Rape me, Mr Taliban. But will you respect me in the morning?


2de790c499What’s next Joanie? Taliban porn flicks?

Like her fellow journalists Yvonne Ridley and Beverly Giesbrecht, Dutch leftist Joanie de Rijke was kidnapped by Islamic extremists.

Ridley converted to Islam (and sometimes writes to us on this blog telling us what a great ‘journalist she is…)

Giesbrecht (claims she) faces beheading. But it looks more and more like she is helping the Taliban  to make a fast buck…

And as for de Rijke: 

She was held captive, raped repeatedly, and released after six days for a ransom of 100,000 euros. 

But, hey, no hard feelings: 

After her ordeal, she acknowledged that her captors “did horrible things to me,” but added in several media interviews “They also respected me,” and emphasized “They are not monsters.” 

Read on. As you do, imagine de Rijke’s comments – and global reaction – if the events she describes had happened inside, say, Abu Ghraib.

Pakistan: Taliban kidnaps 400 people

Waki Paki Talib News:

* Must be ‘moderates’- if it was radicals they would have killed them all by now, right? Lets see if we can talk it out with them, lets send Hillarity Clitman or Peanut Khadr to talk some sense into these people:

‘Umdat al-Salik, a manual of Islamic law endorsed by Al-Azhar University, the most respected institution in Sunni Islam, says that hostages can be killed, exchanged for ransom, enslaved, or released, depending on what is best for the Muslim community (o9.14).

“Taliban abduct hundreds in Pakistani tribal region,” by Ashraf Khan and Nahal Toosi for Associated Press, June 1 (thanks to Pamela) via Jihad Watch:

Taliban goes house to house demanding boys for grooming as suicide bombers

And the boys insist they are not being brainwashed: “Some hypocrites say that we are doing this for money — or because of brainwashing – but we are told by Allah to target these pagans.”

“Taliban grooming teens as suicide bombers: Report,” from the Times of India, May 31:

Iran blames U.S. for mosque bombing, but shuts border with Pakistan

Indicating that behind the propaganda, someone there has a clearer idea of what kind of jihad was really being waged in the attack.

“Iran shuts its border with Pakistan,” by Saleem Shahid for Dawn,

Taliban terrorizes 2,000 villagers as human shields

H/T eye on the world:

Is living under the Sharia great or what?

taliban1(Times Online) TALIBAN militants who have seized swathes of North West Frontier Province in Pakistanhave inflicted a reign of terror on villagers, landowners and the police, using kidnapping, looting, pillaging and murder to impose their will.

* Damn. Where is Sherifa Zuhur when you need her? Don’t these ignorant Taliban folks know that kidnapping is totally un-Islamic?

Yesterday, as Pakistani forces stepped up their campaign to retake territory in the districts of Buner, Dir and Swat, it emerged that in one Taliban-controlled village, Pir Baba in Buner, the militants were holding 2,000 people as human shields in case the army attacked.

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Al-Qaeda group in threat to kill British hostage unless Abu Qatada freed

* Kidnapping and hostage taking  is, as we all know, totally unislamic. Just ask Sherifa Zuhur from the U.S. army college, she will straighten you out, you Islamophobe, you:

Times Online, H/T ZIP

Al-Qaeda in North Africa has threated to kill a British hostage unless the UK government releases Abu Qatada, a radical Muslim preacher in custody in a British jail.

abuqatada160                                           Zebiba Man Abu Qatada

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Kidnapping is "un-Islamic"

 Somali pirates seize another US shipimages83Hmmm…do you think maybe the jihadi pirates just aren’t scared of the US military under the command of Barack Obama? 

“Somali pirates capture US tug,” from Agence France-Presse

Not to worry; kidnapping is un-Islamic!

* That is what Sherifa Zuhur, an Islamic enemy agent, is teaching unsuspecting young recruits at the US-Army College. WoJ-readers know of course that the reality is quite different, as we can see here:

Eighteen Hindu girls kidnapped and “converted” to Islam

One of these girls, after allegedly converting freely and marrying her abductor, was soon thereafter hurled to her death from the third-floor of a building. This story is also revealing of the psychology of kidnappers and ransom-seekers: “Three Hindus were kidnapped in Salih Pat. The kidnappers demanded Rs1.5 million as ransom. When the relatives sold their property to pay the ransom money, the abductors increased the original amount to Rs2.5 million. As the poor relatives were not in a position to pay the ransom, the abductors killed Mahender Kumar on the Hindus’ religious festival (Holi) recently ‘as if to present a ‘gift’ to us.'”

“Minority legislator speaks up on kidnappings, conversions,” by Imtiaz Ali for The News, April 10: via JW

Pakistan: Muslim men who gang-raped a 13 year-old Christian girl are declared “innocent”

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Somalia: Islamic pirates rape, and impregnate, Canadian captive

Don’t these kidnappers know that taking captives for ransom is totally unislamic? Why don’t we sent Sherifa Zuhur to straighten these misguided Muslims out and put them on the right track?

Somali pirates currently hold 700 hostages… (seems to be the only industry there is..)

 CBS-tart Katie Couric just disabused her listeners that Somali pirates only resort to piracy for “lack of other economic opportunities”- how can we get her to go to Somalia to give us a first hand report and a piece of the action?

Desperately missing home

She was trying to find refuge in a mosque?  She must be a red hot moonbat.   Next thing you know she marries her rapist and keeps the ransom…

Her kidnappers demand 2.5 million as ransom. Lets make a deal: Instead of returning the Somali-Canadian terrorist just arrested back to Canada, Somalia can keep him and return in his stead these captive Canadians to Canada. Something of an even swap.

Canada returns the “Hawiye kidnap Canadian journalist is pregnant,” from TFSF, April 8 (thanks to JW):

Related: * British moonbat journalism student gang-raped by Muslim ‘refugees’ in Calais

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Taliban: you can get Khadija at a discount now!

Taliban Wants $375,000 For Kidnapped Canadian Taliban Supporter

* That’s down from $ 1.5 million!


Sheik reported:

* Could Beverly (Khadija Abdul Qahaar) Giesbrecht’s Kidnapping in Pakistan Be A Jihad’s Scam?

* Afghanistan: update on the Giesbrecht Kidnapping

From Jawa Report:

Canadian Beverly Giesbrecht aka Khadija Abdul Qahaar ran the pro-terrorist “Jihad Unspun” website. She’s scum of the earth, tough shit she was kidnapped.

Apparently the Taliban have tired of her and want money to get her off their hands or something like that. She so loves terrorists

BANNU, PAKISTAN and VANCOUVER — Taliban insurgents active in Pakistan’s lawless tribal region have offered to free a Canadian woman held since November in return for a $375,000 (U.S.) ransom. 

The demand came in an interview near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border with Qari, a man who preferred to identify himself only by his first name.

Qari says he’s a close aide of Gul Bahadur, the Taliban head in the volatile North Waziristan region who is alleged to be responsible for the kidnapping of Beverly Giesbrecht, a West Vancouver woman who was in the area working as a freelance journalist.

Karma, Beverly, Karma.

Sheik comments: it is more than likely that Khadija sees this as her personal jihad in order to finance the Taliban. It is unlikely that she has really been kidnapped or that the Taliban will kill her if ransom is not paid. We should ignore it and leave her where she is.

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Upholding Slavery? Yemeni Activists Put Judge on Trial

A judge in Yemen recently presided over a bizarre legal transaction: the sale of a human being from one master to another. But Yemeni human rights activists blew the whistle on this legalized slave trade – and now the judge himself faces a disciplinary hearing. (Full story) 

Sudan: aid workers kidnapped

* Quick, call Sherifa Zuhur from the US army college! Kidnapping is totally un-Islamic, isn’t it, Sharifa? How are we going to explain that to these headbangers who give Islam a bad image?

Sudanese “bandits” demand ransom for kidnapped aid workers — or else

           One of the kidnapped — in a former -moonbat- life

Kidnappers of ‘Doctors without Borders’ Demand ICC Drop War Crimes Charges against Bashir…

Islamic Countries Most Likely to Torture Human Rights Activists…

For the record, here’s Serge Trifkovic on the role of kidnappings in Islamic history and the sunna of Muhammad:

Having established himself as the ruler of Medina, Muhammad attacked the Jewish tribe of Banu-‘l-Mustaliq in December of A.D. 626. His followers slaughtered many Jewish tribesmen and looted thousands of their camels and sheep. They also kidnapped 500 of their women. The night after the battle Muhammad and his brigands staged an orgy of rape. As one of the brigands, Abu Sa’id Khudri, later remembered, a legal problem needed to be resolved first: In order to obtain ransom from the surviving Jews for the captive women, Muslims had pledged not to violate them: 

We were lusting after women and chastity had become too hard for us, but we wanted to get the ransom money for our prisoners. So we wanted to use the Azl [coitus interruptus]. We asked the Prophet about it and he said: “You are not under any obligation not to do it like that [contained in Sahih Bukhari, second only to the Koran in authority].”

“Sudan says ‘bandits’ kidnapped aid workers,” from AFP, March 13, from JW

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Soldiers kill kidnapper, rescue hostage in Philippines

Earth Times

Where is Sherifa Zuhur, when we need her?  Sherifa, would you please explain why these good Muslims didn’t get the message that kidnapping and hostage taking is un-Islamic? Could you tell us what the Koran and the hadith sez about hostage taking, will you?

Soldiers kill kidnapper, rescue 7-year old boy in Philippines

Zamboanga City, Philippines – Government troops rescued a kidnapped 7-year-old boy and killed one of his captors Tuesday in the southern Philippines, a Marine commander said. Brigadier General Rustico Guerrero said the boy was kidnapped by two motorcycle-riding gunmen in front of his house in Isabela City in Basilan province, 900 kilometres south of Manila.

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Kidnappers threaten American abducted in Pakistan

*  Quick, call Sherifa Zuhur! Let her explain to the Taliban who hold him in captivity that their activity is totally un-Islamic! Devout Muslims they all are, are they not? Why not go on behalf of Islam and straighten them out, Sherifa? What could be more convincing?

Fox guarding chicken-coop alert: the scandal of employing enemy agent Sherifa Zuhur to teach at U.S. Army War College

We got mail from… Sherifa Zuhur!

Hamas Supporter Sherifa Zuhur Plays Grievance Theater at the Army War College

By ABDUL SATTAR, Associated Press


                           Upcoming beheading:  John Solecki

QUETTA, Pakistan – Kidnappers threatened on Friday to kill an American employee of the United Nations within 72 hours and issued a grainy video of the blindfolded captive saying he was “sick and in trouble.” A letter accompanying the video delivered to a Pakistani news agency said the hostage, John Solecki, would be killed unless authorities released 141 women it said were being held in Pakistan.

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