"War is Deception", said Muhammad, Prophet of Islam

The art of taqiyya: religiously mandated lies, omission and deception to advance Islam:

Islamo Headbanger Yusuf al Qaradawi Urges Western Muslims to ‘Liberalize’

Outwardly, anyway: Yusuf al-Qaradawi expounds the doctrine of taysir, which allows Muslims to practice a more “relaxed” version of Islam — so long as their hearts cling to the more “uptight” version.

A recent episode of the popular Arabic showal-Sharia wa al-Haya (Law and Life), which airs weekly on Al Jazeera and features renowned Muslim scholar Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, addressed the important yet little known Muslim concept of taysir (pronounced “tey-seer”).

Qaradawi, who is touted by the likes of John Esposito and CAIR as a “moderate” — even as he legitimizes suicide attacks against Israel (including by women) and death for apostates — explained that, according to fiqh al-taysir (the “jurisprudence of ease”), Islam (like Catholicism) offers Muslims dispensations, whenever needed: “For Allah desires ease for you, not hardship” (Koran 2:185; see also 5:6, 4:26-28, 2:286). For instance, Muslims traveling during the month of Ramadan or engaged in jihad need not observe the obligatory fast. Raymond Ibrahim from Pajamas Media explains……

The Brits are getting better at deception also, especially when it comes to deceiving themselves:

“Violent” and “Non Violent” Islamists (Harry’s Place)

U.K.: Muslim known for justifying the killing of U.S. and British soldiers is quietly reappointed as “main link between the Metropolitan Police and the Muslim community”

Exactly what kind of message is that expected to send to Britons in general, and to the Vast Majority of Moderate Muslims who probably ought to be outraged at this sort of thing?

You may want to read this one sitting down — especially the part about the Muslim Safety Forum sharing offices with the Islamic Forum of Europe. An update on this story. “Police Muslim forum headed by Islamic extremist,”  by Andrew Gilligan for the Telegraph, via JW

Hirsi Ali explains

“Everybody lies…”

The immigration programme should focus on immigrants who will make a contribution to our country and who are likely to feel proud of their new nationality.

Former refugee Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author of Infidel, fleshes out the idea: (Andrew Bolt)

Hussein Obama wasn’t quite as opposed to the disgraceful freeing of the Lockerbie bomber as he now claims:

Obama White House backed release of Lockerbie jihad bomber (the Muslim POTUS Obama is a master in the art of deception/JW)

Find out why this is completely unsurprising in The Post-American Presidency. “White House backed release of Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi,” by Jason Allardyce and Tony Allen-Mills in The Australia

THE US government secretly advised Scottish ministers it would be “far preferable” to free the Lockerbie bomber than jail him in Libya. (Andrew Bolt: Obama wasn’t quite so tough on the bomber last year)

Just a little bit of peril: U.K. government names Islamic supremacist groups, including al-Muhajiroun and Hizb ut-Tahrir, as “safety valves” for Muslims “tempted by terrorism”

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile – hoping it will eat him last.” — Winston Churchill

Speaking of “safety valves,” the British government hoping for some of its own here, attempting to mollify the “extremist” Muslims in the U.K. enough to head off acts of violent jihad.

It will backfire. “Hizb ut Tahrir is not a gateway to terrorism, claims Whitehall report,” by Andrew Gilligan for the Telegraph, via JW

“Aiding and abetting Muslim designs in the Balkans, in the hope that this will earn some credit for the United States in the Islamic world, has been a major motive of American policy in the region since at least 1992”

“It has never yielded any dividends, of course, but repeated failure only prompts the architects of the policy to redouble their efforts.”

Indeed. And that goes also for Pakistan, and so many, many other venues.

“ICJ Ruling: Blow to Serbia, Boon to Tadić & Jeremić,” by Srdja Trifkovic at the Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies, thanks to JW

Turkish columnist says that “liberal Muslim” Mustafa Akyol is actually an Islamic supremacist working for restoration of caliphate

“Akyol is working to further “Islamists’ global ambition to play the modern day, Muslim Trojan Horse at the gates of western civilization.”

Ibn Warraq: “It’s no good pretending that somehow the real Islam is tolerant, the real Islam is feminist, and so on”

Often obscured and confused: the distinction between Islam and “Islamism,” and that between the teachings of Islam and Muslims as individuals.

“Modernity and the Muslims: A transcript of a discussion at St. Francis College,” at City Journal:

Erdogan and the Christians. Few Promises, Zero Action

Turkey: Erdogan’s dirty game of deception

A surprise visit from the Turkish prime minister to Bartholomew I. But like other conciliatory gestures in the past, this one also risks producing no results. Benedict XVI’s reservations on the entry of Turkey into the European Union. The caution of Vatican diplomacy

by Sandro Magister/Chiesa

ROME, August 27, 2009 – Samuel Huntington called Turkey “Janus-faced,” you never know if it’s a friend or enemy of the West.

* Not on this website. We have exposed Erdogan as a radical Islamist on many accasions and will do so till the cows come home…

Sufi Terrorism in Kashmir: Two Muslim myths get battered by the historical record: the absurd idea that Islam was introduced peacefully in India, and the more common misconception that Sufism has always been harmless.

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