Hitler wore suits and kissed children, Hilali cooks for Ben Chubby from the Sydney Morning Herald

…Who promptly gives him a clean bill of health and writes  an astounding puff piece on Dark Ages terrorist-supporting hate cleric Taj al-Din al-Hilali:

The mufti we love to hate


Stirring the pot … Hilaly cooks dinner at his Greenacre home. He says he is happiest in the kitchen.
Photo: Bob Pearce

Age and experience have softened the outspoken Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly, who talks to Ben Cubby.

* Why would that be, Ben?

SINCE arriving on a tourist visa in 1982, and overstaying, Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly has lurched from scandal to opprobrium in a way that would have embarrassed Anna Nicole Smith. The holder of the disputed title of Mufti of Australia has politicians falling over each other to tell people how much they dislike him.

A stream of contentious public comments – comparing scantily clad women to uncovered meat, questioning the Holocaust, attacking the sentence given to the gang rapist Bilal Skaf and cracking jokes about Australia’s convict heritage – has given even potential supporters cause to edge away from the sheik.

* Glad you don’t have a problem with that, Ben. What did Hilali feed you? Hash cookies?

More recently, he has faced claims that donated Australian money which he passed on in Lebanon might have ended up with terrorist groups.

* Thats right. We’re waiting for the indictment…

Yet in parts of the Muslim community, especially among elements of Lebanese Australian society, support for Hilaly remains strong.

* Wasn’t he supposed to be sacked Ben? How come the support is so strong?

Away from the spotlight, Hilaly lives a relatively unglamorous life in the south-western suburbs of Sydney. The former sharia court judge is happiest in the kitchen, cooking. He adores his adopted country, he says.

* Why didn’t you ask a few questions about the flogging, the beheadings, and bout the sharia, Ben? Inquisitive Australian minds would love to know!

“I have fallen in love, after the age of 40, with a beautiful lady named Australia,” Hilaly told the Herald. “What many of those who do not know me, who are angered by some of my comments, are ignorant of, is that I am a person who loves literature, in particular satirical poetry.”

* The rest is just too embarrassing and to stupid to print, but read it all:

Here it is from the Sydney Morning Herald

Another One Bites the Dust

Good that he was shot- and how:


Abu Ayyub al-Masri

Update: Is he dead or is he not? Link to Jihad Watch here

With thanks to Andrew Bolt

What is hopeful is not just the alleged killing of al Qaida’s leader in Iraq, but the manner of his death:

The leader of al Qaeda in Iraq was killed on Tuesday in a fight between insurgents north of Baghdad, the Interior Ministry spokesman said, but the U.S. military said it could not confirm the report.

There has been growing friction between Sunni Islamist al Qaeda and other Sunni Arab insurgent groups over al Qaeda’s indiscriminate killing of civilians and its imposition of an austere brand of Islam in the areas where it holds sway.

The death is not confirmed, But what is true is that insurgent Sunni sheiks are now turning on al Qaida, which means more hope of a negotiated peace in Iraq.

And among other good news:

US forces also killed an al-Qa’ida kingpin who had sent 12-year-old Iraqi boys to their deaths as suicide car bombers. The US command claimed Muhammad Abdullah Abbas al-Issawi, the al-Qa’ida “security emir” in eastern Anbar province in Iraq and a former Zarqawi associate, was killed on April 20.


Here is another link from the Australian

Split in al-Qa’ida behind Masri hit


U.S. soldiers take up positions on the roof top of a house in reaction to sniper fire that hit their vehicles while on patrol in Mosul, northwest of Baghdad, April 29, 2007. (Stringer/Reuters)

In other news from Iraq: Reuters

Suicide bomber kills 20 at Iraq funeral

Sunni/Shia jihad update:


By Dean YatesMon Apr 30,

A suicide bomber wearing a vest packed with explosives killed more than 20 people when he blew himself up among mourners at a Shi’ite funeral north of Baghdad on Monday, Iraqi police said.

The attack took place inside a crowded mourning tent in the town of Khalis in volatile Diyala province, police said.

More than 35 people had been wounded, police said, adding they expected the death toll to rise.

Since U.S. and Iraqi forces launched a security crackdown in Baghdad in February, militants including al Qaeda have increasingly shifted the focus of their attacks outside the capital.

Diyala, a religiously mixed area, has been the scene of fierce fighting between U.S. troops and al Qaeda as well as Sunni Arab insurgents.

Five U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq over the weekend, raising the number of American troops killed this month to over 100 and making April one of the deadliest of the war for U.S. forces.

The toll could increase the pressure on U.S. President George W. Bush, who is fighting a plan by Democrats to set a timetable for withdrawing U.S. forces from Iraq.

Bush has vowed to veto a war spending bill from Democrats that requires combat troops to begin withdrawing by Oct 1. The Democrat-controlled Congress plans to send the bill to Bush on Tuesday.

The U.S. military said three soldiers and an Iraqi interpreter were killed by a roadside bomb in eastern Baghdad on Sunday. A Marine was killed in western Anbar province on Sunday.

Another soldier was killed by small arms fire in eastern Baghdad on Saturday, the military said.

The security crackdown in Baghdad is seen as a final attempt to halt Iraq’s plunge into all-out civil war between majority Shi’ites and once-dominant minority Sunni Arabs.

U.S. commanders acknowledge that the offensive, which has led to the deployment of thousands of extra troops on the streets, has increased the risk of military casualties.

Before the announcement of the latest deaths, the independent icasualties.org Web site had put the number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq in April at 99. Around half have been killed in and around Baghdad.

Some 3,350 U.S. troops and many tens of thousands of Iraqis have been killed since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.

April has also been a bad month for British forces.

Twelve have been killed in April, the highest number of casualties in a single month since March 2003, when 27 were killed in the opening days of the war.

British Defense Secretary Des Browne made an unannounced visit to Baghdad on Monday and met his Iraqi counterpart, the British embassy said.

(Additional reporting by Ibon Villelabeitia, Mussab Al-Khairalla, Waleed Ibrahim, Aseel Kami)

The Return of the Body Snatchers

New business Opportunities in Iraq:

Iraqi bomb victims’ bodies held for ransom

By Aqeel Hussein in Baghdad and Colin Freeman, Sunday Telegraph

Criminals in Baghdad are stealing corpses from the scenes of car bombings and murders in order to extract “ransoms” from grieving relatives.

In a macabre off-shoot of the capital’s kidnapping epidemic, the gangs pose as medics collecting bodies to be taken back to the city’s overflowing morgues.

Instead, though, they take the corpses to secret hiding places and then demand payments of up to £2,500 a time to release them to relatives for burial. Because Muslim custom dictates that a body must be buried as soon as possible after death, many families simply pay up, rather than involve the police.

The new racket in “dead hostage taking” is thought to be run by gangs connected to the city’s sectarian militias, many of whom are already involved in conventional kidnappings.

Iraqi police said the gangs often responded to car bombings, which can leave more than 100 corpses on the streets. In the chaos, police and army units seldom questioned the credentials of people posing as ambulance crews.

Captain Falah Saab al Mamouri, of Iraq’s Ministry of Interior, described how one such gang – since apprehended – operated. “They would look for bodies that had identity cards on them and then get in touch with the family.

“They would then ring the family of the dead person, tell them that their relative has been killed, and then demand between $3,000 and $5,000 to return the body.

“Once the family had handed the money over to a middle man, they would dump the corpse near the city morgue with the name written on a piece of paper which was pinned on the chest. Sooner or later someone would hand it over to the morgue, and the family would find it there.”

Read it all…

Bomb hits market in southern Thailand

By SUMETH PANPETCH, Associated Press Writer


AP Photo: Thai soldiers stand guard next to a burnt down school building in Pattani province, southern…

* No it was not a Buddhist bomb.

* In addition to the shooting, burning, and beheading reported yesterday in southern Thailand, “insurgents” wounded 20 people when they bombed a market.

Suspected Islamic insurgents in southern Thailand exploded a bomb at a busy night market and wounded 20 people Monday, police said. Earlier in the day, police found the bodies of two Buddhist villagers, one beheaded, apparently slain by Muslim rebels.

Similar handwritten messages were left after both attacks, saying they were revenge for a deadly weekend bombing at a mosque, police said.

Thailand is overwhelmingly Buddhist, but Muslims are a majority in the deep south, where they have long complained of discrimination. Since the Muslim rebellion flared up in early 2004, near-daily bombings, drive-by shootings and other attacks have killed more than 2,000 people.

Insurgents have targeted Buddhist civilians in what is believed to be an attempt to drive them from the area and to rouse animosity between followers of the two religions. Muslim citizens — especially those seen as collaborating with the government — also have been killed.

On Monday, a bomb hidden in the front basket of a motorcycle blew up in front of a Muslim food stall in the market, causing customers to flee in panic, police Lt. Somjit Nasomyon said. Four of the 20 wounded suffered serious injuries.

A message written in red ink said: “This is revenge for people in the mosque in Nong Chik (district) who were cruelly killed by the soldiers,” Somjit said.

The mosque bombing in the town of Hutae Bongor killed a Muslim man and injured three people.

The message suggested the attackers believed the culprits in the mosque attack were members of the security forces of Thailand’s Buddhist-dominated government. Authorities said they suspected the mosque attackers were Muslim militants bent on stirring up communal tension.

Earlier, two burned bodies, one of them headless, were found on a road, police Lt. Natachai Janpho said. He said they were apparently killed Sunday night.

A spray-painted message on the road near the bodies said: “This is revenge for Hutae Bongor,” Natachai said.


Today’s Video:

PA leader calls for killing of all Americans and Jews

The product of a sick culture, and proof of the naivety of those who think peace with such people can be reached just by talking:

Sheik Ahmad Bahr, acting Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, declared during a Friday sermon at a Sudan mosque that America and Israel will be annihilated and called upon Allah to kill Jews and Americans ”to the very Last One”…

The Hamas spokesperson concluded with a prayer, saying: “Oh Allah, vanquish the Jews and their supporters. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them all, down to the very last one. Oh Allah, show them a day of darkness. Oh Allah, who sent down His Book, the mover of the clouds, who defeated the enemies of the Prophet defeat the Jews and the Americans, and bring us victory over them.”

And a reminder: Arafat in his own words

Albanian Terrorists Announce Greece is Next

 Greater Albania Project Moves On


* Masked and armed Albanian terrorists threaten Greek region of Epirus, announcing the formation of a “Liberation Army of Chamuria.” Judging by the flags on the table, they are clearly aware who their allies are. 

* Comment from Jihad Watch Germany: The American flag on the table is probably a sign of gratitude to the warcriminals Clinton and Albright. 

According to an announcement on the Albanian-language website Dervina.com, a paramilitary formation named the Liberation Army of Chamuria (LAC) had appeared in the north Greek region of Epirus, along the border with Albania.

Using the same recipe for hijacking the land employed in Serbian Kosovo-Metohija province, beginning with the albanization of the name of the region, Albanians refer to the Greek Epirus as the Chamuria or Tchamuria. Along the information that the Albanian terrorist unit covering this region has been formed, the web site also offers two videos previously shown on the Albanian television News 24.

Before the video footage was shown, president of the Albanian municipality Himara in the Valona region of Albania, stated that Epirus in Greece, populated by the majority of ethnic Albanians, should be given autonomy.

Video recordings from the Dervina web site show eight masked and armed men, with UCC (Ushtria Clirimtare e Camerise in Albanian, or Liberation Army of Chamuria) acronym on their uniforms. One of them reads the statement about the formation of the UCC/LAC sitting at the table decorated with the USA and EU flags. On the walls behind, an Albanian flag and map of “Tchamuria” are hanged. (Video 1, Video 2)

According to the Serbian news agency Tanjug, media in Athens has called on the Greek government to sharply condemn the threats issued by Albanian terrorists and to request the information from Yahoo which hosts the web site about the location of the site’s web master.

Link from Byzantine Sacred Art Blog 

Religion of Peace Strikes Again in Thailand, OIC Advises Appeasement

* Because appeasement works, right?


* from LGF

Well, it certainly works for spreading Islam. Ever since a Muhammedan general putsched himself to power in Thailand the jihadi’s are laughing all the way to the 72 virgins:

Two Buddhists set ablaze in Thai Muslim south.

PATTANI, Thailand (Reuters) – Suspected Muslim militants beheaded a Buddhist man, shot dead his nephew and set both bodies on fire in Thailand’s rebellious far south, police and soldiers said on Monday.

The 30-year man and his 14-year-old nephew were killed in a Muslim village in Pattani, one of the three southern most provinces hit by three years of separatist violence in which more than 2,100 people have been killed.

The head was found 5 km away at a government school where three bombs were planted at the entrance, police Lieutenant Colonel Yuthakan Plienpoe told Reuters.

“They wanted to trap us with these bombs,” Yuthakan said by telephone. Mobile phone service was switched off in the area to prevent the bombs being set off by phone signals.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) advises more appeasement:

World Muslim body backs Thai policy on south.

BANGKOK, April 30 (Reuters) – The head of the world’s largest body of Islamic nations urged Thailand on Monday to stick to its soft approach to resolving a bloody insurgency in the Muslim-majority far south.

“We are encouraged by the new government’s policy toward the Muslim population,” Ekmeleddin Insanoglu, secretary general of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), told reporters.

“We support the measures taken by the government and we hope to cooperate for a better future,” he said after talks with Foreign Minister Nitya Pibulsonggram on unrest in which more than 2,100 people have been killed since January 2004.

* Of course they are ‘encouraged’ useful idiots are indeed very encouraging when they unwittingly facilitate the jihad.


According to reports from close sources of the Thai military intelligence, there is an alarming rise of Muslim women in the southern part of Thailand, who are carrying out the illegal activities of the Muslim insurgents.

From hard-core assassinations to being a mediator to gather support from the local villagers, they are helping the Muslim rebel groups in every possible way.

Bangkok Post reports of 30 Muslim women who are now carrying out major operations in the southernmost provinces of the nation.

All women, aged 22 to 28 years old, are members of the Muslim Separatist groups who have taken up arms after their male relatives were killed in military encounters.



Buddhists arming themselves against Islamic Insurgency 

The latest violence is a blow to the government’s hope of solving the problem.

The regime that took power following a military coup in September had vowed to make peace in the south a priority, distancing itself from ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s widely criticized reliance on heavy force.

But Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont’s softer approach and offers of negotiation have also failed and the violence has worsened despite government insistence that progress is being made.

Ban Bala is an example of a mixed community that had been peaceful and is now infected by the violence.

A few days after the van ambush, a Buddhist man in Ban Bala was shot dead in his home and two nearby houses were burned down, while three Muslim men were wounded in two separate shootings. Rumors spread that Muslim insurgents wanted to torch the temple.

Romali Jehheng, a 51-year-old Muslim in Ban Bala, said he had no idea whether vengeful Buddhists shot the three Muslims, but he is “afraid of everybody.” He said he has stopped visiting teashops, popular gathering places that have become terrorist targets.

Army spokesman Akara said 38 Muslim families, fearing revenge by Buddhists following a shooting incident, abandoned their homes in Yala province’s Bannang Sata district in February, and returned only after the authorities remonstrated with their suspicious neighbors.

The region is awash in firearms, thanks in part to the government.

Queen Sirikit bluntly urged people to defend themselves, and she sponsors arms training programs that cater almost exclusively to Buddhists. After the attack on the van her military aide, Gen. Napon Bunthap, quoted her as saying: “We have to help people there to survive. If they need to be trained, train them. If they need to be armed, arm them.”

In Ban Bala, some 400 village militia members, mostly Buddhists, share 140 shotguns they take out on patrol, according to village chief Prasit. The Interior Ministry has also trained and armed thousands of other civilians, Muslims and Buddhists alike, to defend their villages.

Many southerners have bought handguns and rarely leave home without them despite a ban on carrying unlicensed weapons in a public place.

The government is persisting with its peace effort. Visiting the south last week, Prime Minister Surayud said the government was considering offering the insurgents an amnesty, something the previous government rejected.

At the same time, he supported the arming of Buddhists to protect their families.

But the government’s inability to curb the violence is raising tempers. Lately, Buddhist mourners at funerals for insurgency victims have directed their fury against the authorities for failing to protect them.

“When state power does not function, people feel the responsibility to protect themselves and take justice into their own hands,” said Chaiwat Satha-anand, a political scientist at Bangkok’s Thammasat University.

Hamas leader warns of new Palestinian uprising

* Well, the last ‘uprising’ never ended, did it?

Over the last year the Pali Arab terrorists (many names may bless them!) have been going apes*#t over the Western resistance to paying the jiziyah, (the jiziyah is the Islamic extortion racket, the blackmailing, by which billions of Euro’s and dollars from western governments are transferred into a giant black hole, huge amounts of money, which Arafat and his gangster-companions made disappear magically.

Abbas shrugs and pretends he doesn’t know where the money went, but the Pal’s use it -as always- to buy weapons in order to keep Israel under siege) The Pal’s just can’t understand how the west can be so recalcitrant: After all they have democratically elected a terrorist organization, and how can those cursed infidels not respect that?

That calls for jihad, Jihad JIHAD!!!!

From Reuters, with thanks Jihad Watch

RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) – Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal warned Israel could face another Palestinian uprising unless conditions in the Gaza Strip and occupied West Bank improved.
* Let it be remembered that the conditions in the Gaza Strip and West Bank are of Hamas’ own making. The Israelis handed over the economy and infrastructure of Gaza to the “Palestinians,” including the greenhouses that were worth many millions. The Palestinians destroyed the greenhouses and used Gaza as a base for jihad attacks on Israel.

Meshaal told the Palestinian daily al-Ayyam in an interview published on Monday continuation of a Western economic embargo of the Palestinian government and military actions by Israel would “give notice to a huge explosion that would not only affect the Palestinians but also the entire region, especially the Zionist entity”.
“I warn and say that I see that the current situation is heading in the direction of the conditions that prevailed in the late 1990s … that paved the way for the al-Aqsa intifada,” Meshaal said. “I warn and under ‘warn’ I put many red lines.”


There are too many stories from Israel daily. We cannot possibly cover them all here. We have to leave most of it to Israeli bloggers and they’re doing a great job. We will keep an eye on the global jihad…

But we will continue with the most important stuff:

Fitzgerald: The “Palestinian” “refugees”

Arab and Muslim states, or governments, although they now ask Israel to surrender still more, created the so-called “Palestinian refugee” problem. These were not classic refugees, hounded out, but rather people who left a war zone, for an Arab assault was anticipated even in 1947. They were confident that they would soon be returning. The evidence for this, written and spoken, is overwhelming. However, very few people bother to consult that evidence. Or if they do, they dismiss it with hardly a moment’s thought, since it does not correspond to their own deeply imbedded misinformation. An army of Arab propagandists, speaking both directly and through their willing Western megaphones (such as Jimmy Carter, morally the worst of our presidents), have fed them that misinformation for decades now.

One of the staples of modern journalism is the “Arab” or, in a little nunc-pro-tunc updating, the “Palestinian” family that “returns” to Jaffa or Jerusalem to stare wistfully at their old house. I remember one case a few years ago where someone came to “stare” at his “old house” and it turned out that the “old house” had been built long after 1948, and on an empty plot.

Why is it, do you think, that you never have stories showing Jews who fled Syria, or Iraq, or Morocco, or Yemen, under threat of pogrom replacing the usual insecurity and daily humiliations of life as a Jew in a Muslim Arab land, visiting their “old houses”? After all, Baghdad early in the 20th century was the second Jewish city in Asia (after Jerusalem). What happened to all those “houses”? No, the Jews do not make a fuss, do not demand compensation, do not make their huge losses a source of constant, obsessive media attention and U.N. focus. In Israel they integrated the Jewish refugees from Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, and later from Iran, not to mention those who came from non-Arab and non-Muslim lands lands such as Ethiopia and Russia.

A Saudi columnist’s recent recognition that the so-called Arab refugees ought, more than 55 years after they left, be integrated into the Arab countries, is welcome — but it is 55 years late. And if it is being suggested as part of a campaign to force Israel, in turn, to surrender still more of the territory to which it is entitled, both under the specific terms of the Palestine Mandate and under all the rules that have governed the aftermath of wars (as a thousand examples in the past century demonstrate — start with Austria’s Sudtirol becoming Italy’s Alto Adige), then it is to be treated warily.

Read it all, click here

Pali Work Accident Report 

From the  ‘mysterious objects’  department

Of all the shady and bizarre terrorist organizations among the jihadi’s they have a

“PCHR -Palestinian Centre for Human Rights”

Don’t laugh! We have to take their report seriously:

Field Update
29 April 2007

One Palestinian Killed and 9 Others wounded Due to the Misuse of Weapons

In the past two days, one Palestinian has been killed and 9 others,
including a child, were wounded in separate incidents related to the misuse
of weapons in the Gaza Strip, in the context of the state of security chaos
and proliferation of weapons in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) .

According to investigations conducted by PCHR:

At approximately 03:30 on Sunday, 9 April 2007, 4 masked gunmen beat and
fired at Majed ‘Ali Tanneera, 43, near his house in Deir al-Balah town in
the central Gaza Strip. He was wounded by a gunshot to the left thigh.

At approximately 23:15 on Friday, 27 April 2007, Mohammed Khalil Hamdan, 25,
and Zaher Mousa Hamdan, from Beit Hanoun, were wounded by shrapnel
throughout the body, when a hand grenade, which the former mishandled,
exploded. The two were evacuated to the hospital, but medical efforts to
save Mohammed’s life failed.

Earlier on the same day, at approximately 19:00, Mahmoud Tayseer Saleem, 18,
from al-Shojaeya neighborhood in the east of Gaza City, was admitted into
Shifa’ Hospital as he was wounded by shrapnel throughout the body. He was
wounded in al-Nasser neighborhood in Gaza City, when a mysterious object he
mishandled exploded.

At approximately 14:30 on the same day, 7-year-old Ahmed Ziad al-Haitham was
wounded by a gunshot to the head coming from an unknown source, when he was
near his home in al-Nasser neighborhood in the north of Gaza City.

At approximately 22:20 on Thursday, ‘Emad Fayez al-Daoudi, 33, a police
officer, was admitted into Shifa Hospital in Gaza City as he was wounded by
a gunshot to the face. According to police sources, he was wounded when a
bullet was unintentionally unleashed from his colleague’s gun, when the were on duty guarding the house of the Minister of Interior in al-Jalaa’ Street in the center of Gaza City.

At approximately 20:00 also on Thursday, Ahmed Ussama al-Li, 20, was
admitted into Shifa Hospital in Gaza City as he was wounded by shrapnel to
the face and the hands, when a mysterious object he mishandled near his
house in al-Sabra neighborhood in the center of Gaza City exploded.

At approximately 15:30 on the same day, Yousef Mohammed ‘Aashour, 18, was
wounded by shrapnel throughout the body, when a mysterious object he
mishandled exploded in al-Tauffah neighborhood in the east of Gaza City.

At approximately 15:00 on the same day, Ahmed Mohammed Hijju, 18, and his
brother ‘Abdul Wahab, 28, from Deir al-Balah, were admitted into al-Aqsa
Martyrs Hospital in Deir al-Balah town, as each of them was wounded by a
gunshot to the left foot. According to police sources, the two brothers were
shot by their father
, and investigations are still ongoing.

PCHR is gravely concerned over increasing casualties resulting from the
misuse of weapons. PCHR calls upon the Palestinian National Authority,
represented by the Attorney-General, to investigate these incidents and
bring those who are found responsible to justice.

Public Document
For more information please call PCHR office in Gaza, Gaza Strip, on +972 8
2824776 – 2825893
PCHR, 29 Omer El Mukhtar St., El Remal, PO Box 1328 Gaza, Gaza Strip.
E-mail: pchr@pchrgaza.org, Webpage http://www.pchrgaza.org

Video: Five Sentenced in Islamic Bombing Plot

5 Islamic terrorists convicted today of plotting attacks with fertilizer bombs, with thanks to LGF

Fertilizer Bomb Verdict 1

Fertilizer Bomb Verdict 2

‘You Have Betrayed This Country’


* Yes, they have. But these guys have not been arrested yet: Londons terrorist sypathizing major ‘red’ Ken Livingstone, Terrorist supporter George ‘georgeous’ Galloway, and …. 

Updated; with thanks tho Mullah Lodabullah:

Five men have been jailed for life after being found guilty of planning a series of deadly bomb attacks in Britain in which a busy shopping complex and London’s Ministry of Sound nightclub were prime targets.


Anthony Garcia & Omar Khyam in Lahore in 2003

One of the plotters – Omar Khyam – had met the July 7 suicide bombers and boasted of working for the number three in al Qaeda.

Khyam, 25, from Crawley, West Sussex, had denied the charges against him in a year-long trial at the Old Bailey.

But after weeks of deliberating, the jury convicted him, Waheed Mahmood, 35, and Jawad Akbar, 23, from Crawley, West Sussex, Anthony Garcia, 25, of Barkingside, east London, and Salahuddin Amin, 32, of Luton, Bedfordshire of conspiracy to cause explosions with home-made fertiliser bombs.

Kyam’s brother Shujah Mahmood, 20, and Nabeel Hussain, 22, of Horley, Surrey, were found not guilty of conspiring to cause explosions between January 1, 2003 and March 31, 2004.

Ringleader Khyam and Garcia were also found guilty of possessing 600kg of ammonium nitrate fertiliser for terrorism, but Hussain was cleared.

Khyam was also found guilty of possessing aluminium powder for terrorism, but Shujah Mahmood was found not guilty.

Khyam, Garcia and Waheed Mahmood were told they would serve at least 20 years, while Amin and Akbar were told they would have to serve a minimum of 17 and a half years.


Khyam: Boasted of terror links

Sentencing, Judge Sir Michael Astill said that the plotters had planned to cause “indiscriminate death and suffering.”

He told the plotters: “You have betrayed this country that has given you every opportunity.”

He said that despite imposing minimum tariffs on the sentences, “all of you may never be released. It’s not a foregone conclusion.”

The judge also imposed concurrent eight-year sentences for the possession charges.

Only Akbar was in court to hear the sentences read out.

Home Secretary John Reid welcomed the verdicts but warned law enforcement agencies could never guarantee “100% success” in combating terror.

Home Secretary John Reid welcomed the verdicts but warned law enforcement agencies could never guarantee “100% success” in combating terror.

Hussain – one of the two cleared by the jury – said afterwards he felt as if he had been appearing in a film.

The solicitor for the convicted men, Imran Khan said his clients continued to protest their innocence.

He said the prosecution had been carried out in an “atmosphere of hostility against Muslims at here and abroad”.

“It is not an offence to be young, Muslim and angry,” he said.

* He didn’t tell us why they’re so angry


Five of the defendants plus Khyam

The seven defendants were arrested in March 2004 after more than half a ton of chemical fertiliser was found in storage in west London.

The prosecution alleged they were involved in a plot to bomb targets in Britain, including the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent, and to hit gas and electricity supplies.

David Waters QC said not everyone involved in the plot was before the court.

The terror cell was said to have schemed with Canadian Mohammed Momin Khawaja and American Mohammed Junaid Babar.

It can now be revealed that Mohammed Sidique Khan, the leader of the July 7 bombers, was a close associate of Khyam, at a time when he was one of Britain’s top terror targets.

The two met each other at least four times in England while Khyam was under surveillance by MI5 in the final stages of his plotting.

At one point they were even recorded by Security Service agents talking about terrorism.

Khyam also met another of the 7/7 suicide gang – Khan’s right-hand man, Shehzad Tanweer – while under surveillance by MI5.

Despite this, neither Khan nor Tanweer were classified as priority targets by the Security Service.

Both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have demanded a full inquiry to find out why. Had they been, it is argued the July 7 attacks could have been prevented.

* Looks like Sherlock Holmes was fast asleep

Karen Armstrong: Defender of the wrong faith

Damian Thompson at the Telegraph blogs has noticed Karen Armstrong’s light-on-truth review of Robert Spencer’s book The Truth About Muhammad,


and has written a stinging response, “Defender of the wrong faith”:

Holy Smoke and Mirrors


Karen Armstrong is a comically conceited feminist ex-nun who has assumed the duty of defending Islam from its critics. Yesterday’s Financial Times carried her review of an unflattering biography of Mohammed by the American Catholic scholar Robert Spencer.
Armstrong went ballistic. She is herself the author of a sanitised life of “the Prophet” (as she calls him, despite not being a believer) that she grandly offered as “a gift to the Muslim people”.

She accused Spencer of “writing in hatred” and said he “deliberately manipulates the evidence”. By the end of the day, Spencer had hit back online. Very hard. We have the beginnings of a mighty feud here, and I know whose side I am on.

According to Armstrong, “When discussing Mohammed’s war with Mecca, Spencer never cites the Koran’s condemnation of all warfare as an ‘awesome evil’.” There’s a reason for that, replies Spencer: the Koran doesn’t quite say that.

Writing on his website Jihadwatch yesterday, Spencer challenged his readers to find the relevant verse. Someone did. It’s 2:217, and it refers specifically to warfare in the “sacred month”, and then only to say that the prohibition can be set aside. So who is manipulating evidence here?

Armstrong reckons that descriptions of Islam that focus on its warlike origins are like “a description of Christianity based on the bellicose Book of Revelation that failed to mention the Sermon on the Mount.”

That is an unbelievably fatuous and sloppy analogy. The violence of Revelation springs from the imagination: it’s a literary apocalypse. It doesn’t describe any real events. Mohammed was a general whose army beheaded its captives: that’s a fact. The Muslim scriptures urge warfare against unbelievers and apostates; the Christian scriptures preach non-violence.


* We have long kept an eye on the barking mad Karen Armstrong and the rabid ‘revert’ Ivonne Ridley, we are watching Esposito & Co., and we will keep exposing those who aid and abet the enemy at a time of war.

We will continue to do so.

When reading through the comments section of this Damian Thompson article, you’ll find this:

a brief history

The silly comparisons most of you are indulging in seem to reiterate the sempiternal eurocentric mistake. You characterize the inhabitants of Muslim lands – and this is the big mistake of Mr. Spencer and the reason for which other scholars do not take him seriously – in a unidimensional facet. Everything they do seems to be because of their religion. You seem to forget that they are also human beings just like us who have invented things, written books, produced philosophy, music, movies and most of them go about living their lives, going to work and going to work, not worrying about your pseudo-theological quarrels.

To give you an example of the error you are committing, let us say that an ignorant Muslim regards the inhabitants of historically judeo-christian nations in the same unidimensional way. He might argue that Christianity was responsible for :

the Crusades,
the Inquisition,
the first, second, and third wars of religion,
but also the reign of terror,
the 100 year’s war,
World War I (20 million victims)
World War II (60 million victims)
and the list could go on and on and on

Now you might correctly argue that most of these wars were not religious and you might even debatably argue that even the wars of religion were not religious.

But why would the ignorant Muslim care, if they all happened in “Christian” nations? The moral here is that before you utter some nonsense, please read your history books before saying that Islam was responsible for :

“The Crusades – obviously
Iran/Iraq war

Most of the times, the reasons are geo-political, economic, or ethno-tribal. Religion is often used to rally the troops, and this is what Robert Spencer stubbornly fails to understand.

karen at 30 Apr 2007 19:50

And I wonder if that ‘karen’ is Karen Armstrong.

Posted by: Spirit Of 1683 at April 30, 2007 03:56 PM

* Rarely does one come across such idiocy. How anyone can come up with such drivel beggars belief. But if it is indeed written by Karen Armstrong it would merely confirm that the ex-nun doesn’t have her faculties intact.

Christopher Howse from the Telegraph:


The mosque at Cordoba was built on the site of a church

Miss Armstrong can look after herself in her row with the critic of Islam, Robert Spencer.

But I must say I was annoyed by another claim she made in her review of Spencer’s book. This is something one hears all the time. “In Muslim Spain,”
she wrote, “relations between the three religions of Abraham were uniquely harmonious in medieval Europe.”
This is simply not true. The centuries between the Muslim invasion of Spain in 711 and the reconquest of their last enclave in 1492 were characterised by warfare, double-dealing, opportunist alliances, expropriation, punitive taxation and persecution.

The nearest that Islamic Spain got to a peace-loving polity was the Caliphate of Cordoba, which existed between 929 and 1031, just over 100 years out of more than 700 years of occupation.

Its political status rested on dubious ground, for its founder claimed to be Caliph of the whole world from his stronghold in Spain, when there was already a Caliph in Baghdad. The Fatimids in North Africa also claimed the Caliphate in rivalry to Cordoba.

The mosque at Cordoba, that great beauty of world architecture, was built on the site of the church of St Vincent, demolished to make way for it. In the early years after the Muslim invasion, Christians had been allowed to worship in part of the cathedral site, all their other churches having been demolished at the conquest. But under the Ummayyads, the founders of the Caliphate of Cordoba, the Christians had to relinquish their part of St Vincent’s.

Under the Caliphate of Cordoba, it was not just the Christians of northern Spain who fought to gain territory. The 10th-century de facto ruler of the caliphate, al-Mansur, fought expansionist wars, sacking Barcelona in 985 and Santiago in 997. He had already defeated his father-in-law in battle, with Muslims and Christians fighting on both sides.  That is unique harmony of a sort.

After the collapse of the Caliphate in civil war, things got no better. There is a statue in Cordoba to Moses Maimonides, the great Jewish philosopher. But Maimonides and his family had to flee Spain to escape  persecution by the ruling Muslim dynasty.

The 12th-century Muslim thinker, Ibn-Rushd, known as Averroes to Christian philosophers, who took him very seriously, was also banished from the Spanish peninsula by the intolerant Almohad rulers.

I suppose if you had to choose which Muslim regime to live under in the Middle Ages, the Caliphate of Cordoba would be a good choice, but let’s not pretend it was a secular liberal state.

Ameer Ali: Blow me a kiss!


Ameer Ali: Islam’s coming renaissance will rise in the West

A wave of rationalism is spreading from emigre Muslim intellectuals

With thanks to the Australian

* Really? Not that anyone ever noticed. It takes a taqiyya master like Ameer Ali to bring us up to date with these ‘Muslim intellectuals’…

IN the minds of many Muslims, an imagined West is the source of all or most of the problems afflicting the world of Islam. Similarly, in the West, an imagined Islam, purposefully structured and popularly propagated, has created a perception that this religion is a threat to Western civilisation. Between these mutually exclusive mind-sets a new phenomenon is emerging in the real West, laying the foundations for a new wave of Islamic rationalism in the 21st century.

* Was there ever a ‘new wave of Islamic rationalism’ in the history of Islamic jihad over the last 1400 years, Ali? Tell me more. I must have missed it.

The Islamic resurgence of the post-1970s strengthened the hands of the religious orthodoxy and engendered the spectre of political Islam but failed to rekindle the spirit of intellectual rationalism that once pushed Islam to the frontiers of science and modernity. That failure was compounded and worsened by the rise of tyrannical regimes in the Muslim world. The absence of democracy and lack of popular support forced these regimes to look for legitimacy elsewhere.

* What?

‘…failed to rekindle the spirit of intellectual rationalism that once pushed Islam to the frontiers of science and modernity…’

* I totally forgot that Islam invented the wheel. Islamic ‘science’- straight from the Koran.

The telephone, electricity, nuclear science, medicine, airplanes, spaceflight … how could I forget?

By championing the cause of religious orthodoxy of the dominant variety in each context, these regimes masqueraded as champions of popular and populist Islam. Any intellectual pursuit that threatened this state-mullah alliance was aggressively curtailed. In Egypt, in Pakistan, in Syria, and in many other Muslim countries Muslim intellectuals who challenged populist Islam faced condemnation not only by the religious hardliners but also by the secular elite that governed these countries.

One happy outcome of this tragic situation was the voluntary exodus of Muslim intellectuals to the West. From an inhospitable environment of political tyranny and ideological oppression Muslim scholars migrated to find refuge in the West, where the mind enjoys more freedom to think, debate and express. As a result, the migrant Muslim intellectuals are now producing a new genre of publications, many of which are questioning centuries-old interpretations of the primary texts in Islam. A new era of ijtihad (independent thinking) rooted in scientific, objective reasoning is spreading from the West and is beginning to make its mark in the Muslim mind-set.

* Last time I checked the doors of itjihad were shut, long ago

These intellectuals are not necessarily religious scholars by training, like the graduates from al-Azhar University in Egypt or Zeituna from Tunis or Qarawiyin in Morocco, but scholars trained in other fields such as social sciences, medicine, engineering, physical sciences and law.

* Right. So where do they study social sciences, medicine, engineering, physical science and law?

For example, Mohammed Arkoun, an Algerian Muslim, is an emeritus professor of Islamic thought at the Sorbonne, Paris, who approaches the Koran and other classical texts in Islam from historical, social, psychological and anthropological angles. The methodology of his research, the sharpness of his arguments and conclusions of his writings are dynamite to traditional Islam. Laleh Bakhtiar, a Chicago-based American female convert to Islam, is not a classically trained Arabic scholar, but has translated the Koran after years of research and is questioning the conventional meanings of some of the Koranic concepts.

* Horse manure, Ali. And you know it. They haven’t got a leg to stand on. Nobody gives a hoot for them in the Dar al Islam. They are at best apostates, and they must be killed.

YOU KNOW THAT, Ali. Why are you so desperately trying to pull the wool over the infidels eyes and ears?

Who in the Islamic world gives a dog turd for the opinions of some female ‘revert?’

You are trying to pull one on me, Ali, right?

Bassam Tibi, a political scientist, who writes mostly in German, applies sociological and anthropological theories to study Islam and finds that the cause of Muslim underdevelopment lies not in the West but in Islam as understood and preached by the orthodox clerics. Amina Wadud, an Afro-American Muslim convert from Bethesda, Maryland in the US, has a PhD in Islamic Studies and Arabic from the University of Michigan and is pioneering the research on gender relationship in Islam and retheorising Koranic hermeneutics. Abdelwahab El-Affendi, a former Sudanese diplomat based in London, published Who Needs an Islamic State? in 1991, in which he questions the theological arguments advanced by the protagonists of an Islamic caliphate.

And finally, Abdullahi An-Naim, a law professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, questions the inadequacies of Islamic sharia and its suitability for a pluralistic society.

There are too many of these scholars to enumerate and the number is increasing. All these cases underline the revolutionary thinking among Muslim intellectuals that is setting the pace for a new wave of Islamic rationalism radiating from the West.

* Too many? Last time I checked Tariq Ramadan was the ‘leading Islamic scholar’- Ali, and he is hardcore. In spite of the sleazy taqiyya, Ali.

And no Muslim I know listens to the ones you mentioned here.

Even writers from Muslim countries who are afraid to publish their works at home are doing so abroad. For example, The Book and the Quran (Koran): A Contemporary Interpretation by Muhammad Shahrur, a civil engineer from Syria, is banned in his country. He argues that human understanding of the Koran is relative and changing and that it requires the continuous exercise of human reason.

His appeal to apply tools of modern epistemology and objective scientific reasoning to the study the Koran is anathema to hardline Islamists. Similarly, Hassan Hanafi, an Egyptian professor of philosophy, is well known for his rationalist views on Islam throughout the intellectual circles in the US, Japan, Germany and Morocco but is frowned upon by the al-Azhar establishment in Egypt. In short, scholars such as Shahrur and Hanafi have become intellectual prisoners in their own countries.

The situation is changing fast. The internet and electronic communication technology have revolutionised the production and distribution of knowledge. Sources of information that were only remotely accessible to a selected few are readily available to many at the click of a mouse. Inquisitive Muslim minds do not have to wait for a cleric to arrive for consultation on theological issues. With the help of the internet any verse or chapter of the Koran and any sayings of the Prophet can be accessed from multiple sources and the reader has the luxury of choosing from among a variety of interpretations, meanings and elaborations.

* The infidels good fortune, Ali. A mouse click and the cat is out of the bag. The Koran and the sunnah, all from the horses mouth. No more bullshit, thats right. Ali.

Hopefully just enough of us kuffars make use of it and learn about this perverted belief system before it devours us.

This revolution in information gathering has become a subversive tool and is eroding the power base of traditional clerics. The authority of the pulpit is collapsing by the hour. The traditional argument that one should be a trained Islamic scholar or an imam to interpret the Koran does not carry weight any more. There is a rising tension between the traditional guardians of Muslim orthodoxy and a new crop of secular educated Muslims, many of whom are better equipped with advanced methodological tools to handle the primary religious texts. An Islamic spring is dawning from the West.

While Western governments and the media are too preoccupied with fighting militant Islam and its terrorist offshoot, the more positive developments that are taking place within the Muslim intellectual world are being ignored. The wave of critical thought emanating from a new breed of Muslim scholars in the West is one of those positive changes. It is a good omen for a long-awaited Islamic renaissance. The hated West has become the surrogate mother of this wave of Islamic rationalism.

Ameer Ali, a former chairman of the Muslim Community Reference Group, is a visiting fellow at the business school at Murdoch University in Perth.

* You are saying a lot of things, Ali. But nothing is tangible, nothing gives comfort.

Nothing assures us that change is imminent and that Islam is not a mortal danger to all of us.

Now lets get back to reality:

Update to yesterday’s news:





Damn, Ali: They must all be misunderstanders of Islam, are they not?

Supporters of the arrested Muslim “activists” demonstrated outside the Paddington Green police station on Friday, but British media completely ignored the event; here are some photographs at Buzznet by “Gaiaseye.” (Hat tip: LGF readers.)