Do Gooders and "International Conventions"

Ayn Rand:

We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force. 

Sink the boats of illegal immigrants!

Thanks to Counter Jihad:

Nick Griffin the leader of BNP  
Dagbladet — SIRIL K. HERSETH
Refugees the Norwegian navy rescued in 2001 ”We will not kill them, but throw out a few lifeboats they can get home with,” says British top politician. 

”The only way to stop the mass immigration to Europe, is to sink the boats with illegal refugees before they land,” said Nick Griffin to the BBC TV program The Record Europe yesterday. 

Challenging the European Union

Griffin, who is the upcoming EU-parliamentarian, says the EU should sink these boats.BBCs journalist responded by saying that the European Union do not tend to kill people on the water.     

”I do not believe that we should kill them. We can throw out a few lifeboats they can get home with,” said Griffin. He believes this course of action will save lives in the long run. 

Will close the borders 

”Immigrants are coming on boats that do not withstand the travel across the Atlantic, and many drown en route. If we let them understand that no one under any circumstances will sneak into the EU, they will eventually quit coming, he said, and added: “Sooner or later we must shut the borders of Europe, otherwise we would be flooded by the third world.”

Elisabeth Rasmussen the general secretary of Refugee help 

“Totally sick “

The General Secretary of the Refugee Support, Elisabeth Rasmussen, a perfectly good moonbat as we  can see here,  doesn’t understand  “what Islamic terrorists  can  gain by spreading fear among us.”  She “would love to have that discussion over a nice cup of coffee…”

The General Secretary of the Refugee Support, Elisabeth Rasmussen, reacted strongly to the initiative. 

”This is totally sick. It is so brutal that one almost cannot take it seriously. Yet we know that this is a trend that is spreading among politicians throughout Europe,” said Rasmussen to Dagbladet. 

The fact that Nick Griffin is upcoming EU-parliamentarian, making his initiative completely horrific, she says. 

”He does not view immigrants as people.” (Does Elisabeth Rasmussen know that Muslims regard us unbelievers are “the vilest of creatures according to that dirty book, the Koran?  Sura (8:55) - Surely the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are those who disbelieve) 

Rasmussen:  To me, it seemed like he classifies them as  subhuman. I doubt that he would make such statements if it were Britons who sat on the boats,” said Rasmussen. [Of course, it is not the Britons, Dutch, Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Finns, or Germans that are invading a civilized country and spreading crime and misery and depleting the culture, wealth and social services.]

“Violates international rules”

She adds that this is a violation of the international laws. 

”All countries in Europe are bound by the rules in connection with the Refugee Convention. The laws are very clear that people have the right to come to Europe and seek for help. They have no right to stay, but the right to present their application, specifies Rasmussen.

*    ”All countries in Europe are bound by the rules…” why only countries in Europe?

These laws have to be changed.  Africa is for Africans, China for Chinese, Japan for Japanese.  And  since no Islamic country respects these treaties (or any treaties with unbelievers) ,  they are not worth the paper they’re written on. Were will we run to when our countries are ruined by Marxism and the sharia, “Islamic Law?”

The Purpose of NATO Is to Prepare for War

 From the desk of Thomas Landen / Brussels Journal

The new  oldest enemy of the West is ideological Islam. If NATO wants to be a useful instrument in defending the West against this enemy it needs to accept a new member state – Israel – and stop groveling to Turkey.

Last week, Bernard Kouchner, the powerful Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, announced that he is no longer in favor of admitting Turkey to the European Union. Mr. Kouchner changed his mind, he said, at the recent NATO summit in Strasbourg on April 4th. There, Ankara threatened to veto the appointment of Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Danish Prime Minister, as NATO’s new Secretary-General. The Turks objected to Mr. Rasmussen because in 2005 he defended the freedom of expression of Danish cartoonists who had depicted the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

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Rasmussen apologizes (kind of) to Muslims

Mohammed Cartoons redux: Make no apology for defending Western values;

Update: Obama bows again

Michelle Malkin:

The Religion of Perpetual Outrage  will never give up until you give in.


* OMG: what made him fail?  ‘Turkey foils plot to assassinate Obama’

There is a reason we call Muslim mau-mau-ers the Religion of Perpetual Outrage. They will never give up until you give in. Three years after the Mohammed Cartoon conflagration, the grievance-mongers are still trying to extract contrition out of the Danes and others who stood up for the West and for free speech.

Unfortunately, the ROPO bullies squeezed conciliatory remarks from Former Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen. He didn’t say the exact words “I’m sorry,” but he might as well have tattooed it on his forehead:

New NATO chief pledges conciliation with Muslims Read it all

How about telling the thugs to start paying attention to the sensibilities of civilized people who don’t wage riots, murder people, and issue death threats over cartoons?

How about a reminder of the cultural insensitivities of the Mo mob to tolerance and free speech?

What the Obaminator didn’t say:

The United States is not at war with Islam. But Islam is at war with us and Islam’s warriors remain hell-bent on destroying our way of life. And that, let me say this as clearly as I can, will not stand.

Why not? Why didn’t he say that?

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* Uighurs at Gitmo take case to high court

* Eight dead, 80 hurt in India blasts

* Iran poised to deliver ‘good’ nuke news

* Multiple car bombings kill 32 in Baghdad

Does Turkey Still Belong in NATO?

Rasmussen to apologize to ‘Islamic World’


Free Speech is not dead, it just smells funny.

Rasmussen proves to be another career-official who places his career ueber alles in der Welt. Disgusting! Are they ALL prostitutes?

To become NATO secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen will apologize for the Mohammed cartoons.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Denmark’s leader, was one of the few European politicians who refused to give in to pressure from fundamentalists in the Middle East when a Danish newspaper published the now infamous “Mohammed cartoons.” His attitude was welcomed by may Europeans, especially by conservatives. He was quickly promoted to “hero of the freedom of speech,” and became one of the old continent’s most popular politicians.

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Danish PM Rasmussen named NATO secretary-general despite Turkish attempts to block candidacy


* A sign of sanity or resistance of sorts?

“He infuriated many Muslims by defending freedom of speech during an uproar over a Danish newspaper’s publication of the cartoons in 2005.”

An update on this story. “NATO names Danish prime minister secretary-general,” from the Associated Press, April 4 via JW

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Turkey demands a NATO secretary-general who is not "disrespectful toward Islam"

Only dhimmies need apply:
NATO secretary-general candidate deemed “disrespectful toward Islam”
via JW:


Among other things, he is accused of having “an irresponsible and unsentimental attitude during the [Muhammad] cartoon crisis.” In other words, he seems to be an advocate of free speech. “Rasmussen disrespectful toward Islam: Turkey’s senior AKP official,” from World Bulletin, March 24:

Suat Kiniklioglu, deputy chairman of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party for foreign relations, said, “it is unacceptable that a person who loutishly disrespect our faith and holy values in the past, will head the Alliance.”
In an interview with the A.A, Kiniklioglu said that election of Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen of Denmark as the new secretary-general of NATO could cause some difficulties for the Alliance because of the Islam[ic] world’s perception of him.”

“The Danish prime minister is a troublesome person for Turkey. There are three reasons of this: First of all, he was captured by cameras as saying after the EU Summit in 2003 that Turkey would never become a full member of the EU; then, he assumed an irresponsible and unsentimental attitude during the cartoon crisis, and lastly, he failed to prevent broadcast of Roj TV from Denmark,” he said.

The cartoon crisis erupted in 2006 after a Danish newspaper cartoon depicted the Prophet Mohammad (PBHU)in a way regarded as a serious disrespect by Muslims.

“The way of the Islam world’s perceiving Rasmussen is of great importance. It is unacceptable for us that a person who loutishly disrespect our faith and holy values in the past, will head the Alliance especially in a period when U.S.President Barack Obama wants to focus his foreign policy on Afghanistan and Pakistan,” he said.

Byt Turkey does not just complain; it offers solutions, such as nominating dhimmis who know how to appease Islam:
Kiniklioglu said, “Defense Minister Peter Mackay of Canada, who is also a candidate, well-understands Turkey’s sensitivities. He could stand up and object to the approval of the Armenian resolution by the Canadian parliament. On the other hand, some circles are trying to create a consensus in favor of Rasmussen by showing Turkey as the only country objecting to his election. In fact, there are other countries which are positive about Mackay’s becoming the next secretary-general of the Alliance. The United States, in the meantime, has not yet made a decision.”…