Turkey wants to cash in on asylum racket

EU wants Turkey to sign a readmission agreement to halt the entry of “illegal immigrants” Mohammedan welfare seekers to Europe. (You know that will cost $$$$)

Turkey to build centers for refugees-asylum Mohammedan welfare seekers. EU wants Turkey to sign a readmission agreement to halt the entry of “illegal immigrants” to Europe.

Elder of Ziyon:

17,000 still missing in Lebanon

Today there was a rally in central Beirut to demand answers about the estimated 17,000 people who have been missing since the 1975-1990 Lebanese civil war.

Almost all of them were abducted by rival Muslim and Christian militias during the war, and some 600 were taken bySyria, which now denies having any of them in custody. Many of the warlords who kidnapped these victims later entered the government and hushed up any information about them.

"A Muslim could not commit genocide…."

But Muslims have committed genocide for 1400 years, wiped out many cultures and civilizations far better than Islam, which Turkey’s great reformist leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk aptly described as “this absurd theology of an immoral Bedouin, is a rotting corpse which poisons our lives.” Today, the barbaric cult  invented by a 7th century  Arab slave trader threatens us again.  Dumb, obnoxious and offensive statements like the one above by Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan should help us to wake up and to treat  all  Islamists with the contempt they so richly deserve.

Mountains of sculls, hundreds of millions wiped out, destroyed by Islam….

Today, we are reminded of Another Genocide by Islam:

thanks to Pamela/Atlas Shrugs

Anniversary remembrance of the Greek Genocide across from the UN

Today the anniversary of the Thracian Genocide was remembered in a gathering across from the UN (video and pics here.) Never heard of it? Another genocide by Muslims scrubbed?

Like the Armenian Genocide, this too was committed by the Turks. It appears they have an appetite for such wickedness.

The Thracian Genocide was the systematic torture, massacre and ethnic cleansing of several millions Hellenes (Greeks) perpetrated by the Turks throughout historic THRACE an area that includes  Constantinople (now called Istanbul by the Turks), Eastern Thrace, and the islands of Imvros, Tenedos.

Another genocide  committed by the Turks. ..

The speakers we heard speaking were Armenian, Assyrian and Greek.

The event is supporting:

– Worldwide Affirmation of the Genocide of Hellenes (Greeks) perpetrated by Turkey and the Young Turk Party in Thrace, Anatolia, and Asia Minor.

– Recognition of the ongoing cultural genocide of Thracian Hellenes (Greeks).

Speakers included
the President of the Hellenic Organization of University Graduates of America HOUGA, the Pan-Pontian Federation USA and CANADA President and officials, and members and officials of the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York.

This year’s memorial included unique scholars and a solemn recital of the orphic hymns for our dead.

For more information on the Hellenic Genocide Memorial go to  WWW.THRACIANGENOCIDE.ORG and download the pamphlet : “The Genocide of the Greeks”

Pamela H has more.

Thracian Genocide

Meanwhile, the plan to destroy all Greek property in the city was now fully under way. A hundred gangs of rioters were busy carrying out their terrible task, covering a vast area that stretched from the Bosphorus to the Sea of Marmara. Each gang had a leader who was armed with a list of the houses and shops in his area owned by Greeks. It was an organised tornado of violence which swept away everything in its path. Dozens of Greek citizens and clergymen were beaten up. Altogether 73 Greek churches were plundered or burned. Icons, murals and holy chalices of inestimable historic and archaeological value were destroyed. All the city’s 26 Greek schools were completely demolished. The Patriarchal School at Fanari, established in 1453, and the Theological School on Halki were subjected to the fury of the rabble in an act of extreme barbarism. The Zappeion High School was attacked and the statue of its benefactor, Constantinos Zappas, sent tumbling down the great marble staircase. The mob did not stop at ruining desks, a piano and the school hall but also did immense damage to the murals that decorated the interior walls of the school.

In all, 4,340 Greek shops and stores were looted and destroyed that night; 2,600 Greek homes were caught in the eye of the storm and submitted to the mob’s unprecedented wrath. The offices and printing presses of the city’s three big Greek newspapers were literally smashed to pieces. The offices of Olympic Airways, then known as T.A.E., on Cumhuriyet Street in Elmadag were visited twice by the rabble. ” Eyewitness testimony by Leonidas Koumakis survivor of the Constantinople Pogrom of September 6, 1955 as documented in his testimonial book.


Pamela has more>>

Even the Pals don't buy it: “There has never been such a case.”

Turkish anti-Israel TV show outrages Palestinians/eye on the world

Palestinians are outraged by claims made in a Turkish drama that Palestinian female prisoners are being raped by Israeli soldiers — “There has never been such a case.”

(JPost) Even the Palestinians are opposed to an anti-Israel Turkish television series that is being aired these days on two popular Arab satellite networks.

The 13-episode Separation: Palestinian in Love and in War (Cry of Stones) is about a Palestinian family that leaves for a vacation to Jordan, only to return to a home that had been demolished by the IDF.

Eye on the world:

The drama, which was first broadcast on Turkey’s state television last October, depicts IDF soldiers as cold-blooded murderers and rapists.

The Turkish drama, which has strained relations between Turkey and Israel, has also enraged many Palestinians, especially female prisoners held in Israeli jails.

The inmates are particularly outraged over scenes showing IDF soldiers “raping” a Palestinian women.

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Turkey: Erdogan Purges Military

You know you’re in deep trouble when your best hope for a semi-democratic country is *military coup*.

Erdogan eliminates the opposition:

Turkey arrests 86 military men, including generals, for coup attempt

Turkey’s march toward Sharia and abandonment of Kemalist secularism seems unstoppable. “Turkey: Coup Foiled, Gov’t-Armed Forces War Continues,” from ANSAmed, April 6 (thanks to JW):

(ANSAmed) – ANKARA – The war is continuing with no holds barred between the ruling party – the pro-Islamic Justice and Development Party (AKP) led by Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan – and the armed forces, who on the basis of the Constitution, have always been the protector of the lay status of the country.With an unexpected sudden reversal, the police yesterday arrested 86 servicemen (70 of whom are still in service) believed to have been involved in the alleged coup d’etat that was to have been carried out in 2003 against the AKP party which had just risen to power. The vast operation, as reports the Turkish media, was carried out simultaneously in 90 houses in 14 provinces of Turkey, from Istanbul to Ankara, and came 48 hours after the release of 28 of the approximate 50 servicemen arrested on February 22 as part of the same investigation. There are several generals amongst the 70 servicemen still in service who were arrested.

Other news from the RoP:

Amongst the servicemen who ended up in prison, and who were released in recent days and then immediately put behind bars, is the former general of the army, Cetin Dogan, believed to be the brains behind the coup (called ‘Balyoz’, sledgehammer) reported in January by pro-government daily paper Taraf but which was never set in motion. The charges against them range from attempted massacre to the attempted coup d’etat. The aim of ‘Balyoz’, according to Taraf, was to plunge the country into chaos with acts of violence and terrorism.

Amongst other things, the plan was for the servicemen to blow up mosques in Istanbul during Friday prayers, to attack museums with bombs, to shoot down a Turkish fighter plane and to blame the Greek air force, and to force the executive, by then discredited, to resign. According to press sources, the people arrested yesterday are considered in various ways to have been involved both in the plotting of ‘Balyoz’ and in the wider conspiracy of Ergenekon, an alleged secret nationalist organisation which is said to have attempted to topple Erdogan’s government.

The investigation into Ergenekon began in 2007 after explosives and detonators were found in an apartment in Istanbul which brought about the arrest of some 100 people from ultra-nationalist spheres in various parts of the country. Investigators maintain that that roundup revealed a secret body called ”deep state”, which was a secret pact between politicians, ex-servicemen, secret services and local mafia. All the people accused in the Ergenekon case are facing 30 charges with the three most serious being the organisation of a terrorist group, incitement to revolt and attempting to topple the government. The accused include retired generals but also other high-ranking officers still in service, magistrates, nationalist politicians, far-right sympathisers, people from show business, writers and journalists. However, lay people and nationalists believe that the case against the alleged Ergenekon group is nothing more than an AKP ploy to get rid of its most stubborn opponents. (ANSAmed).

The Arrogant Sultan of Turkey

Must have been a mass suicide ……

Erdogan: ‘There Can be No Talk of Genocide’

Okay. How about getting the Turkish occupiers out of Cyprus then?

In a SPIEGEL interview, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 56, discusses Ankara’s relationship with the European Union, the debate over genocide against the Armenians and his role as a mediator in the dispute over Iran’s nuclear policy.

SPIEGEL: Mr. Prime Minister, your country is currently giving a confusing impression. It is more modern and open than it was before you came into office, and yet it is also more pious and Islamic. Where are you taking Turkey: toward the West, toward Europe or toward the East?

Other News:

Update: Erdogan, Merkel agree on Turkish schools in Germany

Erdogan: Turkey has changed considerably and has been modernized in the last seven-and-a-half years. Unlike previous governments, we take the founder of the republic, (Mustafa Kemal) Atatürk, at his word and are trying to bring the country to the level of contemporary civilization. In doing so, we look in all directions. We don’t turn our face from the East when we look to the West. We see this as a process of normalization.

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Merkel takes her views to Turkey, returns with Erdogans…. (views)

Conversion is next, by the looks of it….

What, no hijab?

Islamist would-be caliph Tayyip Erdogan must have taken German chancellor Angela Merkels to the cleaners,  where they did a bit of good old fashioned Islamo-fascist brainwashing on her:

Before she went, she told Germans that there wouldn’t be any Turkish (Islamic) universities in Germany. Now, upon her return, she’s not so sure anymore:  from PI (in German)

For the Turks, however, it is Islam and nothing but Islam, because nothing else matters….

Touching on the importance of religion, Celik said that the first goal should be to teach Islam from the right source.   If Islam is taught from the right source, there will not be any problems regarding dialogue among religions and co-existence, Celik underlined.

Looks like the “white peace pigeon” failed to impress: Merkel gives Turkish PM “white peace pigeon”

Back in Germany, however, even the far left teachers union shows signs of resistance:

German Teachers’ Association: Turks Must Assimilate

From last Friday’s Hanover Zeitung, as reported in Europe News:

German Teachers’ Association Attacks Turkish Premier Erdogan

The president of the Teachers’ Association, Josef Kraus, has expressed strong disapproval of Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s push for Turkish high schools in Germany. “That is unacceptable and anti-integration, to the disadvantage of young Turks living here,” said Kraus to the Rheinische Post.

The Gates of Vienna has more>>

Turkish Caliphate Allures

The Audacity of the Turks:

Turkish Thug in Chief Tayyip Erdogan demands Germany pay for Turkish schools, rejects integration and calls assimilation a “crime against humanity”.

The demand for Turkish schools has just been rejected.  However, in view of the rapid re-Islamization of Turkey it is a bad idea for German chancellor Angela Merkel to visit Turkey at this moment in time. Turks should be summoned whenever necessary, and told in no uncertain terms where to stick their arrogance.

Cocksuckers of the world unite:

Clinton “assures” Turkey on Armenia bill

Sure. Right after Obambi pompously declared: As President I will recognize the Armenian Genocide

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has assured Turkey the White House opposes a congressional resolution labeling the World War One massacres of Armenians in Turkey as genocide, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said Monday.

Sorry I’m out of swear words for this Obama-Clitman crew. Don’t chew it and don’t choke on it, just read it>>

The Gates of Vienna have a nice little compilation of Erdogan allures, none of them pleasing to Western eyes and ears:

Erdogan on Armenians:

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Good Dhimmi

After threatening the remaining Armenian Christians in Turkey with genocide and expulsion, Islam0-Nazi Tayyip Erdogan gets an apology and a promise of loyalty from the representative of the remaining Armenians.

Turks loot the belongings of the Armenians before exterminating them…..

Turkish World Bulletin

Turkey’s PM meets Armenian community leader

“Armenian community leader” promptly apologizes for being alive, promises to never talk about the past (although his own grandfather was killed in the Turkish genocide against the Armenians) and to behave like a good dhimmi should.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan met representatives of the Armenian and Assyrian community in Turkey.

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Turkish Reporting: "hardline secularists are still insensitive to religious practices…"

There are ways, however, to make them more sensitive. Islamic Iran is leading in this field, and PM Tayyip Erdogan is working hard to revive the cadaver of the Ottoman empire….

Secularist party members in Turkey tear up chador in street

World Bulletin

Women from main secularist opposition party torn up chadors in the middle of a street in a move that apparently shows hardline secularists are still insensitive to religious practices in Turkey.

The Republican People’s Party (CHP) launched a move to embrace women in headscarves and chadors, called “chador opening”, before local elections in 22 July 2009.


The move comes on the anniversary of the abolishment of the Caliphate in Turkey.

Approximately 100 women in the southern city of Mersin met in front of the Ataturk House on Ataturk Street, bringing a chador to the street.

CHP had angered freedom supporters when it prevented the freedom of wearing headscarf in universities by applying to top court to annul the parliament’s amendment which would give limited freedom to girls.

In other news:

Turkey: A Threat, Yet Again

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Surprise! Guess who's biggest Islamic threat

Update: Turkey: A Threat, Yet Again

Inside the Beltway, the fact that Turkey is no longer a U.S. “ally” in any meaningful sense is still strenuously denied. But as I note on Alternativeright, we were reminded of the true score on March 9, when Saudi King Abdullah presented Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (shown with wife and some friends, l.) with the Wahhabist kingdom’s most prestigious prize for his “services to Islam.” Erdogan earned the King Faisal Prize for having “rendered outstanding service to Islam by defending the causes of the Islamic nation.” More here, thanks to Tundra Tabloids

Terror expert’s warning cites NATO member Turkey

Caliphate Allures

“Erdogan is saying 1.5 billion Muslims are waiting for the Turkish government to arise. This is pretty scary.”


Famed PLO terrorist-turned-Christian Walid Shoebat is warning that the United States needs to be watching not Iran, Syria or even Hamas and Hezbollah as closely as it needs to follow the actions of the Islamic leaders of Turkey.

It was just a few months ago when Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin reported Turkey appeared to be seeking the restoration of the old Ottoman Empire.

Turkey’s Tayyip Recep Erdogan

The report said Turkey’s increasing lack of interest in the European Union combined with its efforts to re-establish its influence in Turkic countries of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and its outreaches to Russian, Syria and Iran are cause for concern.

At the time, the shift by Tayyip Recep Erdogan, Turkey’s leader, from West to East was obvious, because Turkey announced it was cutting Israel out of annual military exercises involving NATO forces while it sought out military exercises with Syria.

Now Shoebat, the grandson of the Muslim Mukhtar of Beit Sahour-Bethlehem and a friend of Haj-Ameen Al-Husseini, the grand mufti of Jerusalem and notorious friend of Adolf Hitler, is worried about what Turkey is saying and doing.

As a young man, Shoebat was part of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and participated in acts of terror and violence against Israel. After moving to the U.S., he worked for the Arab Student Organization at Loop College in Chicago and continued his anti-Israel activities. In 1993, Walid studied the Tanach (Jewish Bible) in a challenge to convert his wife to Islam, finishing up by changing sides.

“Turkey is the biggest threat,” he told WND in an interview. “Turkey is the strongest military power in the region, and it’s the second largest army in NATO. The statements coming out of Turkey should be of great concern to Americans.”

Turkish Genocide Denial Watch:

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