Turks Discover Armenian Genocide


Turks find “evidence” of genocide committed by… Armenians

That’s why its called ‘turking’ it:

(Ankara) In the strange logic that passes for transparency in the Islamic world, Turkey today revealed how scientists have exhumed pieces of human bones allegedly showing massacre of Muslim Turks by Armenians in the eastern province of Erzurum. They then go on to bang their drum about how 9,553 people were massacred by Armenian gangs and how around 50,000 people in the surrounding provinces were butchered by Armenian gangs.

Anybody else find it strange how while the Turks will literally kill you if you mention the Armenian genocide, they have no problem inventing genocides in which to play the Islamic game of “I am a victim”? Which kind of explains why they have no problem promoting the deaths of 9 jihadists who wanted to die, as a genocide, yet remain very silent on how 94 Muslims were murdered while at the mosque a couple of days before the Allah boat hit a few rocks.

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Video: Holder really, really doesn’t want to talk about radical Islam

Thanks to Hot Air

Quite frankly, I’ve suspected Holder for a long time to be a closet Muzz….

Excruciating, not least of all because he ends up basically agreeing with the premise of the question. Yes, of course Shahzad “might have been incited” by radical Islam. He’s an Anwar al-Awlaki fan who went to Pakistan for bomb-training, didn’t he? And yet … he can’t quite bring himself to say that. The best he can do is a clumsy, heavily qualified admission that while Awlawki’s version of Islam is wrong, “people who espouse a radical version of Islam have had an ability to have an impact on people like Mr. Shahzad.” So palpably uncomfortable is he that I honestly feel a little sorry for him. Pathetic. Says Andy McCarthy, “How can you ever hope to stop something when you refuse even to speak its name?”

Incidentally, it’s worth reading the NYT’s recent profile of Awlaki in light of Holder’s answer; note the detail about his 53-disc boxed sets on the life of Mohammed. For a guy who’s evidently so misguided about what the Koran says, he sure has spent a lot of time studying it.

Instant praises follow: Obambi is “our boy”

‘Al-Sharq Al-Awsat’ Deputy Editor Praises: “The Obama Administration… [for Taking] the Initiative to Remove the Term ‘Islamic Terrorism’ From Its Documents and Official Transactions”

“The Obama Administration Took the Initiative to Remove the Term ‘Islamic Terrorism’ From Its Documents and Official Transactions” and “The U.S. Is No Longer Responding To Extremist Voices That Call For Targeting the Countries To Which The Terrorists Belong” MEMRI

Beautiful, ain’t it?

THE AGE is deeply disturbed: calling jihadists JIHADISTS might 'alienate Muslims..'

My KRuddness:

“Homegrown terrorism is now a reality in Australia that we have to accept….”

Update 1:  If home-grown terrorism is the problem, why is border security and a better visa system for foreigners the answer?

Update 2: Look over there! A unicorn with a bomb! When all but one of the 18 terrorist organisations proscribed by Australia are Islamist, and most announce their religious mission in their title, how can The Age editor be so sure that this identification with Islam is false? Wishing something does not make it true.

More (useless) advice to the embattled KRudd government from THE AGE:

Publicly discriminating against whole populations of countries on the list – bound to be Muslim-dominated – risks feeding a sense of victimisation that extremists can seek to exploit. Despite the dangers of alienating Muslims, the government reportedly ”toughened up” its language for political effect. If so, that is deeply disturbing. (“deeply disturbing” to whom? Muslim terrorists?) Mr Rudd warned of the threat ”from people born or raised in Australia, who have become influenced by the divisive narrative espoused by al-Qaeda”, yet spoke of ‘‘jihadist terrorism”. He thus framed the terrorists in terms of their own distorted narrative, (distorted? How?) which portrays them as holy warriors and martyrs fulfilling the religious duty of jihad. (That is what they believe, mr editor. Who are you to disabuse them?) Terrorists should not be dignified with any terms that reinforce their false identification with Islamic belief. Read it and weep… (This is the same failed crapola that the criminal Labour hacks in the UK tried… I strongly suspect that the AGE editor is a Muzz. Can anyone confirm that?/ed)

Zazi sings:

“I conspired with others to join the Taliban, to fight along with the Taliban against the United States”

German terror suspects express regret (AP)

Regrets? That’ll do it. Turn ’em lose!

Islamic Terrorist TV still Available in OZ

Muslim terrorist funded TV channel al-Manar is still availble in Australia and is as popular as ever among Australian Muslim community. Islamist Monitor

Fort Hood Shooter Was Valued as ‘Rare Diversity’ for Being Muslim Psychiatrist…RoP

The result of institutionalized ignorance and stupidity:

WASHINGTON – Army superiors were warned about the radicalization of Major Nidal Malik Hasan years before he allegedly massacred 13 soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, but did not act in part because they valued the rare diversity of having a Muslim psychiatrist, military investigators wrote in previously undisclosed reports.  Boston.com

Diana West: Attack in Little Rock ‘like other killings we have’?Not just another killing:

“because murder is when a person kills another person without justified reason.” Such a definition jibes with Islamic law, which, for example, permits the killing of “non-Muslims at war with Muslims.”

Muhammad also told the AP he wanted revenge against the U.S. military for its perceived offenses against Muslims and the Koran.  Diana West

Kings Cross gang muscles in on Gold Coast and Melbourne drug trade

RUNNING Kings Cross is clearly not enough – one of Sydney’s most feared crime gangs is on a recruitment drive, trying to expand into the hallowed drug turf of Melbourne and the Gold Coast.   Lisa Davies/Daily Telegraph

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The Good Holocaust Denial

laskarjihad                                            Jihad then and now:

“We have double standards to maintain”- Bill Warner recognizes  the Arab holocaust on the Jews:

The German Holocaust created Israel and the modern Jew. Although not all Jews agree on the truth of the Torah, all Jews agree on the German Holocaust. To deny the truth of the Holocaust is a crime in Germany. German Holocaust denial will even get the ire of the cultural Jew who never crosses the threshold of the synagogue.

Notice that the term German Holocaust is used, not Holocaust, because there is a much earlier Holocaust that occurred under Mohammed in Arabia. But as we will see, the German Holocaust and its basis in a totalitarian ideology can be criticized, while the political ideology of Islam is beyond the pale of critical thought. We may savage the Nazi and his ideology, but the Muslim and his ideology of political Islam has to be respected with the silence of deliberate ignorance-denial and justification.

Since the German Holocaust is the standard of suffering for modern Judaism, it is interesting to use it as a measurement of the Arabian Holocaust.

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Female Genital Mutilation, Update

* Regular Winds of Jihad readers are well aware that  our post “Female genital mutilation is part of the Sunna of the Prophet”- has attracted thousands  of readers, many, if not most of them Muslims, who are clueless about the teachings of the the Koran and the sunnah, the sayings of traditions of the meshugga prophet pretender Muhammad.  Here is an update:

Saving Girls From Mutilation: 

European activist Ines Laufer discusses how migrant girls in Europe are defenselessly delivered to Female Genital Mutilation. 

By: Jamie Glazov /Frontpage


Frontpage Interview’s guest is Ines Laufer, founder of the Task Force for Effective Prevention of Female Genital Mutilation, a network of Human-Rights-organisations and activists that is committed to measurable, broad prevention of genital mutilation among migrant girls in the EU. With the Task Force’s prevention-programme, for the first time true protection of minor girls from this violence comes into reach.

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