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Moe's inner strugglers…

Philippines: Jihad against 78-year-old Irish priests

Mindanao Jihad Update. Under Sharia law, non-Muslims may not propagate their religions. Since the imposition of Islamic law is the aim of these jihadists, and of all jihadists, this elderly priest became a target for abduction. “Irish priest seized in Mindanao,” from BBC News, via JW

Blast near Pakistan’s Swat valley kills 32

pakistan_1499471cSoldiers take their positions outside the main gate of the Pakistan army headquarters after the attack

Many Killed in Pakistan Swat Valley Bomb Attack

Breed faster:Turkish PM Encourages Higher Birthrate for ‘More Power’…


Recently Turkish PM Erodgan canceled a joint military exercise with Israel, to show Turkey’s support of Palestine. His next move was to tell the people of Turkey to have more children. I am sure that neither of these actions have anything to do with the worldwide jihad.  Islam in Action has more>>>

Hamburg’s Terror Cell: (FrontPage Magazine)
al-Qaeda is making in-roads in Germany, which is quickly becoming yet another weak link in the battle against Islam.

Germany: 50% think Muslims don’t want to/can’t integrate/Dr Sarazzin’s comments see here and here.  Dr Thilo Sarrazin said that he “doesn’t have to accept anyone who lives off the state, rejects this state, doesn’t care properly for the education of his children and constantly produces new little head-scarf girls”.

Young Jihadis Wait for Martyrdom (Telegraph)
Even Muslim troops in their own country are “occupiers” according to these devoted soldiers of Allah in Pakistan.


Iran Gives Another Three The Death Penalty for Crime of Free Speech While Obama decries Election Fraud in Afghanistan

4,000 foreigners join Taliban, minister says


KABUL – Thousands of foreign fighters have poured into Afghanistan to bolster the Taliban insurgency, the country’s defense minister said Saturday as he called for more international troops. AP

Snake in the house: Fareed Zakaria advises Obama on a "post American" world

Let’s buy off the Taliban!

Since it purportedly works so well in other contexts, why not line the coffers of the Taliban too? Isn’t it poverty that motivates them, anyway?

Here on Winds of Jihad we exposed  the smarmy, slimy CNN-News-wipe Muslim Fareed Zakaria, on quite a few occasions: Zakaria was born in Mumbai, India to a Muslim family. His father, Rafiq Zakaria, was a politician associated with the Indian National Congress and an Islamic scholar.

Infiltration Watch

More of the same:

obamazakariaThe Obama-bastard with Zakaria’s manual on how to destroy America (faster)

The troops are getting restless:

WTF are we fighting for?


Unfortunately, the kumbaya crowd cannot get enough of little Fareed.  It is disheartening that 8 years after 9/11 our enemies have infiltrated every level of government and even cook the news for us:

“The Way Out of Afghanistan: We need to buy off our enemies” –– Jizya madness at Newsweek by Fareed Zakaria, September 12, via JW:

It’s time to get real about Afghanistan. Withdrawal is not a serious option. The United States, NATO, the European Union, and other nations have invested massively in stabilizing the country over the past eight years, and they will not–and should not–abandon it because the Taliban is proving a tougher foe than anticipated. But it’s also time for the Obama administration to get real about the country…

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NATO Air Strike Sends Scores of Taliban to Virgins

Guardian for Muslims/ James Sturcke

Middle East:

Nato air strike in Afghanistan kills scores

Nato_attack_1201430cTabari IX:69 – “Killing disbelievers Taliban is a small matter to us (Muslims) (disbelievers)”

At least 90 dead, including 40 civilians, in strike on fuel tankers hijacked by Taliban, officials say

At least 90 people, including 40 civilians, have been killed in northernAfghanistan after Nato launched an air strike on two fuel tankers hijacked by the Taliban, officials said today.

Militants seized the two trucks, which were delivering jet fuel to Nato forces, around midnight. The alliance launched the strike in Kunduz province as the Taliban fighters tried to drive the vehicles across a river, the police chief Gulam Mohyuddin said.

Afghan officials said the attack had killed 90 people, including 40 civilians. The provincial governor, Mohammad Omar, told Reuters the dead included villagers who had gathered to collect fuel from the tankers.

Nato confirmed there was an air strike in Kunduz overnight.

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Caught In The Act

Baitullah Mehsud is not undead. As a matter of fact, he is very dead.

Not only  was he roasted with his pants down, but he was said to have been  right in his “tilt”- what a way to go. One could be envious…

Desire for son led to Baitullah Mehsud’s death: Report

LONDON: A desperate wish for a son may have led to the death of Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud, a British newspaper reported on Sunday. More>>

Shootout reported among Pakistani Taliban members discussing successor to Baitullah Mehsud

An update on this story. During this crisis of leadership, opportunity knocks for Pakistan to press the advantage in dislodging the Taliban from its western provinces. Will they follow through, or hope for more “moderate” leadership this time? “Pakistani Taliban appears in turmoil after shootout,” by Nasir Jaffry for Agence France-Presse, August 9:

Huh? Not dead?

Jihad leader Mehsud ain’t dead, he’s just hiding, says Taliban

Jihadists never die, they just smell funny…

And he may be, too. After all, the most famous Undead Jihadist, Osama bin Laden, was widely rumored in 2003 and 2004 to be enjoying his virgins, only to turn up again just before the election to cast his vote for John Kerry. Only time will tell.

An update on this story. “Baitullah Mehsud alive, in hiding: Pakistan Taliban,” from the Economic Times, August 8


Top’s not off either…

Tim Blair – Sunday, August 09,

Earlier reports of terrorist Noordin Mohammed Top’s eradication may be wrong, although some remain convinced:

“The man shot dead in ?Temanggung is Noordin,” a senior anti-terror officer involved in the operations told the New Sunday Times.

“We are now waiting for DNA tests, expected within a week, for a?100 per cent positive confirmation of Noordin’s identity.”


Another top anti-terror officer said the dead person is not Noordin but Boim Ibrahim, a suspect in the July 17 twin bombings of the JW Marriott and Ritz- Carlton Hotel.

Doubts over the identity of the dead idiot now awaiting an autopsy in Jakarta arose following publication of post-shootout photographs:

Pictures that began circulating several hours after the raids suggested the corpse flown to the national police hospital in Jakarta yesterday afternoon did not resemble police photographs previously published of Top.

Comparisons are rendered slightly difficult by the fact that Top (or Boim, the non-Top) is currently missing the top of his head. He’s topless. Terrorism analyst Sidney Jones:

“Apparently, he’s not dead,” said Ms Jones. “The legend continues.”

Negotiating with the Taliban is a policy of defeat

People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.

Benjamin Franklin

obama-as-hussein-of-america-dale-toons-via-gateway-pundit6The Manchurian candidate Abu Hussein Obama is laughing is ass off as American and allied troops are being killed and maimed in Iraq and Afghanistan:


As we said here the other day: “The truce is long dead, but now the region is stuck with the implementation of Sharia that occurred as a result of the truce.” And the now-arrested Sufi Muhammad, who brokered that agreement with the Taliban, most definitely got what he wanted.

“Sharia is still the law of reference in the districts of North-West Frontier,” by Fareed Khan for Asia News, July 29 via JW:

Shem’s latest cartoon came just in time:


Negotiating with the Taliban is a policy of defeat

By Nile Gardiner/Telegraph UK

David Miliband’s speech on Afghanistan at NATO headquarters yesterday sent completely the wrong message to our enemies. The foreign secretary called for a political deal with so-called moderate elements of the Taliban in an effort to split the insurgency:

“First, a political strategy for dealing with the insurgency through reintegration and reconciliation. That means in the long term an inclusive political settlement in Afghanistan, which draws away conservative Pashtun nationalists – separating those who want Islamic rule locally from those committed to violent jihad globally – and gives them a sufficient role in local politics that they leave the path of confrontation with their government.”

In effect Miliband is saying that Britain and the United States must be willing to place cooperative, supposedly more reasonable wings of the Taliban back in local power in Afghanistan. This would be like putting the Nazis back in office after the fall of Berlin or the Khmer Rouge in charge of Cambodia again. No matter how much spin is placed on this negotiating strategy, it smacks of defeatism and appeasement, and a failure to place the conflict in Afghanistan within the broader context of a global war against a brutal Islamist ideology that seeks the destruction of the West and the free world.

Why negotiate with moderate Taliban if we’re “winning?”

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Muslim POTUS: "Victory Not Necessarily Goal in Afghanistan"

WTF are we fighting for? The Shariah?

big-spending-negro19               We are fighting a “War of Assistance” now!

“We are confident that if we are assisting the Afghan people and improving their security situation, stabilizing their government, providing help on economic development … those things will continue to contract the ability of Al Qaeda to operate. And that is absolutely critical,” Obama told ABC News.  More from Foxnews


Long War Journal:

Weasel Links:

Newsweek Cover: Fareed Zakaria: Radical Islam a fact of life. Live with it….

Obama is a big fan of the Islamo agit Prop Fareed Zakaria. He believes in a “post American world”… besides, we’re already living with Islamic terror in our midst…

A Torrent Of Targets

July 24, 2009: The al Qaeda and Taliban leadership in Pakistan are having a growing problem with American UAV attacks. So far this year, the American Hellfire missiles have been used 31 times, causing 365 deaths (mostly al Qaeda or Taliban members, including over twenty senior leaders).


Yemeni Police Massacre Protesters- 16 Killed

In the largest single death toll to date, 16 southern protesters were killed in Zanzibar Abyan when police opened fire on thousands of demonstrators. Numerous reports indicated that the wounded were left on the streets with police shooting at those who tried to retrieve them. Dozens of others were treated at hospitals.

Jawa Report


Taliban buy children, transform them into suicide bombers

Why can’t we buy children and turn them into suicide bombers? Would that be “unfair?”  Fighting hate with hate makes us just like the terrorists, right?  Can we a UN ruling on this?

*  Hey. but isn’t suicide bombing un-Islamic?  Can anybody prove that the Koran says you should blow yourself up to please Allah? How can we educate these misunderstanders of the Religion of Peace that Islam is peaceful? How can we get “to the bottom of it?” Isn’t there a ‘scientific method?’

Add that to the list of indoctrinating and kidnapping children into becoming suicide bombers. “Taliban buying kids for Rupees 5 lakh to act as suicide bombers, says Rehman Malik,” from theNew Kerala,  via JW

Islamabad, June 16 : The Taliban is buying children for 500,000 to 2.5 million rupees to convert them into suicide bombers, and execute barbarous terrorist activities, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik has revealed…

littlesacrifices                           Blood-cult or culture of death?

Here you can listen to sheik yer’mami’s song ‘Philistine child’ on MP3 player, loads instantly….chk chk- booommm…!!!

JW News:

Taliban Chief: "A black Ass Has Taken Over…"

No Multiculti-befuddlement in Talibanistan:

Emir of Taliban Militants in Pakistan’s Tribal District of South Waziristan: ‘Our Jihad Isn’t Limited to Pakistan and Afghanistan’ – That Division is Created By the Jews; ‘I Have Declared Voting As Illegitimate’; Pakistan Is Not An Islamic Government – It Has Helped the Jews and Christians; ‘[In America,] One White Ass Has Gone, A Black Ass Has Taken Over’; ‘In 2010, American Will Be Torn To Pieces’

  • Magic Negro POTUS: just another black ass for the Taliban?



In an interview held in late February 2009 with Al-Qaeda’s media arm, Mullah Nazeer Ahmad, the Emir of the Taliban Mujahideen in Pakistan’s tribal district of South Waziristan, stated that the Taliban’s jihad will not stop after the U.S. leaves Afghanistan. Ahmad further stressed that the Taliban’s jihad is not limited to Pakistan and Afghanistan, as its objectives are global.

Mullah Nazeer Ahmad also warns that there will be vengeance for the deaths of clerics killed during former Pakistani president Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s 2007 Red Mosque operation in Islamabad.

The interview was conducted in the Urdu language, and published with English subtitles on the Internet by Al-Sahab, the media arm of Al-Qaeda. A reference to the unity of Taliban groups led by Baitullah Mehsud, Mullah Nazeer Ahmad, and Hafiz Gul Bahadur dates the interview to sometime after late February 2009, when the three commanders announced the formation of Shura Ittihad Al-Mujahideen, with Mullah Omar as Emir. [1]

Following are excerpts from the interview: [2]

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She prayed to Allah, and everyone "really relaxed…"

* “Taliban respected me as they raped me” and, like a good dhimmi:  “they allowed me to live…”


 An update on  Dutch journo Joanie de Rijke, who went to buy bananas from the Taliban, but instead got captured and raped: but not to worry, she says, it was all good: they They also respected me,” and emphasized “They are not monsters.”


Andrew Bolt:

De Rijke – along with most of the Dutch political elite – is furious with Geert Wilders, (for telling the truth about the moral decline of our elites in parliament)  but not terribly convincing in denying his accusations of Stockholm syndrome:

De Rijcke (sic), 43, was kidnapped in November in the town of Sarubi, some 50 kilometres from Kabul. She was kept prisoner for six days and raped repeatedly by a Taliban leader, Ghazi Gul. But she wrote in a book; “I do not want to portray the Taliban as monsters, nor am I angry with Ghazi Gul. After all, he allowed me to live.”

De Rijcke now sounds a different note. ”I am indeed very angry with the perpetrators. I am furious with my abductors and rapists. All the things Wilders is saying are completely wrong,” said De Rijcke in Algemeen Dagblad Friday. “It is very, very painful. I am trying to recover from my trauma.”

Hmm. Her book cover picture alone does not seem to reflect a woman traumatised by an ordeal she’d rather forget:


                                What will she market next? The Taliban Kamasutra?

 Her interviews to promote it seemed remarkably relaxed, too, and utterly devoid of any anger or obvious sign of mental trauma. She instead talked freely of how “very religious” her captors were, how much “easier” the atmosphere in the camp was when she agreed to pray to Allah, how her captors had “told jokes” to relax her, how they’d done “nothing” physical to her, how they were engaged in a “religious” struggle”  (link to video, interview in Dutch, helaas)

*  Andrew Bolt asks the question: Is it possible to suffer fom Stockholm Syndrome when you already admire your captors before they even catch you?

Jawa report is onto it also:

It’s regularly contended that leftism is a mental health problem and, given de Rijke’s response to being savagely raped, it’s hard to dispute the contention. Denying reality is not healthy.

On the other hand, some have suggested that de Rijke suffered from Stockholm Syndrome and identified with her captors, instead of being blinded by an ultra-left ideological mindset. I’ll entertain the notion, however, experts contend that Stockholm Syndrome doesn’t usually apply to hostages who have been abused.