr Obama promised to brand the mass killings genocide.”

Turkey Angry At U.S. Armenian ‘Genocide’ Vote

Islamization Watch

The sign affixed to the black wreath reads “We didn’t do genocide. We defended our country.” (Mohammedans always “defend” their country or their religion when they mass-murder Christians or Jews…./ed)

An update on this story. “US Congress panel accuses Turkey of Armenian ‘genocide’,” from BBC News, March 4:

Obama Defeated: Advisers To Recommend Military Tribunals for 9/11 Jihadis

Atlas Shrugs:  In yet another stunning rebuke of a subversive White House, the American people have defeated the dangerous and frightening Obama scheme to honor Khalid Sheik Mohammed with full constitutional rights and the opportunity to do a victory dance in the hallowed shadow of the World Trade Centers.

G-d bless America.

Obama advisers set to recommend military tribunals for alleged 9/11 plotters Washington Post

And here’s one that is NOT jihad related:


“A 45-year-old woman, charged with ending a domestic dispute by killing her 26-year-old husband of five days, is a registered lobbyist for a group fighting domestic violence.” Instapundit

Would Australian agents not have used false passports, too?

Alan M. Dershowitz is rightly astonished by much of the hysteria over the forged passports allegedly used by Israeli agents in assassinating a weapons procurer for the Hamas terrorist group:

Is there anybody who believes that Australia would not have used forged or stolen passports to prevent the Bali massacres? Andrew Bolt has more>>

Obowma Bows To Turkey

Hitlers willing Turkish executioners:

The Turban and the Swastika: The Muslims and the Nazis/Pamela, Atlas Shrugs

“Turks find it very offensive to be equated with Nazis.”

From Islamization Watch

Obama kowtows to Turks, moves to block Congressional discussion of Armenian genocide

Lest the truth irk the Turks, Barack Obama rushed to the aid of the Islamic supremacists who deny the Armenian genocide. “Turkey: Armenians; US Gov’t Calls For Blocking Resolution,” from ANSAmed, March 4 (thanks to JW):

(ANSAmed) – ANKARA, MARCH 4 – A few minutes from the beginning of the debate at the Foreign Commission of the American Congress, over the resolution regarding the genocide of the Armenians during the Ottoman empire, the U.S. administration advised the Commission to block the discussion, reports CNN Turk. (ANSAmed).

Pamela rips him a new one:

ISLAMIC EMPIRE GUILTY! House Panel Calls Armenian Genocide a Genocide — 100 years late

Another stunning Obama rebuke. Armenian American groups have sought congressional affirmation of the  murder of just under two million Armenian Christians by the Islamic Ottoman Empire as genocide for decades.

The Islamic supremacists haven’t infiltrated as deeply as they thought. “Turkey, a key Muslim ally of the United States, angrily withdrew its U.S. ambassador Thursday after a congressional committee approved a resolution branding the World War I-era killing of Armenians a genocide.”

Turkey threatens …………What? Another genocide? I guess as long as Turkey was pretending to be secular, we pretended it wasn’t genocide. But now that Turkey has returned to the dark side, we don’t have to lie for jihadis anymore.

The Nazis were inspired by the Armenian genocide. It was a genocide, and the covering up of Islamic genocides must end.  Read it all>>

Obambi Watch

Atlas Shrugs:

Obama campaigned on the promise of recognizing the Armenian genocide, but reneged.  His co-religionist Keith Ellison blames the country that gave him everything:

Muslim Congressman Ellison Won’t Call Armenian Genocide — Instead Calls On America to Recognize “Its Own Genocide”

President F***k You Flips Off the American People

Weasel Zippers:

Van Jones: Now That I’ve Been Exposed as a Raving Lunatic I’m Going to be a “Bridge Builder”…

Gateway Pundit:

Change!… Majority of Americans Say Current Government Is a Threat to Citizen’s Rights

Van Jones: Not Just a Commie, Truther, & Liar… But a Saddam Supporter, Too

And, then there’s this… On the February 19, 2003 edition of MSNBC’s “The Abrams Report,” guest commenter Van Jones stunned the other guests when he praised as “heroes” the traitors who were traveling from the U.S. to Iraq for the purpose of acting as “human shields” for Saddam Hussein.

MSNBC refuses to release video of Van Jones praising traitors as “heroes”.

Van Jones currently works a couple of blocks from the White House at the Center for American Progress run by former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta and envisioned by George Soros. The center helped launch Media Matters For America in 2004.

The NAACP will honor Van Jones tonight with an Image Award.

Nothing is quite what it seems with the O-bastard…..