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From the RoP:

17-Year-Old Bride of 71-Year-Old Attempts Suicide…

Jihad du Jour: US Consulate Stormed in Pakistan – 6 Dead…


Tayyip Erdogan: “Turkey very closely pursues developments in Bosnia-Herzegovina.”

You bet he does….  the Heroin & Jihad fiefdom in the Bakans is  a priceless asset in the Islamization of Europe….

Turkey, Israel and the Armenians

It is fair to say that Britons have grown more familiar than they’d like with the real estate habits of ultra-Orthodox Jews in east Jerusalem. Judging by the coverage this hyperactive sectarian element garners in the British press, Israeli settler development is apparently better disposed to determine the course of events in today’s Middle East than are the nuclear ambitions of Iran’s mullahs, the parliamentary intrigues of Iraqi Shia, or the Turkish prime minister’s threat of forced population transfers. Harry’s Place has more: Turkey, Israel ….

Turkey Legalizes Bribes to State Employees…

Give and take in the old Mohammedan ways….

Obama’s Anti-Israel Jihad »

by Robert Spencer While Islamic jihad becomes “as American as apple pie.”…

Obama is a Christian, right?

Obama Edits Christ Out of His Easter Holiday Greeting…

No American president in history has had such outright contempt for the God of the Bible than Obama. No American president in history has had such outright contempt for the Jews of Israel.

No American president in history has been so pro-Islamic… (That’s because America never had a Muslim POTUS before….)

Black Liberation Theology, Kenya, and the Obamas’ “Spiritual Homeland”

Many of the blogs today are buzzing with an old video of Michelle Obama, recognizing Kenya as Obama’s “home… »

Sweden: “Muslim community fears violence” after attack on elderly couple

There it is again, that dreaded “backlash”- Muslims attack, murder and then whine about the blowback: quick, sent a police squadron out to defend the poor oppressed muslims from the enraged Swedes who are coming to take revenge!   Islam in Europe >>

Spain: Passports Confiscated

Praying Muslims to be prosecuted

Oh my! I can already hear the howling and whingeing around the world: arrested for praying! What will these filthy  kafirs come up with next!

Two men arrested for breaking a ban on Muslim prayers at a Spanish cathedral which was once a mosque, will be prosecuted, a report said on Saturday. more

“By Allah! Kadima strangled herself!”

Antwerp: 24 years for wife murderer/honor killer without honor

Omar Sellami (38) was found guilty by an Antwerp criminal court of killing his wife, Karima Sellami (24). The accused had strangled his wife on November 22, 2007 in their apartment in Merksem (Antwerp). The court sentenced him to 24 years in jail, taking into account the exceptionally brutal way in which he killed his wife, the suffering he had caused Karima and her relatives, and the aggressive, authoritarian and obstinate character Omar showed.

Chairman Dirk Thys said: “You received a harsh punishment, but in our society it’s not tolerated that men treat women in the way you’ve done. If you can’t accept that, you’ll never function in our society.”  Omar confessed last year that he was responsible for his wife’s death. For two years had had sworn “by Allah” that Karima had strangled herself under the influence of the angry spirits that had possessed her. Islam in Europe

UK Honor Killing:

Boyfriend facing murder quiz ‘met schoolgirl knife victim on Facebook’

Al Jizz to broadcast Islamic propaganda TV out of Sarajevo

At last!

Mustafa Ceric’s Heroin & Jihad Statelet  Can Beam Jihad TV Into EUrabia….

Sarajevo, 30 March (AKI) – The Arabic-language TV channel Al Jazeera has taken over a local television station in the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo, city mayor Alija Behman said on Tuesday.

Behan said Al Jazeera was planning to open a regional centre in Sarajevo that would boost employment in the recession hit Balkans.

“Al Jazeera will establish a regional office in Sarajevo which is expected to lead to the creation of new jobs,” Behman told local media.

Wait a minute. Read it again:

to “boost employment in the recession hit Balkans?” Funny. They never had an economy of scale in the  Balkans, just like the fake “Palestinians” never had an economy. Ah, I get it: the recession that hit Europe, which makes it harder for the EUro dhimmies to pay the jiziya?  Right. Their problems are our problems.

See, its all about jobs, right?

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Saudis fund Balkan Muslims spreading hate of the West

Times Online/H/T Tundra Tabloids

Bojan Pancevski in Skopje

SAUDI ARABIA is pouring hundreds of millions of pounds into Islamist groups in the Balkans, some of which spread hatred of the West and recruit fighters for jihad in Afghanistan.

But not to worry: didn’t Rotten Totten personally assure us that the Balkan Muslims are our friends and they even fly the American flag?

Rage-boy in drag: Muslims stage a protest against the publication of cartoons of Prophet Mohammed

According to officials in Macedonia, Islamic fundamentalism threatens to destabilise the Balkans. Strict Wahhabi and Salafi factions funded by Saudi organisations are clashing with traditionally moderate local Muslim communities.

Fundamentalists have financed the construction of scores of mosques and community centres as well as handing some followers up to £225 a month. They are expected not only to grow beards but also to persuade their wives to wear the niqab, or face veil, a custom virtually unknown in the liberal Islamic tradition of the Balkans.

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Radovan Karadzic: war against 'Islamist goals' of Muslims was 'just'


Gay Dutch soldiers responsible for Srebrenica massacre says US general

The Serb cause in the Bosnia war was a “just and holy” war against the “Islamist goals” of Muslims, Radovan Karadzic has claimed during his trial against United Nations genocide charges.

Telegraph, UK/By Bruno Waterfield in The Hague

Wearing a dark suit and tie, the wartime political leader of Bosnia’s Serbs today ended a previous boycott of his genocide and war crimes trial to open his own defence.

Radovan Karadzic  accused Bosnian Muslims of “war tricks” by bussing in corpses and artificial body parts to stage atrocities in Sarajevo

”I stand before you not to defend the mere mortal that I am but to defend the greatness of a small nation in Bosnia and Herzegovina which for 500 years has had to suffer and has demonstrated of modesty and perseverance to survive in freedom,” he told the court in his opening statement.

”I will defend that nation of ours and their cause that is just and holy. We have a good case. We have good evidence and proof.”

Karadzic is charged by UN prosecutors with being the “supreme commander” of an ethnic cleansing campaign of Muslims and Croats in the 1992-95 Bosnian war in which 100,000 people were killed and 2.2 million displaced.

Often referring to himself in the third person as “Karadzic”, the defendant, who has put on weight over the last seven months in his “Hague Hilton” prison cell, insisted that he had no regrets.

”I don’t want to defend myself by saying that I wasn’t important or that I didn’t occupy an important post while I was serving my people, nor will I shift the blame to someone else,” he said.

Beginning his defence his against 11 counts of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, he traced the origins of the conflict to the rejection by Bosnia’s Muslim leadership of power-sharing proposals.

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Bosnia police raid conservative Muslim village – BBC News

“Conservatives?” Just like us? Al BeBeeCeera  really has a way with language…. So I guess these Muslim ‘conservatives’ do just the same as what conservatives do in England: destabilize the country, right?

Bosnian police have launched a massive operation against a conservative Muslim community, to prevent what they called attempts to destabilise the country.

Hundreds of police officers raided the mountain village of Gornja Maoca in northern Bosnia.

The village is home to Bosnian followers of Wahhabism, a strict form of Sunni Islam.

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Bosnian Wahhabis aim for additional base

Wahhabis have purchased a large tract of land inside the Bosnian Serb Republic and have issued warnings to local ethnic Croatians that they plan to build another Wahhabi base on their property.

Wahhabis claim that they have purchased 400 dunums of land near the city of Derventa and aim to get more to build a base which they claim will be for hunting.

A dunum is a Muslim measure for land that varies in size but refers to the amount of land that a man can plow in one day.

Bosnian Muslim Wahhabis praying in Derventa.

Bosnian Muslim Wahhabis praying in Derventa.


The Islamist base is planned to be located in the village of Kovacevci, located close to the ethnic Croatian area of Plehana.

Graffiti has appeared in Plehana saying that Bosniak Muslims will take away local land. As a result, the local ethnic Croat minority is in fear.

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There was no genocide in Srebrenica, but a hell of a lot of false propaganda!

“After 14 years of investigating events that took place in Srebrenica in 1995 I can attest there was no genocide over Muslims in that enclave”

The strange thing about this case is that self-proclaimed anti-jihadists who have no trouble recognizing Palestinian “Paliwood” War-Is-Deceit propaganda designed to advance the jihad cause by manufacturing Israeli atrocities, and who even recognize fauxtography generated by the Palestinians, Iran, and others for the same purpose, refuse even to consider the possibility that Muslims could have carried out any deceptive atrocity-manufacturing in the Balkans. Indeed, some even charge that anyone who thinks that Balkan Islamic jihadists carried out any deception at all must be secretly a sympathizer of this genocide-that-never-was.

But that, of course, is a common tactic of both Leftists and jihadists: if you can’t refute ’em, defame ’em.

“Srebrenica: More Myth Than Massacre,” by Caleb Posner, August 25:

As the saying goes, history is written by the winners. And when it comes to the former Yugoslav peoples, that can readily be described as everybody but the Serbs. So it is unsurprising then that they have been vilified throughout the West, labeled as war criminals and butchers whose unmitigated xenophobia caused the collapse of a great multi-ethnic state and the bloodiest set of wars Europe had witnessed in a half century. Yet much as Joe Biden and other Serbophobic politicians who called for the repeated bombing of Serbia during the Wars of Yugoslav Secession might believe that summary to be accurate, the facts simply do not lend themselves to such a conclusion. This may be no better demonstrated than by looking at Srebrenica, which has long been Exhibit A in the court of world opinion in the case against the Serbs.

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A Boner for Shari'a

Bono may be stripped of Bosnian passport

Officials are questioning the legality of the U2 frontman’s Bosnian passport, saying that the country’s law does not allow honorary citizenships


from the Guardian for Muslims
Bono of U2 performing at Wembley Stadium

Bono fide … Bosnian officials may revoke the U2 frontman’s honorary passport. Photograph: Yui Mok/PA

Bono may not be Bosnian for much longer. The U2 frontman, who carries an honorary Bosnian passport, may be stripped of the document as officials investigate the legality of the award.

Bono,  the untalented frontman for ‘save the world with others peoples money’ activist is a long time supporter of Mustafa Ceric’s Narco-Jihad Republic Bosnia.

The controversy erupted after a recent U2 gig in Zagreb, Croatia, when Bono reportedly said that his Bosnian passport was one of his most treasured possessions. The passport was given to him in 1997 by Alija Izetbegović, the late Bosnian president, recognising the singer’s support during the Bosnian war. (Izetbegovic, as you can see from the link, is an Al Qaeda associate who wanted to turn Bosnia into an Islamic Republic.)

At the time of the award, Bono compared Bosnia with Northern Ireland. “It’s a small country and we have been divided also,” he said. “We are trying to wrestle our world from the fools of the past and give it to the wise men of the future.”

This year, Bosnian officials have revoked several hundred citizenships granted “illegally”, Balkan Insight reports. Most of these were granted to Islamic fighters who joined Bosnian forces in the war with Croatia and what was then Yugoslavia. Bosnian Serb officials claim that the country’s law does not allow for honorary citizenships.

“If we establish that a passport was given outside a regular legal procedure, we will have no other option but to take it away,” Sredoje Novic, minister of civil affairs, admitted. “We cut no slack to anybody, not even for Bono Vox.”

Others have accused Novic of pursuing a Bosnian Serb agenda. The minister’s deputy, Senad Sepic, said that revoking Bono’s passport would “besmirch everything valuable which anybody from the world has given to our country”, according to Sarajevo newspaper Dnevni Avaz.

Bosnia: Jihadist Leader Mustafa Ceric Calls For More Sharia

Readers of this blog are not surprised: good ol Mustafa is the insane hate-preacher from FITNA who hysterically swings a scimitar over his head and calls for killing of all Jews. We featured him on several occasions….

Bosnia: Rabid Mustafa urges more Sharia law

Update from JW:

The article notes: “Strict Sharia law drastically reduces the rights of women, allows polygamy for men, forbids marrying non-Muslims and sanctions cruel penalties including stoning.”

Strict or lax, partial or comprehensive, the implementation of any Sharia is a slippery slope leading to still more of it. Islamic piety becomes a political bargaining chip, and any alleged lack of it becomes a liability that can destabilize a state: Supremacist, theocratic systems do not lend themselves to compartmentalization, and after all, the aim of jihad itself is to impose Islamic law. As such, any Sharia sets a precedent for a steady creep of more of it, as has been seen in Britain. For that matter, we have also seen in Britain that even supposedly “mild” Sharia poses problems with respect to equal treatment under the law, due to Sharia’s inherent defects in that regard.

Transfer that situation to Bosnia, with its history and its own supply of resident jihadists, and the potential for disaster multiplies exponentially.

Related links: Bosnian Grand Mufti Mustafa Ceric not so “moderate”

Mustafa Ceric’s duplicity is well documented: while complaining that nobody trusts him because he is a Muslim, he is a die-hard jihadist who talks out of both sides of his mouth, just like Arafat did. What’s puzzling me is why such a creature is still taken seriously in the West.

  • Sarajevo, 17 August (AKI) – Bosnia’s Muslim spiritual leader jihadist in chief, Reiss-ul-Ulema Mustafa Ceric, has drawn strong criticism from moderate Muslims and from Bosnian Serbs, after he called for Islamic Sharia law to be incorporated into the Bosnian constitution. Where in the f*kc are these mystical creatures, the “moderate Muslims?”

Ceric made the controversial suggestion when he conducted Bosnia’s first Sharia mass wedding on Saturday in the central city of Zenica. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi reportedly paid for the weddings for the 20 couples and some 500 guests.

“In this exceptional place, in the exceptional city of Zenica, we are witnessing a magnificent event,” Ceric said. “I hope this is only the beginning and that we will have many such occasions in the years to come,” he added.

Ceric is no stranger to controversy, and his pronouncements often trigger a heated reaction.

In May, while visiting a Muslim community in Serbia’s Muslim-majority Sandzak region bordering Montenegro, Ceric said “no force could separate” Muslims in Serbia from those in Bosnia, which he has described as a homeland for Muslims.

Strict Sharia law drastically reduces the rights of women, allows polygamy for men, forbids marrying non-Muslims and sanctions cruel penalties including stoning.

Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik reacted angrily to Ceric’s remarks, saying he was deliberately ignoring the presence of Serbs and Croats in Muslim-majority Bosnia.

Serbs are mainly Orthdox while Croats are Catholic Christians.

Ceric’s pronouncement concealed a Muslim drive to dominate the whole country, Dodik claimed.

Ceric’s statements drew sharp criticism from moderate Muslims.

One commentator on the daily 24 hours website wrote: “Nothing else could be expected from Ceric.”  He is known for glorifying the Ottoman invaders who ruled the Balkans for six centuries, converting local population to Islam.

During 50 years of Communist rule, Bosnian Muslims practised a moderate form of Islam, or declared themselves atheists.

But radical forms of Islam began to take root in the country after thousands of fighters from Muslim countries, especially North Africa, arrived to fight on the side of local Muslims in the 1992-1995 civil war.

Bosnia, Eurabia's Narco-Jihad Fiefdom

* Not to worry: they fly the American flag! If Rotten Totten says so what could go wrong?


“Bosnia is a base for Islamic terrorists who live here in safety, operate training camps and prepare cadres for attacks in third countries”

Tiny Minority of Extremists Alert, and Keystone Kops all around. “Balkans: Bosnia ‘a haven for Islamist terrorists’,” from Adnkronos International, July 30: JW

Belgrade, 30 July (AKI) – Bosnia has become a haven for Islamic terrorists who feel protected by local authorities and are planning terrorist acts in various countries, experts on terrorism said on Thursday. Dzevad Galijasevic, a Bosnian expert on terrorism, told Tanjug news agency that there was a “developed network of support for Islamic terrorists” in Bosnia.

“There are about 80 prominent names in the world of terrorism, protected by a new identity,” Galijasevic said.Bosnia came under the spotlight this week after a convicted criminal and terror suspect of Tunisian origin, Karray Kamel bin Ali, known as Abu Hamza, escaped from a Bosnian jail.

“Bosnia is a base for Islamic terrorists who live here in safety, operate training camps and prepare cadres for attacks in third countries,” said Galijasevic.

Serbia not in immediate danger from Wahhabis/Serbianna/February 3, 2010

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