Philippines: Muslim Rebels Abduct Two More Men

* Not that this has anything to do with Islam: of course not. Real Muslims wouldn’t do a thing like that. That is, if we were to believe Sherifa Zuhur, who is pulling the Islamic wool over the eyes and ears of young students at the US War College.


Sherifa wouldn’t want them to know that kidnapping and abduction has a 1400 year-old tradition in Islam, practiced by Muhammad and his gang of marauding murderers and thieves, even glorified in Koran & hadith, as we can see here:

 We went out with Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) on the expedition to the Bi’l-Mustaliqand took captive some excellent Arab women; and we desired them, for we were suffering from the absence of our wives, (but at the same time) we also desired ransom for them. So we decided to have sexual intercourse with them but by observing ‘azl (Withdrawing the male sexual organ before emission of semen to avoid conception). But we said: We are doing an act whereas Allah’s Messenger is amongst us; why not ask him? So we asked Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him), and he said: It does not matter if you do not do it, for every soul that is to be born up to the Day of Resurrection will be born. (Sahih Muslim, Book 008, Number 3371)

Abu Said al-Khudri said: The apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) sent a military expedition to Awtas on the occasion of the battle of Hunain. They met their enemy and fought with them. They defeated them and took them captives. Some of the Companions of the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) were reluctant to have intercourse with the female captives in the presence of their husbands who were unbelievers. So Allah, the Exalted, sent down the Quranic verse, ‘And all married women (are forbidden) unto you save those (captives) whom your right hands possess’. That is to say, they are lawful for them when they complete their waiting period. (Sunan Abu Dawud, Volume 2, Number 2150) More…

* There is, of course, much, much more. Like the million white women who were abducted from the shores of Europe over a millennium, when the Muhammedan pirates raided the European coast regularly for ‘booty’  For Sharifa Zuhur, or any Muslim, to deny that kidnapping, rape and abduction is not glorified in Islam is in fact denying Islam itself. We don’t think Sharifa Zuhur is such a bad Muslim that she denies Islam. But she obviously has other reasons to sugarcoat the Islam she teaches to those young recruits at the US War College.

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Afghanistan: Talibs grab a New York Slimes Reporter


Afghanistan: American journalist kidnapped by Taliban/but he is their friend, he is on their side/ed

Kabul, 11 Nov. (AKI) – By Syed Saleem Shahzad – An American journalist was kidnapped by Taliban militants in the Afghan province of Logar, located 60 kilometres south of the capital Kabul. David Rohde, a journalist working for the US daily The New York Times, was abducted along with his driver and interpreter by a Taliban group known as Siraj Haqqani and has been taken to eastern Afghanistan, sources told Adnkronos International (AKI). 

War-torn Afghanistan has seen a surge in kidnappings of foreigners by Taliban militants recently. On Monday, Canadian journalist Mellissa Fung was freed in Kabul after being held in captivity for four weeks by militants.

Egypt: Freed European hostages heading home

CAIRO, Egypt (CNN) — Some of the 11 European tourists and their Egyptian guides kidnapped 10 days ago and released unharmed Monday have left an Egyptian hospital and are headed home, officials said.

A picture from television footage of the hostages landing at an Egyptian military base.  

A picture from television footage of the hostages landing at an Egyptian military base.

* Looks like Egypt is very eager to save its tourist industry. In some cases money talks louder than Islamic terrorism….

Most of the five Germans, five Italians and one Romanian will have left the country by Tuesday, said Egyptian Tourism Ministry spokeswoman Omayma el-Huseini.

They were shown on Egyptian TV on Monday arriving at a military base near the capital, Cairo. Some clutched bouquets of flowers as they stepped off a military aircraft.

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Egypt: Kidnappers 'demand $10.5m'

* Piracy, kidnapping & hostage taking: traditional Muhammedan business:

             Newslink      U.S. navy tanker under apparent pirate attack off Somalia

BANDITS  Islamic terrorists who kidnapped 19 tourists and Egyptians in the desert have asked for Germany to be responsible for paying a ransom of six million euros ($A10.54 million), an Egyptian security official said today.

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Piracy, kidnapping and hostage taking: the age-old Muhammedan tradition continues

Egyptian Kidnappers Demanding Ransom For Abducted European Tourists…….

with thanks to Thundra Tabloids
It’s an act that has been repeated over the centuries. That being: European travelers are abducted and held for ransom by their Muslim captors, who then expect the Europeans back home to caugh up theransom jizya money.   


At least 15 people, including 11 foreign tourists, are reported to have been kidnapped in southern Egypt.
The tourists were said to be five Italians, five Germans and a Romanian, while four Egyptians were also said to have been seized.

Who are these people?


* Who, in his right mind, would voluntarily go to an Islamic nightmare country, a dreck-hole that has seen nothing but uncivil war for more than 20 years, a country that is ruled by war-lords and anarchy, knowing that he or she would be nothing more than a target for kidnapping?

* We have seen a few of these cases before, like the Italian commie ratbag Segrena, accurately depicted here at Jawa report:

 Giuliana Sgrena is a propagandist for the Communist daily rag Il Manifesto. Her writings do not reveal a bias, they reveal that Sgrena is an enemy of the United States of America and responsible for supporting terrorists and the murder of American soldiers and civilians.

* We do not imply that Mr Brennan, Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout are commie-moonbats who are on the side of our enemies, but their folly is of concern.

What was their intention? What were they looking for? Whose side are they on?

Al Jazeera video

The footage aired on Al Jazeera reportedly shows kidnapped Australian journalist Nigel Brennan and a Canadian companion

*  So yes: who are the people for whom we are  made to feel sorry now? Check these reports and come back to us if you know more than we do:

Newslink: Jihadists force closure of Mogadishu airport

  • Australian authorities investigating footage
  • Thought to show kidnapped Aussie Nigel Brennan
  • Brennan “well mentally and physically”

AUSTRALIAN authorities are investigating video footage reported to be of Australian journalist Nigel Brennan and a Canadian companion kidnapped in Somalia.

The footage, showing 35-year-old Mr Brennan, Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout, 27, and their translator and guide, Somali reporter Abdifatah Mohammed Elmi, has been aired on Al Jazeera television, Reuters reported. 

More from News Com

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Islam is what Muslims do…

*  Muhammedans have 1400 years of tradition in kidnapping and rape and are unlikely to abandon the practice anytime soon. Besides, the rape of infidel women is sanctioned in the Koran and the sunnah, the meshugga ‘prophet’ practised it and encouraged his murdering, marauding compagnons to do the same. Since Muhmmad ( uswa hasana, al insan al kamil….) was the perfect man who has given the ummah ‘a beautiful pattern of conduct’  (Qur’an, al-Ahzab 33:21) we will see more of this. 

Pakistan: One of kidnapped Christian girls allowed to go home

*  Afghanistan: Self-immolation on the rise among women

*  Saudi Arabia: 8-year-old files for divorce

The judge has ruled in favor of returning the the younger sister to her parents’ custody. But in the case of the older one, while her relatives have official documents that put her age at 13, “the court has accepted expert testimony that she is over 16 years old, and therefore capable of marrying ‘of her own will’.” An update on this story. “Christian girl, kidnapped and converted by Muslims, returned to family,” by Qaiser Felix for Asia News thanks to DW, September 10:

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