Associated Press laments "provocation" of Muslims in Europe

I used to call them ‘Associated -with terrorists- Press’. Nowadays it seems ‘Arab Press’ is not only more accurate, but a fact: there are around 50 people producing news pictures for the whole world working in Camden at any time, there are a further 50 Arabic speaking staff producing finished stories exclusively for the Arab states of the gulf. This has a tremendous effect on the whole feel of the building as these two teams feed pictures and people back and forth and sit in adjacent work areas. The slant of the stories required by the Gulf States has a definite effect on which footage is used and discarded. This affects both the Gulf newsroom and the main global newsroom.” From the Lizard before he turned on us….

Ridicule, mockery and satire – the best weapons against Islam

If your enemy is temperamental, seek to irritate him.
– Sun Tzu, The Art of War /Trencherbone

The author asks: “Should the immigrants adopt the values of their adoptive land — or, to the contrary, should society change to accommodate the newcomers who now form part of it?”

Liberal democracies depend on the premise that there are unalienable human rights that a government cannot violate and retain a legitimate right to rule. To want to defend that concept is far from the extreme, rabid, reactionary position that it is portrayed as here — even (horrors!) at the risk of being impolite. You don’t defend your values by… not defending them.

“Culture clash: European art provokes Muslims,” by Michael Weissenstein for theAssociated Press, thanks to Jihad Watch:

LONDON – With the West locked in conflicts across the Muslim world, why would anyone throw fuel on the fire?

Yeah, you’ll want to read this one sitting down.

A small group of Europeans have been doing just that — provoking death plots and at least one murder by turning out art that derides the Prophet Muhammad and the Quran in the name of Western values.

Behind the scenes is something bigger: a rising European unease with a rapidly growing Muslim minority, and the spreading sense that the continent has become a front in a clash of civilizations. (This is like someone on the Titanic writing a story about how “there is water rushing in all around,” “some people think that the boat sinking.”/ed)

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The Guaranteed Failure of Capitulation

H/T RoP/by Daniel Mandel/Pajamas Media

The tactic of winning hearts by catering to Muslim perception rather than objective reality is a sure loser. Update: Also read Claudia Rosett: Son of Hamas — Check Out the Book

So long as widespread suspicion exists, and it does exist, amongst the Arab population, that the economic depression … is largely due to excessive Jewish immigration, and so long as some grounds exist upon which this suspicion may be plausibly represented to be well founded, there can be little hope of any improvement in the mutual relations of the two races. — 1930 statement by the British government

What does this statement, following an inquiry into the 1929 Muslim attacks upon Jews in Mandatory Palestine, have to do with a recent disinvitation to speak at Britain’s Cambridge University for Israeli historian Benny Morris?

The statement marks the emergence of the Western phenomenon of making decisions on the basis of what Arabs and Muslims perceive, or are said to perceive, at the expense of the facts or the merits of the case.

Note the reasons offered by Jake Witzenfeld, president of Cambridge University’s Israel Society, for disinviting Morris:

I decided to cancel for fear of the Israel Society being portrayed as a mouthpiece of Islamophobia. … We understand that whilst Professor Benny Morris’ contribution to history is highly respectable and significant, his personal views are, regrettably, deeply offensive to many.

Morris, once the darling of anti-Israel radicals, is in recent years execrated by them for emphasizing Arab rejection of Jewish statehood as the origin of enduring conflict. Mr.Witzenfeld is clearly overawed by this. Note, in Mr. Witzenfeld’s words, the 1929 leitmotiv: the facts aren’t important — how they could be perceived or portrayed is.

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While Muslims Whine Over Geert Wilders Election Win The Jihad Rages On…

When did it become “extreme right wing” to stand for freedom and human rights and against barbarity, oppression, violent misogyny and mass murder?

“The leftist elite still believes in multiculturalism, coddling criminals, a European superstate and high taxes. But the rest of the Netherlands thinks differently. That silent majority now has a voice.” (HOORAY!)

Atlas Shrugs: Wilders Victory March in London Tomorrow: BE THERE

Fresh on the heels of the remarkable Wilders election victory in The Netherlands comes his next triumph. After being banned by the dhimmi Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, Wilders fought back and won.

Geert Wilders Victory speech

Thanks to the Gates of Vienna/Vlad Tepes Blog

Geert Wilders to show anti-Koran film in Lords

“Today Almere and The Hague, tomorrow the whole of the Netherlands. This is our springboard for success in parliamentary elections,” said Mr Wilders, who campaigned in Almere for a ban on the wearing of headscarves in public. “We are going to take the Netherlands back from the leftist elite that comforts criminals and supports Islamisation. Times

3 posts from Eye on the world:

Egyptian Court Acquits Muslim Who Beheaded a Christian

Islamic jurisprudence at it’s finest in Egypt, which is considered to be one of those moderate Muslim countries, where Obama told the world that “throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.” (AINA)

Jihad Watch:

Egyptian sheikh decries Muslim persecution of Coptic Christians there — no, wait…

The persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt is practically a daily news topic here at Jihad Watch, and so this example of Islamic supremacist obfuscation, claiming of victim status, and displacement of responsibility is particularly egregious.

“Egyptian Sheikh: ‘Muslims Have Fewer Rights than Christians,’” from Translating Jihad,

Don’t touch that dirty book:

Pakistan: Christian couple gets 25 years for touching Koran without washing their hands

Islamabad (AsiaNews) – A court in Kasur district, Punjab, convicted a Christian couple, Munir Masih and Ruqqiya Bibi, to 25 years in prison. According to the Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS), judge Ajmal Hussein convicted the couple for touching the Qur‘an without washing their hands.


Remember Obama yapping that “throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality”? Yep, that must be it.

Religion of pederasty:

What is it with religious teachers, little boys and begging for forgiveness?

(England) A mullah in northern England was jailed today for 6 years. Yup, it seems that Atta Ur-Rehman, instead of bending over backwards in which to help share his knowledge of the Koran to his fellow man, was more interested in getting his young victim to bend over backwards.

Weasel Zippers:

There is no compulsion in religion….

Pakistani Taliban Force Kidnapped Sikhs to Convert to Islam at Gunpoint…

(The Sikh Times)- The story of kidnapped Sikhs in Pakistan has had a new revelation, with the two men revealing in their 42 day captivity they were forced to convert to Islam. Once Sarjeet Singh and Gurbinder Singh were kidnapped they were forced to go against their religious values by shaving off their beards and cutting their hair.

From the RoP: How Islamic Tolerance Works

Christian Woman Refuses to Sell Business, Accused of Blasphemy

GUJRANWALA, PAKISTAN (ANS) A 34-year-old Christian woman was accused of blasphemy on March 1, 2010, in Wandu, a village in the Gujranawala district of Pakistan’s Punjab state, when she refused to sell her cosmetics shop to aspiring Muslim shop owners in the market.

As the word got out, hundreds of local Muslims gathered in front of Kanwal’s shop, shouting slogans against the alleged blasphemer.

Dhimmitude at a hundred miles an hour

Real Stories of Muslim Dominance in Europe: a Warning to America

Anders Gravers/FSM

Jihad slice by slice

I am here to warn Americans about two Muslim war strategies: the salami method, slice by slice so no one opposes; and secondly, the dominant behavior method of the Muslims. They have used these two strategies in Denmark and Europe for 30 years now. In fact, Islam would never have achieved such a stronghold in Europe if it had not been for the European dhimmies.

What is a dhimmi then?

The basic understanding of a dhimmi is a person who is under Islam’s so-called protection and pay Muslims, “jizya”, a kind of “protection money”. A lot of Christians live under very bad conditions as dhimmies all over the Muslim world but today I will use the word dhimmi in another way.

We use dhimmi to describe mainly left-wing multicultural people who are Muslim appeasers. When I think about these dhimmies I always think of the old Winston Churchill quote: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

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"How will it look if Christians execute a Muslim…?"

Christian-Americans Forbidden To Execute Murderer If He Is Muslim?

No Muslim must be killed for killing a kafir, a non believer.  His daughter wanted to leave Islam, which made her a kafir, and that’s why her father murdered her. Instead of applying the law, the Arizona judiciary wraps itself in preemptive, voluntary dhimmitude:

Arizona Prosecutors Won’t Seek Death Penalty in Honor Killing/Phyllis Chesler

Remember the case in which Faleh al-Maleki, an Iraqi-American father brutally ran over his daughter, Noor, in Arizona, then attempted to escape but was apprehended in Britain and returned to face justice?

Guess what’s just happened? The Arizona prosecutors have been scared off seeking the death penalty. Public defender Billie Little raised the specter of “How will it look for Christians to execute a Muslim?”

I kid you not.

Billy Little asked the judge to “take special precautions to ensure the County Attorney’s Office wouldn’t wrongly seek the death penalty because Almaleki is a Muslim.” Little called for an “open process (to) provide some level of assurance that there is no appearance that a Christian is seeking to execute a Muslim for racial, political, religious or cultural beliefs,” referring to County Attorney Andrew Thomas’ Christian faith.

Faleh and Noor al-Maleki

Words fail me here. Are Christian lawyers, by definition, hopelessly biased against Muslims? This is a fact not in evidence. Is the public defender Christian? Why should this matter in America? What if the judge is Christian? Does Billy Little understand that Muslim judges do not usually prosecute men who honor murder their wives, sisters, or daughters?

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Australian Hospital "Respects" Islam, Throws Out Crucifixes and Bibles

Crosses, Bibles banned from hospital chapel/WND

Officials cite ‘respect’ after new Muslim prayer room opened

Administrators at a hospital in Australia have thrown the crosses, crucifixes and Bibles out of their chapel to comply with new rules that followed the construction of a special prayer room for Muslims.

According to a report in the Mosman Daily, the change has been made at the Royal North Shore Hospital in St. Leonards.

The move, according to senior members of the hospital staff quoted by the newspaper, was made to avoid offending Muslims or Hindus who may be at the hospital. Continued>>

The Tundra Tabloids  has just declared the 7th of February as International Dhimmitude Day:

Here’s the link>>>

ICLA:Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams suggests, in an interview with BBC Radio 4’s The World At One show, that some aspects of sharia law are inevitable in the UK, 7 February 2008

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Happy Australia Day

Send in your pic’s!

Tim Blair suggests:

Join happy foreigner Mark Steyn in celebrating Australia Day – which you can do by listening to (or recording your own) Australian voices.

Further reason, if reason be needed, to celebrate:

Banks and investors are pulling out of the carbon market after the failure to make progress at Copenhagen on reaching new emissions targets after 2012 …

Two sources said that Australian bank Westpac had scaled back plans to increase its carbon desk in London.

In other News:

Thirty Six people have died in three co-ordinated suicide car bomb attacks in Baghdad.

One Nation Under Allah

Voluntary Dhimmitude is a Baaad Idea

Gadi Adelman/Family Security Matters

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The Islamic Council of Western Australia Makes Sure Infidels Know Their Place

Exclusive! Just in from Mullah:


Culture and Religion   Information Sheet   October 2009


The following sensitivities need to be observed on greeting or introduction:

Devout Muslims do not shake hands with the member of the opposite sex.

Muslims do not expect any non Muslim to greet them with the Islamic  greeting “assalamu `alaikum”
meaning  “Peace be upon you”, with the response “wa `alaikumus salam”meaning ” and upon
you be peace.” So it is not necessary for a non Muslim to learn the  Islamic way of greeting, since
it is acceptable to greet Muslims with normal English greetings such as  `good morning´ or `good


The following sensitivities need to be observed in seating arrangements  for interview purposes or hosting official functions:

Muslim clerics prefer not to be seated next to women.   Muslim men and women prefer to sit in two separate groups to avoid  mixing with one another, men  on one side and women on the other.
Dress and Appearance: The following dress codes apply:

The Islamic dress code for males and females is prescribed to be modest.   Muslims can wear any national or chosen dress code if it loosely covers  certain parts of the body,  consisting of the area from the navel to knee for the male, and the whole  body with the exception  of the face and hands for the female. These areas of the body are referred  to as Awrah.


The wearing of the Niqab or Purdah (face cover) by Muslim women is not  considered essential by
most Muslims.

Food, Drink and Fasting

Recognising appropriate foods and beverages is essential in responding to  the needs of religious
communities. When hosting people from diverse religious and cultural  backgrounds, as a matter of
good practice, always serve a selection of vegetarian and meat foods on  separate trays. A variety of non
alcoholic drinks should also be available at any offi cial function. The  following issues relating to food,
drink and fasting should also be understood:

If possible, organise all food to be Halal. This is easy to arrange and  ensures everyone can eat.
Islamic tradition does not allow the consumption of alcohol.   During Ramadan, the name of the ninth and holiest month of the Muslim  calendar, Muslims do not
eat or drink from dawn break to sunset.

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Turkey: The Reality is Ugly

Overlooking religious minorities? No. Dhimmitude is real in “moderate, democratic” Turkey…

By Elizabeth H. Prodromou and Leonard Leo / WaPo

‘Watch List’ status belies nation’s rich history

0226_mosque_460x276“Rocket launchers”  defile the Hagia Sophia, now a museum…

Today, the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Greek Orthodox Church, the seat of Eastern Christianity, is nearly extinct. The U.S. State Department estimates fewer than 3,000 remain and other estimates cut that estimate in half. This experience is shared by other Christian faiths that face similar obstacles to the free practice of their religion.


Much wind over nothing:

  • Islam cannot be reformed/Unfortunately, even Prof. Yasar Nuri Ozturk, Turkey’s leading “liberal”/”modern” theologian has objected to the use of the word “reform” with regard to Islam, arguing that “since Islam hasn’t become ‘deformed’, it doesn’t need to be ‘reformed’.”

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Who is crazy in Holland today?

From the desk of Thomas Landen / Brussels Journal

God Bless Hitler cries Muslims

The former Soviet Union used to send dissidents to psychiatric wards and treat them for the mental disease of not seeing the benefits of communism. In Europe, we have not gone so far (yet) that people who do not see the benefits of the multicultural society are treated as lunatics. They are merely considered to be “fascists” or “racists.” Nevertheless, some intellectuals on the left truly seem unable to understand how anyone who is right in the head can be “right” in the head.  continue reading>>

“Geert Wilders is a racist.”

Those are the words of the respected Dutch opposition leader Alexander Pechtold. (“respected” for what? For pissing on Wilders leg?/ed) So far national political figures have been reluctant to express themselves so bluntly about the far-right Freedom Party leader.

Mr Pechtold’s comments came after anti-immigrant politician Wilders had once again used shock tactics during a major political debate in the Dutch parliament.

But Islam is not a race….

The ‘Racism’ Canard [Victor Davis Hanson]

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Sharia for the UK

Global Tax Thuggery

  • Stealing from Jack to support Moe….

A meeting was held in Mexico City last week under the auspices of the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), whose implicit goal is to create a global high-tax cartel. continue reading>>

Lets get these wankers out!

EU: We would not want to hurt Muslim terrorists’ feelings

Gilles de Kerchove

Another unelected f*kcwit beaurocrit  inflicted on us by commie-bastard Xavier Solana: Gilles de Kerchove

KUNA — Nawab Khan

The European Union’s top anti-terrorism official said here Thursday that there should not be any stigmatization of any people or religion in the fight against terrorism.

These incompetent, unelected wankers are way past their use-by date. They need to be put out to pasture!

France to close Calais Muslim invader camp