Holland: the political establishment is ganging up to screw Wilders with a constitutional coup d’état

In Holland, the establishment has its knickers in a twist over Geert Wilders election victory. Even the Queen is now getting in on the act to exclude him from parliament. Strange days indeed!

The Baron has the story:

A Constitutional Coup in the Netherlands

Geert Wilders’ political party, the PVV (Party for Freedom) won substantial gains in last month’s elections in the Netherlands, in particular drawing support away from the Christian Democrats (CDA). If the Netherlands were a normal parliamentary democracy, post-election negotiations would have led to the inclusion of the PVV in a new government, and cabinet seats for members of the party.

But the Netherlands is not a normal parliamentary democracy, not when faced with the possibility that an “Islamophobe” like Mr. Wilders might be a member of the cabinet. If there is one thing that unites all the other Dutch political parties, it is an absolute determination that the PVV must not be included in any governing coalition. To ensure this outcome, any other configuration of parties is acceptable — what would it matter if the “conservative” VVD were to join forces with the Communists, so long as Geert Wilders would thereby be kept from gaining any seat in the government?

To create a cordon sanitaire against the PVV, the elite oligarchy that wields the real power in the Netherlands — the Queen and the three major parties — has resorted to some blatant extra-constitutional shenanigans during the procedure leading up to the formation of the new government…Read it all

The Fear that Wilders is Right

Jamie Glazov/Frontpagemag

Geert Wilders argues that Islamofascism derives directly from Islamic teachings, including Koranic exhortations. His movie, Fitna, advancing this argument, is unimpeachable in its citations of Islamic scripture and in its images of Islamofascism on the march. That those who oppose him are motivated in large part by a wish to appease the purveyors of the Islamist threat is indicated by the fact that the negative responses to Wilders have focused not on rebutting his arguments but on demonizing him and using anti-democratic means to silence him. As Roger Simon suggests, they are compelled to hate Wilders because they so want to cling to their delusional denial of the threat. Read it all

Nick Griffin Recommends Geert Wilders for Sakharov Prize

British National Party leader and MEP Nick Griffin announced this morning in the European Parliament that he wished to nominate brave Dutch MEP Geert Wilders for the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought.

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Dutch Queen Rejects Election Results

Dutch Queen Beatrix does not like Member of Parliament Geert Wilders, the winner of the recent elections in the Netherlands; she is attempting to prevent the formation of a right-wing coalition that includes him.

The maneuvers to exclude Mr. Wilders have angered ordinary Dutchmen. Asked to comment on television, many voters could be heard complaining, “What is the use of going to vote when we are not listened to anyway?”

Good question.

“The elite of the Left and the regents absolutely want to avoid the risk of a cabinet with Wilders,” writes Prof. Ellian. “Wilders has been preliminarily excluded without the elite even considering negotiations with him.” Ellian further points out that this is not just an injustice to Mr. Wilders, but also to his 1.5 million voters “who have been excluded from an important political process without as much as one relevant argument.”

Mad Hatter

Dutch Establishment Rejects Election Results (Hudson New York via TROP)

June’s general elections in the Netherlands resulted in a clear victory for the right. The Dutch Constitution, however, grants the Queen the power to appoint a person (or persons) of her choice to initiate and direct negotiations for the formation of a government coalition. By appointing the Labor politician Herman Tjeenk Willink to the position of formation facilitator, the Queen has made it clear that she wants a coalition that includes the Labor Party and excludes the Freedom Party of Geert Wilders.

An opinion poll taken last week shows that the Christian-Democrats would fall to the historic low level of 17 seats, while Mr. Wilders’ PVV would become the largest party in the country with 30 seats, ahead of the Liberals (28 seats) and Labor (27 seats).

Read more: Dutch Establishment Rejects Election Results

Burning Sweden Calls Wilders "Loser…"

Huge victory for freedom in the Netherlands: Wilders in line for Dutch Cabinet role

A roadblock on the road to Eurabia. “Election triumph puts anti-Islam Wilders in line for Dutch Cabinet role,” by David Charter for The Times/via JW

In the wake of Geert Wilders successful election in the Netherlands, he  was portrayed  as the loser by Swedish media. Now they call it a success for a “racist”, “Far-Right extremist” and “Islamophobic party.” The four largest Newspapers (Aftonbladet, Expressen, Svd and Dagens Nyheter) all report that it’s a “sad” day for Holland.

Last night,  Mohammedans in Sweden were rioting, stoned the police and burned a schoolhouse down……

Dutch Liberals slim win: ‘The Netherlands chose more security, less crime, less immigration and less Islam’ Wilders: Wilders proclaimed his party, which wants to ban immigration from all Muslim countries and cut social spending, ‘the biggest winner today.’

‘The Netherlands chose more security, less crime, less immigration and less Islam,’ Wilders told supporters during a televised meeting.”

Fires and rioting in Stockholm suburb

The Local

Rioting was reported in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby on Tuesday night as 50-60 (Mohammedan) “youths”  pelted police with stones and set alight to a building.

‘Little Mogadishu’

Rinkeby is home to a large number of first- and second-generation immigrants. Many of them are from Somalia, so the area is sometimes nicknamed Little Mogadishu.

“It is a war zone out here, it is raining stones”, said one witness who wished to remain anonymous to the Metro daily.

According to another witness a bus trying to enter the deprived area was forced to stop.

“Not a single window on the bus was intact,” an eye witness said.

Police were given an indication that something was afoot earlier in the evening as youths gathered on the streets equipping themselves with paving stones.

“They did all they could to attract our attention,” said Mats Brännlund at Stockholm police.

But police decided to react first when a building housing a mentor programme for young people in the area, burst into flames.

“We had to help the emergency services to get through,” Brännlund said.

In total around 20 police patrols with dogs were present in the area throughout the night as they tried to restore calm. Police vehicles were also subject to stone throwing.

“If you attack the police with stones and set alight to buildings then I would venture to suggest that it can be classified as rioting,” he said.

The fire services deployed 21 staff from three fire stations at the location, but none were reported to have been subjected to stone throwing.

A branch of the Nordea bank was attacked at around midnight with the local police station also the target of stone throwing youths. Two men were detained in connection with the police station attack.

According to media reports on Wednesday the cause of the outbreak of violence could have been the reaction to an argument at a party in the area earlier in the evening, but the reports have not been confirmed by police.

Wilders hails Israel 'fighting jihad'

Dutch “values” party head set to gain seats in current election.

Al BeBeeCeera is hot & bothered over “Wilders strident attacks on Islam which could allow him to make or break a new right-wing coalition government…” The  Guardian (of Muslims) sings along in unison…..


Geert Wilders, who is demanding a halt to immigration from Muslim countries as the centerpiece of his campaign for the Dutch prime ministership, has hailed Israel for “fighting the jihad” and warned that “the West is next” if Israel is unsuccessful.

The VDD’s Mark Rutte, left, the CDA leader, Jan-Peter Balkenende, centre, and the Freedom party’s Geert Wilders, before a tTV debate

“Israel is the canary in the coal mine,” Wilders said in a recent telephone interview with The Jerusalem Post, ahead of Wednesday’s elections in the Netherlands. “The jihadagainst Israel isn’t against Israel only. It’s against the whole West.”

A year ago, Wilders’s PVV (Party for Freedom) was scoring 28 percent in opinion polls and appeared to have a realistic prospect of winning the elections. It has declined since then, however, he said, as economic issues have become increasingly dominant.

“There’s not a big chance that I’ll become prime minister,” he said.

Nonetheless, the PVV is expected to double its current nine seats in the 150-member parliament, and front-runner Mark Rutte, of the People’s Party for Freedom of Democracy (VVD), said this week that he was not ruling out Wilders’s party as a coalition partner.

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Surprise, surprise: some Muslims agree with Geert Wilders

NIS News

THE HAGUE, 30/06/09 – Most Muslims in the Netherlands see Geert Wilders as a threat, but nearly one in five share his criticisms of Islam partly or in full, according to a survey by TV programme Netwerk.

Three-quarters of the Muslims consider it a threat if Wilders were to enter government. Nonetheless, one-third of them find it logical for a portion of the Dutch to vote for him. Eighteen percent of the Muslims agree with the Party for Freedom (PVV) leader on a number of points. On the other hand, 22 percent feel hatred towards Wilders.

On the question of how the Muslim community should deal with Wilders’ rising popularity, there are divergent thoughts. Most support is for ignoring him (40 percent), closely followed by ‘enter into the discussion’ (35 percent). Next come ‘let a tough counter-voice be heard’ (25 percent) and ‘tackle problems within the Muslim community’ (23 percent).

Nearly three-quarters of the Muslims have the feeling that the ‘ordinary’ Dutch have judged them more negatively in recent years than in the past. Additionally, 4 out of 10 Muslims say they are discriminated against more often nowadays. (We can disregard the grievance theater. Muslims believe discriminating against non-muslims is a religious obligation. Check under Dhimmitude/ed)

Two-thirds of the respondents see ‘a future for themselves’ in the Netherlands. It is noteworthy here that young Muslims in particular see it this way (73 percent). Muslims aged over 35 have less confidence: 43 percent see no future here for themselves any more. (They are most welcome to saddle the camels and leave. Problem is, they never do/ed)

Geert Wilders Causes Islamic Terrorism!

Furdz from the Turdz:

Thanks to Counter Jihad, via  DePers

Play it, Geert!

From our ‘dumber-than-dirt’ department:

Geert Wilders will breed Muslim terrorism

Belgian novelist and journalist, Thomas Blondeau, said On Sunday that Wilders will breed Muslim terrorism should he be part of the next Dutch cabinet. According to the writer, all hardliners play into the hands of Muslim terrorists:

“I’m afraid that the Dutch politicians will react like George Bush. Should Wilders be a minister, he would immediately declare war on Muslim terrorism. That is exactly what the Muslim terrorist want: fear.

Fear! My Goodness! We can’t have that!    Are you scared yet?

But of course Thomas Blondeau is not the only poof who doesn’t like Wilders.

The Telegraph’s Will Heaven has real problems:

His weird, Brylcreemed blond hair. His nasty video!

Will Heaven: I’m sick to death of Geert Wilders. His weird, Brylcreemed blond hair. His nasty video. And his pathetically hyped-up visits to London. Of course we should allow him into the country, and he should be free to say whatever he wants. But must we fawn and lay down the red carpet for the bloke just to get at Jacqui Smith?  Telegraph

Alternative Universe

Vlad Tepes

Dutch TV interviews imam Fawaz Jneid.

“Geert Wilders just like Hitler, Mussolini.  Wilders’ statements on Islam and Muslims will lead to “bloodshed and upheaval in Dutch society.”

Sure. “Those who oppose Islam cause wars and are responsible for them …

Dutch TV interviews a Muslim cleric who was on Geert Wilders list of witnesses for the defence, but was denied by the court. I believe the line ‘practised at the art of deception’ best suits this imam. Thank you Mr. Jagger.

Other Vlad Tepes Links

The Absurd Trial of Geert Wilders

by Mark Steyn on Thursday, February 18, 2010 – 22 Comments

There’s no shortage of volunteers. In the Low Countries, whenever anyone seeks to discuss Islam outside the very narrow bounds of multicultural political discourse, they wind up either banned (Belgium’s Vlaams Blok), forced into exile (Ayaan Hirsi Ali) or killed (Pim Fortuyn).

It’s remarkable how speedily “the most tolerant country in Europe,” in a peculiarly repellent strain of coercive appeasement, has adopted “shoot the messenger” as an all-purpose cure-all for “Islamophobia.”


Allen West full speech

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Pat Condell: The Crooked Judges of Amsterdam

“That Pungent Mix of Authoritarianism and Cowardice”

thanks to the Gates of Vienna

Would be nice to have  the transcripts to some of his best speeches. Any idea where we can get them?

Wilders trial: “I much look forward to seeing Wafa Sultan take the stand. Though I slightly pity the prosecution for having to attempt to cross-examine her.”

Douglas Murray points out some of the many, many absurdities of the Wilders free speech trial in the Netherlands. “The trial of Geert Wilders: why we won’t be hearing about camel urine,” by Douglas Murray in the Telegraph, February 4 (thanks toPamela):

[…] When the trial opened a fortnight ago, Wilders asked for a rather sparky list of 18 expert witnesses. They included some noted experts on Islam and social cohesion. And also a few, ahem, practitioners of the same. They were to include Mohammed Bouyeri, who shot, stabbed and partly beheaded the film-maker Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam in 2004. And also Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the jihadist cleric who was given the red-carpet treatment in London by former mayor Ken Livingstone a few years back.Sadly the Dutch court haven’t allowed these witnesses or most of the others, leaving the defence with only three witnesses. They are expert Simon Admiraal and leading Dutch scholar Hans Jansen (author of numerous scholarly books and the hilariously titled recent Islam for Pigs, Donkeys, Monkeys and Other Beasts). Most interestingly the court has allowed Wilders to call as an expert witness the brave and eloquent Wafa Sultan.

Sultan made her name – and garnered her first fatwas – for a blinding hit-the-ball-out-of-the-stadium interview on Al Jazeera a few years ago viewable here. It caused terrible convulsions across the Muslim world, and also apparently in Sheikh al-Qaradawi who described her home-truths session as consisting of “unbearable, ghastly things that made my hair stand on end.”

I much look forward to seeing Wafa Sultan take the stand. Though I slightly pity the prosecution for having to attempt to cross-examine her.

But I can’t help feeling disappointed that Qaradawi won’t be appearing. Although he believes talking about the contents of the Koran is “unbearable, ghastly and makes his hair stand on end”, I have always thought it interesting that he doesn’t find at all hair-raising – in fact he has even been quoted on his own website as defending – certain forms of female circumcision.

Indonesia’s blasphemy law is a case study in why such laws against insulting or defaming religions, as championed by the likes of the OIC, should be flatly rejected in the West.

Geert Wilders Inquisition

Is he the only person in Europe who gets it?

“The war against Israel is not a war against Israel. It is a war against the West. It is jihad. Israel is simply receiving the blows that are meant for all of us. If there would have been no Israel , Islamic imperialism would have found other venues to release its energy and its desire for conquest. Thanks to Israeli parents who send their children to the army and lay awake at night, parents in Europe and America can sleep well and dream, unaware of the dangers looming.”


Dynamite from Vlad Tepes

Muslim anti-Semitism in Germany

Full transcript below the fold thanks to the Gates of Vienna

News clip on trial of Geert Wilders

There is overall a deafening silence on the trial of Geert Wilders in the west. Still, most people do not know it is going on. In fact, the vast majority of people are well aware of some of the facts of the life of Galileo and his trial by the Catholic church for speaking astronomical truth and paying a price for it. Yet nearly no one knows that same trial is taking place right now in the church of political correctness for blasphemy of Islamic law.

I have it on good authority that broadcast media in the west in some cases will not directly cover this trial as they are just sick of having to defend themselves in various government media regulatory bodies against Muslim complainants.

I have a suggestion:

Get rid of government regulatory bodies of broadcast media. They are not necessary. There is no limit on the amount of spectrum. Notice by the way, this clip is from Russian TV. Perhaps they value freedom more than we do these days. They remember not having any.

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Israelis won't go to Turkey no mo

This should come as no great surprise. Not only do Israelis not want to go to Turkey: They don’t even want to change planes there. More from Carl

It’s time to stop fooling ourselves that Turkey is a western ally or an Israeli ally. Those days are gone.

erdoganIslamist Erdogan

Turkey’s turnabout

By BENNY AVNI/New York Post

Turkey this week broke sig nificantly with Israel and the West — a strong sign that President Obama‘s outreach to the Muslim world is achieving nothing.

On Monday, NATO scrapped “Anatolian Eagle,” a regularly scheduled military exercise with various allies along the Turkish border — drills meant to assure coordination in case of war in the region. At the last minute, Turkey had announced its refusal to let the Israeli Defense Force participate. Standing by its ally, America dropped out as well — killing the whole thing.

A day later, Turkish and Syrian officials disclosed that their armies had just concluded their own joint military exercise. The same day, the two countries went even further, signing a strategic cooperation pact.

Armenian Genocide belittled as “Relocation”

“Our relations with the Armenians, ruined 100 years ago with the relocation, turned into hatred over time…” Mehmet Kamis in Today’s Zaman

A prediction come true: Turkey lost to Islamists

Professor William Jacobson finds himself in the bittersweet position of having a prediction come true.

On January 31, 2009, I wrote that Turkey Looking Like The Next Iran:

My prediction: Turkey is the next Iran, unless Obama stops blaming the U.S. for Islamist aggression and gives support to Turkey’s secular institutions, including the Turkish army. Jimmy Carter tried the blame America first tactic; it didn’t win us any friends and led to 30 years of tyranny and human rights abuses in Iran. Don’t repeat the same mistake in Turkey. More from Carl

War is peace, day is night, Syria supports “human rights”

TV series row erodes Turkey-Israel relations

Turkish sleaze blames “humanitarian tragedy in Gaza” for vilification of Israel and Jews and refuses to pay its debt:

Turkey cheats Jews: Israel’s exports to Turkey down 40%, Turkeys bad debts up 90%

“Allah has dissolved your obligations…”

Israel Credit Insurance Company, which insures payment on some $12 billion per year in Israeli exports, reported on Wednesday that exports to Turkey dropped by 40% during the first nine months of 2009, while debt payments in arrears by Turkish companies rose by 90% in the same period. Carl has more>>

Coincidence? I don’t think so. It sounds to me like the Turks have decided not to pay their debts.

I'm Geert Wilders! for blogBosch Fawstin

Geert Wilders on Turkey:

“Should Turkey as an Islamic country be able to join the European Union? We are the only party in Holland that says, it is an Islamic country, so no, not in 10 years, not in a million years,”


The promised Land:

The United Nations ‘Human Rights Council,’ of which Sudan is a member, spends most of its time lambasting Israel. Undoubtedly, this is why 1,000,000 (yes, you read that number correctly) African refugees – many from Sudan – are trying to reach Israel.

WTF is Turkey in NATO?. . . . continue reading . . . .