Sydney: "Just a kid" gets shot in armed robbery….

Will Australia see its first ‘intifadah?’ Remember when 2 criminal ‘yoots’ ran from the police in France and accidentally  got electrocuted?  Remember how enraged, allahu akbar-shouting Muslim “yoots” set 10.000 cars on fire, torched over 400 businesses and firebombed buses in which French pensioners  burned to death?  Well, the French have made their arrangements with the “marginalized yoots”, but how will Australia handle it?

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No choice but to shoot the armed robbers, police say (Daily Telegraph)

SENIOR police yesterday defended the shooting of two would-be robbers, saying officers had “no choice” but to open fire despite having shadowed the men for hours.

Ali Antoni El Hafiane, 19, of Condell Park, was killed and his alleged accomplice was injured when shot by two police officers in the beer garden of Condell Park’s High Flyer Hotel on Monday.

Just seconds earlier, the balaclava-clad men, one allegedly wielding a machete, had been confronted by an undercover officer inside the pub.

Five shots were discharged by at least two officers and ” … in my opinion, the officers had no choice other than to act in the way that they did,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Geoff Beresford said.

“In my opinion, it was an extremely brave act. They were confronted with a life-threatening situation and they did everything they could to protect members or patrons of the hotel and themselves.”

Flashback: Paris Riots

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The Myths of Islam – Jihad Means ‘Inner Struggle’

Taqiyyah” (also spelled ‘taquiyya’ or ‘taqiyya’ and also known as ‘Holy Hypocrisy’) is the art of deception and disinformation. It is a tactic to deceive the enemy; to lull an enemy into a false sense of security that ultimately weakens its resolve.

When a Muslim tells you something positive about Islam, never accept his or her word. They may be sincere, yet ignorant. Or they may be employing “taqiyyah”. Either way, non-Muslims should always be on guard against this Islamic tactic to confuse and deceive.

The Myth:

Islam’s Western apologists sometimes claim that since the Arabic word, Jihad, literally means “fight” or “struggle,” it refers to an “inner struggle” rather than holy war.

The Truth:

In Arabic, “jihad” means struggle. In Islam, it means holy war.  The Greater-Lesser Jihad Myth (from a Muslim Source)

The Myths of Islam – reproduced in full with permission from (Jawa Report)

Qurei warns of possible ‘armed resistance’ if talks fail

“We will kill da Jooozzz with the weapons America gave us…”

All options are open to us, says former PA prime minister; Israeli official calls threat “regrettable”; Abbas rules out West Bank land swaps.

Ahmed Qurei, a senior PLO official and former Palestinian Authority prime minister, has said he does not rule out the possibility that the Palestinians will launch an “armed resistance” against Israel if the peace talks fail.

Qurei, who was one of the architects of the Oslo Accords, was speaking at a seminar that was held in Cairo earlier this week. (More)


An Israeli official said Qurei’s threat was “regrettable.”
Police see over 1,000 militant Islamists in Germany

(Reuters) - Germany is probably home to more than 1,000 potentially violent Islamists and the number of identified militants has risen constantly in the past few years, the Federal Crime Office (BKA) said on Wednesday. (Al Reuters)

Funny that.  10 years ago the police chief of Berlin told me that there were more than 30.000  “potentially violent extremists” in Berlin alone.

Hamas “work accident”  kills 5 children & 3 females in Rafah, 13 injured

A powerful explosion ripped through a Hamas Kassam rocket training site in the southern Gaza Strip on Wednesday, the Ma’an news agency reported.   In a statement Hamas did not give a cause for the blast in the town of Rafah. The Israeli military said it wasn’t involved, which suggests that the explosion was an accident.

Update: Man, Those Zionists Are Pretty Good (Jawa Report)


Netanyahu: “Today we are experiencing difficulty flying near the Gaza Strip since they have in their possession anti-aircraft missiles”

But deep down, they really, really want peace. And they’re starving in the world’s largest concentration camp, but somehow they have been able to scrape together enough pennies to buy some food for their families anti-aircraft missiles.


‘Iron Dome doesn’t answer threats’

Tel Aviv University professor and noted military analyst Reuven Pedatzur on Saturday strongly criticized a ballistic missile defense conference and exhibition held in Tel Aviv last week, calling the organizers’ and speakers’ claims that current defense systems can protect Israel from missile and rocket threats false and disingenuous.


Pedatzur’s harshest criticisms were reserved for the Arrow missile defense system, which, he said, does not present a defense against a possible nuclear strike from an Iranian ballistic missile. He said that since the system is not sure to work every time, and because a single atomic bomb can constitute an existential threat to Israel, the system is pointless.

He added that it didn’t matter if the system worked 99 percent of the time, and called its developers’ claims of such success rates “absurd and ridiculous.”  J’Post has more

Muslims Attack Jews in Judea/Samaria, Burn Jewish Cemetery in Ancient City of Hebron

Atlas Shrugs

Israeli soldiers clash with Palestinian stone-throwers in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh near Ramallah May 7, 2010. Israeli border police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse Pali [Muslim] agitators and Israeli activists during a violent protest over a land dispute with Jewish settlers people in the area.

Muslims in the ancient city of Hebron set fire to the city’s historic Jewish cemetery yesterday.

AP consistently wrong on Western Wall

If you do a search for “Western Wall” in the AP Images website, you will see approximately 200 images taken over the past year.

The caption in virtually all of these pictures says that the Western Wall is “Judaism’s holiest site.”

This is wrong.

Judaism’s holiest site is the Temple Mount, the exact spot where Muslims built a mosque where the Temples used to stand.

Write to AP to correct this falsehood:

The Fifth Holiest Site in Islam?

Who cares? Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran. It has no significance to Muslims, none at all. Israel,  however, means everything to the Jews.  The Arabs want to destroy the Jewish state and make up the wildest claims on a daily basis, mixed in with a fanatical frenzy that can only end in disaster.

We are often told that the Al Aqsa Mosque is the “third holiest site in Islam.”

Well, even today, this is only true for Sunni Muslims.

Shiite Muslims place Jerusalem as number five, behind the mosques in Mecca, Medina, Najaf and Karbalah. And Sufi Muslims have a completely different list.

Calling Jerusalem the “fifth holiest site in Shiite Islam” doesn’t quite have the same ring, though.

(As far as I can tell, the “Ibrahimi Mosque” (Cave of the Patriarchs) in Hebron is not even on the radar of either Muslim sect as being a top mosque, and of course the mosque that may have existed near Rachel’s Tomb has only been considered important in the past few years. )

The Pro-Orens Have it At Brandeis!

Those students, faculty, Brandeis alumni and interested others who are eager to hear Ambassador Oren speak now number 3,164 and counting on a petition. Those who believe that his presence will be “divisive” and “polarizing” now number only 249 and counting.

The pro-Orens have it! Phyllis Chesler

“Yuman Rites” Watch

Carl in J’lem:

UN Watch has launched a campaign to prevent Libya from being seated on the United Nations ‘Human Rights Council.’ A bid to seat Iran failed recently.

It would actually be fitting for Libya to be part of the ‘Human Rights Council.’ They fit right in with the thug regimes that are there. The problem is that the ‘Human Rights Council’ actually has some real power.

I guess the Obama administration’s joining it has had a lot of effect, hasn’t it?

Nuki Nuki
This is from an AP report on the IAEA’s efforts to pursue a ‘nuclear free zone‘ in the Middle East.
Here’s another scenario to worry about once Iran becomes a nuclear power/ from Carl in J’lem

Hezbollah says it’s ready for fresh war with Israel – and stronger now

(CSM)- Nearly four years after Hezbollah fought invading Israeli troops to a standstill in south Lebanon, the militant Shiite group says it’s prepared for a fresh conflict and confident of victory. ZIP/CSM

Obama Administration “Afraid To Mention Radical Islam”

Is there any other kind?

The Weekly Standard believes the Obama administration is afraid to make any mention to Radical Islam. Stephen F. Hayes and Thomas Joscelyn based their report on the fact that the administration failed to detect three terrorist attacks, while staying mum on those attacks after two of them were foiled.

Pointing to the recent attack attempt at Times Square and the airport shoe bomber in Detroit on Christmas day, plus the successful attempt at Fort Hood in which one man shot and killed several many  fellow soldiers, the men claim the administration is working on nothing but dumb luck. (Shooting 13 people dead and wounding 40 severely is “SEVERAL?” Who are the bastards who distort the news to such a ridiculous low?)

They go on to claim that the administration has done everything int their power to minimize the significance of each attack, attempting to hide the “connections to the global jihadist network.”  Indyposted has more>>

Lebanon accuses Israel of stealing 185 sex toys

(Ynet) Lebanon has filed a complaint with the UN Security Council claiming that Israeli soldiers entered its territory in the area of the Shebaa Farms and confiscated 185 goats, the Lebanese Daily Mail reported Saturday.

More   from eye on the world..

"Jews Must be Annihilated, They Are Bacteria, Not Human Beings….

Note he doesn’t say “Israel” or “Zionist”, like the slick taqiyya  propagandists in the West who  are successfully brainwashing the left that Israel is -somehow- a problem. He says “Jews”- and he means all Jews.   How dare these obsessed & deranged creatures accuse us of ‘hatred’ when they suck the hatred in and spit it out with the mothers milk?

On Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas Deputy Minister of Religious Calls for Jews to be Annihilated, Saying They Are Bacteria, Not Human Beings; Following President Obama’s Election, Said in Friday Sermon: We Must ‘First Check if His Heart is Black or White’


Abdallah Jarbu‘: “[The Jews] suffer from a mental disorder, because they are thieves and aggressors. A thief or an aggressor, who took property or land, develops a psychological disorder and pangs of conscience, because he took something that wasn’t his.

“They want to present themselves to the world as if they have rights, but, in fact, they are foreign bacteria – a microbe unparalleled in the world. It’s not me who says this. The Koran itself says that they have no parallel: ‘You shall find the strongest men in enmity to the believers to be the Jews.’

“May He annihilate this filthy people who have neither religion nor conscience. I condemn whoever believes in normalizing relations with them, whoever supports sitting down with them, and whoever believes that they are human beings. They are not human beings. They are not people. They have no religion, no conscience, and no moral values.”

* Think Abdallah Jarbu knows what projection is?

In other news:

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Israel Under Siege

Our peace partners from Fatah incite Arabs to barricade themselves on the Temple Mount

The ‘moderate’ Fatah terror organization (our ‘peace partner’) has joined a call by Sheikh Raed Salleh’s Northern Front Islamic organization (‘Israeli Arabs’) for Arabs to storm the Temple Mount and barricade themselves inside al-Aqsa mosque on the Mount.

Meanwhile, the police have denied a Jewish group’s request to hold a cornerstone laying ceremony for a Third Jewish Temple (the first two having been destroyed 2,600 years ago and 2,000 years ago).

Who is spoiling for a fight?

The ‘Palestinian’ call is linked to Monday’s re-dedication of the Churva synagogue in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Is there anything Jews do in Israel that is not a ‘provocation’ to ‘Palestinians’? Probably not. After all, when we die (God save us), we are buried somewhere in the country. Anything we do while alive, the ‘Palestinians’ consider ‘provocative.’ Carl in J’lem

All the same evil

Atlas Shrugs

A masked Palestinian Muslim demonstrator holds stones during clashes with Israeli forces in Ras al-Amud just outside Jerusalem‘s Old City, Friday, March 12, 2010.

Che, Mao, Hitler, Stalin, the Grand Mufit, Ahmadinejad el al it’s all the same evil….

Muslims targeting Jews in Norway Carl in J’lem

Biden leaves, ‘Palestinian Authority’ honors mass murderer

Joe Biden left Israel on Thursday mid-day, and that same afternoon, the ‘Palestinian Authority’ honored mass murderer Dalal al-Mughrabi.

Senior Palestinian Authority official says Israel “playing with fire,” calls on Muslims to “converge on al-Aqsa to save it”

Remember, the Fatah guys are the “moderates.” Partners for peace and all that. And in this case, the “provocation” du jour is the renovation of a synagogue situated in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem — still enough fuel for some quality conspiracy paranoia. It never takes much. “PA calls Arabs to ‘defend al Aksa’,” by Khaled Abu Toameh for the Jerusalem Post

Israel nabs senior Hamas boss

Maher U’dda is implicated in the deaths of over 70 Israelis through the years. But that won’t stop Hamas and others from maligning Israel as the aggressor, and possibly retaliating. “Israelis nab senior Hamas leader,” from CNN (I don’t get it. Why “nab” him instead of just  exporting him to the virgins?/ed)

Over 13 Honor Killings in Two Months in Muslim Occupied Territories in “Palestine”

Cairo Jews aren’t dhimmified enough, complains Egypt

Egypt canceled the inauguration of a restored synagogue on Sunday citing objections to Israel’s treatment of Muslims in the occupied territories as well as alleged excesses during an earlier ceremony. Elder of Ziyon Comments (16)

Today's Offerings From the RoP

Gaddafi Demands Nukes for All!

What could be fairer than that?


Pali-Arabs, Egyptians, Syrians and Saudis all have the right to nuclear weapons, Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi told Sky News in an interview aired Monday.

“Even the Palestinians should have [nuclear weapons] because their counterparts, or their opponents, have nuclear capabilities,” Gaddafi said in the interview. “If we don’t want this situation… we’ll have to disarm the Israelis from their nuclear weapons capabilities.”

Israel neither confirms nor denies the existence of a nuclear arsenal.

Gaddafi did not hold the same views for an Iranian right to nuclear weapons.

“If Iran were to manufacture nuclear weapons, nuclear arms, then all of us, including [Libya], will be against them,” he said. “But Iran has not said so.”

In September, Gaddafi gave an unprecedented 90-minute speech at the UN, at times rambling and reading from scribbled and ripped notes.

Libya gave up its own nuclear ambitions in 2003 after the US invasion of Iraq.

Even Mahmud Abbas tells the truth, sometimes:

Mahmoud Abbas:

When the [Israeli] aggression took place, [Hamas leaders] in Gaza and abroad said: “We don’t care if Gaza is erased.” They do not care if Gaza is erased. All they care about is that the Hamas movement continue to exist. They said this. Haniya and Mash’al said: We don’t care what happens. Mash’al went even further and said: “What is happening in Gaza is insignificant and does not affect us.” Then they said that the Hamas movement is alive and well. This was at a time when there were thousands of martyrs from among our people, thousands of wounded from among our people, and tens of thousands of destroyed houses. To this day, 100,000 Palestinians in Gaza are homeless, with no place to live. Yet the Hamas movement is alive and well. The Hamas movement was hiding under the domes [of mosques]. The Hamas leaders – and I say this for the first time – fled to the Sinai in ambulances, leaving their people behind to be slaughtered. Then they say: We put up resistance.  MEMRIVideo here

Elder of Zion:

  • Arabs keep trying to light the spark of a new intifada: The pattern of incitement to violence continues, and the world media ignores it. Yesterday, in a clear move to start more riots today, Sheikh Tayseer al-Tamimi called on all Arab to go to the Al Aqsa mosque today and defend it against an alleged “storming” by Zionists.

Turkey’s PM Erdogan becoming increasingly unhinged; says Lieberman threatened to nuke Gaza

Turkey Turns Down Christians Seeking Protection…

    Erdogan: ‘Ahmadinejad is our friend, Lieberman threatened to nuke Gaza/  Read the whole thing

    Turkey: People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

Carl in J’lem:

Perhaps this explains why the Turks have been so downright hostile to Israel lately.

Turkey points to Israel to deflect from itself
October 17, 10:51 AM Progressive Geopolitics Examiner Andrew E. Mathis

Turkey has been enormously critical of Israel’s military policy in Gaza since last year’s war, and the most recent development is that Turkish television has aired a television program on the conflict in which a fictional Israeli soldier is seen shooting a Palestinian baby.

It’s a charming bit of teledrama I’m sure. But what are the Turks trying to do in being so critical of Israel? Perhaps it amounts to their trying, in essence, to deflect attention away from its own dismal human rights record.

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Dancing Jews and Arab Journo's who try to whip up a third intifadah…

The antagonizing dance

from the Elder of Zion


Those Jews keep coming up with innovative criminal acts.

The journalist who is trying to start an intifada

From Ma’an:

Last week a group of extremist Jews attempted to gain access to the compound housing the Al-Aqsa Mosque, but were prevented from doing so by Israeli police. The group performed religious rituals in the streets adjacent to the site, using dance ceremonies to antagonize local shop owners

I hope that this is placed front and center on the special UNHRC session today as the severe human rights violation it must be. Dancing by Jews in the area of the Temple Mount should be criminalized, of course, because (like their walking, prayer, meditation and breathing) it antagonizes a billion Muslims.

By definition, anything that Arabs or Muslims find offensive must be, in fact, illegal. That is certainly the premise behind the UNHRC, which seems dedicated to the elimination of just one such instance of this offensiveness

Throughout the events on the Temple Mount over the past couple of weeks, there was plenty of incitement by Palestinian Arab clerics like Sheikh Tamimi and Sheikh Raed Salah, who publicly claim daily that Israel is planning to divide and destroy the Temple Mount.

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Despite Palestinian Violence, Israel Ensures Freedom of Worship

Despite bombarding Jews on their high holidays with rocks and  incitement from Islamic clerics to riot,  Israel allows muslims to  defile the temple mount and to blast the hateful Friday kuthbas over powerful loudspeakers.  The surrounding Arab countries, Jordan, Egypt and Syria never stop to incite the Arabs to terrorize the Jews and threaten a new intifadah. Even Jordan’s plucky little king is doing his very best to display his Jew-hating obsession.


Jerusalem: Muslims Stone Jews on Jewish Holiday

Dare to compare: name one Muslim country where Christians or Jews would get away with something like that!

Regardless, the jihad must continue:

EGYPT: Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi calls for ‘Friday of anger’ against Al Aqsa violations


The head of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, Yusuf Al Qaradawi, is urging Egyptians to turn this Friday into a nationwide day of anger against the “Israeli practices at the Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.”

The outspoken cleric is famous for once calling Jews a profligate, cunning and arrogant band of people. He has long been in support of Palestinian suicide bombers and previously said that the Holocaust was God’s punishment to Jews for their corruption.

Qaradawi wasn’t the only cleric to criticize Arab regimes for their “passiveness” against “Israeli violations.” A number of religious scholars said that the Arab and Muslim world should rush to defend the sacred Aqsa from repeated “Zionist assaults.”

More from the Los Angeles Times

‘No Negro Cop Will Stop Muslims Praying at Al-Aqsa’

Imam in Sweden: If We Lined the Jews Up in One Row and Spat on Them, They Would Drown


‘No state for Pali-Arabs’ says parliament speaker

“To divide once again the sovereignty of Jerusalem would mean to transform it into a Middle Eastern Belfast, a volcano that would spark conflict in the entire region,” Rivlin told La Stampa.

No can do:

“The entire Muslim population [of Jerusalem] was able to observe Ramadan in peace last month,” said Barkat. “Now the Muslims must allow the Jews to celebrate their own holidays,” he concluded, echoing sentiments communicated on Monday by Jerusalem police chief Cmdr. Aharon Franco. (Not. Muslims are religiously obliged to attack other religions when they celebrate their high holidays...)

Israel is lighting matches in hopes of igniting a big fire, said Erekat during a press conference. He claimed Israel was attempting “to strengthen its hold on occupied Jerusalem” rather than keep the peace. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, meanwhile, called on the Arab world to increase efforts and raise funds to ensure continued Arab presence in Jerusalem, in light of Israeli efforts to “Judaize” the city.”

Palestinian President Mahmoud...

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, right, meets Monday with Egypt’s intelligence chief , Omar Suleiman, left, in Jordan.
Photo: AP



Islamic Jihad’s website has an article on the ninth anniversary of the beginning of the second Intifada. The exact words the article uses are “the ninth anniversary of the glorious Al-Aqsa Intifada in Palestine.”

Think about this for a minute. The intifada resulted in the deaths of over 5000 Palestinian Arabs. As a direct result of the uprising, Israel built a wall to protect her citizens and that made the lives of Palestinian Arabs more difficult. The political goals of moderate Palestinian Arabs were set back by years. Yasir Arafat turned from a respected international figure into a joke, hiding terrorists in his compound. The Palestinian Arabs themselves suffered a huge split between Gaza and the West Bank and between Hamas and Fatah. More from the Elder of Zion

By the standards of any normal observer, the second intifada was anything but “glorious.”

Religious Freedom in Israel: A Fundamental Guarantee

Expert Sources

Starting on Ramadan, Israel Further Eases Life in the West Bank

Violence erupted in Jerusalem in recent days as Arab rioters stoned both tourists and policemen at the Temple Mount (which Muslims call the Haram ash-Sharif, or Noble Sanctuary) and in eastern neighborhoods of the city. The first incident occurred on Sept. 27, the eve of the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, and clashes broke out again this week with the start of the Jewish festival of Sukkot. [1]

Some notable Israeli-Arab and Palestinian leaders have supported the rioters. Sheik Ra’ad Salah, leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel, said, We will liberate al-Aksa with blood and fire, and Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salaam Fayad said, We call on the Palestinian public to confront Israel and its plans. [2]

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Israel: 3rd Intifadah in the Making?

Jerusalem: Muslims Stone Jews on Jewish Holiday

… Jews were obliged not to pray loudly; their prayers were not to be audible in the nearby church. Building new synagogues (and repairing existing ones) was likewise prohibited, unless the buildings threatened to collapse and a special permission was obtained. Jews were banned from all public offices and the army; they were prohibited from criticizing Christianity, marrying a Christian, or owning a Christian slave. Furthermore, Jews paid distinctive taxes, possibly the precursors of jizya. Such regulations, justified by Hadith — Bat Ye’or states, worsened on specific factors — came to be imposed upon Christians under the dhimma arrangements, after Byzantine lands were occupied by Muslim forces.

This article is about dhimmi in the context of Islamic law. See dhimmitude.

More on Islam and Dhimmitude>>

6a00d8341c60bf53ef0120a5c015ad970b-500wiAtlas Shrugs:

The  warning to stay away was not a warning but a signal to riot, that the violence was preplanned. Today, surprise, surprise, the police found wheelbarrows of rocks up on the HarHaBayit. Prepositioned, ready, tons of ammunition to rain down on women and children praying peacefully. Rocks may sound primitive and less dangerous than bullets or bombs. If you think that please review Pam’s videos of stonings done under sharia law by Moslems as “punishment” for various sins and crimes.

We’re talking baseball sized rocks and lots of them. The streets are full of Jews celebrating the Feast and we’re joined by thousands of our Christian supporters, here for their yearly show of love for the Land and the People of Hashem (G-d) otherwise known as the Feast of Tabeernacles. I personally love it. They marched right past my house last year, my first in Jerusalem. Keep them comin’ folks.

Read it all…

Al-Arabiya network hopes Israel will fall within five years

OSM07_waModern, moderate, tolerant democratic Turkey….

Turkey: Thousands attend anti-Israel rally, burn Israeli flag

A mass anti-Israel rally was held in Istanbul Monday. The demonstrators, who rallied in support of the riots in east Jerusalem, carried Palestinian Authority flags and posters of the al-Aqsa Mosque, and set Israeli flags on fire.

6a010536b72a74970b0120a5c30787970b-800wiJewish holidays make Mohammedans go apeshit… Read more at YNet.

Pali Arabs Demand Israel Stop Jewing Up Jerusalem

Vicious Babushka

Hamas TV ‘Stuffed Bear’ Tells Children to ‘Slaughter’ Jews…

Al-Arabiya network hopes Israel will fall within five years

Al-Arabiya broadcasts from modern, moderate Dubai, and is partly Saudi-owned. Yet for some odd reason it has never been a bastion of moderation — a fact for which the prevailing paradigm has absolutely no explanation. “Will Israel fall in five years?,” from Al-Arabiya, October 5 (thanks to Robert Spencer, JW):

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Germany’s Intifada: Jihad against the Fatherland

First it was France, now Germany

* The pattern is always the same: the police try to arrest a Muslim thug and are immediately surrounded by a mob of militant, fanatical Muslims, who are ready to attack and sometimes set police- cars. even ambulances, on fire. In France and Germany police have been beaten an shot up. 

German authorities are reporting that, within their cities, areas now exist where police fear to tread. In many German urban areas drug dealing, theft, brawls, and assaults on police officers are the order of the day. The problem is becoming so severe police scarcely dare enter some quarters except in strength, while in others they concentrate on their own safety first.      

 But this is old news to French law enforcement officials. The 2005 riots woke France up to the fact that an anti-civilization had arisen in the “banlieues” (housing projects), which surround major French cities. Populated mainly by immigrants from North and West Africa, many with a Muslim background, they are known as places of anger and aggression towards anyone who represents “official” France.

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