Why does Obama Release Omar Khadr, an Islamic Psycho Killer?

Ezra Levant, excoriates Obama for giving a sweetheart plea deal to confessed Gitmo Killer

Omar Khadr admits to being a murderer, a terrorist, a spy and an al-Qaida member in a U.S. war crimes court, also confessing he was motivated to kill Americans and Jews.

TORONTO SUN Reportedly, Khadr has struck a plea bargain with the Obama administration for an eight-year prison term — one year in U.S. jails; the rest in Canada. But anyone who knows Canada’s liberal parole laws knows he’ll get out immediately. Our “statutory release” policy requires offenders serve the final third of their sentence “in the community.” But Khadr won’t stay in even that long. (Barenaked)

Coddled Khadr

He’s an admitted murderer but he’s treated with kid gloves here

by Ezra Levant

It’s all true. Omar Khadr admits to being a murderer, a terrorist, a spy and an al-Qaida member.

(In fact, his whole parasitic family are confessed Islamic terrorists and proud of it)

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"Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don't give it any value."

Guess what: “this quote has been taken out of context”-

the Canadian Free Speech Police is adopting the tired old Mohammedan lie to add insult to injury….

The CHRC doesn’t know Canadian law and doesn’t give a damn

Ezra Levant

The other day, the National Post’s John Ivison wrote about the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s appalling view, as expressed under oath by “hate speech” investigator Dean Steacy, that “freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value”.

Seriously, Steacy said that — look it up for yourself in the transcript of the hearing,here, at page 4793.

Ivison asked the CHRC to explain themselves, and they told him:

(a commission spokesperson said this quote has been taken out of context and that if the question had been about freedom of expression, one of the freedoms guaranteed in the Charter, the answer would have been different).

That’s a lie, of course. Here’s my letter to the editor in today’s Post pointing out that lie:

CHRC ‘bullies’ don’t believe in free speech

Re: Laws Can’t Assure We’ll Never Be Offended, John Ivison, April 3.

John Ivison is right to focus on the stunning testimony of the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s “hate speech” investigator, Dean Steacy, who declared that “freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value.

What’s even more amazing is that when Mr. Ivison asked the CHRC about thisshocking statement, the commission actually tried to defend it.

First the CHRC’s spin doctors told Mr. Ivison that the quote was taken out of context. But it wasn’t — it was a one-sentence answer to a one-sentence question: “What value do you give freedom of speech when you investigate one of these complaints?

Then the CHRC tried to argue that our Charter of Rights only protects “freedom of expression,” so it’s OK that its censors don’t give any value to “freedom of speech” because that’s “different.” But that’s just stupid: speech is a kind of expression, the most common kind.

Despite what the CHRC says, freedom of speech is guaranteed under Canadian law: the 1960 Bill of Rights brought in by John Diefenbaker lists “freedom of speech” right in section 1. And the phrase “freedom of speech” has been used in no less than243 rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Canada’s censorship laws are being enforced by bullies who don’t give a damn about our freedoms and don’t even know the law.

Ezra Levant, Calgary.

Ann Coulter speaks in Calgary tonight

Ezra Levant’s diagnose on the Canadian malaise:

Canada has a free speech problem. It’s strange that it took a visit from an American to see that. But now that we’ve seen it, who will fix it?

The real threat to civil discourse

The University of Ottawa disgraced itself on Tuesday night with its treatment of Ann Coulter, the U.S. conservative pundit. In a spectacle that earned international attention, hundreds of shouting protesters stopped Coulter’s speech from proceeding through pure physical intimidation.

Other News:

The protesters had bigger plans than mere heckling. Just look at their venomous Facebook page dedicated to disrupting the event: Vanessa Alexandra Peterson wrote “I wonder what the security would be like. I want to throw rotten veggies and eggs at her evil Barbie mask.” Saif Latif wrote “somebody needs to throw a pie at her during her speech like they did at the University of Arizona,” to which Guillaume Pelegrin replied “I hope someone will get arrested.” More than 500 people on that group whipped each other up into a hateful frenzy, publicly spelling out their fantasies.

It was not anti-Coulter hate that shut down her speech at U of O. Hate is a human emotion, not an action. Nor was it mere hateful words. Words can be noisy, but they can only hurt feelings. Rather, it was the assessment of police, campus security and Coulter’s own bodyguard that there was too much physical danger to Coulter and the audience to proceed. As Ottawa Police Sgt. Dan Beauchamp said, “it’s a public safety issue.”

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CIC Sock puppet sues Ezra Levant for being shunned

The Shunned   [Mark Steyn]  The Corner

Awan’s jihad: lawfare

As some readers may recall, Khurrum Awan was the chief sock puppet for the Canadian Islamic Congress in their long attempt to criminalize my writing north of the border. Having lost out on all three suits, Awan is now suing my valiant comrade in the battle to restore free speech, Ezra Levant, on the curious grounds that, since Ezra began writing about him, he “has been shunned by his former friends.” I’m not sure that’s actionable even in Canada.

Ezra here with Pamela Geller

As Phyllis Chesler notes, Awan’s suit is part of the same assault on liberty as the Geert Wilders prosecution in Amsterdam. The point of “legal jihad” in the Western world is to make the price of discussing Islam in any meaningful sense too high. As Awan boastedto the Canadian Arab News, even though he struck out in three different jurisdictions, he cost me and my publishers 2 million bucks, and thereby “attained out strategic objective — to increase the cost of publishing anti-Islamic material.” (Under the Canadian “human rights” regime, the loser does not pay costs, so there is no downside to nuisance suits.)

Still, it’s odd to see Mr Awan suing because he has no friends. After all, he used to brag that he had successfully marginalized me and Ezra as Islamophobe haters beyond the Canadian pale. Turns out he marginalized himself.

I was able to offset my legal expenses with the profits from my Christmas single, but for some reason Ezra is reluctant to venture into this lucrative territory. So, if you can do anything to toss a couple bucks (U.S. or Canadian) or even a Euro his way, please do(scroll down). It is important that the Islamists’ “strategic objective” of putting this topic beyond the price range of nervous publishers be resisted on every front. It’s expensive, and it’s thankless work, but it is necessary to defeat the likes of Awan, and to show to the world that they have been defeated — or the lamps of liberty will be extinguished one by one.

Scum Exposed

Update: looks like a major victory for Ezra Levant in Canada:


CHRC investigates Richard Warman for hate speech

Richard Warman, the hate speech complainant who is personally responsible for all but two section 13 censorship prosecutions this decade, is now being investigated by the Canadian Human Rights Commission for hate speech himself.

I know. It sounds crazy. Just like it sounded crazy when it was revealed that Warman and the CHRC were members of neo-Nazi organizations.

Read it all!

Minimal impairment vs. maximum

Ezra Levant

Maclean’s magazine has a persuasive call for the repeal of section 13, the censorship provision of the Canadian Human Rights Act. I’d encourage you to read the whole thing, here — it’s one of the clearlest analyses I’ve read of the decision in Warman v. Lemire, and it explains why the law is so rotten.

The tribunal decision in Warman v. Lemire focuses on the “aggressive” and “confrontational” nature of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. No kidding. What was supposed to be a conciliatory Oprah-style forum has turned into a case study of government brutality, corruption and abuse.


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Freedom of Speech

I  believe in freedom of speech, that’s why I reject this:

Those who  call Jews ‘Nazis’ discredit themselves. There are things that are far more dangerous to Israel and Jews: Anti-Israel lobby wins arms ban from UK government Or these guys: If This Does Not Make You Throw Up…

Ezra Levant rocks: 

Human Rights Commission Horror Stories – Steven Boissoin

And yes: Martin Luther King was NOT a Socialist:071409_mlkbillboardBillboard Claiming Martin Luther King Was Republican Angers Black Activists in Houston

Ezra Rocks Canuckistan



george_orwell_animal_farm_unabridgeOrwell’s Little Helpers: whatever it takes to shut you up!

Down with the Yuman Rites Circus!

Tim Blair – 

Jennifer Lynch, chief Canadian Human Rights Commission goon, refuses to appear on a Canadian talk show with Ezra Levant. So another Human Rights Commission loser is sent in her place – but he only appears on the condition that author, journalist and free-speech advocate Levant not argue with him. Mark Steyn weighs in: “Canada’s Chief Commissar of ‘Human Rights’, Jennifer Lynch, QC, calls for ‘balance‘, so feel free to provide some in the comments section.”

(Via Garth Godsman)


Uh-oh: Do we Aussies wanna be like them? Here comes the thought police:

Australia’s discrimination watchdog has criticised human rights laws as “piecemeal”, weak and insufficient in protecting human rights, and called for an overhaul …

Australian Human Rights Commission president Catherine Branson, QC, said Australia was far behind other countries. 

What odds she’s talking about the likes of Canada? 

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Ezra Levant: Moral inversion and the Yuman Rites Circus

* Defiant Wilders to travel to Britain despite ban

In healthy democracies, the media is a watchdog over the government. In the soft tyranny of Canada’s human rights commissions, the government is the watchdog over the media.

Ezra Levant


                                         Mark Steyn

More eye-opening reporting from Joseph Brean, the MSM’s most prolific HRC-watcher:

The Ontario Human Rights Commission is calling for Parliament to force all Canadian magazines, newspapers and “media services” Web sites to join a national press council with the power to adjudicate breaches of professional standards and complaints of discrimination.

* Tom Calma is working on a similar scam Down Under, with the support of chairman KRudd who wants to censor the internet:

Australia: Tom Calma & the Politically Correct Race Hucksters

Tom Calma: “Prove that you’re not racist-, you racist!”

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