Gaddafi Applies Collective Punishment

Mohammedans have traditionally applied collective punishment: when one of the dhimmies stepped out of line, the whole tribe was punished. However, we in the West still adhere  to principles which, when dealing with Mohammedans, can no longer be upheld.

Libya: Europeans banned from entry

Tripoli, 15 Feb.(AKI) – Libya on Monday started to turn away Europeans who arrive in the country as retaliation for a recent decision by Switzerland to publish a blacklist of 180 Libyans banned from entering the country.

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Gaddafi Demands Nukes for All!

What could be fairer than that?


Pali-Arabs, Egyptians, Syrians and Saudis all have the right to nuclear weapons, Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi told Sky News in an interview aired Monday.

“Even the Palestinians should have [nuclear weapons] because their counterparts, or their opponents, have nuclear capabilities,” Gaddafi said in the interview. “If we don’t want this situation… we’ll have to disarm the Israelis from their nuclear weapons capabilities.”

Israel neither confirms nor denies the existence of a nuclear arsenal.

Gaddafi did not hold the same views for an Iranian right to nuclear weapons.

“If Iran were to manufacture nuclear weapons, nuclear arms, then all of us, including [Libya], will be against them,” he said. “But Iran has not said so.”

In September, Gaddafi gave an unprecedented 90-minute speech at the UN, at times rambling and reading from scribbled and ripped notes.

Libya gave up its own nuclear ambitions in 2003 after the US invasion of Iraq.

Even Mahmud Abbas tells the truth, sometimes:

Mahmoud Abbas:

When the [Israeli] aggression took place, [Hamas leaders] in Gaza and abroad said: “We don’t care if Gaza is erased.” They do not care if Gaza is erased. All they care about is that the Hamas movement continue to exist. They said this. Haniya and Mash’al said: We don’t care what happens. Mash’al went even further and said: “What is happening in Gaza is insignificant and does not affect us.” Then they said that the Hamas movement is alive and well. This was at a time when there were thousands of martyrs from among our people, thousands of wounded from among our people, and tens of thousands of destroyed houses. To this day, 100,000 Palestinians in Gaza are homeless, with no place to live. Yet the Hamas movement is alive and well. The Hamas movement was hiding under the domes [of mosques]. The Hamas leaders – and I say this for the first time – fled to the Sinai in ambulances, leaving their people behind to be slaughtered. Then they say: We put up resistance.  MEMRIVideo here

Elder of Zion:

  • Arabs keep trying to light the spark of a new intifada: The pattern of incitement to violence continues, and the world media ignores it. Yesterday, in a clear move to start more riots today, Sheikh Tayseer al-Tamimi called on all Arab to go to the Al Aqsa mosque today and defend it against an alleged “storming” by Zionists.

Turkey’s PM Erdogan becoming increasingly unhinged; says Lieberman threatened to nuke Gaza

Turkey Turns Down Christians Seeking Protection…

    Erdogan: ‘Ahmadinejad is our friend, Lieberman threatened to nuke Gaza/  Read the whole thing

    Turkey: People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

Carl in J’lem:

Perhaps this explains why the Turks have been so downright hostile to Israel lately.

Turkey points to Israel to deflect from itself
October 17, 10:51 AM Progressive Geopolitics Examiner Andrew E. Mathis

Turkey has been enormously critical of Israel’s military policy in Gaza since last year’s war, and the most recent development is that Turkish television has aired a television program on the conflict in which a fictional Israeli soldier is seen shooting a Palestinian baby.

It’s a charming bit of teledrama I’m sure. But what are the Turks trying to do in being so critical of Israel? Perhaps it amounts to their trying, in essence, to deflect attention away from its own dismal human rights record.

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UN Circus Watch

US, France walk out during Ahmadinerat’s  UN speech

No Allah Rays, this time…?

UNITED NATIONS (AFP) – France on Wednesday led a walkout of a dozen delegations, including the United States, to protest a fiery speech by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the UN General Assembly.

Suggesting there was a Jewish conspiracy, Ahmadinejad added: “It is no longer acceptable that a small minority would dominate the politics, economy and culture of major parts of the world by its complicated networks.”

And he accused Jews of seeking to “establish a new form of slavery, and harm the reputation of other nations, even European nations and the US, to attain its racist ambitions.”


Gaddafithink: “If the Taliban wants to make a religious state, okay, like the Vatican. Does the Vatican constitute a danger against us? No!”

Muammar-Gaddafi-in-his-te-001Just like the pope: Gaddafi

“We are content and happy if Obama can stay forever as the president,” Gaddafi said during a rambling, 95-minute speech

It’s daffy, all right, but in reality Gaddafi is reflecting the conventional wisdom here. What’s the difference between an Islamic state and a Christian state? Why, maybe the cut of one’s beard or the style of one’s hat. That’s it. Stonings? Amputations? Denial of free speech? Denial of legal equality? What are you, some kind of Islamophobe?

“Gaddafi defends Taliban,” from Agence France-Presse, September 24 (thanks to JW):

He demanded that European countries pay African nations $7.7 trillion for colonizing the continent in the past. If the Europeans don’t pay, he suggested, the Africans will go get the money themselves. (ABC)

Obama’s Two Degrees of Separation from Farrakhan and Gaddafi

6a00d8341c60bf53ef0120a5eadf8e970c-500wiFile photo from Pamela:  did Gaddafi steal the curtains from his hotel?


obama iran

Bring out the Hitler Obama youth!

Kidz4Change: Singing to Dear Leader

Colonel Gaddafi wants to 'abolish' Switzerland

A bizarre creature makes bizarre demands on a very corrupt organization:

  • Reagan’s way of dealing with bastards like this one is the ONLY way!


Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi is set to ask the United Nations to ‘abolish’ Switzerland and share the land among its neighbouring countries.

The eccentric dictator has filed a motion with the U.N. saying the Alpine state should be wiped off the map and split among France, Italy and Germany.

Gaddafi is set to present his bizarre plan when Libya takes over the year-long presidency of the U.N. general Assembly on September 15.

He first mentioned his idea at the G8 summit in Italy in July. ‘Switzerland is a world mafia and not a state,’ he said.

‘It is formed of an Italian community that should return to Italy, another German community that should return to Germany, and a third French community that should return to France.’

The Swiss Foreign Ministry described it as a single-minded campaign against Swiss interests.

Swiss MP Christa Markwalder, told the Swiss TV news programme 10 vor 10 this week: ‘We are concerned that Libya will attempt to use its year-long presidency of the U.N. General Assembly to damage Switzerland’s reputation.’

Relations between Switzerland and Libya crumbled after Gaddafi’s son Hannibal, 33, and his pregnant wife were arrested in Geneva a year ago accused of assaulting a hotel chamber maid.


Top US investigator: Gadhaffi personally approved Pan Am 103 attack

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More Advertisers Drop Beck, Libel-Blogger Charly Johnson Jubilant: Black People Good, White People Baaaad..!

A Truther Czar?… Obama’s Green Czar Van Jones Believes Bush Government was Behind 9-11

Gaza Could Have Another Poonami (the Pal’s can’t even take care of their own shit..)

Irish Filmmakers Take on the Goracle, Promptly Branded “Hitler’s Henchmen” and “Sociopathic Fascists” Who Should be Executed…..


The Goracle’s disciples can’t argue with facts so they fall back on viscous insults and death-threats (a common trait among the left)….

Obama’s Marxist Homeboy Hugo Chavez in Syria, Says Israel is an “Imperialist Nation That Annihilates People”….

Londonistan: the usual suspects come out for ‘Al Qud’s Day’

Swedish Blood Libel vs Israel

Incitement to Murder – How Israel should fight the Swedish blood libel.

Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini was working on a face-saving measure by which the European Union would condemn the Aftonbladet blood libel and Sweden would go along with that condemnation. On Tuesday, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt threw cold wateron the entire idea.

However, in a further twist to this diplomatic crisis that swings from the bad to the farcical, Bildt – in Kabul for talks with international representatives and Afghan officials – has flatly denied that he and Frattini even discussed Sweden’s standoff with Israel, according to the Swedish news agency TT.

Carl in J’lem has more: The undiplomatic Carl Bildt

Firebomb chaos in Sweden


Video thanks to Isreallycool

So much jihad and so little time:

Atlas Shrugs:

Lockerbie bomber: Jack Straw admits Government caved in to Libya

The trouble with men like Straw, Bliar and Brownnose is that they’re in charge but not responsible. One can only hope that when the collective anger  boils over,  that these cretins will be brought to justice:

Lockerbie bomber: Jack Straw 'allowed Megrahi free because of oil negotiations'The release of Megrahi, who is suffering from prostate cancer, on compassionate grounds and his return to Libya provoked a storm  of international condemnation.Photo: Reuters

The Justice Secretary said that he originally wanted Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi omitted from the agreement, but then relented, deciding the bomber should be eligible.

He said that the Libyans deserved “something” in return for giving up their nuclear weapons programme, but vehemently denied striking a “backdoor deal” over Megrahi.

* Want some good news for a change?

THE Taliban chief who threatened to slaughter Prince Harry has been assassinated by special forces soldiers.

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Arrest Gaddafi!


Colonel Gadafi’s Traveling Circus is arriving in the US for a visit with his friends at the UN, and he’ll be setting up his bedouin tent at a Libyan-owned estate in an upscale section of New Jersey. Residents are not pleased.

At least New York officials nixed pitching the tent in Central Park.

Gadhafi’s camping trip is a bloody outrage

Michelle Malkin:

Here’s a blood pressure-raising piece on Gadhafi’s luxury tent, which he plans on pitching in the backyard of dozens of jihadi victims. And here’s an anger-inducing piece on Gadhafi’s son scoffing at anger over the release of Lockerbie bomber and Gadhafi hug partner Abdel Baset al-Megrahi. And here’s the sickening scoop on al-Megrahi’s true medical condition.

Growing backlash against Gadhafi camp-out in New Jersey

Protest Gadhafi’s Englewood Tent

Weasel News:

Tutututut Watch: Desmond Tutu: The Arabs Are Paying The Price For The Holocaust…..

Atlas links:


  • Amid chants of “Allahuakbar,” theMuslims also left the severed head of a cow at the entrance of the State Secretariat here as a warning to Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

Gaddafi's Dirty Little Games

Ghaddafi Releases Hostages Following Swiss Apology…

Swiss hostages to leave Libya


Colonel Gaddafi has a firm grip on power in Libya (Luca Zanetti Tripoli / Tripolitania)
Two Swiss detained for more than a year in Libya have received exit visas, nearly a week after a controversial diplomatic mission by Switzerland’s president.


Authorities said on Wednesday that the men still needed the permission of Libya’s judicial authorities before they can leave. They confirmed a Swiss government jet had landed in Libya’s capital, Tripoli, on Tuesday.

Swiss President Hans-Rudolf Merz received a written note from the Libyan prime minister, Al-Baghdadi Ali Al-Mahmoudi, on Wednesday assuring him it was “a matter of time” before the men would be allowed out of the country, Merz’s finance ministry said.

In a statement on Wednesday evening, the ministry said a Swiss delegation had met the two men in Tripoli late on Tuesday.

“During the course of the evening, the passports and exit visas were handed over to both of the detainees. The final hurdle is that of obtaining the approval of the justice authorities for the departure,” it said.

The return of the two Swiss businessmen is linked to an agreement Merz signed after a meeting with the Libyan prime minister last Tuesday.

The Swiss president apologised for the “unjustified” arrest of leader Moammar Gaddafi’s son and daughter-in-law in Geneva in July 2008.

The pact between the two countries – Merz signed versions in English and Arabic – prompted an outcry and sparked concerns about violations of national law and rules governing the collective decision-making process of the government. Continued below:


Weasel links:

Tricky politics

The Swiss presidency is a rotating post and the president has a ceremonial role, which does not allow him or her to act without approval from the cabinet’s six other members.

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Money Talks…

Libya’s hero, Britain’s shame

Scottish officials said they were releasing Lockerbie terrorist Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi for “compassionate reasons.”

Hardly. What about those Libyan oil contracts?

Sheik Yer’mami sez:

Release of Islamic Terrorists Causes (more) Islamic Terrorism!

Britains dumbest Jew, Foreign Minister David Miliband,  told the BBC that it was “a slur both on myself and the government” to suggest that oil was a factor. At the same time British officials said they intended to press ahead with other efforts to promote business with Libya.


Andrew Bolt

The man on the right is a former Libyan intelligence agent who has been convicted of blowing up a jet over Lockerbie and murdering 270 civilians. The man on the left is the Libyan dictator, Muammar al-Gaddafi,celebrating his agent’s early release from jail by the Scottish Government (and the blessing of Gordon Brownnose)

Think there’s something profoundly significant and troubling about that picture – something that might affect your future safety, too?

You’d be right.

Scotland says the decision to release Abdel Baset al Megrahi after just eight years was made purely on “compassionate” grounds, since the convicted murderer is dying. Gaddafi’s son says the truth is simply that the British wanted more oil money:


The claim was made by Seif al Islam (right), the son of Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi, in a television interview filmed as Abdelbaset al Megrahi was flown home.

“In all commercial contracts, for oil and gas with Britain, (Megrahi) was always on the negotiating table,” he said. ”All British interests were linked to the release of Abdelbaset al Megrahi.”

Britain denies this, yet the mere fact that Gaddafi’s son makes the claim – sure to be believed by many – simply underlines how recklessly stupid was the decision to free a man who will now be an inspiration to enemies of the West, and a symbol of both the West’s evil and its weakness.

Look who Obama's sucking up to now

America: Fooled by a Radical Marxist Muslim?

obama-shaking-hands-with-khadafyCarl has a video, here…

34 Roasted in “un-Islamic suicide bombing” in Iraq

Terrorist bomb in Afghanistan kills 25, half of them Muslim children

To what we owe the Muzz:

William J. Federer

In his speech in Cairo, Egypt, June 4, 2009, President Obama stated:

 “As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam. It was Islam that carried the light of learning through so many centuries, paving the way for Europe’s Renaissance.”

 Civilization is indeed indebted to Islam for Europe’s Renaissance, but the President’s speech was conspicuous in its omission of certain details.

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