Geert Wilders Visit to Australia: Victoria’s Baillieu Gov’t Threatens to Apply “Hate-Speech Laws”

Preemptive Dhimmitude

If   Baillieu has a problem with hate speech he should ban the Koran and close the mosques. But that would bring an end to the Muslim cash-flow that helps him stay in power.

Hate speech warning as Dutch MP Geers Wilders faces protests

CONTROVERSIAL anti-Islamic Dutch MP Geert Wilders will face protests from Muslims and others in Melbourne next month.  (H/T BCF)

The Baillieu Government has also warned that Mr Wilders could fall foul of the state’s hate speech laws if he incites tensions.

The  Baillieu Government should be held responsible for aiding and abetting a foreign, destructive ideology which follows the law of allah  to destroy Australia.

Mr Wilders had been due to visit Australia last year but had to postpone the trip following delays in processing his visa.

He opposes the “Islamisation” of the Netherlands and has called for the banning of the Koran, which he  (rightly) equates with Adolf Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf.

Mr Wilders was invited to Australia by a nationalist group called the Q Society.

A meeting is planned for Melbourne on February 19, and there are appearance dates in Sydney and Perth.

Islamic Friendship Association president Keysar Trad said he had been approached by Leftist groups about protests against the Right-wing politician.

Again, we see the left in cahoots with those who seek to destroy us.

”It’s so disturbing that the images [of the riot] distributed around Australia and the world never mentioned the beatings, the provocations, the filth….

Eight years after the so-called “Cronulla Riots” Australians  start to realise how the political establishment and the state-run media perverted the narrative. The Muslim attackers became the victims while the victims of their attacks were vilified as  “racists & xenophobes”. Just to be sure it stays that way, a Labor driven ‘hate-speech’ initiative is being designed to turn Australia into a  ‘yuman rites’ circus that would terrorise free speechers just like in north Korea:  the draft bill reverses the onus of proof. A person accused of discrimination will be deemed guilty until the claim has been dismissed. The bill then even requires defendants who have been found not guilty to pay their own legal costs.

This proposal by O’Farrell is part of the latest push by the political class, of which he is a fully paid-up member, to increase the power and reach of the political class. 

Racial hatred bill offers open slather to obnoxious

Paul Sheehan/Sydney Morning Herald columnist/thanks to Mullah

Vermin n.1.noxious, troublesome, or objectionable animals collect-ively, especially troublesome or disgusting insects …3.obnoxious persons collectively.’

Several years ago I wrote a book about vermin, the kind defined by the third meaning in the Macquarie Concise Dictionary. Researching the book required me to sit incourts for months and go out and interview dozens of people. The heroine of the book was a teenager named Tegan Wagner who had been gang-raped by a group of young Muslim men. She came from the Shire and as her case was nearing an end, and I was nearing completion of Girls Like You, the notorious Cronulla riot took place.


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The jihad of the word erupts in Denmark yet again

Hate speech laws lead straight into slavery.

Melanie Phillips

A chilling development in Denmark illustrates just how ‘hate speech’ laws, which were introduced by deluded western liberals, are being used to stifle and criminalise the expression of legitimate opinion and essential debate — the prerequisite of a liberal society. Lars Hedegaard is president of Denmark’s International Free Press Society, which is devoted to fighting to preserve freedom of expression — particularly against the threat from radical Islam to shut it down on the spurious grounds of ‘Islamophobia’. The inevitable has now happened: as Nathaniel Sugarman writes at The Legal Project, Hedegaard finds himself facing prosecution for ‘racism’ over remarks he has made about Islam.

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Australia, Jew-hatred and Racism

Australian Jews shocked by anti-Semitic YouTube videos

3_a                                                                   Arrested attacker

 Offensive videos posted on YouTube by Perth man Brendon O’Connell send shockwaves through local Jewish community. ‘People said they didn’t know such things still existed, certainly not in Australia,’ Jewish Agency emissary relates

* This is a case of  assault, stalking, verbally battering  and savaging two young Jews, who just happened to be in a supermarket minding their own business. The fact that O’Donnell actually punched one of them in the face (which was not shown on the video) makes it a first degree hate crime. Therefore its not  a free speech issue and we don’t need racial vilification laws to deal with this.

The video of the actual confrontation was taken down by YouTube for it’s antisemitic tirade.

Youtube  still has a few O’Donnell  vid’s which haven’t been removed since the time of this writing, via Jawa Report:

His youtube account is here.

Part I 
Part II

Daniel Edelson/Israel News

VIDEO – Anti-Semitic videos posted by an Australian man, Brendon O’Connell from Perth, on YouTube have sent shockwaves through the Jewish community in the city.

O’Connell, 39, was arrested Thursday and is set to appear before a court next week and be charged with conduct likely to incite animosity or racist harassment. If convicted, he faces a possible maximum penalty of 14 years in prison plus a fine of $18,000.

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Wilders’ Defense of Free Speech

Support for Geert Wilders “explodes”

* Geert Wilders party, the Party for Freedom, is now the second largest party in the Netherlands, based on recent polling. It’s a stunning political development..

Dutch politician Geert Wilders may be many things, but he is not the right-wing populist he is accused of being. What the debate over his film “Fitna” reveals most clearly is the West’s cowardice toward Islam.    

By Henryk M. Broder 

* Does Freedom of Religion in America Cover Jihad? Dave Gaubatz

How much do Fox, CBS, NBC, or other news (and I say this laughingly) outlets report on these incidents which threaten every child of every race, culture, and religion? 


Geert Wilders leads Dutch polls

Britain’s controversial ban on the anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders has pushed his Freedom Party into the lead for the first time, according to Dutch opinion polls. 

Telegraph UK

Wilders’ Defense of Free Speech

By Andrew G. Bostom | 3/2/2009

                              MARRIAGE OF FIGARO

Beaumarchais’ Marriage of Figaro, written at the close of the 18th century, included this freedom of speech monologue in Act V, Scene 3,

  I cobble together a verse comedy about the customs of the harem, assuming that, as a Spanish writer, I can say what I like about Mohammed without drawing hostile fire. Next thing, some envoy from God knows where turns up and complains that in my play I have offended the Ottoman empire, Persia, a large slice of the Indian peninsula, the whole of Egypt, and the kingdoms of Barca [Ethiopia], Tripoli, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. And so my play sinks without trace, all to placate a bunch of Muslim princes, not one of whom, as far as I know, can read but who beat the living daylights out of us and say we are “Christian dogs.” Since they can’t stop a man thinking, they take it out on his hide instead.

Sadly, today, over two centuries later, Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders’ free speech rights are under attack in an effort to appease the same irredentist Muslim attitudes—attitudes which are devoid of self-criticism, and violently opposed to any criticism of Islam by non-Muslim “infidels.”

Wilders & the British Cowards

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Caroline Glick: Defending freedom's defenders


* The pernicious politically motivated investigation of “war crimes” by uninvolved countries is in the news again: Spain may try Israel for its actions in Gaza. Presumably Bush and Cheney will be next. More from the Gates of Vienna


Last week, the IDF issued an unprecedented directive. All Israeli media outlets must obscure the faces of soldiers and commanders who fought in Operation Cast Lead. Henceforth, the identities of all IDF soldiers and officers who participated in the operation against the Hamas terror regime in Gaza are classified information.

* Mayor Bloomberg Supports Wilders

* Israel: Defence Minister Slams Spain War Crimes Probe

The IDF acted as it did in an effort to protect Israeli soldiers and officers from possible prosecutions for alleged war crimes in Europe. The  army’s chief concern is England. In England, private citizens are allowed to file complaints against foreigners whom they claim committed war crimes.

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Spencer on Wilders: Jailed for an Insult?

* Moves to ban radical Hizb ut-Tahrir Islamist group in UK

I have more to say about the Geert Wilders case in my column this week: “Jailed For An Insult?,” from Human Events, January 28:

“You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done,” said Barack Obama to Republican leaders Friday. The new president seems to want to make sure that as few people listen to Rush Limbaugh as possible. Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY) warned Thursday that “legislation is brewing on Capitol Hill that would take away free speech from broadcasters by reinstating a law” — the infamous “Fairness Doctrine” — “that would require talk shows to provide equal time coverage of opposing viewpoints on any issues they discuss.”

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Hate Speech Laws and The Brain Police

Elisabeth Eaves, Forbes

Salman Rushdie was our canary in the coal mine: He first felt the effects of suffocating gasses that would start to envelope us all.

Rushdie’s fourth novel, The Satanic Verses, published in late 1988 when he was living in Britain, was seen as blasphemous by some Muslims. Feb. 14 will mark 20 years since Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini sent the author a bloody Valentine, issuing a religious decree calling for his death.

Rushdie was forced to live in hiding and under guard for many years and eventually moved to New York.

In 1989, I was struck by the singular strangeness of the whole story. Riot-inciting thought police? In England? In the modern era? Two decades later I’m struck by how encroaching this story has become.

* Is this hate speech also? Enough of Radical Islam

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UK Muslims: "We will not rest until the flag of Allah and the flag of Islam is raised above 10 Downing Street."

* It was a piece of cake to get the Muslim-Marxist plant Obama into the white house. What does it take to get  Anjem Chaudary into 10 Downing Street to take his rightful place to rule over the kuffar?

“We promise it won’t hurt a bit…”

* Iran aims to establish Islamic studies departments in UK universities

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