When it comes to Jews, Germany's crusty intelligence service works overtime…

The arrest in Poland of a suspected Mossad agent is threatening to cause a diplomatic tug-of-war between Israel, Poland, Germany and Dubai. The man was arrested in connection with an investigation into the assassination of a leading Hamas figure in a Dubai hotel in January.

Israel is urging Poland not to extradite to Germany a suspected Mossad agent arrested at Warsaw airport on June 4 on suspicion of being involved in the assassination of a leading figure of Hamas in Dubai in January.

SPIEGEL:  Israel Against Extradition of Suspected Mossad Agent to Germany

Good news: Poland bans Commie propaganda (fascist & anti-Semitic prop as well, from PI, in German)

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Two more British soldiers killed in Afghanistan

News came as servicemen from same battalion as those who died were heckled by Muslim protesters during homecoming parade/Guardian

Two more British soldiers were killed in Afghanistan today as the prime minister, David Cameron, warned of further casualties in the summer “as the so-called fighting season resumes”.

The soldiers, serving soldiers were serving with 1st Battalion the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, were shot dead while on security patrols in the Nad-e-Ali district of Helmand province. Their families have been informed. More

KRudd a Forger? "I believe it has occured…"

An update from this: ISRAEL: Australia expels Mossad station chief over passports in Dubai killing

Andrew Bolt

Forged outrage

‘’Has Australia forged foreign passports before? I believe it has occured…”

Apparently Opposition foreign affairs spokesman Julie Bishop has made a terrible gaffe by telling the truth and exposing the hypocrisy behind the Rudd Government’s huffing over Israel:

In an interview with The Age online, Ms Bishop said it would be naive to think ‘’Israel is the only country … that has used forged passports, including Australian passports, for security operations’’. When asked, ‘’What? We do?’’ she said ‘’yes’’.

Later she said: ‘’Has Australia forged foreign passports before? You’ll have to ask the Foreign Minister.’’ Pressed on what she thought, she said: ‘’I believe that it has occurred.’’

But in a statement later, she denied having told The Age online that Australian intelligence agencies had forged the passports of other nations.

‘’My responses were referring to the fact that forged Australian passports have been used previously … I have no knowledge of any Australian authority forging any passports of any nation.’’

Bishop’s real gaffe is to retreat under fire from what she correctly said. A Paul Keating would have gone in even harder.

UK: Everything For Sale. Stephen Byers, Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon were 'stupid' to be caught in sting, Jack Straw says

The hubris! Does Jack Straw, this totally corrupt Labour hack, believe he is too smart to get caught?

Stephen Byers, Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt were “stupid” to be caught offering to influence Government policy for money, Jack Straw has said.

(L-R): MPs Stephen Byers, Patricia Hewitt, Geoff Hoon

The Justice Secretary said the three Labour MPs have damaged the reputation of the Labour Party, but he insisted that no serving member of the Government was implicated.

The three former Labour cabinet ministers have been suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party over allegations they tried to sway policy decisions by lobbying the Government.  More from the Telegraph, UK

David Miliband: Israeli cloning of British passports was ‘intolerable’

Once again, Miliband proves that he is indeed the dumbest Jew in England….

The British government is to formally accuse Israel of being behind the liquidation of Hamas murderer and arms dealer Mahmoud al-Mabhouh by a team of liquidators traveling on ‘cloned’ British passports

MP quizzed by police after saying ‘wearing burkha was like having paper bag over your head’

I guess we all know that Britain’s police is in the bag….

Sharia Law Harms Muslim Women

Why is the West open to a discriminatory system that women’s rights activists in the Muslim world are working so hard against?

SHARIA law for Australia is being mooted again. The Australian Muslim Mission and Islamic Friendship Association of Australia are advocating its introduction, especially in relation to family and inheritance, as these would be “an advantage” for women whose civil divorce is not recognised in Muslim countries.

(The Australian)

A few updates from Turkey & Australia, plus Obambi Watch

Congressional resolution on Armenian genocide passes despite Obambi’s objections

Obama vs. Obama: “During his election campaign Mr Obama promised to brand the mass killings genocide.”

Turkey Angry At U.S. Armenian ‘Genocide’ Vote

Islamization Watch

The sign affixed to the black wreath reads “We didn’t do genocide. We defended our country.” (Mohammedans always “defend” their country or their religion when they mass-murder Christians or Jews…./ed)

An update on this story. “US Congress panel accuses Turkey of Armenian ‘genocide’,” from BBC News, March 4:

Obama Defeated: Advisers To Recommend Military Tribunals for 9/11 Jihadis

Atlas Shrugs:  In yet another stunning rebuke of a subversive White House, the American people have defeated the dangerous and frightening Obama scheme to honor Khalid Sheik Mohammed with full constitutional rights and the opportunity to do a victory dance in the hallowed shadow of the World Trade Centers.

G-d bless America.

Obama advisers set to recommend military tribunals for alleged 9/11 plotters Washington Post

And here’s one that is NOT jihad related:


“A 45-year-old woman, charged with ending a domestic dispute by killing her 26-year-old husband of five days, is a registered lobbyist for a group fighting domestic violence.” Instapundit

Would Australian agents not have used false passports, too?

Alan M. Dershowitz is rightly astonished by much of the hysteria over the forged passports allegedly used by Israeli agents in assassinating a weapons procurer for the Hamas terrorist group:

Is there anybody who believes that Australia would not have used forged or stolen passports to prevent the Bali massacres? Andrew Bolt has more>>

Mossad assassins escaped to Iran?

An updated from Andrew Bolt:

The Dubai police statement issued Wednesday included a striking detail: two of the new suspects, identified as Nicole Sandra McCabe and Adam Marcus Korman and carrying Australian passports, left Dubai on a ship bound for Iran.

Odd place for Israeli agents to choose to hide. If I were Rudd, I’d go just a bit easy on blaming Israel until we learn more.

And doesn’t this sound an extremely large operation for a secret service keen to leave minimal traces:

The new suspects carried Irish, British, French and Australian passports, and they bring the size of the assassination team to 26, including six women, police officials in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, said in a written statement.

And doesn’t this sound rather Inspector Plod for Mossad:

The Dubai police have made public extensive video surveillance showing the suspects tracking Mr. Mabhouh at the airport and at his hotel, sometimes even donning wigs and posing as tennis-playing tourists, rackets in hand, as they followed Mr. Mabhouh.

But Robert Baer, a former CIA operative, dismisses such objections, yet still seems mystified himself:

Why were identities stolen from people living in Israel? Why didn’t they just kill Mr. Mabhouh in a dark alley, one assassin with a pistol with a silencer? Or why at least didn’t they all cover their faces with baseball caps so that the closed-circuit TV cameras did not have a clean view?

The truth is that Mr. Mabhouh’s assassination was conducted according to the book—a military operation in which the environment is completely controlled by the assassins. At least 25 people are needed to carry off something like this. You need “eyes on” the target 24 hours a day to ensure that when the time comes he is alone. You need coverage of the police…

I can only speculate about where exactly the hit went wrong. But I would guess the assassins failed to account for the marked advance in technology. Not only were there closed-circuit TV cameras in the hotel where Mr. Mabhouh was assassinated and at the airport, but Dubai has at its fingertips the best security consultants in the world…

Not completely understanding advances in technology may be one explanation for the assassins nonchalantly exposing their faces to the closed-circuit TV cameras, one female assassin even smiling at one. They mistook Dubai 2010 for Paris 1992, and never thought it would all be tied together in a neat bow. But there is no good explanation why Israel, if indeed it was behind the assassination, underestimated the technology.

And not many of the alleged assassins seem Arab or Iranian, actually:

Video here

Hamas bastard roasted in Dubai


Hamas Threatens Revenge on Jews Outside Israel

(IsraelNN.com) Hamas threatened to attack Jews outside of Israel in retaliation for Israel’s “changing the rules” and allegedly assassinating a Hamas co-founder and senior terrorist who was eliminated more than a week ago in Dubai. It also suggested that Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau used his recent visit to Dubai as a camouflage for the counterterrorist operation. (IsraelNN.com)

From The Age thanks to DP111

HAMAS has threatened vengeance on Israel after accusing it of assassinating a leading member of its military wing in Dubai.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, described as one of the founders of the al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ military arm, was found dead in his Dubai hotel room on January 20.

Although a Palestinian news agency reported that the militant had died of cancer, security officials in the emirate said his body showed signs of a violent death. (He probably died of AIDS, just like his spiritual advisor, Yasser Arafatbastard, and now they blame da Jooozzzz/ed)

In line with official policy, there was no response from Israel or its overseas intelligence agency Mossad, which has carried out assassinations in the past.  More>>

In other news:

Former Fatah anti-corruption official: Hamas will take over Judea and Samaria

From Carl in J’lem

In an interview with JPost’s Khaled Abu Toameh, former Fatah anti-corruption official Fahmi Shebaneh says that Hamas will take over Judea and Samaria because the ‘Palestinian Authority’ is corrupt.

Read the whole thing. And then just give them a ‘state.’ I’m sure that will clean up their act. Just like Robert Mugabe.

Surprise! Abu Mazen wants all of Jerusalem

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that ‘moderate‘ ‘Palestinian‘ PresidentMahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen wants all of Jerusalem for his state reichlet’s capital.

Islam, a mind-altering drug for the criminally Insane…


Obama-bastard fails to connect the dots, blames CIA for failure

Perhaps he should put his fisting czar at the helm of the CIA…

Washington, DC Imam Abdul Alim Musa on Iran’s Press TV:

The Attempted Christmas Day Plane Bombing is the Work of the U.S. Government, Mossad…


‘The No-Fly List – The Man [Obama] is Lying Through His Teeth, I’m On [it], If I Take 10 Flights in the U.S., I’m Held Up, I Miss Five of Them’

Following are excerpts from a TV debate with Abdul Alim Musa, imam of the Islam Mosque in Washington, DC, and George Mason University professor TheJack Goldstone.

Musa is the founder and head of the As-Sabiqun organization in Washington, DC, which serves to “support the unique needs of Muslims living in the U.S.” According to the As-Sabiqun website, Musa converted to Islam while in prison, and is a supporter of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, having visited Iran on multiple occasions.

The website also states that Musa’s main inspirations are Malcolm X, Sayyed Qutb, Hasan Al-Banna, and Ayatollah Khomeini, among others. Imam Musa is a regular speaker at college campuses across the U.S. He claims that he is often accused of antisemitism, but defends himself as being anti-Zionist. In October 2001, he appeared at the National Press Club at an event aired on C-SPAN, in which he disputed the official story of what occurred on 9/11.

The following debate aired in English on Press TV on January 5, 2010.

To view this clip on MEMRI TV, visit http://www.memritv.org/clip/en/2326.htm.

“90% of the Bombing Plots… [are] Done By and With the Help and Aid of Mossad and the United States Government”

Interviewer: “Imam, I guess this is something that most people didn’t expect to hear on Christmas Day.”


Abdul Alim Musa: “Right. I am just going to go straight to the point. If you go back for the last 20 years, from the first World Trade Center bombing in ’93… This is our view, from those who… We said it then, and we say it now, and this is the belief in the Muslim world: 90% of the bombing plots – or this plot or that plot – we believe is done by and with the help and the aid of Mossad, and the United States government. This is our experience.”

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