The most powerful men in EUrabia

The sock puppet president: Pee Wee Herman Van Rompuy

Michael Farage:

“a man with the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk. I can speak on behalf of the majority of British people in saying that we don’t know you, we don’t want you . . .” (Video)

Van Rompuy ‘s  man in Washington:

New EU ambassador in Washington claims transatlantic authority

The new ambassador claimed to now be “leading the show” among European representatives in Washington.

Another  “damp rag”, another unelected apparatchik no one has ever heard about. WTF is happening to us?

Joao Vale de Almeida was this week formally installed as the EU’sambassador to the US, and suggested that American officials should regard him as their first point of contact for transatlantic discussions.   Telegraph UK

The new European Union ambassador to Washington has suggested that he will speak for Britain on foreign and security policy in America.

Nile Gardiner comments:

The EU threatens the Special Relationship: David Cameron must reject Brussels’ Washington power play

All Over Europe, Mohammedans Run Amok

Needless to mention; EUro-dhimmies blame da Jooozzz…..

Gateway Pundit

10,000 Turks Chanting “Israel, You Will Drown in Blood” Protest in Istanbul

What else could one expect from “moderate, modern” Turkey?

10,000 Turks protested Israel today in Istanbul. The protesters chanted,“Murderous Israel you will drown in the blood you shed!”
Reuters posted video from the anti-Israel protests:

Here’s more video and photos from the protest in Turkey.   YNet News reported>>>

Hundreds of Protesters Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Storm Israeli Consulate in Turkey (Video) Gateway Pundit

Hundreds of Islamic protesters in Istanbul stoned the Israeli consulate and screamed “Allahu Akbar” as they tried to storm the building.

CNN-Turk and NTV televisions show hundreds of angry protesters scuffling with Turkish police guarding the Israeli Consulate building in downtown Istanbul.

Turkish police blocked dozens of stone-throwing protesters who tried to storm the Israeli Consulate in Istanbul over reports of an Israeli attack on at least one aid ship in international waters on Monday, news channels reported.

Not enough groveling to the jihad: Muslims storm Al BeBeeCeera

Enraged by the BBC’s bias against them, supporters of the Jihad Flotilla storm the BBC offices in Manchester.

The BBC’s bias against jihadists? What are these guys smoking? Do they want the BBC to give itself over twenty-four hours a day to communiques from Osama, Zawahiri and Anjem Choudary? If it did, would anyone notice a change?

“Gaza aid ship protesters try to storm BBC Manchester,” from the BBC,

Israel supports the IDF: Re-Islamicized Turkey Turns a Corner, Turns Against, Attacks Israel

The Milli Görüs Connection

The world is aghast at what Israel did early this morning off the coast of Gaza. It is shocked — shocked! — at the indiscriminate slaughter of “unarmed civilians” in the Free Gaza Flotilla.

According to AKI, the Italian foreign minister is outraged:

“I strongly condemn the killing of civilians,” Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini said Monday in response to the incident. The Italian government asked the Israeli ambassador in Rome for an explanation about the attack. [emphasis added] etc, etc….  Gates of Vienna has more….Read further…

Atlas Shrugs

Re-Islamicized Turkey Turns a Corner, Turns Against, Attacks Israel

Today’s attack on Israel was a  military operation from the re-islamicized Turkey, with the tacit support of the Erdogan government. Turkey intends to become a regional power, perhaps a return of the Ottoman empire.

Turkey has recalled its Ambassador form Israel and called it an act of piracy on the high seas after supporting the convoy of war ships.

The latest attack on Israel came from ……………  the once moderate, Israeli ally Turkey. But no more, not since the re-islamization of Turkey where the number #1  selling book is Mein Kampf

Turkey Calls Israel State Terrorist BBC / Atlas has lots of pic’s

The Muzz infested United Nations condemns Israel (as usual)


It seems the Israeli soldiers had no idea how violent this would get:

Israeli military officials said the soldiers were carrying paint-ball guns and had orders to use their pistols only to defend themselves.  They said the activists took the guns from two of the soldiers and used them to fire at the commandos, who then returned fire.

They were mobbed, they were clubbed, they were beaten, stabbed. … Our soldiers had to defend themselves, defend their lives, or they would have been killed.”

Violent protests break out in several cities, including Paris, which is reminded of a little Gaza of its own:

Hundreds of protesters have been clashing with police near the Israeli Embassy after blocking traffic to protest a deadly commando raid on ships carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

We call on all Arabs and Muslims to rise up in front of Zionist embassies across the whole world,’’ said Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri, using the Arabic word ‘intifada’…

And who’s behind this peaceful jihad?

Here is what the Danish Institute for International Studies has found about the terrorist links of the IHH>>

Weasel Zippers:

Relevant rioting headlines:

* Paris: Demonstrators tried to break into the Israeli embassy
* Thousands protest flotilla deaths, clashes in Athens
* Thousands protest across Lebanon against flotilla killings
* Protests erupt across the world after Israeli raid (including Londonistan)
* Protesters storms Israeli consulate in Turkey

Check in your Islamic Rage Boy-pic’s!

Turkey: A war between the pious and the less pious

Both sides hate Jews….

Similarly, for the seculars/secularists the war is between “us secular Muslims” and “them pious Muslims.”

A Turkish perspective, from BURAK BEKDÄ°L/Daily News

“pious” means “pious like us,” and non-Muslim means “officially Muslim but not sufficiently pious,” or “not pious like us.” From that perspective, the war is between “us the pious” and “them not so pious.” Similarly, for the seculars/secularists the war is between “us secular Muslims” and “them pious Muslims.”

Sadly, both camps view each other as “the enemy” although they belong to the same faith. But same-faith wars, in any of the monotheistic religions, have never been too few throughout the history. We have seen wars between religions, wars between different sects of the same religion, and today what we see in Turkey is a war between different understandings of practicing the same religion.

Bernard Lewis predicted that in a decade the secular republic founded by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk might more closely resemble the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It might not take that long, but it will happen.

Turkey  is fighting  a religious war. Not between two religions. Not between the faithful and the atheists. It is largely a war between people of the same faith but with different grades of observance.

A piercing question remains: How could those who are at a savage war with less or more pious people of their own faith be at peace with other faiths, or with agnostics or atheists?

Another question which the writer is not asking is this: will the takeover be bloody or unbloody?  I predict the latter. But heads will roll and blood will flow once the Islamists are in power…..

Hate-speech laws, political correctness and treason by Eurabia's ruling elites…

Collective amnesia, cupidity & stupidity play a large part in this, not only ignorance.

Freedom of speech in Europe is under attack and Europeans are loosing their freedom to criticize Islam. It doesn’t even matter if the criticism is factual and fair.

Please take the eight minutes to watch this. It is more than good, it is important.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes:

Pamela Geller, Washington Times: Europe’s Looming Demise

The Euro-Med Disaster: Floodgates to Ruin

Atlas Shrugs:

Robert Spencer elaborates on my piece in the Washington Times on the Euro-Med partnership to, in effect, destroy Europe. Read it all.

The EuroMed Partnership: opening the floodgates for jihad in Europe

In “Europe’s looming demise” in the Washington Times today, Pamela Geller discusses a little-noticed initiative that could open the floodgates for jihad in Europe:


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EUro Jihad News

Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna

6a0111685b4b71970c0120a5f631d3970c-800wiIs EUrabia the future of Europe?

Filip Dewinter “causes” Muslim riots in Antwerp:


Say Islam is a religion of peace or we smash the place:

The Vlaams Belang leader had the audacity to refer to the imam Nordin Taouil as a “pimp of Allah”, and this flagrant disrespect for Islam has already caused “youths” in Antwerp to begin rioting. Read further…

Flemish Muslims go apeshit over headscarf ban

A decision in one school in Antwerp rapidly led to a general ban on headscarves in public schools in the Flemish region of Belgium this month. Some in the Moroccan community now want to found their own schools.

ENG-headscarf_251176eMuslim women protest against the headscarf ban outside the Royal Atheneum in Antwerp / More from Handelsblad

The Glory of Gouda

“Persons of Dutch background” in Gouda have had finally had enough.

The pervasive violence and lawlessness in the culturally enriched areas of their city induced them to walk the mean streets in protest last week, despite the personal risk involved.

Some sixty people walked the streets to show that they are not afraid. Perhaps fewer than expected, and despite the support of many people.

The Gouda Mayor Wim M. Cornelis (PvdA, Socialist, more later) had in advance forbidden the citizens group to walk through the Gouda district Oosterwei (60% immigrants). According to the Mayor, he and the police “could not guarantee the safety of the Dutch in that district past eight in the evening.” Organizer Peter Visser of the citizens group Gouda’s Glorie responded that this only emphasizes the necessity for the walk. “This walk is a protest and also a call for attention to the growing insecurity in the streets and street terror by youngsters. We do not want our girlfriends, wives and daughters to be called whores.”

Read further…


The FPÖ Wins Big in Vorarlberg

Earlier this week regional elections were held in western Austria, and the results confirmed that the anti-immigrant right is continuing to increase in popularity, despite the thick cloud of media smog trying to transform the FPÖ into Nazis.Read further…

Counter Jihad News:

Innocent British Muslim terrorist linked to al-Qaeda

6a0111685b4b71970c0120a5f65f2e970c-800wiSundayMercury — Ben Goldby

MI6 officers have uncovered a new terror training camp which may have been run by “dead” Brummie Al Qaida terror suspect Rashid Rauf.

New evidence recently emerged that the alleged mastermind behind a British-based plot to blow up transatlantic airliners was alive, despite US claims that he was killed in a predator drone bombing last year.


Tariq Ramabam: Criticizing Islam is not freedom of expression

I won’t give this duplicious asshole a soapbox here. If you want to read it, go to Today’sZaman

In this latest overture the pseudo-intellectual grandson of Hassan al Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, compares Muslims with handicapped people and wants to muzzle you from speaking against the Islamization of Europe…

Scotland’s police pro-islamist

Scotland’s largest police force has promised to “oppose” a demonstration by anti-Muslim extremists if the event is intent on stirring up racial hatred. HeraldScotland — Paul Hutcheon / well, I guess they just don’t want to get beaten up by ‘Allahu akbar’ screaming lunatics…

Mark Steyn: Whoa, racist! Crime? Racist! Welfare? Racist! Islam? Racistracistdoubleracist!!!

The greatest threat to Western Civilization may be white guilt. The fear of being charged with racism inhibits countless people. This madness is also mostly responsible for the election of the shabbily educated race hustler Barack Obama.

 Mark Steyn mocks the the slippery downward spiral of  the Eurabians, who are moving towards removing rights, liberties and freedoms due to ‘hypersensitivity.’  If you bother to read some of the letters to the editor, there is no shortage of “fascist” shriekers, and that includes Ralph Peters hit piece in the New York Post ‘The Eurabia Myth’.


Talk about denial: while it is (the Islamization of Europe)  happening before our very eyes,  Peters  tells us its not happening. Very much like Walter Duranty, really. Is there something in the air or in the water in NY that afflicts people in this way?

Why the fascists are winning in Europe

Mark Steyn

In bad times, if the political culture forbids respectable politicians from raising certain issues, voters will turn to unrespectable ones

Things are not going to get any prettier in the next European electoral cycle. Aside from professions of “horror” at the success of the neo-nationalists, there is now talk of shutting down these parties by using the legal system (as was done in Belgium) or by denying them the public funding to which their share of the vote entitles them. Subverting democracy to suppress neo-nationalism doesn’t seem a smart move. But then if the political class were that smart it wouldn’t be in this situation. The problem in Europe is not a lunatic fringe but a lunatic mainstream ever more estranged from its voters.

The European political class is congratulating itself at holding the tide of neo-nationalism to the low double-digits. I’d say some of these results are pretty remarkable given that these parties are all but excluded from the public discourse and that even a relatively mild dissenter from the consensus such as the Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders has been banned from setting foot in Britain and is undergoing prosecution for his views in the Netherlands. What makes the Labour Party “mainstream” with 15 per cent of the vote and UKIP the “fringe” with 17 per cent? Nothing, other than the blinkers of the politico-media class. But if you want to drive the electorate toward the wilder shores in ever greater numbers, keep crying “Racist!” at every opportunity.

Read it all>>

Bat Ye'or on Geert Wilders: Does defending Western values constitute “inciting hatred”?

* Bust Of Winston Churchill No Longer Wanted In Oval Office


Bat Ye’or, a hero of our age, with Spencer

In “Geert Wilders and the Fight for Europe” in National Review, February 16, the renowned historian Bat Ye’or discusses the Wilders case and its implications for Europe and the free world in general:

Straight from Jihad Watch

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Europe’s new religious strife

“Those who make peaceful de-Islamization impossible make violent de-Islamization inevitable.”

Thanks to Andrew Bolt

The US National Intelligence Council in its Global Trends 2025 report warns that Europe faces even more trouble between Muslims and non-Muslims – and that the US and Israel may pay for the Islamisation of the continent:

Western Europe’s Muslim population currently totals between 15 and 18 million… If current patterns of immigration and Muslim residents’ above-average fertility continue, Western Europe could have 25 to 30 million Muslims by 2025.

* Some people would argue that EUrabia has that many already!

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Fjordman: The EUrabia Code

* From the Brussels Journal

Update: Muzz will becomes sultan mayor of Rotterdam

My essay The Eurabia Code was published in 2006, inspired by Bat Ye’or’s groundbreaking book Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis. I have chosen to reproduce The Eurabia Code almost unchanged in my upcoming book Defeating Eurabia, but will include some updates. What has happened since 2006 is that European leaders are increasingly open about the idea of enlarging the EU to include the Arab world, although they do of course not present this as surrendering the continent to Islam. This hasn’t been a total secret previously – in 2002 Louis Michel, the then Belgian minister of foreign affairs and today a member of the European Commission, told the Belgian parliamentthat the EU will eventually encompass North Africa and the Middle East as well as Europe – but why go public with this now? My theory is that EU leaders consider their people to be defeated and irrelevant. After the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty/European Constitution, the people no longer have a say and can safely be ignored. They have held us in contempt for years and no longer care to hide this. We are sheep and constitute no threat while they must continue appeasing the Muslims.

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Germany’s Intifada: Jihad against the Fatherland

First it was France, now Germany

* The pattern is always the same: the police try to arrest a Muslim thug and are immediately surrounded by a mob of militant, fanatical Muslims, who are ready to attack and sometimes set police- cars. even ambulances, on fire. In France and Germany police have been beaten an shot up. 

German authorities are reporting that, within their cities, areas now exist where police fear to tread. In many German urban areas drug dealing, theft, brawls, and assaults on police officers are the order of the day. The problem is becoming so severe police scarcely dare enter some quarters except in strength, while in others they concentrate on their own safety first.      

 But this is old news to French law enforcement officials. The 2005 riots woke France up to the fact that an anti-civilization had arisen in the “banlieues” (housing projects), which surround major French cities. Populated mainly by immigrants from North and West Africa, many with a Muslim background, they are known as places of anger and aggression towards anyone who represents “official” France.

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