The ugliest newspaper in Britain: The Judenrein Guardian

Pat Condell takes on the Zionhass in the ‘progressive’ enemedia:

Norway’s “Boycott” of Pro-Israel Speakers

Posted By Alan M. Dershowitz On April 1, 2011 (this is not an April joke!) In Daily Mailer,FrontPage

 “Judenrein” Norway

I recently completed a “speaking tour” of Norwegian Universities on the topic of “international law as applied to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”  The sponsors of the tour—a Norwegian pro-Israel group—offered to have me lecture without any charge to the three major universities in Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim.  Norwegian universities, especially those outside of Oslo, tend to feel somewhat isolated from the more mainstream academic world, and they generally jump at any opportunity to invite lecturers from leading universities.  Thus, when Professor Stephen Walt, co-author of The Israel Lobby—a much maligned critique of American support for Israel—came to Norway, he was immediately invited to present a lecture.  Likewise, with Ilan Pappe—a strident demonizer of Israel—from Oxford.  Many professors from less well-known universities have also been invited to present their anti-Israel perspectives.

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"… then one day, I stumbled into the hijaaaab… and I chose…"

Its all about ‘choice’, we  are told. So she stumbled, and she chose stumbling. Or something.

Nadiya Takolia sings the praises of the “political, feminist and empowering” freedom sack….

She speaks  “as a woman who just happens to come from the Islamic faith”, its all about  expressing her feelings and frustrations; and stumbling was the right choice.

” I really believe that a non-Muslim woman could do this if she chose to.”

In Jordan a Christian woman just lost her job as a bank clerk because she didn’t chose the stumbling rag. In

How about we make Musel-females chose to wear a cross or a star of David when they work in the west? (Ah, I forgot, most of them are on the dole or busy breeding more little hijab girls. No need to chose; allah decided for them….)

Robert Spencer:

Remember: when in Muslim countries, you must abide by Muslim practices. And when in non-Muslim countries, you must abide by Muslim practices. Obama has said that he will defend the right of Muslim women in the U.S. to wear the hijab, as if anyone is denying it — but he will say nothing about this. Islamic supremacism from modern, moderate Jordan: “Jordan Bank Fires Christian Woman Who Eschewed Hijab,” by Gabe Kahn for Israel National News, May 23 (thanks to Voice of the Copts):

In Teheran, chose wisely:

Tehran police shut down a food and agriculture exhibition, citing sellers’ failure to properly observe the Islamic dress code “hijab.” (they also beat up  and arrested women who ‘violated the Islamic dress-code)

Sharia in Iran: Youth publicly whipped for drinking alcohol— but not to worry, it can never happen here, right?

More hijabbery:

"Shrewd politician, far-right, anti-Muslim, populist firebrand, anti-Islam rhetoric…."

Balanced and totally unbiased reporting from the Guardian (of Muslims)

AP in The Hague

Dutch far-right politician forms international alliance to attempt to ban immigration from Islamic countries

An anti-Muslim populist in the Netherlands is forming an international alliance to spread his message across the west in an attempt to ban immigration from Islamic countries, among other goals.

Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom party, told the Associated Press that he would launch the movement late this year, initially in five countries: the US, Canada, Britain, France and Germany.

“The message, ‘stop Islam, defend freedom’, is a message that’s not only important for the Netherlands but for the whole free Western world,” Wilders said at the Dutch parliament.

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"Fearful Leaders" fear for image of the Netherlands!

What kind of “leaders” would those be? What kind of nation can afford to have “fearful leaders” in these trying times?

Leaders fear for Netherlands’ image as anti-Islam populist turns kingmaker

Ian Trainor, from The Guardian (of Muslims) fears along with these ‘fearful leaders’ and sprays bile and venom at Wilders, in typical wanker fashion:

Geert Wilders’s plans to joins New York protests against Ground Zero mosque prompt confidential memo to diplomats

The Dutch government has launched a damage-limitation campaign to try to counter what it fears is the disastrous international impact of the Islam-bashing populist Geert Wilders.

Wilders, whose success in June’s general election catapulted him into the role of kingmaker in attempts to form a new coalition government, is to travel to New York to take part in protests on 11 September against the proposed Muslim community centre near Ground Zero.

Fearful Verhagen

Maxime Verhagen, the acting foreign minister and Christian Democrats’ leader, has voiced fears that Wilders’s speech in New York will tarnish Dutch reputations. He has also taken the unusual step of circulating confidential orders to Dutch diplomats around the world on how to answer questions about Wilders’s influence in a new government and on the fallout for Muslims in the Netherlands.

With characteristic robustness, Wilders has told Verhagen to mind his own business. He clearly intends to grab attention with a tub-thumping exercise in Islamophobia in New York.

“Good feeling. Important speech. No one will stop me. No mosque at Ground Zero,” he tweeted after booking a flight to New York. “Stop Islam, defend freedom” is his rallying cry.

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The Guardian Unhinged

Opposing Islam Is Fascism!

That’s exactly why the intellectually superior editors of the Guardian instantly delete all opposing views in the comments. Its all for ‘the greater good,’ really. Its all about being ‘fair & balanced’, no s#*t!

People tell me that once upon a time the Guardian was known as a respectable newspaper. Nowadays it has become a nest for assorted Commies, radical Greens, terrorists, anarcho-progressives, all kinds of anti-Semites,  Arab parasites, leeches who feed of them,  conspiracy theorists,  Jihadists,  and other kinds of loons. The crazier, the better.

At the very least, if you are not a  hate-preaching  mufti or a one-legged lesbian  with a glass eye who hates the world, or, at the very least an African or South American revolutionary,  you haven’t got the  chance of a snowflake in hell  to get published.

This week, the Grunard  has really come out and combined forces to attack the true enemies of progressive society: Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer, who are to be burned at the stakes for stirring the pot against the Islamization of America and the Ground Zero mega mosque. Imam Rauf’s  100 million dollar victory monument is salt  in the wound of all Americans, but for the giggling, enlightened progressives at the Grunard opposing the mosque is far worse. Why?  Because appeasement works so well, and since Muslims are doing so much to culturally enrich us  every day, we need to make things easier on them, right?

The result of so much delusional bile can be seen here: The US blogger on a mission to halt ‘Islamic takeover’ from a goose by the name of  Chris McGreal, who gets his feathers plucked instantly: The Guardian of What? McGreal is not only fact challenged, but also makes it up as he goes along. But isn’t spin and stupidity everything the left wing media has these days?

Then, there’s another hit piece from by Andrew Brown at The Guardian’s Comment Is Free that gets shredded by Robert Spencer here: Department of Corrections: Insults and idiocy from The Guardian.

Check it out, its pathetic.

Meanwhile, the Islamofascists are  running from debate:

Dawud Walid of Hamas-linked CAIR bails out of debate with Spencer…. which doesn’t stop Manya Brachear of the Chicago Tribune to offer a soapbox to  notorious Islamo-headbanger Ahmed Rehab:  Chicago Tribune journalist/propagandist Manya Brachear gives space to Hamas-linked CAIR to smear freedom fighters

Islamic supremacist Ground Zero mega-mosque Imam Rauf starts U.S.-paid Middle East tour

Howard Dean complains of Dems demonizing opponents of Ground Zero mosque; will Pelosi investigate him?

Salt in the wound

“The ultimate insult…”

From the comments, the kind of people who read the Grunard:

Two tenants of American politics, the right to bear arms and freedom of speech, two of the most divisive and repugnant tenants anywhere in the world. Unfortunately protecting people from incitement to racial hatred and people with guns is less important than energy harvesting and the capitalist dream.

Heaven help us! I hear North Korea is beautiful this time of year, off you go!

Space Age, space cadet, f*kcwit…..

When I first read this on Pamela’s site, I thought it was parody. Now that I’m reading it on the Guardian (of Muslims) “comment is free” site,  I think its beyond parody.

But then suddenly, it hit me: the writer,  a Raphaël Liogier,  is the director of the Observatoire du religieux ( and a professor of universities at the Institut d’études politiques d’Aix-en-Provence and the Institut de management public et de gouvernance territoriale and he means what he says:

France’s attack on the veil is a huge blunder

Women donning the full veil are not against modernity but represent rather its sophisticated product, just like westernised Buddhists. The veil, ­surprising as this may seem, is good news for modern values. Some smart young women keep a niqab in their bag but only wear it in Paris’s Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, in order to draw attention to the fact that they belong to the best Muslim set, that they really have got that Muslim chic, something like the equivalent behaviour in a gay district. This deep western social movement is no threat to modern values, but rather vindicates the latter under unexpected aesthetic guise: it is so ­individualistic and depoliticised that it is more of a real threat for Islamism and terrorist networks themselves.

It is a massive blunder to fight this new, ultra-modern Islam. And it is not only France that is heading towards a colossal error of understanding – ­politically capable of spinning into historic proportions – but also Europe, the United States, and all the other post-industrial countries, blinkered by Islamophobia, who turn out to be incapable of catching up on their own deep cultural changes and recognising their own best interests. It is a kind of collective, generational jet lag.  Read it all>>

To which I can only say:  Raphaël, STFU!

The Grunard, soapbox for Islamic agit-props: "MI5: leave young Muslims alone"

Bassam Tibi writes in “War and Peace in Islam”:  

At its core, Islam is a religious mission to all humanity. Muslims are religiously obliged to disseminate the Islamic faith throughout the world. “We have sent you forth to all mankind” (Q. 34:28). If non-Muslims submit to conversion or subjugation, this call (da’awa) can be pursued peacefully. If they do not, Muslims are obliged to wage war against them. In Islam, peace requires that non-Muslims submit to the call of Islam, either by converting or by accepting the status of a religious minority (dhimmi) and paying the imposed poll tax, jizya. World peace, the final stage of the da’awa, is reached only with the conversion or submission of all mankind to IslamMuslims believe that expansion through war is not aggression but a fulfillment of the Quranic command to spread Islam as a way to peace. Read the whole thing…>>


Zin Derfoufi, a potential ‘community organizer”- offers up a fresh steaming pile of Muzz-prop in the Grunard:

Last week, the Independent led with the story of how MI5 agents are harassing young British Muslims and bullying them into becoming informants. Although I’m sure these cold-war tactics have shocked many, it came as no shock to me.

The tragic events of 7/7 marked a key turning point for the Muslim youth in the UK. Before 7/7, the word terrorist or extremist conjured up images of a middle-aged, big-bearded radical preacher given asylum or residence in the UK, preying on the ignorance of young people – exploiting legitimate grievances (?) to recruit them to some seemingly noble cause. One that involves damning and bringing down western democracy – the very same democracy that facilitates his right to attack it and the very same country whose benefit system he (typically) feeds off. However, the perpetrators of 7/7 did not fit this stereotype. They were young, British-born Muslims. They were people like us. (Absolutely not. All Muslims, like all dogs, share certain characteristics, and their characteristica are the  exact opposite to us/ed)


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Another steaming pile of taqiyya from the Guardian:

* Apostates will not necessarily be killed but they might be. What a relief!

Death for apostasy?

AC Grayling and the Council of Ex-Muslims are distorting the picture and undermining efforts to bring change

  • nesrine malik

Reading AC Grayling’s latest article and listening to the protestations of the Council of Ex-Muslims, you would think that the death penalty is being gratuitously and frequently applied to those who renounce Islam or harbour thoughts of apostasy.

* Nesrine Malik is desperate to prove that Islam stifles mental growth: read it if you must!

* More BS from the “cooking history” department: 1000 Years of Islam in Britain by Farrukh I. Younus

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Holy Smoke: the Guardian's Love Affair With the Koran

* Weird stuff from Londonistan: The Guardian’s love affair with the Koran

Damian Thompson

“Can this holy text transcend time and culture?” asks this morning’sGuardian. The paper has finished “blogging the Qur’an“, as it spells it, and the answer to the question seems to be a resounding YES! (with a few politically correct reservations, but voiced ever so sensitively).

Gallery Photo
Guardian writers argue the Koran is often misunderstood

Since December, Left-wing Muslim maverick Ziauddin Sardar has been working through the verses of the Koran, discovering untold riches and, would you believe it, that the holy book’s injunctions to kill unbelievers have been much misunderstood. Here is his interpretation of the infamous “Sword Verse”, whose reference to slaying  the enemy wherever you find him is, he exclusively reveals, often taken out of context.

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