Islam Behind 91% of Terror Attack Victims in the EU Since 2000

The recently released Black and White Book of Terrorism in Europe has brought to light that radical Islamic terrorists have accounted for 91 percent of all of the victims of terror attacks since 2000.

Trump seeks to designate Muslim Brotherhood as terror group: NYT

The New York Times says Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi urged the US to take the step earlier this month.

If President Trump designates the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist org, it will be the biggest hit to the global Islamist movement. MB has the most organized network of institutions, politicians & banks. This will shake their empire. Do it.

The Trump administration is working to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a foreign terrorist organisation, the White House said on Tuesday, which would bring sanctions against Egypt’s oldest Islamist movement.

“The president has consulted with his national security team and leaders in the region who share his concern, and this designation is working its way through the internal process,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in an email.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi urged US President Donald Trump to take the step during an April 9 visit to the White House, the New York Times reported on Tuesday, citing officials familiar with the matter.


The Vatican sacrifices the innocent on the altar of appeasement.

When Benedict XVI confronted Islam during a speech in the German town of Regensburg in 2006, his remarks angered the sitting archbishop of Buenos Aires.

“These statements will serve to destroy in 20 seconds the careful construction of a relationship with Islam that Pope John Paul II built over the last 20 years,” said Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who added that Benedict’s remarks “don’t reflect my own opinions.”

Seven years later, the College of Cardinals elected Bergoglio as Pope Francis, who amplifies his late predecessor’s moral silence concerning Islam.

Christians living in Islamic-majority countries ‘143 times more likely’ to be killed by an Islamist than vice versa

The Voice of Europe calculates that 30 million Muslims live in the western world. Based on population number alone, the probability of any Muslim being attacked in the West at any given year is approximately 1:10 million.

By comparison, 261 people have been killed and many more injured, in attacks by Muslims on non-Muslims, in less than four years, in France, which has a population of 66 million.

On average 66 non-Muslims are killed every year by Muslims, the Voice of Europe reports.

More from the Religion of Peace:

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Study: Islam Behind 91% of Terror Attack Victims in the EU Since 2000

Pat Condell on the New Battle of Britain

Britons voted for independence from the overbearing European Union, so why is Britain still not free? Pat Condell brings us up to date on Brexit:

“A parliament of political maggots, feeding on the carcass of British democracy.” Reminds me of Congress leaving the border open so that the USA can be colonized and absorbed by the Third World.

In other news:

Biden a lackey of China?

On Sunday, Fox News Channel’s Steve Hilton reported on Peter Schweizer’s investigation of former vice president Joe Biden’s family’s business dealings with China’s government, concluding that Biden was “compromised by a foreign power and unfit to be president.”

Pakistan announces 1000 scholarships for Sri Lankan students.

The last thing Sri Lanka needs is more Mohammedans brainwashed in the madrassas of Pakistan.

Zakir Naik justifies suicide bombing as legal in tactic of war
President of the Islamic Research Foundation Zakir Naik delivers a speech at an “Islamaphobia” conference in Istanbul, Turkey, on March 23, 2017.

Jihad is permanent & relentless, which Mohammedans are always at war. Suicide bombings are part of it.  Nothing “controversial” about it.

Controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik said that suicide bombings are permitted in Islam if it used as a tactic in war.

In our interview, Lauren Southern discusses her upcoming film “Borderless” and the human smuggling she discovered. Plus, Bernie Sanders advocates for prisoners voting, and why treating all races equally is, apparently, racist.

Hijab, Burkini in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Halima Aden Becomes First Swimsuit Model to Wear Hijab and Burkini in ‘SI’ Swimsuit Issue

Could be worse. Imagine it was Lena Dunham in a bikini!

18 years after 9/11 and this is where we’re at. Unfuckingbelievable.

Not even in the gender studies faculty lounge could you find more belligerently mindless moonbattery than in the sports media. As we have seen, Sports Illustrated is a case in point. Now SI plunges into self-parody by featuring an African swimsuit model in a burkini. Honesty, this is not a joke:

Via Yahoo! News:

The upcoming issue, on sale May 8, features Somali-American supermodel Halima Aden, 21, in a burkini, which is a full-body swimsuit worn by some Muslim women.

Aden, who was born in Kakuma, a refugee camp in Kenya, before moving to the U.S. in 2004, is not only the first model to wear a burkini in the annual swimsuit issue but is also the first hijab-wearing model.

By a remarkable coincidence, rabidly anti-American congresscritter Ilhan Omar came to America from Somali via a refugee camp in Kenya. She is a rising star out there on the leftist lunatic fringe.

Halima gushingly reports on the photo shoot, which politically correctly took place in Kenya, ancestral homeland of the Moonbat Messiah himself:

“We definitely had a lot of moments where everybody was, like, breaking down crying because it’s a huge moment,” she told “GMA.” “Oh my gosh, like, just thinking about it. It’s just so monumental.”

GMA = Good Morning America.

Stay tuned to see who will be the historic first Somali to pose in a burkini for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue who is actually a male transsexual. Tears of joy will flow again.


FATAH: Why Islamic terrorists slaughtered Christians in Sri Lanka

Crack me up:

Sri Lanka’s fight is with ISIS, not Islam

Please Be Nice To Muslims.

JUST IN: Sri Lanka’s prime minister says the suicide bomber who studied in Australia became an extremist during the four years he spent here. “We know there is some militancy going on in Australia among the Muslims.” Imagine my shock.

Wally must be laughing like a hex.

Tarek Fatah

On April 11, 10 days before the horrific attacks by Islamic terrorists on Christians observing Easter in Sri Lanka, the country’s Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police sent out an urgent alert to government officials and security heads of all agencies.

The subject line said: “Information of an alleged plan attack.”

The intelligence report could not have been more explicit in its contents about what was about to unfold in the tear-shaped island nation at the southern tip of India; a paradise turned into hell by the seekers of paradise.

DIG Priyalal Dassanayake identified the name of the Islamists and their organizations. He wrote: “You are hereby instructed to pay particular attention to the reference made in Page 2-4 of the above under title National Thawhith (Tawhid) Jamaan [NTJ] concerning a possible suicide attack being planned in this country by Mohammed Zaharan, leader of the National ‘Thawhith Jamaan.’”

Sri Lanka’s president has outlawed two Islamist groups suspected to be behind the suicide bombings as churches suspended services due to security concerns.

In related news:

Ban Radical Islam in Sri Lanka to Avert Dangerous Jihadi Threat in the Island
» Hunt for ISIS ‘Handler’ of Easter Bombers: Video Shows ‘Subtle and Professional’ Man Watching Suicide Bomber Walk Into Church Before Calmly Strolling Away as Explosion Kills 100 People
» Six Children and Nine Others Dead as Sri Lankan Troops Raid ‘ISIS Safe House’ Six Days After Suicide Bombers Killed More Than 250

Continue reading FATAH: Why Islamic terrorists slaughtered Christians in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: more jihadist activity than anyone suspected

Sri Lanka Muslim Majority Town Behind Christian Massacre Had Islamic Violence Dating Back to 2004

The familiar media narrative when reporting on serial killers is that, “No one suspected a thing”. When it comes to Islamic terrorists, it’s also usually, “No one suspected a thing”. But in reality, no one was paying attention. There was a history of violence.

‘War Footing’: Catholic Church in Sri Lanka Calls for Crackdown on Islamic Extremists

Sri Lanka's newly appointed Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, Father Malcolm Ranjith, arrives at the felicitation ceremony in Colombo on December 6, 2010. Christians account for about 7.5 percent of Sri Lanka's 20 million people. AFP PHOTO/Ishara S. KODIKARA (Photo credit should read Ishara S.KODIKARA/AFP/Getty Images)


Seriously? Christians ‘taking the law into their own hands?’ Something yet to be seen.

Sri Lanka Shuts Down Easter Jihad Mastermind’s Islamic Group – a Week Later

A week after the fact. After sleeping through clear warnings from several intelligence agencies…

Sri Lankan President Knew of Easter Jihad Plot Ten Days Before

As you can see,  it’s even worse. Is the Sri Lankan president complicit or totally incompetent?

In this picture taken on April 25, 2019, Sri Lankan Muslim men pray at the National Thowheeth Jama'ath (NTJ) mosque in Kattankudy. - Zahran Hashim's sword-wielding zealotry fuelled fears in the sleepy east coast town of Kattankudy long before the cleric became Sri Lanka's most wanted man over the horrific …

Sri Lankan authorities banned National Thawheed Ja’amath (NTJ), the Islamist group believed to have orchestrated the Easter Sunday jihadist attacks against Christians this month, and arrested its leader a week after the bombings.

President Maithripala Sirisena also announced a ban on all face coverings in public, including the niqab and burqa, Islamic garments typically worn by fundamentalist Muslims. Hijab, the hair covering that leaves the face exposed, is more typical among moderate Muslims and not affected by the ban.

Sri Lankan authorities raid headquarters of jihadist group suspected of Easter bombings, discover a second group

Aside from the group National Thawheed Jammath which Sri Lankan officials have suspected to be behind the Easter Sunday bombings, another group Jammiyathul Millathu Ibrahim, has now been implicated.

Fake News:

No Sri Lankan Police, Special Task Force or Military personnel were injured or killed during this raid.  The suicide bombers killed their own wives and children. No police casualties.

After Synagogue Shooting, D.C. Cops to Protect Mosques and Synagogues

Why are mosques receiving special attention in Washington D.C.?

Clueless Sweden:

Stockholm residents have nothing to fear from Islamic State fighters, as they have returned from the Middle East to live peaceful, crime-free lives in Sweden — according to officials in the nation’s capital.

Christians Flee Middle East — Even After Fall of Islamic State: ’No Nation That Protects Them Openly’

“Middle East Christians have no nation that protects them openly.”

Islamic State Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Makes Rare Appearance

This guy was once locked up in Gitmo and America let him go.

Islamic State Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Resurfaces to Praise Sri Lanka Bombers

The man alleged to be Baghdadi claimed the fall of his “caliphate” was due to the “savagery” of its Christian enemies.

“Truthfully, the battle of Islam and its people against the cross and its people is a long battle. The battle of Baghouz is over. But it did show the savagery, brutality and ill intentions of the Christians towards the Muslim community,” he said.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdad has been leader of ISIS for almost nine years, a period in which he has led large-scale operations such as high-profile suicide bombings and bloody attacks. Photos have today emerged capturing the elusive terrorist for the first time since 2014.

Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, long rumored to have been killed during the collapse of his “caliphate” in Iraq and Syria, released a new video on Monday in which he praised the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka as well as jihadis in Burkina Faso and Mali. It was the first confirmed video appearance by Baghdadi since the summer of 2014.

The as-yet unauthenticated video, posted by the Islamic State’s al-Furqan network on the encrypted Telegram service, shows Baghdadi mentioning other recent events besides the Sri Lanka attacks. He made several references to the Islamic State’s defeat last month in its final Syrian redoubt of Baghouz, for example.

A reminder from the widely respected Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406).

“In the Muslim community, holy war [jihad] is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the Muslim mission and the obligation to convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force. The other religious groups did not have a universal mission, and the holy war was not a religious duty for them, save only for purposes of defence. But Islam is under obligation to gain power over other nations.”

Anal-yse your phobia!

The radical Left have intentionally corrupted objective definitions to apply to any dissenting opinion which relates to minority groups. The terms “transphobia,” “homophobia,” and “Islamophobia” appear often in political debate. While it is clearly true that some viewpoints may be motivated by fear or hatred, the radical Left ignore all content or context and apply the suffix “phobia” to all opposing viewpoints, rejecting any such opinion as “hateful.”



Violent African immigrant crime in the State of Victoria, in Australia, has been escalating over the past few years.–

However, reporting on these brutal attacks have almost fully stopped.

Please WATCH the video above, listen to the eye witness testimony and SHARE what the media refuses to report.

Melbourne is no longer the most liveable city in the world.

‘Some people did something…’ in Burkina Faso

CNN, the mothers of fake news:

Hizbutt’s hate tolerance & diversity:

‘We’ve bought into the lie that is tolerance and diversity’: Inside radical Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir’s Sydney conference – where gender segregated members heard children should not sing the national anthem

Burkina Faso: Christians killed in attack on church

Burkinabe gendarmes sitting on their vehicle in the city of Ouhigouya in the north of the country in October 2018Police on patrol in northern Burkina Faso in 2018

Gunmen have opened fire on a church in northern Burkina Faso, killing at least six people, officials say.

The attackers reportedly arrived on seven motorbikes at the end of Sunday’s service and killed the pastor, two of his sons and three other worshippers.

It is the first attack on a church since jihadist violence erupted in the West African country in 2016.

Fighters affiliated to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group as well as the local Ansarul Islam have been active.

Muslim leaders in Sri Lanka have voiced opposition to the face covering ban

Austria, France, Denmark, and More: Europe Rejects the Islamic Burqa

“It is the stupidest thing to do,” complained Hilmy Ahmed, vice-president of the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulema organisation, which represents Muslim clerics, in comments to the BBC.

“We strongly criticise the decision. We will not accept the authorities interfering with the religion without consulting the religious leadership,” he warned.

“The Government of Sri Lanka has banned full face coverings...……”

It would be much more effective, if they just banned Islam.


The government of Sri Lanka has banned full face coverings, including but not limited to the Islamic burqa and niqab, as an emergency measure following the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks targeting Christians and tourists.

Sounds like every other Western country:

“India is the only major civilizational country where you are systematically taught to hate your heritage and glorify the invaders who came to destroy it. And this [absurdity] is called ‘secularism’.” – Sanu


Dope Francis, Hijabbery, Fraser Anning, “Populists” Win Seats in Spain…

Pope Francis donated $500,000 to support migrants in Mexico headed to the US border, according to an announcement from the Vatican.

Police said they had arrested 48 suspects over the past 24 hours as checkpoints mounted by all of Sri Lanka’s security forces sprung up across the country of 21 million people.

Those arrested included two men authorities recently appealed to the public to locate.–ABC.NET.AU

“No Muslim Crime to See Here” – Declares Ignorant Female Journo at Fraser Anning Rally

…and then the punches flew….

“As you know, this areas is the Prime Minister’s seat, and there’s been all sorts of problems here with the Muslim immigrants who have come in here and attacked people.”–Anning

A 19-year-old has been charged with assault and intimidation after allegedly lashing out at a female journalist and a photographer following a Fraser Anning press conference in Sydney.

The Randwick teen, Max Towns, allegedly made intimidating comments to local journalist Eliza Barr after she asked probing questions of Senator Anning in a park in Cronulla.

When her photographer colleague Dylan Robinson attempted to intervene, Mr Towns allegedly assaulted him, knocking his camera to the ground and ripping his shirt.

The cameraman had his shirt ripped in the altercation.
The cameraman had his shirt ripped in the altercation. (AAP)

Video footage shows the photographer being repeatedly punched.

#9News |

Efforts Underway to Have PA Declared A Terrorist Organization Under Australian Criminal Law

The designation of the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a terrorist organisation would have major implications for Australia’s foreign policy and foreign aid applicable to the Middle East. It would throw into disarray a recently adopted Labor policy to unilaterally recognise a ‘State of Palestine’ as that policy legitimises an entity which meets the criteria under Australian law as a terrorist organisation.

Spanish Election: Socialists Win, “Populists” Enter National Parliament for First Time

Initial results of Spain’s national elections are in and the Socialists have won the most votes while the right-populist Vox party is to enter the national parliament for the first time.

Hijab Enforcement

Just another day in Londonistan:

The cruelty of the Yazidis

Yazidis to accept ISIL rape survivors, but not their children

Children of women raped by ISIL men will not be accepted into Yazidi community, say the sect’s faith leaders.

Yazidi's typically only recognise children as belonging to the community if both their parents hail from the sect [File: Ari Jalal/Reuters]
Yazidi’s typically only recognise children as belonging to the community if both their parents hail from the sect [File: Ari Jalal/Reuters]

Children born to Yazidi women raped by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) fighters will not be permitted to join the community in northern Iraq, the minority sect’s faith leaders have said.

Continued below the fold.

Sly Taqiyya Gigolo Yasir Qadhi Wants You to Believe That the Sharia is a Tasty Morsel, and  Not Wanting to Suck it Up is Just Fearmongering…

“Sharia originates with the Quran and the Sunnah, it is not optional. Sharia is the legal code ordained by Allah for all mankind. To violate Sharia or not to accept its authority is to commit rebellion against Allah, which Allah’s faithful are required to combat.” Robert Spencer

“White Supremacist” is Black:

Isaiah J. Peoples, who faces eight counts of attempted murder, appeared in court on Friday with his lawyer, Chuck Smith

Only the creeps from the New York Times would see “nothing wrong” with this cartoon:

Pope Calls for Evacuation of Refugees in Libya

Some 140 refugees are expected to arrive in Rome from Libya on Monday. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), some 6,000 migrants are currently held in official detention centers.

On Saturday night, Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) carried out airstrikes on Tripoli, killing at least 11 people and wounding some 30 others, according to the Italian news agency ANSA.

Yazidis to accept ISIL rape survivors, but not their children


In a statement late on Saturday, the Yazidi Supreme Spiritual Council said an earlier declaration stating “all survivors” of ISIL crimes and their children would be accepted in the community did not, as widely interpreted, “include children born of rape, but [instead] refers to children born of two Yazidi parents”.

Children born of rape by ISIL forces have been the subject of fierce debate in the insular community, which once numbered about 500,000 people and only recognises children as Yazidi if both their parents hail from the sect. Continue reading The cruelty of the Yazidis