Clever: How Gaddafi "Saved" the Jews and Confiscated All Their Property…

   Gaddafi invites back expelled Jews   

Vlad Dracula was the last European who knew how to deal with Islamo-scum like Gaddafi PoS: When two emissaries of Sultan Mohammed II refused to take off their turbans, explaining that such was the Turkish custom, Dracula had the turbans nailed to their heads.


Libyan leader tells Italians expelled from country 40 years ago they are free to return


Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi ended a first visit to former colonial power Italy on Saturday by inviting Italians expelled in the wake of his 1969 revolution to return to the North African country.
Gaddafi received a delegation of Italians expelled from Libya when he swept to power four decades ago and promised the doors of his country were open to them.
“Gaddafi has acknowledged our problem. He has invited us all to return to Libya,” David Jerbi, one of thousands of Libyan Jews forced to flee the country.
Jerbi said Gaddafi did not explicitly speak about the case of Libya’s Jewish community which traces its origins to Roman times and has dwindled almost to nothing.
“It’s a very good start on his behalf: he has approached us and is opening possibilities,” Jerbi said outside the park where the Libyan leader pitched his tent during his stay.

Gaddafi angered Rome’s Jewish community by calling the meeting on a Saturday, the sacred Sabbath day. Many Jewish leaders refused to attend.

The Libyan leader, who says the wounds of the past have healed, angered many Italians by wearing a photograph of an executed resistance leader on his arrival in Rome, and by criticizing the condition of women and democracy in Europe.

Some Italians deported from Libya sounded skeptical about Gaddafi’s offer, which did not appear to deal with reparations.
“He told us that he was forced (to expel us) and that by doing so he saved our lives because the Libyan people wanted to kill us,” said Umberto Robbi, who was expelled in 1970.

“So to save us he also confiscated all our property.”

Gaddafi Circus Comes to Italy: Grievance Theater & Compo-Demands Follow Instantly…

Richard Owen in Rome/Times/Links thanks to Gates of Vienna

Gaddafi, who has a women-only corps of bodyguards, held a similar meeting on a visit to Paris in 2007 with 1,000 selected women guests, who were told he wanted to “save European women.” More>>

Colonel Gaddafi has arrived in Rome at the start of an historic visit to Libya’s former colonial masters with an archive photograph provocatively pinned to his chest showing the arrest of an anti-Italy guerrilla fighter dubbed “The Lion of the Desert”.

The photograph shows the arrest in 1931 by colonial Italian troops of the Libyan guerrilla leader Omar al Mukhtar. Al Mukhtar’s frail elderly son, who descended the aircraft steps with difficulty just behind Gaddafi in traditional white Arab robes, is part of the 300-strong delegation accompanying the Libyan leader. A Libyan financed 1980s feature film on the anti colonial struggle, The Lion of the Desert, was recently broadcast on Italian television for the first time.

Officials from both Libya and Italy insist that despite the anti-colonial gesture, the colonel’s three day trip – his first since gaining power in a coup 40 years ago – is a “visit of reconciliation”. Wearing full colonel’s uniform with gold epaulettes, numerous medals, sunglasses and straggly long black hair beneath a military cap, the Libyan leader said “a page of the past has been turned, thanks to the courage of Italy”, as he embraced Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister.

Irrelevant Crazy Arab Dictator Compares US to al Qaeda



Jawa Report:

Wait, you mean Ghadaffi’s still alive?

“What difference is there between the American attack on our homes in 1986 and bin Laden’s terrorist actions?” he asked. “If bin Laden has no state and is an outlaw, America is a state with international rules.”

Bombing Ghadaffi for supporting terror and using innocent civilians as a missile to kill other innocent civilians are really six of one and a half a dozen of the other, right?

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Malta wakes up to Muslim invasion

Invading Europe by encouraging Muslim migration has long been a favorite strategy /policy  of Libyan despot Col Muammar Gaddafi. The fact that Italy’s Berlusconi offered him 5 billion Euro’s to stop it seems to encourage this old jihadist  even more so.

* Are the EUro-dhimmies gonna grow some balls and do what it takes to stop it? There are few signs. But at least they’re talking about it:

MEP hopeful accuses Gaddafi of wanting Muslim invasion

Illegal immigration dominated a debate among a number of European Parliament candidates at the University this week, with some candidates taking harsh stands on the issue.

Nationalist candidate Frank Portelli said Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi had clearly stated that, since European countries had exploited Africa in the past, Africans had a right to invade Europe and take back what was theirs.

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Libya Detains And Tortures Four Christians For Leaving Islam, Group Says


Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has been criticized for reported abuses against Christians.

 There is no compulsion in religion update:

* Heaven knows why they put ‘Detains’ and ‘Tortures’ in exclamation marks in the original article. I don’t think  Gaddafi and his demented sons are as humanitarian as the good folks in Gitmo:

TRIPOLI, LIBYA (Worthy News) — Libya’s feared intelligence service has “detained and tortured” four Christians for converting from Islam, as part of a wider crackdown on people embracing Christianity, human rights group said in comments monitored by Worthy News Thursday, March 12.

U.S.-based International Christian Concern (ICC) said the believers, whose names were not identified, were imprisoned for the past seven weeks in Tripoli, Libya’s capital.

“Libya’s External Security Organization is believed to be behind the detention and torture of the Christians” ICC said, citing local sources.


Muslim Burns a Young Copt Alive and Murders His Father Because of a Rumor!!!



A Muslim man set fire to a Coptic young man, murdered his father and wounded his younger brother, after it was rumored that the young Copt allegedly had a relationship with the Muslim man’s sister!!The events took place in the small village of “Dmas” Meet-Ghamr, after a rumor spread around of a relationship between the 25-year-old Copt Shihata Sabri, and the sister of a Muslim man named Yasser Ahmed Qasim.

Yasser went to Coptic Shehata, holding a gasoline canister, poured it over him and set him on fire, as bystanders looked on in horror. The young Copt threw himself into the adjacent canal to try to put out the flames from his burning body. The fire left burns all over his body, leading to his death. More here...

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Qaddafi defends Somali pirates

* Newsflash Surpise: Iranian cargo ship was carrying weapons to Gaza


* More proof that appeasement is a mental disorder. Too bad Ronald Reagan missed this SoB when he bombed Libya on April 15, 1986.

* Somali Pirates Explained

* Condi agrees to pay compo for Reagans bombing raid on Gaddafi

* Italy promises 5 billion jiziyah to Libya for “damage inflicted by Italy during the colonial era”


Arab News

NAIROBI: Libyan leader and new head of the African Union (AU), Muammar Qaddafi, has defended the actions of Somali pirates as an act of self-defense against “greedy” Western nations, the Kenyan newspaper Daily Nation reported yesterday.

The paper, reporting on Qaddafi’s visit to AU headquarters in Addis Ababa, quoted him as saying: “It is not piracy, it is self-defense. It is defending the Somali children’s food. It is a response to greedy Western nations, who invade and exploit Somalia’s water resources illegally.” The Libyan leader was commenting on piracy in waters off Somalia.

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Africa's "King of Kings" Gaddafi No Friend of Democracy

 His ridiculous omnipotency, man of many spellings, Col Gaddafi of the Libyan desert, has been involved in jihad activities around the world for more than 30 years



The new African Union (AU) chairman, Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi, has said that multi-party democracy in Africa leads to bloodshed.

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Here's Proof for Global Worming!

From Jordan:

See: the ice is melting! we’re all doomed!

Oh NO! Tony Blair to visit Middle East in attempt to broker peace

Keep him away! Tell him to stay home with his egregious wife and read the Koran!

Tony Blair will visit the Middle East next week as the international community steps up its efforts to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.


Read more: BLiar: anything to make a deal…

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Gaddafi Klan threatens to withdraw 7 billion dollars from Switzerland

* Now watch the Swiss bankers sandal-lickers jet to and fro to suck up to these extortionist sand-monkeys…
Refreshingly moral-free: Gaddafi

Libya: Threat to withdraw billions of dollars from Swiss banks

* All because Gaddafi’s inbred playboy son Hannibal was beating up his domestic servants in Geneva. Swiss bankers and government officials have sleepless nights:

Tripoli, 10 Oct. (AKI) – Libya has threatened to withdraw seven billion dollars worth of assets held in Swiss banks, cut economic ties and stop supplying the country with oil. 
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Libya halts oil shipments to Switzerland

* You can smear Ronald Reagan all you like, but he did the right thing when he bombed the megalomanic, inbred despot of Libya, who sired this PoS in the picture below by the name of Hannibal.  If anything,  you can blame Reagan only for missing the target. The Gaddafi clan terrorizes, blackmails and intimidates just like the Barbary pirates did 200 years ago.

Targeted assassinations are a political necessity:

* More blackmail & intimidation from the Gaddafi-clan in Libya:

The Associated Press

Pinch me, this can't be true!

WorldNetDaily Exclusive

* The handwriting of picaninni poontang hangs over the U.S. like a curse!

Libya to receive reparations for Reagan air strike

Country will be paid ‘settlement’ for U.S. retaliation after terrorist attacks

By Chelsea Schilling

 Despite 189 American lives lost in the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing, the U.S. settled all lawsuits against Libya for terrorist killings and restored diplomatic relations with the country today – with reparations to be paid to Libya.





President Ronald Reagan ordered air strikes on Tripoli and Benghazi on April 15, 1986, after Libyan terrorists planted 6 pounds of plastic explosives packed with shrapnel on the dance floor of La Belle discotheque in Berlin, killing three people – including two U.S. soldiers – and maiming 200 others.


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