Catmeat Sheik Hilali: “I love Australia more than Howard- Say otherwise and I will sue..!”

Shiek Taj al-Din al-Hilali, the Mufti of Australia who compared unveiled women to “uncovered meat” (therefore deserving of rape), is returning to Australia from the Middle East. He’s taking a page from the Council on American Islamic Relations’ playbook, and threatening to sue anyone who criticized his Dark Ages hate speech and support for terrorists: Sheik Alhilali primed to face accusers.


* He ‘loves’ Australia more than we love him. Why would that be?

Hell hath no fury like a mufti scorned, but at least he doesn’t want to kill us all, not just yet. For the time being he will sue…

Controversial mufti Sheik Taj Aldin Alhilali will return to Australia this week primed to launch legal action against those accusing him of supporting terrorism.

(There it is again, that ‘controversial‘ bullshit word that the MSM uses to circumscribe the most offensive deeds and the creeps who commit them. Who are we to judge, right?)

“I will not hesitate to take legal action against anyone who directed at me accusations during my absence,” he told SBS Radio from Egypt on Tuesday. “Betraying the country or giving donations to Hezbollah or any terrorist organisation in Lebanon, these are dangerous accusations. This is unacceptable, defamation, without proof, based on malice, racism and based on wrong information.”

* Hilali has proven time and time again that he’s a terrorist sympathizer. Pointing it out doesn’t make anyone ‘racist’-

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) are investigating donations allegedly handed out in Lebanon by Sheik Alhilali to Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. According to media reports, the mufti distributed $10,000 to Sheik Bilal Shaaban, the head of the Islamic Unity Movement in Lebanon, who allegedly has links to the radical Islamist movement Hezbollah. …

On SBS Radio, the mufti said Mr Howard, who called him a “joke”, should be honoured to see a migrant claiming to be more “Aussie” than him.

“I love Australia more than anyone. This is competition and not disrespect to his position,” Sheik Alhilali told SBS Radio. “(Mr Howard) knows I am a moderate in Australia. I am against terrorism and fundamentalism. I mean, safety for Australia. I will defend it with all my might, yet (Mr Howard) tries to deprive the community of someone defending moderation. This is a dictatorship.”

Last week, the mufti was quoted by Iranian media as urging Australian Muslims “to stand in the trenches with the Islamic Republic of Iran which possesses the might and the power”.

* He didn’t ask whether Australia loves him. Perhaps love and rape is the same thing for him…

Here’s the cover from Jihad Watch

Habib rubs it no more

Welfare cheat loses

From the Australian


FORMER Guantanamo Bay inmate Mamdouh Habib has lost his appeal against a jury’s rejection of his defamation claim involving a Sydney newspaper.
The Court of Appeal today dismissed Mr Habib’s appeal, ruling the NSW Supreme Court jury was open to find an article published in The Daily Telegraph was not defamatory.

Mr Habib had sued the newspaper’s publisher Nationwide News (owned by the publisher of , claiming an August 2005 article implied he was a welfare cheat.

The jury last year rejected the claim, finding the page five story headlined “A stretch but Habib wants his pension”, did not carry the imputation Mr Habib was seeking Centrelink disability payments, despite being able to participate in the Sydney City to Surf run.

Mr Habib was captured in Pakistan in late 2001 and detained at the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for three years as a suspected terrorist.

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Sheik’n it up in Britain: “Polygamous husbands can claim cash for their harems”

From the Evening Standard
* Polygamous husbands settling in Britain with multiple wives can claim extra benefits for their “harems” even though bigamy is a crime in the UK, it has emerged.


Comedy Harem Scene

Opposition MPs are demanding an urgent change in the law, claiming that the Government is recognising and rewarding a custom which has no legal status and which is “alien” to this country’s cultural traditions.
Yes. Exactly.

Officials said yesterday a review was now under way into whether the state should continue to pay out income support, jobseeker’s allowance and housing and council tax benefits to ‘extra’ spouses.
Islamic law allows a man to take up to four wives, providing he can provide for them fairly and equally. But British law only ever recognises one spouse, while bigamy is punishable by up to seven years in jail.
However, if a husband and his wives arrive and settle in Britain having wed in a country where polygamy is legal, then the UK benefits system recognises his extra wives as dependents and pays them accordingly.
The Department of Work and Pensions admitted yesterday it had no figures on how many families are claiming for multiple wives.
Official DWP guidelines on housing and council tax benefit states: “If you were legally married to more than one partner under the laws of a country that permits this, then your relationship is called a polygamous marriage.
“In this case your household consists of you and any partners who live with you and to whom you are married.”
Officials were unable to say when the rules were brought in, claiming they had “evolved over decades”.
Tory MP for Monmouth David Davies condemned the arrangements as “appalling”, and called for an immediate halt to the payments.
He said: “People who come to this country must be prepared to abide by our laws and rules. Polygamy is completely alien to our cultural and legal tradition, and it’s disgraceful that our benefits system is recognising and rewarding it.
“Why are some people in Government falling over themselves to undermine every tradition that has made this country what it is?”

There are thought to be thousands of polygamous marriages in Britain not recognised in law – mostly within the Muslim community.
Muslim couples are only married in the eyes of the state if they undergo a register office wedding as well as a Nikah, or religious ceremony.
A spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain said it was quite common for men here to undergo more than one Nikah with different wives. This does not count as bigamy since only the first marriage is legally recognised.


A DWP official insisted the rules did not “reward” polygamy, as second wives receive less in benefits than single women. A single person can claim just under £60 per week in jobseeker’s allowance, while couples receive up to £92.80, but each ‘additional spouse’ in a polygamous marriage receives an extra £33.65.
* It’s still money they wouldn’t have otherwise, and it’s also still taxpayer money, which those taxpayers could surely put to good use for their own families. And it’s just plain bad policy that undermines British culture and the rule of civil law.

Religion of Peace Strikes Again in Turkey


Murderous Islamic supremacists strike again in Turkey:

3 killed in attack on Christian publishing house in Turkey.

ISTANBUL, Turkey: Assailants killed three people Wednesday at a publishing house that distributed Bibles, in the latest attack apparently targeting Turkey’s tiny Christian minority.

The three victims were found with their throats slit and their hands and legs bound at the Zirve publishing house in Malatya, a city in eastern central Turkey, local Gov. Ibrahim Dasoz said. One was found still alive, and was taken to the hospital but later died, he said.

Two of the victims were Turkish, and one was a German who had lived in Malatya since 2003, Dasoz said. The German ambassador to Turkey said he was shocked by the attack.

Thai Jihad in Full Swing

* Emissaries of the Religion of Peaceâ„¢ are burning, bombing and beheading Buddhists in south Thailand, and the media universally refuse to label them as “terrorists.” The word has been effectively banished from mainstream media; there are only “insurgents” and “militants,” no matter how appalling or repulsive their acts: Suspects Muslim insurgents kill 2 Buddhists, leaving one beheaded, in southern Thailand.

BANGKOK, Thailand: Suspected Muslim insurgents shot and killed two Buddhist laborers and then beheaded one of them as deadly violence and scattered bombings continued Wednesday in restive southern Thailand, police said.

A deputy police chief in Narathiwat, Col. Noppadol Pueksomon, was seriously injured when he stepped on a hidden bomb while inspecting one of several sites in Narathiwat where bombs exploded, said police Col. Paisal Chaibuth.

The injured officer lost his left leg and left hand in the blast, one of at least four that occurred early Wednesday in Narathiwat. He was flown to a hospital by helicopter.

“His condition is still unstable,” said Dr. Sumeth Pirawut, director of the Prince of Songkhla Hospital.

In separate violence, three suspected insurgents stormed a construction site late Tuesday in the Sisakorn district of Narathiwat province and fatally shot two Buddhist workers, said police Lt. Pattarakorn Srisurin, according to a witness.

After shooting their victims, the attackers beheaded one of the corpses before fleeing.

Palistan “Prisoners Day” Rally

Palestinians were out in the streets today, demanding the release of thousands of terrorists in exchange for kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.

Now why in the world would the brutal Israelis put a nice young man like this in prison?

The media is eating it up like only true believers do…

I have a better idea: Lets give these wonderful people a state and let our taxpayers foot the bill!

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“Germans will always be targets for kidnappings all over the world until the German government pulls its troops out (of Afghanistan)”

BERLIN, April 17, 2007 (UPI) — Concerns are rising about the growing number of terror threats against Germany, formerly a country spared from Islamist violence. Ever since the abduction of two Germans in Baghdad, the Islamists have stepped up the rhetorical warfare against Berlin.
* Obviously, it won’t stop there.

In a video message to the German TV show “Spiegel TV,” the Global Islamic Media Front, or GIMF — a German language Web site that has in the past posted Islamist videos — said that more Germans will be abducted in the future. The GIMF said it was relaying the message in the name of the kidnappers of the two German hostages in Iraq.
The kidnappers wanted to tell Berlin that “even if the two Germans are killed, Germans will always be targets for kidnappings all over the world until the German government pulls its troops out (of Afghanistan),” German news magazine Der Spiegel quoted from the message.
It remains unclear whether the Web site hosts are really in contact with the kidnappers; they have in the past posted and edited the kidnappers’ video messages to the government.
Berlin-born Hannelore Kraus, 61, and her son were snatched in early February by armed men who entered their home in Baghdad, where the woman has lived since she had married an Iraqi professor. A crisis team has been set up in the German Foreign Ministry to get the pair released. Already, two ultimatums threatening their lives have run out.

Ismail Ax?


Ishmael Ax:
Could be a literary reference, but unsurprisingly there are alternate interpretations. Ismail (Abraham) in Islamic tradition was going to use an ax to sacrifice his son to Allah. The inscription could be a reference to him being an instrument of God’s will. His suicide note did rail against “debauchery” which would seem an odd thing for a young man to be complaining about unless his objections were religious in nature.

Jawa Report discuss the possibility that the killer is referencing Islamic mythology.

Steve Decatur is sure the killer was a Muslim convert. There is talk that the reference is to a lesser work of James Fenimore Cooper.

Debbie Schlussel isn’t buying the literary connection. I’m not sure I do either, given his bizarre behavior. Was he crazy enough to up and decide he was “doing God’s work?” And if he was, in today’s climate is Islamic iconography more appealing than Christian iconography to the disgruntled would be killer?

In any case he was a terrorist. We shall see. Sooner or later the truth happens to seep through…

Danish Imam: “All Women Should Wear a Veil”

This Mostafa Chenid is the successor to Abu Laban, the whining scumbag who was one of the main-instigators behind the cartoon-riots. But he is already making a name for himself as another misogynistic asshole, and we have already covered him previously. But now he said it again in an interview with the Jyllands Posten.

That’s right: The paper that printed the cartoons: “All Women Should Wear a Veil”
 From the Brussels Journal
Mostafa Chendid, the new leader of the Danish Islamic Society, says that not just Muslim women but all women should wear repressive, ugly clothing—because if they don’t, five to ten percent of men will lose control and fly into a rape frenzy: “All Women Should Wear A Veil”.

This Mostafe is considered to be the successor of Ahmad Abu Laban, one of the imams who was involved in the affair around the notorious Danish cartoons. Ahmad Abu Laban was one of the leaders of the delegation that traveled around the Middle East and that had added three drawings to the original cartoons in its report to «give a clearer picture of the climate against Muslims in Denmark». Mostafa Chendid is doing well to become just as famous as his predecessor, and the interview that he recently gave to the Danish weekly newspaper Weekendavisen certainly isn’t going to reduce the controversy around his person.

Earlier he had already succeeded to draw attention to himself by saying, on International Women’s Day, to Jyllands-Posten (that’s right: the newspaper with the cartoons) that not only Muslim women, but all other women too, should wear a veil. Of course, this resulted in a lot of reactions, and as a matter of fact his remarks in Jyllands-Posten were the direct reason for the interview with Weekendavisen, where he repeated them once more and commented on them. He said for example that wearing the veil is a woman’s duty to God, because that is what the Koran says. However, that doesn’t mean that he thinks that a woman with a veil is a better person than a woman without a veil.

According to him the veil also serves as a signal: women with a veil are «not for sale». Moreover, the veil protects against rapes, he says: in the US for example, every half minute a woman is raped, and according to him that is because women continuously tempt men by going onto the streets without a veil. Maybe not all men have a problem to control themselves when they see a woman without a veil, and perhaps there is only a problem with five to ten per cent of the men, but he says that is nevertheless enough for all women to wear the veil.