UK: Legislation doesn't prevent forced marriages

UK: Women forced to marry under sharia are “really messed up”


Especially since, where forced marriages are, honor-killings are not far behind. “Women ‘really messed up’ over forced marriages,” from the Enfield Independent, June 23, via Raymond from JW:

NEW legislation has failed to stop forced marriages taking place, according to an Enfield support group.

Ila Bel, from Enfield Saheli, in Fore Street, Edmonton, said her charity was seeing an increasing number of women who were “really messed up” after being forced to marry under Sharia law.

* Obviously, the UK’s BS-legislation against polygamy doesn’t prevent muslims either from taking more than one wife, especially when they’re eligible to get them all on welfare…

In September, the Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Act came into effect making forced marriages unlawful, following a campaign by MP Ann Cryer.

At a conference in Westminster organised by Enfield’s South Asian Forum, Mrs Cryer said she had been prompted to take action to prevent forced marriages when she realised fathers were asking her for help with visas for new husbands to be brought to Britain, against the will of their daughters…

"Women's rights are human rights"- but not for the Muslim POTUS

  • Egypt Bans Marriage to Israelis:  “Egyptians married to Israelis are dangerous to Egypt’s national security, acting in ways that contradict the constitution of their country and Islamic laws-hmm, me thinks Israeli women who marry Arabs are dangerous to Israel’s national security.  What say you?
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    Obama throws women under the bus

    Obama is not in favor with at least one blogger at the generally reliably dhimmi Economist. “Next time he would do better to remember, as the secretary of state famously put it, that women’s rights are human rights.” Indeed.

    “Throwing women under the bus,” from The Economist Democracy in America blog, June 5 (thanks to JW):

    Caroline Glick is unimpressed:

    He spoke of the need to grant equality to women without making mention of common Islamic practices like so-called honor killings, and female genital mutilation. He ignored the fact that throughout the lands of Islam women are denied basic legal and human rights. And then he qualified his statement by mendaciously claiming that women in the US similarly suffer from an equality deficit. In so discussing this issue, Obama sent the message that he couldn’t care less about the plight of women in the Islamic world.

    So, too, Obama spoke about the need for religious freedom but ignored Saudi Arabian religious apartheid. He talked about the blessings of democracy but ignored the problems of tyranny.

    In short, Obama’s “straight talk” to the Arab world, which began with his disingenuous claim that like America, Islam is committed to “justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings,” was consciously and fundamentally fraudulent. And this fraud was advanced to facilitate his goal of placing the Islamic world on equal moral footing with the free world.

    Read the whole thing …


    • More Obambinations: Anne Bayefsky rips Obama‘s apologia in Cairo, Israel Matzav:
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    3. Radical Islam is the Army of ‘Moderate’ Islam: Islamic terrorists are simply the military wing of the Muslim community.
    4. UK Police Hunt Muslim Serial Killer and Rapist…
    5. 1st Female Saudi Minister Needs Permission to Appear on TV…
    6. Islamists Cane Woman for Talking to Hindu Man…
    7. Pak. Court Allows Kidnapped Christian Girl to Leave Rapist…


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    Yemen: "The West wants to teach us how to marry, conceive and divorce. This is cultural colonization that we reject"

    Hmm, not really.  “The West” is pretty timid not to mention anything about Aisha who was 6 when she “married” Muhammad, a warlord in his fifties. If you call Muhammad a child-molester you might even end up in court and get a fine, along with being labeled ‘racist, bigot, Islamophobe.” You won’t find Aisha’s story in this article by DONNA ABU-NASR/Associated Press mentioned either. Why do you think that is?  Is the truth no defense?

     Of course, the whole concept of pedophilia did not exist in Muhammad’s day, but when he is taken as the supreme example of human conduct and imitated today, what results is…pedophilia. Muhammad’s consummation of his marriage with Aisha when she was nine is in the hadith collection Muslims consider most reliable, Bukhari, several times:5.48.234; 5.58.236; 7.62.64; 7.62.65; and 7.62.88.

    What’s more, it is clear that Muslims take this seriously and imitate Muhammad in this. Article 1041 of the Civil Code of the Islamic Republic of Iran states that girls can be engaged before the age of nine, and married at nine: “Marriage before puberty (nine full lunar years for girls) is prohibited. Marriage contracted before reaching puberty with the permission of the guardian is valid provided that the interests of the ward are duly observed.”

    Islamists fight Yemen law banning child marriage

    She was 2 years old when her father promised her in marriage to a man in his 30s. It was a swap, so the father could marry the man’s sister without paying the obligatory bride-price. At age 9, the girl was put on a sack of rice to appear taller next to the bridegroom in the wedding picture. At 11, she was taken to her husband’s house to live. Despite promising not to consummate the marriage before she reached puberty, he tied her to a bed, stuffed a rag in her mouth and raped her, she says.  Read it all>>

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    German judge: “Muslims have a different understanding of rape than Europeans, and this must be taken into account”

    Why must it be taken into account? Why can’t American and European officials say to Muslims, “You’re in our country now, and you’re going to abide by our rules”?

    Islamic law regarding rape requires four males Muslim witnesses to establish that it happened, as per Qur’an 24:13. Women’s rights groups accordingly ought to be resisting its encroachment into the West. We’re still waiting.

    Wakademic Fuckwit Alert: Respect that! Obama agrees.

    Exclusive: Sharia Infiltrates German Courts, Schools, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Once again a German court ruled by referring to Shrai’a (Islamic law), which predominantly incites to denigration of women, hatred, violence.
    Most recently, Lisa, a German woman (46) married to an Egyptian, called the police seeking protection for herself and her 17-year-old daughter from assaults by her husband. Magdi, Lisa’s husband, threatened to kill their daughter who had been raped by a man. Magdi, a practicing Muslim, believes that his daughter committed “Zena” (adultery). He told his wife that he was always suspicious of his daughter who clandestinely had a German boyfriend. Lisa filed a divorce case against her husband, and requested deporting him.
    The judge, Matthias Rau, at a court in Hanover, Germany, ruled (January 21, 2009), Lisa had to wait for at least one year before she is legally divorced. Her husband cannot be deported. “He must be re-educated, in hopes he would renounce his Islamic understanding of ‘Zena,’” the judge said.
    The German judge argued, “Muslims have a different understanding of rape than Europeans, and this must be taken into account.”  

    Women's Lib: "Because we gotta be politically correct…"

    Leftists on “Damage” Control

    According to some bloody crazy liberals up in New York (redundant, I know), it is more damaging to criticize Islam than it is to behead a woman.     

    Groups including the Network of Religious Communities, Western New York Peace Center and the Erie County Coalition Against Family Violence say a statement by the New York president of the National Organization For Women is damaging to women and to Muslims.

    You know what’s really damaging to women?     

    Slavery and subjugation. And, apparently, husbands who think that using knives against their family members is culturally acceptable.

    I am quite pleased to see NOW finally begin to address this atrocious behavior.

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    *  Saudi court sentences 75-year-old woman to 40 lashes for “mingling” with unrelated men
    *  Muslim Woman Self Immolates Rather Than Continue Desperate Life

    Women's Bizniss

                                        The liberating burka


    Don’t hold your breath:

     KUALA LUMPUR: A new movement organised by a group of scholars and activists brings renewed hope to Muslim women for an end to “unjust laws and discriminatory practices” in Islam. More…

    In Islam, you’re never too young to get married:

    ISLAMABAD: A case of ‘vani’ has been discovered in a village of Abbottabad district, where two minor girls, whose uncle had married a girl of his choice, have been given in marriage to men of the family of that girl.

    Five-year-old Haleema Bibi and eight-year-old Ayesha have been given in marriage to 23-year-old Arshad and 15-year-old Hamayun of the opponent family by a jirga of elders of the area because uncle of the minor girls had contracted court marriage with a girl of opponent family some six months back. More

    * Really, really wishing Aisha weren’t nine

    * In Islam there is no such thing as rape

    * Bogus Science: 

    Hizb ut-Tahrir  women’s brigades get organized in Manchester: 

    Women’s deputy media representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, Sultanah Parvin said only an Islamic government could offer peace to Muslims, Jews and Christians in Israel.

    “You only have to look at the rich Muslim history which saw huge prosperity amongst communities in the very same region,” she said. (That’s why they’re all illiterate, stoopid and poor/ed)  More

    Face to face with the women suicide bombers


    Chilling fanaticisms: Manal Saba’na, 22, who recruited her two best friends to become suicide bombers

    Some are raped, others ruthlessly brainwashed. In this exclusive dispatch, KEVIN TOOLIS meets the women who become Al Qaeda’s human bombs

    Dressed from head-to-toe in black, seemingly invisible and blending in with the shimmering heat of the Middle East, she is the perfect weapon: the female suicide bomber. 

    There is no real defence against her. In traditional Arab society it is haram  -  forbidden  -  for a man to shake hands never mind search a strange woman, even at a security checkpoint. 


    “Valentine’s Day ‘haram in Islam,'” from the New Straits Times

    Seven out of ten nations among top persecutors of Christians are Muslim states

    In which Sharia is a considerable influence. “Behead a Christian, raise your rank: Islam’s Shariah cited in 7 of 10 worst nations worldwide,” by Bob Unruh for WorldNetDaily, 

    Iran: Islam 'elevates' women!

    * Iran: Lawmakers reject proposal to allow men to marry additional wives without first wife’s consent

    Ahmadinejad’s Great Leap Backward for women

    According to this report, Ahmadinejad’s recent move to cancel Iranian women’s legal right to object to or even know about their husbands’ plans to marry additional wives is part of a much larger (albeit unsurprising) agenda to further restrict women’s rights under Sharia law. Meanwhile, apologists are likely preparing the standard boilerplate: Islam elevates women, Sharia liberates them, and any time a measure comes under criticism from the West, it is to be branded as “cultural,” not Islamic.

    Funny how those same “cultural” flaws keep cropping up in association with Islamic law and tradition, though. Like communism, no one is apparently ever implementing Sharia “right,” and that’s why countries under its yoke are dysfunctional, corrupt, and largely impoverished outside the ruling class. But hey, let’s try it in your country, and this time it’ll be different. Honest.

    “Ahmadinejad’s New Enemy: Women,” by Amir Taheri for the New York Post, September 6 (thanks to JCB):

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