The Case of Molly Norris simply proves that Islam is a criminal organization

  1. Molly Norris apologized for “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day,” and clerics calls for her death anyway (Yakima Conservative Examiner)Death sentences for cartoonists? Good golly, Ms. Molly
  2. Death Threats for Molly Norris (Reality bites, appeasement doesn’t work, WaPo)

Cartoonist Molly Norris Lets the Terrorists Win Again (Eric Lurio, Puff Ho)

Molly Norris is neither brave nor heroic. She eventually apologized to the extremists, who had sent her a few death threats, and renounced the movement she started as it snowball into something huge. And what’s worse, Norris pretty much said the terrorists were right. To quote her website:

I did not ‘declare’ an “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.”

I made a cartoon of a satirical poster with a fake group behind it (Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor). It was solely a concept about Comedy Central’s over reaction to a threat from, and their consequent decision to censor the television show South Park.

My cartoon was taken seriously & hijacked by people who used it to make facebook pages.

What Molly Norris initially did was the right way to address the problem: fight terrorism with humor, intelligence, and panache. The response was threats of murder. She backed down and apologized to her oppressors. I guess she didn’t want to end up like Gandhi.

Terrorism works.

It works because we allow it to work. It works because we have allowed millions of Muslims to settle behind what they perceive to be enemy lines. It works because the people who are sworn to protect us have deceived us.  Dereliction of duty, on a grand scale.  It works because  of political correctness which stifles any debate.  Because most of us fear being  shouted down as ‘racist, bigot Islamophobes’.  And so the criminal cult of Islam, a murderous, genocidal organization, is allowed to continue to  threaten, to blackmail, to terrorize, to bully and to assassinate those who oppose the spread of this dreadful belief system.


A US artist whose satirical cartoon inspired an internet campaign inviting people to draw images of the Prophet Muhammad has disappeared into hiding, her newspaper has said.

Molly Norris, who disavowed the movement that provoked outrage in the Islamic world, has moved and changed her name, the Seattle Weekly said.

She fled after FBI agents warned she was in danger, the newspaper wrote.

Depictions of the Prophet Muhammad are forbidden in Islam. (Perhaps. But we are not Islamic. Not yet. Cartoons are not forbidden in America, and its high time that we fight Islamic  efforts to stifle freedom of speech.)

The Seattle Weekly wrote that Ms Norris was “moving, changing her name, and essentially wiping away her identity”.

Muhammad row cartoonist ‘sorry’

“She is, in effect, being put into a witness-protection programme,” it said, but without government aid.

“She likens the situation to cancer,” the paper wrote. “It might basically be nothing, it might be urgent and serious, it might go away and never return, or it might pop up again when she least expects it.”

Told by agents to keep an eye out when in public, the paper said Ms Norris responded: “Well, at least it’ll keep me from being so self-involved.”

In her cartoon, Ms Norris satirically proposed 20 May as an “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day”.

The idea inspired a separate Everybody Draw Muhammad Day group on Facebook which rapidly grew in popularity.

The page contained drawings and cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad

Muhammad row cartoonist ‘sorry’

"Its not a crime, to call up al-Qaida, is it?"

Left Is Certain of Tea Partiers’ Motives, but Finds Terrorists Inscrutable

About snappers, toothaches, foreclosures and the religion that must not be named….

Dennis Prager

While it cannot be proven, there is little reason to doubt that many on the Left are disappointed that the Times Square bomber didn’t turn out to be the “white male” he was originally identified as.

This allegation may be wrong, but it is made on the basis of compelling evidence.

There is a perfectly clear pattern on the Left — the normative Left, not just the “far” Left — that denies the obvious when it comes to Islamic terrorism. Take, for example, Maj. Nidal Hasan, who murdered 13 fellow soldiers and tried to murder the 32 others whom he wounded at Fort Hood, Texas.

For days after the murders, liberal-Left commentators and mainstream media reports attributed Hasan’s mass murders to everything but his Islamic beliefs — even though it was known that he yelled out “Allahu Akbar” (“Allah is the Greatest”) just as he began his shooting.

As “Hardball’s” Chris Matthews announced, “It’s unclear if religion was a factor in this shooting,” and then added, “He makes a phone call or whatever, according to Reuters right now. Apparently he tried to contact al-Qaida … That’s not a crime, to call up al-Qaida, is it?”

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Why Would Anyone Want to Blow Up Times Square?

Desperately wishing Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam:

Daniel Pipes

Daniel Pipes:  You can’t win a war if you don’t have the courage to name the enemy.

When news comes of Muslims engaging in violence, the triad of politicians, law enforcement, and media invariably presumes that the perpetrator suffers from some mental or emotional incapacity. (For a quick listing of examples, see my collection at “Sudden Jihad or ‘Inordinate Stress’ at Ft. Hood?“).

Instead, I argue, they should begin with a presumption of jihadi intent. That is, the default expectation should be ideological passion, not insanity. Spreading Islam and applying Islamic law are the goals. Of course, some crazy Muslims exist and they do engage in violence, but they constitute a microscopic percentage of the 15,247 Muslim terrorist incidents since 9/11, as counted


The failed effort to blow up an SUV in New York’s Times Square prompted speculation about the would-be bomber’s motives even before the identity of Faisal Shahzad, an immigrant from Pakistan, had been made public. The Nation‘s Robert Dreyfuss discounted the possibility of a jihadi from the Pakistan-based Taliban, “it seems far more likely to me [he] was either a lone nut job or a member of some squirrely branch of the Tea Party, anti-government far right.”

Then, just hours after Shahzad had been arrested, authorities rushed to assure the public his action had nothing to do with Islam. Examples from May 4:

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The Guaranteed Failure of Capitulation

H/T RoP/by Daniel Mandel/Pajamas Media

The tactic of winning hearts by catering to Muslim perception rather than objective reality is a sure loser. Update: Also read Claudia Rosett: Son of Hamas — Check Out the Book

So long as widespread suspicion exists, and it does exist, amongst the Arab population, that the economic depression … is largely due to excessive Jewish immigration, and so long as some grounds exist upon which this suspicion may be plausibly represented to be well founded, there can be little hope of any improvement in the mutual relations of the two races. — 1930 statement by the British government

What does this statement, following an inquiry into the 1929 Muslim attacks upon Jews in Mandatory Palestine, have to do with a recent disinvitation to speak at Britain’s Cambridge University for Israeli historian Benny Morris?

The statement marks the emergence of the Western phenomenon of making decisions on the basis of what Arabs and Muslims perceive, or are said to perceive, at the expense of the facts or the merits of the case.

Note the reasons offered by Jake Witzenfeld, president of Cambridge University’s Israel Society, for disinviting Morris:

I decided to cancel for fear of the Israel Society being portrayed as a mouthpiece of Islamophobia. … We understand that whilst Professor Benny Morris’ contribution to history is highly respectable and significant, his personal views are, regrettably, deeply offensive to many.

Morris, once the darling of anti-Israel radicals, is in recent years execrated by them for emphasizing Arab rejection of Jewish statehood as the origin of enduring conflict. Mr.Witzenfeld is clearly overawed by this. Note, in Mr. Witzenfeld’s words, the 1929 leitmotiv: the facts aren’t important — how they could be perceived or portrayed is.

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Germany caves before the battle begins…

German Cultural Appeasement

The country’s art pages consider not Islamists but their critics as the real ‘preachers of hate.’

German soldiers in Afghanistan

By BENJAMIN WEINTHAL/WSJ/Full article here


Just when the murderous lessons of political Islam—from the numerous terror attacks to “honor killings” and hate preachers—were thought to be inculcated into Germany’s media, a wide swath of journalists and academics suffered a collective relapse into appeasement.

Commentators ranging from the conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) to the left-liberal Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) and the liberal weekly Die Zeit recently identified not radical Islam but its critics as the real problem. They are “our holy warriors,” (Claudius Seidl in the FAZ) “our preachers of hate” (Thomas Steinfeld in the SZ) who represent “enlightened fundamentalism” (Thomas Assheuer in Die Zeit).

The specific targets of this vitriol are Necla Kelek, a German-Turkish sociologist and author, Henryk M. Broder, a Polish-born Jew and Der Spiegel columnist, and Seyran Ates, a German-Turkish lawyer and author who has been subjected to death threats because of her legal activities opposing honor killings and forced marriages among Muslims. The Kelek-Broder-Ates troika employs a lively and confrontational verbal posture to jolt German society out of its complacency vis-a-vis the Islamist threat. In their writings, the three “holy warriors” show little patience for political correctness and demand that Europe’s Muslims accept liberal society’s views on gender equality, free speech and religious freedom. Instead of cultural relativism, the three believe Western culture embodies universal rights and values that cannot be withheld from the peoples of the Muslim world.

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Spain, Al Andaluz

  • 2 articles on Spanish double standards:
  •  More of  “Stop hurting us, see how nice we are?” policies at play here:

Spanish court convicts 4, frees 10 in terror trial

Thanks to ZIP/Taiwan News

Their faces kept saying “we’re innocent, pay no attention to 200 people dead” – and it worked.


Israel and the US should now put to trial prosecutors and judges from Spain for abusing 4 poor innocent Muslims who did nothing wrong but murder 200 people at train stations.

Spanish court convicts 4, frees 10 in terror trial

  • Oh yea, Islam had nothing to do with 14 people plotting mass murder. Pure coincidence.

During wiretapped conversations, the men discussed an attack on Charles De Gaulle airport outside Paris and spoke of the need to “strike at the British”, Italian police said.

Bassam Ayachi, 62, a Syrian imam with French citizenship, and Raphael Frederic Gendron, 33, a Frenchman who converted to Islam, were allegedly part of an al-Qaeda cell operating in Europe.

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Fitna: Watch it now!


Wilders defends Fitna


The Hague – Geert Wilders, Dutch politician and leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV), has called his just-released Fitna a ‘respectable film’. He admitted that Muslims may not be happy with it, but emphasised that he had always stuck to the facts. He said he believes that the film is also ‘one thousand kilometres within the framework of the law’.

While noting that he hoped that Fitna’s release would cause no disturbances, Mr Wilders stressed that the maker of the film could not be held responsible for any riots or boycotts that might result, and that it was not meant to provoke disruption. Rather, he said, the images in Fitna were intended to make clear the dangers contained in the Qur’an and Islam.

He also said that he hoped it would lead to discussions of the disadvantages of the faith, both in the Netherlands and abroad, and explicitly invited Muslims to engage in such discussions.



* Dumbest comments:


The last time a Dutch film mocked Islam, in 2004, its director, Theo van Gogh, was slain. His killer, the 26-year-old son of Moroccan immigrants, pinned a note on his body calling for a holy war against infidels.

The slaying was followed by the worst ethnic violence in the Netherlands since the end of World War II. Muslim schools and mosques were torched. As recently as October, racial tensions prompted youths to fight with police and set cars on fire in Amsterdam.

* Absolute MSM garbage!

Three-quarters of people in the Netherlands feared the Wilders film will worsen the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims, according to a Feb. 29 poll of 600 people by TNS Nipo and broadcaster RTL.

Backlash Feared

“It’s beyond dispute that the damage to Dutch businesses as a result of the Wilders film will be sizeable,” Jan Kamminga, president of the trade association FME-CWM, said last month. His association represents 2,750 companies including Royal Philips Electronics NV.

* Goodness! This turkey rather loses his culture than a dollar…


“This film is a direct attempt to incite violence from Muslims and help fan the flames of Islamophobia,” Arsalan Iftikhar, a contributor to Washington-based Islamica Magazine, told CNN on Thursday. “Any reasonable person can see this is meant to spit in the face of Muslims and insult our religion.”

* Good, eh? Bali 1+2, Beslan, 9/11, Moscow, Madrid, London and 10.700 terror-attacks since 9/11, and Muslims tell us to go back to sleep. And a 15 minute filick listing a few of the Islamic atrocities and the Muslims accuse us of ‘inciting violence from Muslims’… INVERTED REALITY!


WAPO truly SUX:

‘Fitna’ premier fails to shock

“The 16-minute-30-second film, which sparked so much furor well ahead of its release, did not make the grand entry that many anticipated.”

* What a bunch of cowardly wankers!